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Have you ever wanted long, thick hair but not quite known how to transform the thin, brittle hair you were born with? Then I’ve got great news for you!

Clipinhair offers top quality, 100% real, Indian Remy hair extensions at an affordable price! Their extensions are available in a range of colours from jet black to platinum blonde and only take a few minutes to attach, giving you the glamorous locks you’ve always wanted.

Clip on hair extensions are fast becoming known in South Africa as they are affordable, lightweight and easy to attach, allowing you to achieve a professional look without the expense of a hair salon. They can be darkened (but lightening isn’t recommended), curled or straightened with a heating iron and you can
wash and blow dry them as usual. (But over washing isn’t recommend and only necessary once a month if worn regularly). The best part is that there is no damage caused to your own hair while wearing Clipinhair Extensions.

Clipinhair helps you to achieve the exact look you’ve always envisioned for your hair. Whether you want length or volume, or both, Clipinhair Extensions can help you finally have the hair you’ve always wanted! Perfect for a special occasion such as your wedding day or Matric dance or just to change your look for a night on the town!

Before and after photos are always the most effective way to demonstrate the dramatic effects that these products can have on the appearance of your hair. So here are a few photos to show you the effects and colours available from Clipinhair

Some common concerns when choosing Clipinhair Extensions are:

How do I choose the right colour?
If choosing the right colour still proves challenging after viewing the before and after photos, here are a few tips that may help you:
You can always add low lights to your Clipinhair Extensions to help them match your hair perfectly, however lightening them isn’t recommended. So, if you do have highlights as well as lowlights in your hair, then go for the lighter option with the plan to add some lowlights during your next visit to the salon. If your hair is mainly one tone and you are choosing between the lighter and darker shade, going for the darker shade is usually a better choice, as your hair is darker underneath and this is where the clips are placed.
For additional help choosing the right colour you can send Clipinhair a few photos of your hair in different lighting conditions and they will make a suggestion.

Should I choose the wavy set or the straight set?
Both these options have their perks, but if this is your first set of Clipinhair Extensions and your hair is naturally straight, or you straighten it most mornings, then we recommend going for the straight set. Curling the straight ones is extremely easy but straightening the wavy ones isn’t recommended. If you have already purchased a straight set you can always purchase a wavy set for days when you feel like a quick and easy change. For those with naturally wavy hair, our wavy extensions are perfect for you. You won’t need much styling, just clip in and go!

Read some answers to more FAQ’s here.

And now for some exciting news: You can Win a set of personalized Clipinhair Extensions here!


1) Leave a comment below telling me which colour Clipinhair Extensions you would most like to win! (see options in photos above or here)

2) Like the Clipinhair Extensions Facebook page

3) Like Becoming you on Facebook

Please note you need to do ALL the steps above to qualify to win the prize (which includes “liking” both pages).

4) For an additional entry you can tweet or share this competition on Facebook. Something like this..

I’ve just entered to win Clipinhair Extensions from @ClipinhairSA via @Becomingyoublog Enter here:

Just be sure to leave an extra comment here so I know you have!

This competition is open to all South Africa residents. Entries close on Mon 5 Nov and the winner will be announced on Tues 6 Nov on this blog.


Tel: 076 155 4854

Kathryn Rossiter

Kathryn is a South African lifestyle blogger and mom of 2 who has been blogging daily for over 9 years! She writes about travel, health, beauty, fashion, decor and family... but not food (unless it's food she's eaten made by someone else) as she is a hopeless cook. She only wakes up early for 2 things... a red-eye flight to somewhere exotic and early morning game drives. She has just finished an extensive home renovation and would prefer to never see another box again. She's never met a chocolate or glass of bubbles that she didn't like!

