Winter Warmer Competition

July is upon us already – can you believe it? This month I celebrate my birthday and to spread the love around and warm up winter I have organized the most amazing blog competition for my loyal readers and a few new ones too!

The Winter Warmer Competition starts today and runs until 28 July 2012! The line up of prizes is amazing and the best part is that one winner will take all!

Take a look at what’s on offer…

A Blu ray Hamper worth R2000 from Disney
Shearling lined leather boots worth R1649 from Green Cross
A chocolate hamper worth R500 from Madecasse
A jewellery hamper worth R500 from Sass Diva
4 personalised place mats worth R460 from Love Letters
A pair of silk pyjamas worth R400 from Anna-Louise Sleepwear
A Full Body Massage worth R390 from Gingerlily
A R250 gift voucher Smitten home & life
An electric aromatherapy oil burner & 1 essential oil (orange or eucalyptus) worth R250 from Aseyah R
A Vinyl Wall Sticker “Love & Cook with wild abandon” worth R250 from Pink ‘n Posh
A copy of The Reunion by Joanne Fedler worth R180
A 6 month magazine subscription to O, The Oprah Magazine worth R130
A Solar Jar worth R120 from Consol Glass
12 unfilled Party Packs of your choice worth R120 from Party Things

That is a haul of prizes for one lucky winner worth over R6500!!! What an awesome Winter Warmer hamper!

To enter and stand a chance of winning ALL of these fantastic prizes – log in to the competition software below and follow the steps that will offer you entry into the competition… (Please note if you are reading this in your email or on your phone you will need to enter via the blog post itself so please do pop over and enter asap! I don’t want you to forget and miss out!)

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One you have “liked” all the relevant sponsor pages on Facebook via the software above please leave a comment on this blog post answering the question:

“What I love most about Winter is…”

A huge thank you to all the sponsors who have come on board for this fantastic competition. I am blown away at their generosity and would like to thank them all!! I am tempted to enter myself with the amazing prize up for grabs, obviously I can’t but I hope you will enter and tell all your friends and family to as well….

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Good Luck!

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This competition is open to all South African readers over the age of 18. The competition closes on 28 July 2012 and the winner will be drawn using Rafflecopter giveaway software. The winner will be announced on this blog within 48 hours. If the prize remains unclaimed after 14 days another winner will be drawn. The sponsors will deliver the prizes directly to the winner and Becoming you takes no responsibility for lost or damaged prizes or delays in delivery. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. For more terms and conditions for competitions please read the Legal page or at the end of the Rafflecopter software.

Kathryn Rossiter

Kathryn is a South African lifestyle blogger and mom of 2 who has been blogging daily for over 9 years! She writes about travel, health, beauty, fashion, decor and family... but not food (unless it's food she's eaten made by someone else) as she is a hopeless cook. She only wakes up early for 2 things... a red-eye flight to somewhere exotic and early morning game drives. She has just finished an extensive home renovation and would prefer to never see another box again. She's never met a chocolate or glass of bubbles that she didn't like!

  1. What I love most about winter is… red wine and chocolate by the fireplace, and creative soups and stews! πŸ™‚
    Thanks again for another awesome comp – what a package! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. What I love most about winter is snuggling in bed with my two boys on cold mornings before school and work πŸ™‚

  3. Wow! What a competition!! πŸ™‚ Watching a movie in bed, snuggling with hubby and baby girl, with the 2 dogs by our feet! xx

  4. What I love most about Winter is snuggling up in bed with my heated blanket, hot chocolate and my kindle. Or sitting in front of a fireplace watching tv. πŸ™‚

  5. What I love most about winter is… how beautifully green gardens and lawns look, that fresh smell just after the rain, wearing my fav boots and taking them off as soon as I get home to shuffle around in fluffy slippers, and drinking hot chocolate – Yummy πŸ™‚

  6. What I love about winter is a cup of coffee, a good book, hot water bottle and the rain tapping against the window.

    Thank you for a great blog/ facebook page

  7. Done and dusted – all entered.

    What I most like about Winter is …… the soft, filtered sunlight – nice for photies. Also LOVE log fires, cuddles with my boys, and animals, a good Merlot and some a stew cooked by someone else πŸ™‚

  8. I find winter so mysterious & romantic. The weather is really moody (in a good way), & those sunny days where the wind stings your cheeks are my best!
    Oh, & nobody notices if I don’t shave my legs… :O

  9. What I love most about winter is waking up in the middle of the night and hearing the rain pound and the wind howl and snuggling deeper under the duvet – cosy & warm!

