Ziplining through the treetops in the Tsitsikamma Forest

At the start of the last school holidays I took my son on one of the very best Mommy Dates ever… a zip-lining experience with GoPro. After his initial freaking out about how high it was he really embraced the experience and I was so super proud of him for doing something not many 8 year olds would. He was a little champ.

On returning home and retelling the experience to his dad and sister all we heard about for weeks after was how Abi (5) ALSO wanted to go zip-lining!!!

Now as you can imagine this really wasn’t even a consideration at the super scary and very high zip-line above Constantia Nek but when we headed on our family holiday down the Garden Route I decided to find out whether she would be able to join us on the Tsitsikamma Treetop Canopy Tour… and amazingly they said yes. Kids from 5 were welcome!

For the last 4 years we’ve been on an annual family holiday down the Garden Route and every single time I’ve picked up the pamphlet and then put it down again thinking there was no way we would be able to enjoy this fun activity with two small kids in tow… especially as we don’t tend to travel with babysitters!

Anyway imagine my delight when FINALLY I found our family was able to enjoy the zipline through the trees of the Tsitsikamma forest TOGETHER!

On our first day at Hog Hollow in The Crags we headed down the N2 to the small town of Storms River Village we were lucky enough to first experience a Woodcutter’s Tour deep into the forest (read that post here)

On our return we spent an hour or so exploring the town (read that post here) and the finally it was time to suit up and listen to our safety briefing.

ziplining 1

Abi couldn’t contain her excitement. I was a bit apprehensive that once we got to the start of the first zipline she might have second thoughts and freak out about how high it was which would obviously mean I would be the parent to stay behind… I hoped not…. but how could I say no to this face??

abi ziplining


ziplining storms river village

1758 (1024x683)

But boy did she surprise me!! From the very first zipline to the very last she was the most amazing little 5-year-old adrenaline junkie I’ve ever seen. ziplining 31781 (1024x683)ziplining 5From the very first platform she was super confident about doing the line all by herself and, after having her hands placed in the safest spots, off she went all on her ace… flying through the air with not a care in the world! In fact she probably put many adults to shame with how she just took it all in her stride!

ziplining kid1782 (1024x683)ziplining 2

“Ziplining was awesome because we could fly from one tree to another to another. And it was so much fun seeing the guy doing stunts like going upside down. I even tried it once!”

– Ben (8)

1784 (1024x683)1824 (1024x683)

“I loved going by myself doing ziplining and walking over the bridge”

– Abi (5)

1826 (1024x683)1827 (1024x683)

The rest of us just followed her lead and what a fun-filled family adventure we had! For the most part Abi went across the shorter lines all by herself and was paired up for the longer lines when more weight was required.

I was super impressed with the professional team of instructors and the strict safety procedures they followed, including the double line, making this one of the safest options if you’re keen to take the kids.

1796 (1024x683)

1829 (1024x683)

I loved seeing the forest from a new perspective and at each platform there was some interesting information about the tree you found yourself perched in!

The kids loved the whole experience, I think the best part was doing it all together and forming memories that we won’t forget in a hurry!

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Contact Details

Located at Storms River Village, 45 minutes from Plettenberg Bay and 1hr 30mins from Port Elizabeth.

Tel: +27 42 281 1836

R595 from the 1st of September 2015
Bookings are essential

Images: Kathryn Rossiter

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  1. I love the section of your blog that talks about traveling with kids. It is not only informative but it shows mums out there that kids too can come along for the adventure. I have an aunt who is terrified to take her kids for safaris and the like. i will definitely share this with her:) great reads

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