Winter with MOBELLI & a review of the Falo Evo heater

So after sharing my new outdoor furniture from MOBELLI with you a few months back I’ve had quite a few concerned friends and followers wonder how it’s fared over the winter…

The first thing most people mention when seeing my furniture online or IRL is “Can you leave it out there??” You see, the spot where it lives is open to the elements – sun, rain, hail, wind…. And our MOBELLI furniture has had to deal with it all this past Cape Town winter!

The good news is that it’s still looking great! Aside from a bit of dust that gathers on the cushions after windy days (which we just bang off), the only negative I have noticed about leaving my furniture out in the elements is that the insects and birds poop where they will… and sometimes that ends up on my cushions! But then that is my own fault really, nothing to do with MOBELLI’s quality, the state of the couch frame and the cushions (despite being left out in the rain) is still amazing. Even I’ve been surprised!

This past weekend we were able to make the most of our new patio area when we hosted a small family wedding at our home!

A spring wedding is always a risk thanks to Cape Town’s changeable weather, so our plans to seat everyone at tables outside had to be changed at the last minute because of a cold wind. Fortunately we were still able to host the pre-dinner drinks and canapes outside – thanks to the incredible Falo Evo outdoor heater from MOBELLI

falo evo heater

outdoor entertainment area

This Italian gas heater is an international award-winning product that features a dancing flame within a glass tube – a super stylish talking point for any outdoor occasion!

All our guests were very grateful for the extra heat after arriving from the very cold photo shoot and it kept us all comfortable out on the patio for far longer than we would have lasted without it!

The heater runs on a gas bottle and is super safe with a metal grid around the frame which does not heat up. The heater disperses heat evenly along the glass and then radiates the heat out from the top vent and down onto the area around it (up to 25m2 or 2.5 Meters in each direction away from the centre).

If you enjoy entertaining at home and living in your outdoor area throughout the year then I can really recommend investing in a Falo Evo heater. It will make the world of difference to your guests comfort levels and the amount of time you’ll spend enjoying your patio or outdoor entertainment area.

falo evo heater mobelli

undercover patio

falo evo

falo evo review

entertaining at home

Outdoor living specialist MOBELLI is a supplier of classic & contemporary outdoor furniture suitable for gardens, patios, verandas and pools. MOBELLI believes that furniture outside needs to be enjoyed no matter the weather and consequently design and produce items that require little maintenance and that can be left outside, year round. Besides outdoor dining, lounging, and pool loungers, MOBELLI supplies shade parasols, outdoor gas heaters, illuminated furniture as well as various design-led furniture & accessories to enhance the outdoor living experience. 


MOBELLI has showrooms in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban

For more information visit their website at



Images: Kathryn Rossiter

Disclosure: 1 (The Falo Evo heater from Mobelli was on loan for the evening for review purposes)


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