    Amazeballs competition! Fingers crossed! πŸ™‚

  10. What I love most about winter is the clear blue sky, the comfort of being inside under a warm blanket and sipping hot chocolate!

  11. Wow – what an amazing competition! The best I have seen by far!!! Hope I win this one!!!! Thanks for keeping us inspired!!! Micky xx

  12. What I love most about Winter is…clear blue skies, crisp fresh air, wind-free days & cosy blankets πŸ™‚

  13. What I love most about winter is creamy soups, fluffy socks and gowns, boots, scarves, scarves and scraves, electric blankets, oranges, whiskey or sherry to warm me up from inside.

  14. What I love most about Winter is, its the only time I really enjoy cooking and creating heart-warming soups, stews and casseroles. It also forces me to be extra generous with skin moisturiser πŸ™‚

  15. Amazing Competiton! What I love most about Winter is being able to snuggle up in a wooly jumper, under a blanket, with some hot chocolate and watching a good movie when it’s icy cold outside πŸ™‚

  16. What I love most about Winter is….my electric blanket, movie nights, listening to the rain hit the windows, wearing boots and jerseys (hides all sorts of things!!), rainbows.

    P.S – what an awesome competition!!!

  17. What I love most about Winter is that Spring is around the corner! But I love wearing my Winter scarves and snuggling in front of the fireplace with a good glass of red!

  18. Followed all steps. Tweeted comp as well. Twittername;online61524 What I love about winter: The fresh smell of the after rain. The trees and polants emerald green. Having a Bon fire – indulging in hot chocolate & marshmallows! Snuggling up on the couch and watching my favourite movie.

  19. what I love most about winter is… the snuggles! and the playing in puddles with my daughter with the sun comes out πŸ™‚

  20. What an awesome competition!!!:) Holding thumbs! Have liked all the pages, tweeted, etc. πŸ™‚

    What I like most about winter is evenings in front of the fireplace, hot soup and bread, hot water bottles, bubble baths and milo with rusks!!! πŸ˜€

  21. Having an excuse to indulge in chocolate, laze around watch videos, read a book, early morning cuddles with my son, hot soups and stews, and especially not having to worry about a bikini wx for four months.

  22. What I love most about THIS winter is… getting on a plane and flying to Ireland for two weeks πŸ™‚

  23. What I love most abut Winter is…..
    Our amazing fireplace while sipping a glass of red wine, awesome scuba diving in False bay, and beautiful sunrise paddling in Fishoek on calm warm water, and welly walking through the forest – Winter is amazing in Cape Town –

  24. Absolutely fabulous competition
    Tweeted @Jass29
    Sunaina Orrie Sheikh on facebook
    holding thumbs

  25. What I love most about winter is snuggling behind my hubby’s back, rich and tasty homemade soup, colorful scarfes, the Innibos festival and of course July because this is my birthday month also! πŸ˜€

  26. What i love most about Winter is:
    #capetown #warmth #cuddles #chocolate #boots #blankets #food #redwine #nobakinis #movies #popcorn #stews #desert #familygatherings #rain #wellies #puddles #coats #scarfs #hats #books #warmslippers #ragingfires #cozypjs #wintergardening #freshoceanair

    And i had to hash tag this because i might need to tweet this!
    Great competition – fingers crossed x

  27. Layered clothing, heavy textures, rich deep colours, fires, baths, gluwein, fluffy animals, cuddles, autumn leaf colours, dumplings, comfort food, knitting, lazing, long strolls and hibernating – these are the things I love about winter.

  28. The thing i love most abt winter is the lovely colours, the bright orange, yellows,coppers and browns! I love the boots,trench coats and all the awesome fashions!!!!!!!!

  29. What I love most about WInter is cuddling under blankets, steaming hot chocolate, dvd nights, a good glass of wine and forest walks just after it rains #bliss

    Awesome competition and hope you have a great birthday!

