Fragrance File: Women’s Secret Eau Du Toilette Review

Today’s Fragrance File is a guest post by one of my gorgeous sisters-in-law (I’m lucky enough to have FOUR!)

Mareike’s reviewing the new range of Eau de Toilette’s from Women’Secret

The lingerie brand Women’Secret is based in Spain and creates bespoke underwear, sleepwear and bikinis. The brand has slowly expanded into accessories and fragrances.

My love for fragrances must come from my childhood. When I was younger my mom always smelled nice. She is a trained beautician and loves perfume. I remember she always had two bottles of high-quality perfumes in her bedroom – one for daytime and the other for evening events. I must have inherited her love for smells and creams. And luckily, to this day, every time I visit my mom in Europe she gives me a fragrance to take home with me to Cape Town!

Today I’ll be reviewing three fragrances from Women’Secret, which have been inspired by the Orient.

Each bottle is coloured in a soft pink, yellow or green tone and is embellished with a little bow.

When I unpacked the boxes, I immediately liked the bows on each bottle because having a fragrance bottle that looks nice on the make-up console is just the best!

While I usually opt for more masculine notes when it comes to fragrances, I just fell in love with the Eau It’s Fresh (green bottle), probably because it’s the woodiest smell of the three.

EAU IT’S FRESH represents Spring. A woman enjoying a sunny day, surrounded by fresh, colourful flowers such as jasmine and freesia, and a scented breeze of bergamot and lemon

I also liked the Eau My Délice (yellow bottle) a lot as it’s bright, fresh and uplifting – just what I need to start my morning in a happy mood!

EAU MY DÉLICE emanates the freshness of life through a fruity elixir. A fragrance that conveys optimism, through the exotic touches of grapefruit and pomegranate. A feminine fragrance with little orchid drops. An explosion of joy that brings the essence of life.

Lastly the Eau My Secret (pink bottle) has strong tones of rose, currant and peony. currant, peach and mid tones of peony. There’s a soft woody note too.

EAU MY SECRET describes the freshness of an idyllic oriental garden. At the wind’s will, orange blossoms breathe out their soft and sensual perfume, blending with the sensitive scent of the attractive and feminine vanilla

It’s a bit heavier and I found that I didn’t need many spritzes for an evening out. As I’m usually not drawn to sweeter smells – I would only use this for an evening date as it has a heavy floral scent.

As Eau My Secret is an Eau de Toilette, the smell only lasts about three hours. So, it’s perfect for a date or a work event, but you’ll have to freshen up the smell if you’re wearing it to the office for eight hours.

An Eau de Toilette can’t be compared to a perfume that can, after all, last up to 24 hours and their price points are very different.

These 3 fragrances are absolute gems and highly affordable. They are easy to wear and make wonderful gifts.


Name of Scent: Eau It’s Fresh (Floral Woody Musk); Eau My Delice (Aromatic Aquatic); Eau My Secret (Oriental Floral)

Fragrance House: Women’Secret

Type of Scent: Eau de Toilette

Price: From R320 – R399

Stockists: Women’Secret Eau My Secret and other scents are available at over 200 Foschini stores across SA, Clicks or online at Zando.

Mareike Long

Combining her love for writing and travel, Mareike has now settled down in the Mother City after living abroad in Germany, Ireland and South Korea. She's found her niche in marketing and enjoys art, photography, and writing in her free time.

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