  1. Chocolate Brown Straight Hair Extensions, I love the concept of the product and I would love to try it!

  2. These clipinhairs are The Bomb!!! I would love the jetblack straight extension clipins! I liked already both pages, following both on Twitter and will be sharing – cause sharing is caring! @RoechiStew

  3. The black looks awesome and I have always wanted long hair but my hair just doesn’t seem to grow quick enough. Have my husbands company year end function coming up and long tresses would go so well with my new evening dress 🙂

  4. I would love the Chocolate Brown Wavy Extentions. Love the idea and I would love to try it! Tweeted: EsmienK

  5. Dark brown haiclips would suite me because my hair is dark brown. Awesome prize. Hope I win.

  6. I would absolutely LOVE to win a set of hair extensions!! A deep reddish brown would be my colour of choice! I have heard fantastic things about this product and I know ONE day, I will be able to try them out 🙂

  7. Just like shoes; a lady can NEVER have enough clip in hair extensions especially when the quality is this excellent!

    I would most like to win – Chestnut Brown.

    Great competition!! (”,)

  8. I would love the Chocolate Brown Straight Extensions… I really really really struggle to grow my hair!

  9. Chestnut Brown Please!!! Been looking at this for months now as I’m getting married 1 December…opportunity to feel fabulous! 😀 AAAHHHH

  10. Chesnut Brown , straight .
    Been looking to win a set of clip in hair from this company forever !
    I’ve entered all their competitions before and hoping this is my change .
    I liked and retweeted on twitter , and shared the facebook page .
    I really want these to feel absolutely amaxing about myself .
    This product allows woman to feel like woman 🙂
    Thank you for this opportunity of entering .
    I really am excited .
    Good luck to everybody <3

  11. Jet black straight 20cm set please!!!! Im getting married the 17th November and would love to look like the above girls,

  12. I love these extensions, I have had 2 sets of them now and they are absolutely gorgeous. Everywhere I go with my extensions people keep telling how natural they look. I would love to win a set of platinum blond extensions as I am going back to blond now.

  13. I’d love to win the chocolate brown hair. I’ve wanted long hair again ever since i had it cut. I’ll be tweeting my little fingers numb till the competition ends and beyond because i just love Clipinhair Extensions and the excellent quality it comes in 🙂

  14. Love the totally gorgeous platinum blonde extensions! Liked both pages on FB and followed on Twitter BUT THAT’S NOT ALL…I tweeted that I have entered the competition and linked it to my FB page! 😀 Super excited!!!

  15. I would love to win a set of 20″ Jet Black Clip in hair extensions. It will be like a dream come true!

  16. Jet black straight 20cm please!!! Im getting married the 17th november and would love to look like the above girls

  17. Wow I absolutely love picture 2 it’s exactly the same color as my hair! I had very long hair 3 years ago and I was asked to be a model were a lady chopped it all off and my hair has never been the same length wish is very hard for me as I have always had very long hair to win these clip ins would make me the happiest woman like as my fiancé refuses I get other extensions so pls puck me!! I have also shared the link on my Facebook woo hoo

  18. Hi I would love the Platinum Blonde hair extensions! Im getting married in December and would love love love to have longer thicker hair!

  19. Not a girly girl – trying to revamp my look. Make an ever lasting imprssion. Have moved to a new city and started new top position- and appearance in the industry is everything. Trying to adjust to been girly lol. Colour of choice would be “Natural Medium Brown” (“,) xxx

  20. What I would give for the camemel blonde clipinhair extensions! Loads of my friends use your products and they are amazing! <3

  21. I would love a pair of chocolate brown straight 20″. I have never tried extensions before and would love to try something different. ♥ and I would be so happy If I could win x Will definetly be sharing on facebook and tweeting

  22. I am battling to grow my own hair. I did put some extentions a wile ago, but it brakes my hair as I have got fine hair. I would like to win this competition and try the straight Platinum clipinhair to show off my beautifull hair

  23. I would love the off black … I am a fan of both pages on Facebook. I also tweeted about the competition (@Roxi_23)

  24. i would die for the caramel blonde extensions, would give anything!! i also tweeted about the competition (@shangeorgina) <3

  25. I would love the off black straight!!! i cut my hair too short a few months ago and i hate it. hate wearing my hair down now!!!

  26. I would totally love the chestnut brown straight extensions…….Amazing idea for a competition and prize. cant wait to see if i win.