  30. What I love about winter is snuggling in a warm bed, watching tv shows and reading with my dog lying beside me playing with his toys πŸ™‚

  31. What I love most abut Winter is…..
    Hot chocolate and snuggling under a warm blanket! Or watching stormy seas!

  32. What I love most about winter is… Celebrating! My birthday is in July, so it’s the perfect time to indulge in a latte and a slice of red velvet cake (heaven on a plate), knowing that I have a few more months to fight the bulge before it’ll be on display in the sunny beach season.

  33. β€œWhat I love most about Winter is snuggling up in doors while it’s cold outside with a good book or movie. My family and a roaring fire and some good chocolate! Love getting outdoors too for some fresh winter air and sunshine”

  34. What I love most about winter… sleepovers in the loounge with my children.. a roraing fire.. homemade soup and bread.. good dvds…reading a good book..

  35. I absolutely love evenings spent in front of the fireplace, snuggling with the husband and my daughter. Oh and don’t forget the opportunity to enjoy warm and hearty soups! And what is winter without a nice cuppa hot chocolate?

  36. Fabulous competition! very exciting stuff! πŸ™‚

    What I love about winter is the roaring fires and red wine, the fresh mornings which are great for a trail run, hot stews and mashed potatoes, new boots and lovely coats, hearing rain on a tin roof and beautiful clear skies with crisp winter air… πŸ™‚

  37. What I love most about winter, is cuddling on the couch, the awesome Cape Town restaurant specials and the phenomonal giveaways on blogs!

  38. What an amazing competition!, what i love most about winter, is long hot baths and cuddling in bed when its puoring with rain outside πŸ™‚

  39. What I love most about winter is…being snuggled up in a warm bed, listening to the rain outside, with a good book.

  40. What I like most about winter…I like being able to spend a Sunday morning in bed reading because…it is too cold to get up. And watching TV with the kids with a fire goimg in the fireplace & the couches pushed together to make a big den or in row to make a movie cinema & drinking red wine just because…it is cold!!

  41. What I love most about winter is….
    warm sunny afternoons on the beach with the kids
    relaxing in front of the fire with my lovely husband.

  42. What I love most about winter is … The knowledge that Spring, followed by Summer, is ahead!

  43. What I like most about winter … the special moments like putting the kids PJs on infront of the fire or puddle hopping with our Wellies on. Eating lunch on the carpet inside in the winter sunshine as a pretend picnic or, and this one is for the adults, …. GLUHWEIN!!!!

  44. What I love most about winter is the late afternoon sun shining through long and soft grass, the early morning dew and steam rising off the streams. Trailing through beautiful, quiet forests… led only by your breath. Winter brings a serenity that summer’s noise overlooks. It is a time to love, eat, and reflect… wholeheartedly.

  45. What I love about winter is crackling fires, snuggly blankets, comfort food and plenty of quality time spent indoors with the family building puzzles, playing games and chilling together. Wow what a prize, thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  46. What I love about winter is … when the sun shines it feels like heaven.
    (GREAT competition! I’ve followed all the steps.)

  47. What I love about winter is… crocheting by the fireplace, wool, cuddling, soup, cappuccinos, fluffy slippers and a slower pace in general.

  48. I love that Winter allows me to dress up and show off all of my favourite clothes, since I love showing off my trench coats and boots ^_^

  49. Mommy’s soup! Cape Town winter puddings like bread pudding and sago pudding with hot custard, lentil curry and chicken curries, warm woollie blankets and thick jackets of all styles and colours. Raincoats and rainboots. Jumping with my son in the puddles and running in the rain. Umbrellas, the cute ones when your little with the ears sticking out. Cute woollie caps and gloves. Snow in Ceres – building snowman and snow angels for the first time with my son and seeing him cry when the snow didnt want to come home with us and melted. The smell of fresh rain. Rain pouring down the window panes while your watching from the window with hot chocolate between your hands and marshmallows melting in them. I love winter, I love winter fashions too. There is nothing not to love about winter! Its the most interesting season of all and not even the anticipation of a cold could stop me from loving this season.

