World Wine Wanderings: Coffele Winery, Soave, Italy

The end of any journey usually includes a process of making sure everything is packed and that no clothes, passports, toothbrushes are left behind. This was similar but different. We were leaving our home base and I do mean home base! Staying with our wonderful friends high up in the hills of Cisigliana, we packed up, said our goodbye’s, climbed in the car and started the last leg of our journey to Venice. At the time, we were not sure where we were going to go, but it turned out we were to taste some special wines from Coffele in Soave.

There is a backstory here.

Having mentioned to a friend who, like me, appreciates wine, he told me of another friend of his whom he met in Italy when he visited a few years back. He said that we must go and visit her in the town of Soave and proceeded to put us in touch.

Kids enjoying gelato in the beautiful town of soave in the province of Veneto Italy

Enjoying gelato at a gelato shop in soave

Although the rental car had air conditioning, the sun shining through the window would prove to be too much after a few hours in the car with the kids and you can imagine the kids excitement when we told them that I was wanting to go for yet another wine tasting!

Dragging themselves from the car, we had to once again dangle the proverbial carrot in the form of a gelato (the novelty of which was dimming with every repeat purchase) in order to curb their misery.

Soave, Italy

Beautiful street in Soave in the province of Veneto Italy

Strolling through the arched entrance of the town, I was quickly overcome with the beauty of this characterful, clean little town.

Historical church in the commune of Soave in the province of Veneto in Italy

It was siesta time so, despite being lined with tables and chairs, the streets were empty and the town was silent. This peaceful experience of the town heightened for us every aspect and we could not help but notice all the flowers on display on the balconies and the bright blue sky overhead.

Archway leading to the wine tasting rooms of Coffele in Soave while traveling through Italy

Coffele in Soave, Tasting Room

We met up with Alessandra just down the road from Coffele’s tasting rooms located closer to central town. As the kids clutched their gelato KJ, Alessandra and I got to know each other a little as we walked up and around and through these lushly dressed arches to the tasting room entrance.

entrance to coffele tasing room

Certainly more polished and elegant than most of the previous wine warms we had visited, the space was warmly welcoming. We sat down for a wine tasting which included a light snack board to compliment the wines.

Like the other ‘area specific’ wines such as Chianti and Brunello, Soave wine is a white wine made from Garganega. The 6th most planted white grape, it forms the basis of Venetian white wine. Aptly described as a ‘Sauvignon Blanc on steroids’, this varietal is medium light in body and is characterised by notes of stone fruit and lime together with a smooth, slightly ‘oily’ mouth feel.

Producing roughly 200 000 bottles a year, Coffele has the highest vineyards in the Soave Classico zone (at up to 400m above sea level). The entire property is cultivated organically and is certified as such.

We tasted some mcc at the Coffele tasting rooms in soave in italy while on our italy adventure

The decidedly warm weather called for something chilled and sparkling, which made this Millesimato Brut the perfect starter! 100% Garganega this MCC was lovely and crisp. A fine bead helped promote the bread crust and sweet almond notes. We enjoyed a bottle in our little riverside flat while we stayed in Venice. Great memories.

Two white wines and one red wine on the wine tasting adventure in Soave in Italy

Second up was the 2018 Coffele Castel Cerino. 100% Garganega the grapes are hand picked and matured in small stainless steel tanks for 4 to 5 months and racked only once during this time. Lovely straw in colour the nose is subtle and fresh with notes of apple, sage and minerals.

Next the 2018 Ca’ Visco, a blend of 75% Garganega and 25% Trebbiano. Separately aged in stainless steel for 4 months and then blended then an additional month in the bottle before it is sold.

A lovely mineral base opens up to lovely prominent grapefruit aroma followed by tropical fruit and elderflower. A dry white with a fresh acidity it is perfect for a hot summer day!

Moving on to the 2018 La Scaesagna, a red blend of 75% Corvina, 15% Rondinella and 10% Molinara, then aged in stainless steel for roughly 4 months.

After enjoying a few hours with the lovely Alessandra and the hostess we headed off for our final Italian destination with a bottle (or 2) of Coffele bubbles to enjoy in the romantic city of Venice!

KJ and I are determined to come back to Soave to spend some more time exploring, not only the town, but the other wine farms too.

Put Coffele in Soave on your bucket list!


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Brad Rossiter

Enjoying the pleasures of good food, family, friends and wine, always wine!


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