Wonderful Indonesia: The paradise of Hoga Island

Paradise found!

This tiny dot on the world map is super remote and untouched, and that’s what makes it so special.

Hoga Island Indonesia

Hoga Island is a Robinson Crusoe style tropical island complete with endless hot white sand beaches, swaying coconut palm trees and crystal clear water in every shade of blue imaginable.

Hoga Island

Hoga Island Indonesia

Hoga Island Beach

After our morning visiting the Bajo Tribe on a neighbouring island, we arrived by boat, moored alongside a jetty and then set off down the pier and across the beach. The sun was blisteringly hot at its’ peak in the sky and we grabbed a sarong (and some an old palm leaf) for protection! Every direction you looked provided another perfect picture opportunity. You didn’t even have to try…

Hoga Island

Hoga Island Jetty

Hoga Island

Hoga Island Resort

hoga island wakatobi

Lunch Hoga Island

At the end of our beach walk we were delighted to find a long table set up for lunch under the welcome shade of a few trees. We filled our plates with simple Indonesia cuisine, took our chances on the tightrope strung up between two palm trees, waited our turn for a fresh coconut drink and relaxed in the most picturesque scene ever… a veritable screen saver if ever you saw one (in fact this very picture IS now my screen saver!)

Hoga Island Beach

Unfortunately our stay in this piece of paradise was far too short – and we had to head back to our boat far too soon for my liking! The return journey found us walking through a back path behind the beach so as to avoid the scorching sun and this took as via a few of the dive centres that this island is most well known for…

hoga island

Hoga Island in the Wakatobi National Park of Indonesia is located in the heart of the Coral Triangle, one of the most bio-diverse regions of the Indo-Pacific region and the world. Fortunately we were able to spend a few hours snorkelling the coral reef surrounding the island and, once again, I loved exploring the colourful corals and fascinating marine life.

Indonesia really does offer some of the very best snorkelling in the world. Read this post if you’re looking for more amazing places to snorkel in Indonesia.

Snorkelling Hoga Island

For more info about diving at Hoga Island visit the Hoga Island Dive Resort website

This was such a special day in Indonesia, possibly even my best, part of me wants everyone to have the chance to visit such a pristine part of the world and enjoy it’s delights, but another part of me is a bit reluctant to share such a special secret because an influx of tourists might just ruin it’s untouched beauty!! I would like to think that if you’re lucky enough to find your way to Hoga Island in your lifetime that you would be one of the people who appreciates it’s unspoilt beauty and leaves it that way for the next visitor!!


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Hoga Island Indonesia


Images: Kathryn Rossiter; Snorkelling image: Cynthia from Every footstep an adventure


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My trip to Indonesia was on the invitation of the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism as part of the Trip of Wonders. For more information on travelling to Indonesia please visit www.indonesia.travel and follow @indtravel on Twitter or Instagram and search the hashtags #WonderfulIndonesia #TripofWonders for more incredible photos from our journey

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  1. One of the islands I recommend most are the Gili Islands. A short trip from Bali takes you to these amazing islands with great snorkel and scuva diving

  2. I have spent 4 months in Indonesia in 2019. And can’t wait to visit again. This country holds a special place in my heart. Never heard of this tiny beautiful island. Just pinned this article, so it gets included in our next trip! Can’t wait.

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