  50. What I like about winter is to be able to indulge oneself in comfort and warmth, fireplaces, hot chocolate, soups. stews, great red wines, movies, games. and good old family time.

  51. Whats NOT to love about winter? Steaming hot chocolate and health rusks, slow comfort cooking, hot water bottles, cuddling under the blankets and reading, fireplaces, red wine, board games, bulky snuggly jerseys, rain falling against the window panes, wind howling around the eaves and feeling warm and loved. This is a stunning competition! Well done on this coup. I know it’s not easy πŸ™‚ xx

  52. What an awesome competition !!!
    WHAT I LOVE MOST ABOUT WINTER -: cuddling and sleeping in my husbands arms (to hot in summer) in the cold winter nights. drinking hot chocolate, eating comfort food and being able to hide the extra few kilos under jackets and loose warm tops and having a chance to wear a pair of leather boots.

  53. What I love most about winter is….hot chocolate, cosy snuggles with my babies and my electric blanket!

  54. What I love about winter is… A cosy fire, snuggling under covers with an electric blanket on, homemade soup on the stove with dumplings and the smell of fresh cookies with hot chocolate. Dressing up.. coat, scarves and boots, walking in the rain and Wow, no mosquitoes..
    Awesome competition!

  55. I MaY nOt HaVe A fiRePlAcE aT hOmE, nOr aN eXpEnSiVe BoTtLe Of WiNe FoR wiNtEr, I sTiLL hAvE tHoSe CoMfY bLaNkEtS, cUdDLeS fRoM tHe HuBbY aNd KiDs, AnD LaTe NiGhT ViSitS fRoM mY pReScHoOLeR tO wArM mE uP oN tHoSe CoLd WiNtEr NiGhTs. WhAt I LoVe AbOuT WiNtEr Is ThE fEeLiNg ThE wOrLd ArOuNd Me SuDdEnLy SlOwS dOwN a BiT. ThAt fEeLiNg ThAt PeOpLe TaKeS a StEp BaCkWaRdS iN tHiS FaSt MoViNg WoRLd. AnD tHaT simpLe GeStUrE oF tUcKiNg My FiNgErS iN My PoCkEt Or ArMs Or HoLDiNg HuBbY’s AnD kiDs’ HaNds To KeEp WaRm, ThAt SiMpLe GeStUrE tHaT aSsUrEs “WiNtEr’S nOt So CoLd At ALL.”

  56. Wow…what an amazing Winter Warmer…what I love about Winter is that it’s a time to retreat with all your favourite things…movies, chocolate, a glass of wine and a great book…also helps if you’ve got a favourite person to share it with πŸ™‚

    thanks for the great competition, fingers crossed.

  57. I just love the smell of winter warmer soup….ending it off with hot steaming Malva and Hot Chocolate…and then in a cozy warm bed πŸ™‚ listening to the pooring rain….

  58. I love winter sun on my face; I love walking my dog in the evenings watching the most beautiful winter sunsets; I love experimenting with different soup recipe’s; I love snuggling under a blanket on the couch reading book after book guilt free; I love not sweating; I love a hot bubble bath with a glass of red wine; I love tea in bed every morning with my family, snuggled under the duvet; I love the fact that in a few months we all get to start over again when spring arrives!
    And of course this winter I love your amazing competition!!!

  59. What I love about winter is snuggling next to the fireplace drink red wine and eating yummy chocolate, but I also love the cold. Having an early morning walk along sea point promenade with the cold wind against my face and watching the sea thrashing about.

  60. What I love most about winter is cuddling with my boyfriend under warm blankets watching movies. Putting on boots and warm, fluffy clothes and lying in bed with my dog.

  61. What i love most about winter is the lovely jerseys that come into use, coupled with boots all perfectly to keep us snug and warm. I also love the winter nights and the extra time in the morning to cuddle with my family!

  62. What I love about winter is… Being home with my husband and my beautiful daughters.. snuggling up by our fireplace, braaing mashmallows and justs being together as a family, having our chit chats.. that’s what makes my love for winter.

  63. What I love most about winter is the lovely warm cuddles and snuggles! Also love to wear my boots! Boots are my favourite winter thing to wear!
    My favourite is the smell of homemade soup and fresh bread that fills the kitchen on a cold day! A warm bubble bath is also fantastic!
    Lots of thhings to love about winter, but the snuggles are the best!