  27. Ooooohhhh! Just dying to have some – which girl wouldn’t? Caramel Blonde straight extensions would make me smile 🙂

  28. I am proud to say that you have found your winner! 🙂 Not only will I love and care for my beautiful hair extensions as dearly as my own locks; I will use it to make a stunning statement on stage – seeing as I’m a passionate performing vocalist/songwriter! Winning the straight Strawberry Blonde extensions would really mean the world to me.It will enhance my confidence to beautifully be my unique self! Tweeted! :))

  29. **, Thank you for this amazing competition. I would love to win a set of the jet black wavy extensions please! Just in time for a new look for my upcoming birthday. Tweeted as well **,

  30. Light blonde. All my friends are bragging with your product and would LOVE to have a set of my own! It’s just beautiful… *

  31. I have been so tempted to purchase a set but I keep putting it off or forgetting. I would LOVE to have long hair. A light blonde straight set would really be appreciated 🙂 tweeted and shared on Facebook:)

  32. Light Blonde straight Clipinhair extentions. I absolutely adore this brand. and really really want to feel the confidence long hair gives you<3

  33. This is for my daughter. For about 4 years now she has begged and begged and BEGGED me for extensions..but with college fees and normal lifes costs i just CANNOT afford it,this prizze would be the best christmas and 21st gift to her. She would take the light blonde,long straight extensions. This would truly be the most amazing gift to her,She always pages through magazines and online sites,and the first thing she always sees is long hair! would be incredible to be able to give her something she has always dreamt of <3

  34. Would love to win them in black. Growing my hair takes forever so this will be perfect 🙂 have liked bothe facebook pages already

  35. Toffee blonde for me! Yes please! My entire adult life up to now I had short hair. 4 years ago I decided to start a new chapter, growing my hair was one of the “impossibles”. Well, its shoulder length!!!!!!!! Clip ins will add some glamour I think! Thanks for great competions. M

  36. Amazing blog competition on Clipinhair Kathryn! <3<3 LOVE IT! I've entered, liked the facebook pages and tweeted just for a little bit of extra luck.:)
    The chocolate brown Clipinhair extensions will suit my hair colour best!
    holding thumbs to becoming a NEW ME!
    Will keep reading your tweets and regularly checking your facebook page for some inspirational pictures and to make sure I dont miss out on any interesting blogs you post!
    Keep it up!

  37. Toffee Blonde 😀
    I have always wanted long beautiful hair, and I have tried everything from Bergamod essence, bay-rum, placenta, vigro, and even Horse Shampoo. but nothing works. My hair just wont grow, But I am still trying and pampering them as much as I can. 🙂 hoping that one day they will be nice and long. I really think it is amazing that your giving people the change to win your product. It is really amazing and I cant stop staring at all the lovely pictures, with such pretty long hair. And the tutorials are great. Keep up the good work. Xxx

  38. i would really like to win a set of the straight jet black extensions! always wanted long thick hair! cant wait to see who wins!

  39. The chocolate brown 🙂 what a lovely competition !
    Hope you guys will brighten up my final exam time with a little gift of lovely hair 😀

    1. Hi I already posted but I have also tweeted about it 🙂 so I hope that counts (Dark Brown straight) @TailzTerror

    2. Hi I already posted but I have also tweeted about it 🙂 so I hope that counts (Chocolate Brown straight) @TailzTerror

  40. I have had short hair forever would be so nice to win a set andd look different .Jet black would suit me perfectly
    Tahnk you for the competition

  41. Love the choloclate brown! Liked both pages. Tweeted and shared to facebook. Twittername:online61524

  42. Ever since I saw this product I’ve been a 20″ straight Jet-Black girl!
    \\(“,)// Hopefully now I can be \\(“,)//

  43. I would love to win the toffee blond. It is just a fab colour. I would love to have long hair. Thank you for this amazing competition and for making some girls dream come true.