  64. Winter is all about curries, soup, red wine, boardgames and friends gathering around our fireplace!

  65. what i love about winter is that i can indulge myself with all rich and creamy foods more often and more importantly i can experiement with food alot more…i can also mountain climb alot better and watch the sun rise…its amazing!!!

  66. What I love most about Winter is ……. being ably to get creative with all my crafts, snuggling in front of TV on the couch with my cats, soup boiling on the stove, playing board games with friends and family.

  67. What I love most about winter is that you can snuggling with your loved ones – my hubby and my doggies – in front of a nice warm fire with a nice glass of red wine or good coffee in the one hand and good quality chocolate in the other. And of course, a good book, is so much better snuggling under a duvet on a wet, cold winter’s day.

  68. Spending hours on the couch watching Wimbledon with a log fire going πŸ™‚ Also hot chocolate, soup, stews, red wine, baked puddings…and knowing that I can hide the extra kilos under a couple of layers of clothing and wont have to worry about it until at least September!

  69. Winter is my favorite season.
    Layers of clothing
    Hot waterbottles
    Snuggles with loved ones and lovers
    Hot chocolate and soups, stew and hot malva pudding

  70. What I love the most about Winter in spending time on the couch, in front of a roaring fire, with a good book or a good TV series! A bowl of hot veggie soup and rye bread also have to be included!

  71. What i love most about winter is relaxing on the couch under a warm blanket listening to the rain snacking on chocolate and indulging in hot chocolate and cafe latte’s. Just letting go and be absolutely indulgent!:-)

  72. What i love most about winter….. wearing fashional boots, and the cutest stokkings, colorful and warm knitted scarfs, and the most fab coats, and cute hats…… i can look so stylish in the winter…. love it.

  73. what i love most about winter… is the snuggling with the family under big warm blankets and watching a good series. i love watching the rain pour down and listening to my 2 year old sing “its raining its porning…” yes she says porning instead of pouring soooo cute πŸ™‚

  74. I love the Cold, I don’t like the sun much. We don’t have very cold winters in Durbs, But, When we have ‘winter’ I love:
    -Hot Milo.
    -Movies in bed.
    -Hot chicken soup.
    -Staying in pajamas all day.

  75. Fantastic competition!!
    What I love most about winter is staying in bed under soft, warm blankets; sipping on hot chocolate; watching scary movies and eating pizza.

    Twitter name: @princessruw

  76. What I love most about winter is how all my cats cuddle up to me and I have amazing never grow cold hot water bottles, and now I am fostering 3 little dogs they are added to the mix, I have 3 dogs and 18 cats keeping me as snug as a bug in a rug

  77. What I love most about winter is my sheepskin slippers, hot Milo, butternut soup, and lazy weekend mornings in bed (not all at the same time)!
    Great competition!

  78. Furlined slippers, polar fleece blankets, hot chocolate, snackwiches, a good book and a cat for company, make winter a season to love!

  79. What I love about winter is hearing the rain pouring down, the wind howling and thunder cracking through the sky as I sip on warm chocolate reading a good book or watching a movie that touches the core. What I love about winter is playing family board games and laughing until it hurts. What I love MOST about winter is the watching the rain pour down my window and listening to its gentle hum remembering that we all need to have our winters so we can appreciate our springs!

  80. What I love about winter is my daily 2pm date with my precious son Elijah (15 months). We snuggle up under a warm fleecey blanket and have an afternoon snooze together, although sometimes I dont sleep, I just watch him sleeping like an angel, so peaceful and content!

  81. What i love about winter is that you can snuggle up in front of the tv in your devine silk pjs and watch your favourite bluray movies, whilst eating your fAvourite chocolate! Or even just reading your copy of O Magazine or even an incredible book. Can go for a full body massage and the smell of aroma oils filling the air from the aromaoil burner. Making a friends day and giving them a gift voucher, and you go shopping! so they can love winter too. Who doesnt love shopping in their latest fashion with some gorgeous leather boots and their devine Sass Diva jewellery. Having friends around for a winter meal and using special place mats that mKe you love winter even more, good food, wine and company!