  44. Yay! What a cool comp, thanks! I’d love the third one down – the blonde ringlets! I love that your hair can not only be longer, but curley too! So cool! 😀

  45. Wavy Chestnut Brown will brighten my subtle grey streaks to enhance a new statement in colour. Ta for opportunity.

  46. I would love love love the chocolate brown straight extensions <3 i would kill for long hair again exspecially now that i have gone back to having brown hair.. pleeeease pick me 🙂

  47. I have liked both pages, I’ll RT it on Twitter and Follow… Jet Black… I would do anything for some long hair now…

  48. ***caramel blonde *** wow say no more its stunning these extensions are stunning,, after stripping my hair (big mistake ) i could sure do with these beauties 🙂 may the best lady win xx

  49. Oohh I would soo love to win the Dark Brown extensions! They are soo stunning! Exciting competition! 😀 Hope I win <3

  50. Ash blonde!!!
    I always wanted extensions never get to grow my hair thaat long!! i’v liked and tweeted!!!

  51. The above girls look so pretty with there extensions i would love to have a blond set!! I tweeted and liked!!

  52. Chocolate Brown Straight 20Inch:)
    I love the long haired Look
    I will do anything possible to stand a chance to win this
    Ill be following You everyday:)
    Hope you consider me

  53. Iv just Posted a comment, But i would just like to add i subscribe to twitter @TarrynJewell just to stand a chance:)i just tweeted it a message saying iv entered, aswel iv been following you on fb and liked prob 90% of your photos
    Btw you are doing an amazing job by making this product available to other
    But im just not fortunate enough to buy myself a pair
    Hope i stand a good chance

  54. Your clip-in’s look amazing ! I’m so excited to have found your website tonight. I love the Dark Brown 20″ but curly or straight would be hard to choose. Thanks for making them affordable and believable for hair is any womans greatest accessory !

  55. These clip in hair extensions are the biggest trend at the moment! Still tweeting and sharing away!

  56. caramel blond haire – the medium-length that curl at the bottom. The long ones don’t look natural at all because they lack volume. Want my hair grows back until I can feel the ends touching my hips. The thing is my hair growth is insanely slow. I hope i can win my FIRST pair of extensions <3 I love the idea of having long, beautiful locks.

  57. ooh! how exciting! perfect for summer!
    I would love the Light Blonde extensions 🙂
    I have also tweeted the competition x

  58. I need the jet black clipinhair extensions
    .my hair sees a hairdresser ONCE a year ..
    Which is both pages ready to shave my hair off it needs a life

  59. I would love to win the Light Blonde! I have always wanted to try these but my hair has never been long enough, and now finally it is 🙂

  60. I would love the chestnut-brown. I always wanted thicker hair and with our year-end function, being a Gala, i would really want to have clipinhair extensions.

  61. Oh wow! I would love to win a set of the Dark Brown, straight 20′! I’ve been eyeing these for months! 🙂 x

  62. chocolate brown hair extentions, absoloutely love it. especially because I can’t handle long hair everyday so its a great way to have it when I feel like having long hair nd its easy to take care of. love it.

  63. Dark brown <3 20 inch!! They look amazing! wow, what Clipinhair extensions can do! 😀

  64. As you probably know, hair extensions are a hot new trend in fall. Typically, they can be treated just like one’s natural hair such as straightened, washed and curled. While already appearing from celebrities, this new trend will soon be everywhere. But i can only rock it if i had the caramel blond haire Clipinhair extensions! I really really want to win 😀 so that i can show it to all my friends! Will really help me for my matrix ferrell next year!

  65. I would love the dark brown clipinhair extentions. I have not won many competitions before,but winning this one will definitely be a dream come true,as I am in search for clip ins for a very long. Even If I do win this,I would feel unfortunate being blessed with it because there are so many girls who hardly has hair because of disease and sickness. If I win this competition I will share half of my extensions with a less fortunate girl or woman who lost her hair due to sickness. I believe every woman deserves to feel beautiful. If my dream comes true I would love to make someone else’s dream come true too! I will post the pics on FB and my Mej Oktoberfees FB page if that special woman would let me. Through this you would not only touch one life but many.

  66. Chocolate brown please! My 21st is coming up and I will love having long luscious curls for the event

  67. SoOo inlove with the DARK BROWN extensions!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ I recently cut my hair and miss the long look! ☹ Winning these extensions would mean the world to me!

  68. I would LOVE the Chestnut Brown pair pretty please!!! 🙂 🙂
    Long hair is so beautiful and womanly! I need to win!

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