  82. what i love most about winter is … the cold wet rainy days when you can cuddle under a blanket by the fire and read a book, watch a movie or spend quality time playing old fasioned bored games with your kids and then ofcourse i love all the warm winter clothes availible πŸ™‚ Winter is my favourite time of year!

  83. What i love most about winter is……… I can have soup morning noon and night and cuddle up in a blanket infront of my big screent tv and just enjoy life

  84. What I love most about Winter is that dry skin, chapped lips, frozen toes, dripping nose, unproductive days sitting near the heater and rising electricity bills is all a distant memory when you see the fantastic line-up of prizes in this competition.
    It’s sure to knock your socks off even on the coldest days and dreary nights.

  85. What I love about winter is….weekends at home by the fireplace with red wine and my husbands stews, scarves, my slippers, hot chocolate and roasted marshmellows, hot baths and winter sheets.

  86. what i love about winter…
    durban beach with a blanket, coffee and my boyfriend watchiing the surfers.
    cooking aromatic chicken curries on a sunday afternoon.
    getting to wear my gorgeous winter coats and boots.
    hot chocolate and rusks in bed.
    steaming hot baths while i read a book for a few hours constantly topping up the hot water.
    and winter hats…i love my winter hats!!!

  87. What I love most about winter is…drinking hot chocolate, sitting on the couch, while watching my favorite Disney movies with my Littley…reading my favorite magazines under the duvet…

  88. This is a truly heart warming winter competition. Thanks so much Katherine for putting it together.
    I am more of a summer than winter person, but days such as yesterday here in a very wet and chilly Cape Town, was my perfect winter’s day. My hubby, my dog and I slept late, read in bed. Then got up to make a big pot of soup, a warm and hearty fire, snuggled up on our sofa, with a warm woollen blanket, to read paper, favourite mags,eat chocolate, watch Tennis and Tour de France. Now if there is anything that i love about winter, this would be it.

  89. What I love most about winter is…curling up in front of the fire with a good book or some knitting; moreish stews; hot puddings; hot chocolate; dinners with friends and red wine; boots; beanies & scarves; wearing bright colours on grey days πŸ™‚

  90. What i love most about winter….
    Warm snuggles from a loved one,
    Red wine in front of the toasty fireplace surrounded by giggles from special friends,
    Hot and chunky homemade vegetable soup made with love,
    sleeping in with the sound of soft rain falling on a tin roof,
    Feel good movies with steaming hot chocolate and marshmallows to share
    Wrapping up in cozy scarfs and sexy boots
    A ray of sunshine among the dark wintery clouds…….

  91. What I Most Love About Winter: being cosy indoors with hot chocolate and marshmellows, and catching up on my fave series. And winter sales!


  92. I love decadent hot chocolate, warm fluffy blankets, winter sheets, cuddling in bed with my 2 boys and hubby and did I mention hot chocolate?? πŸ™‚

  93. I love lying in bed, listening to the rain on my tin roof, drinking warm milo or cocoa, reading a good book, watching Wimbledon next to a fire, waterfalls on the mountain above Kirstenbosch Gardens and the prospect of Jasmine and Spring in a few months πŸ™‚

  94. I love baking in the kitchen, sitting by the fireplace playing games, a glass of red wine with pizza, running in the rain with my kiddies and cuddling in bed listening to the rain with a huge mug of milo!

  95. What I love most about winter is the wonderful excuse to wear gorgeous coats, and not having to leave the house if I don’t want to: the season brings such perfect curl-up-on-the-couch weather than comfort food and DVDs are a must!

  96. I am not all that fond of Winter to be honest but if I were to win this prize it would make my winter a whole lot better!

    If I had to say one thing I do love about winter would be days off snuggling in bed listening to the rain!

  97. What I love. Most about winter is…sitting with my iPad in front of a warm fire and catching up on all the latest news via glamoursa! And of course enjoying a warm cup of hot chocolate…Mmmm

  98. What I most love about winter is the family time, we snuggle more, spend more times indoor, together, wtaching dvds or chatting.

  99. What I love most about Winter:
    – Snuggling under the blanket with a cup of hot chocolate
    – Putting on my boots and stockings with my black dress and going out.
    – Watching my girls having fun with stomping the fallen dried leaves outside.
    – When is crisp outside, blowing the air and it looks like smokey…and watching my little girls eyes light up with excitement.

    These are small things….but they make such BIG beautiful memories…..

  100. what i love most about winter…hmmm theirs so much to say about it…i love indulging in all the comfort food & i love wearing my boots & long coats, especially since i love the colour black,its perfect to wear this colour in this season:)…& if i had to win this prize…woah!!!…definately a memorable winter not to be forgotten!!

  101. What I love most about winter is: too many things,…lazing at fireplace with steaming hot chocolate, “club” duvet, soup, my 2 boys warm bodies ^^,) & mostly…LOVE Boots & Coats!
    Tnk u for a FAB Blog & competition. Excellent stuff!! Keep up Great work. God Bless & Keep Warm.

  102. this is great, Kathryn! πŸ™‚ Exciting stuff. Winter? Urgh! Hate the cold! But the best thing is definitely hanging out next to our fireplace reading stories with the kids πŸ™‚

  103. What I love most about winter is the fact that it comes to an end and beautiful spring starts! Thanks for the great competition Kathryn!

  104. What I love most about Winter is…..curling up in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine, a great book and some chocolates. I also love to take time out to snuggle on the couch and watch some dvd’s/sleep in late/lay in bed snuggled under the duvet drinking hot chocolate and reading my book.

  105. What I love most about Winter, is the beauty of the air. It surrounds you and allows you to create a kind of warmth that only few words can capture. It’s not just firy glows that capture the essence of winter, but rather the stirring leaves on the ground,the smells of freshly made hot chocolate and pastries and the tenderness of a hug that warms not only your body but your soul, this is that I love most of aout Winter…essence of it’s air!

  106. My ultimate favourite winter passtime, is snuggling up with a cashmere duvet with a mug of hot chocolate filled to the brim with marshmallows…

  107. Winter, hmmmm… where to begin – The leafless branches, the frosty grass, the ‘smokey’ breaths of pink cheeked children.. That woody smell in the air from the chimneys in the neighbourhood. That time of day when you can close all the windows, turn on the heaters and draw the curtains. Red wine, warm fluffy slippers, boots, scarves, hats, gloves… and lastly the excitment of another season around the corner…

  108. What I love most about winter is … Knowing spring is the season to follow, and after that glorious summer!!!

  109. What I love most about winter is… waking up in the middle of the night hearing the rain coming down and being so thankful for being in a warm bed & home, and snuggling up to my boyfriend πŸ™‚

  110. Oh so many things… I love wearing my snazzy boots and coats that only come out for three months a year!! I love the cuddling up in front of the tv with my bubby and enjoying a glass of wine and snacks as well as the sleeping in on those freezing mornings. And I love the long hot bubble baths.

  111. What I love most about winter is the warm winter sunshine, falling asleep to the sound of rain and an excuse to climb into bed early with a good book!

  112. i love the most about winter is thathe constantly reminds me to be greatful for everything i have just like how i wish that summer would come around quicker(just like all the good times in life)

  113. What i love most about winter is:
    fireplaces with red wine, thai curries at my favourite spot, winter boots, dressing to layer and cute scarf accessories.

  114. What I love most about winter is … the opportunity to gather. Gather friends, gather books, gather quiet sun spots and snuggly blankets, gather strength for the Springtime around the corner!

  115. What I love most about winter is snuggling on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and my boyfriend and our kitties watching Masterchef

  116. What I love most about winter (another thing) is running and jumping in puddles with my wellies and dancing in the rain under my umbrella!!

  117. What I love most about winter is the cosiest fashion, snuggle time with loved ones, fireplaces, movie time, baking, me time with a good book and the sound of rain when you are gladly indoors and giving to those who are not so cosy.

  118. Wow what isnt there to love about winter!! the romance the love. Its a reason to snuggle up in bed and read a good book or watch a good movie. HUGE mugs of coffee and homemade hot chocolate. the smell of the air after it has been raining. the way he sun peaks out from the grey clouds after a storm makes me feel all warm inside. Comfort food and lots of it. stews, soup warm pudding. I LOVE WINTER!!!

  119. What i love most about winter is…splashing about in gumboots, stepping on crunchy leaves & warm foggy breath clouds…steaming mugs of tea, cute beanies & matching mittens…fireplaces, red wine & cuddles πŸ™‚
    Amazing compo, thank you πŸ™‚

  120. Great competition! Holding thumbs!
    What I love most about winter is sipping steaming cups of coffee or hot choc in front of the fireplace. Oh and cuddling with my cat when its cold!

  121. What I love about winter is waking up to raindrops tapping on the roof and breathing in that crisp aroma of freshness…. My favourite thing to do is lay infront of a fire place roasting mashmellows…. YUMMY!!!

  122. What I love most about winter is… Making hot cinnamon apple drinks for my friends who’ve come round for a visit to catch up! There’s nothing like being indoors with good company while the rain pours down outside.

  123. What i love about winter are the short days and extra long nights in my lovely warm pj’s. Being cosy in the morning with my layers of colourful jerseys and knee high boots. The cute little gloves and hats in stores. I just feel so warm and comfortable, yet stylish and elegant. Snuggling near the fireplace with family and hot chocolate. What i love most though are the fab competitions like this. I’m hoping that i win my first now. Make my day πŸ™‚ xx

  124. What I love about winter is the qaulity time one can spent with family and friends indoors with comfy food and terrific company or just cuddle up with the love of your life and a cup of hot chocolate and a romantic tearjecker movie!

  125. What i love most about winter is…getting caught in the rain and deciding to sing and not mutter, and then getting home and making a fire and being all grateful and warm for both the storm and the shelter.
    Also, cooking comfort food for whoever wants some.
    crossed fingers and toes for this awesome competition πŸ™‚

  126. What I love about winter is the warm sun on my face, the comfort food in my tummy and cuddling with my husband and daughter.

    Great competition

  127. i hope i entered correctly!

    winter is my favourite season…
    one has to get a new set of matching PJs, and some furry slippers …. the pets snuggle up to you, family tv time is that much more cosy… I love winter at home!

  128. What I LOVE most about winter, well, I was born in the winter and it is my favorite time of the year. I’m inlove with the way winter is portrayed, the calmness, the crisp winter mornings, hot coffees with friends and my mums soup! The idea that after winter, it is a time for new beginnings, a new season! My ideal day is when the wind is blowing, it’s freezing cold outside and a bonus, it must rain, then, I am at my happiest! Excellent competition, entered, fingers crossed πŸ™‚

  129. What i love most about winters is the cuddles from my son <3 Also love the dressing in warm PJS after a nice hot bath….the roasting marshmallows around a nice fire…making bonfires too keep warm. Winter is by far my favourite season….Thanks for a awesome giveaway…the list go on why i love winter, the hot chocolate, home made soup, my moms stews πŸ˜‰ winter makes my heart and my tummy happy πŸ™‚

  130. What I love most about Winter is…

    all the creature comforts that I can indulge in (without excuses), like chocolates, desserts, wine and snuggles :).

    Plus my b’day is in mid-winter (July 17th).

    And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you too for whenever it is/was πŸ™‚

  131. What I love most about winter is….

    being able to snuggle up in bed with a loved one and being able to watch movies in bed or kiss in the rain πŸ™‚

  132. What I love most about Winter is how many dinners we have at home, more of the family actually sitting around a table and being a family. nothing is rushed and we are warmed by the food, laughter and sense of familial love.

  133. What I love most about winter is the longer nights and the colder day, the fresh smell of rain, and the raindrops falling on my face. You feel a sense of a new begining. and a chance to make a difference. You also feel privledged to have warmth and comfort in the cold. I can read my Oprah Magazine while drinking my favourite drink from the consol glass, enjoy my sass diva accessories that make me feel like a goddess. When the extraordinary madecasse chocolate melts in my mouth i will be in comfort with my greencross shoes.

  134. Winter is the most cosiest time of the year, nobody like to leave the comfort of their home. Hot chocolate, creamy coffee and steaming soups is the best warmth for our bodies.

    Most dnt even match their clothes, they just want to be warm and nobody minds bcos all are doing the same…KEEPING WARM.

  135. What I love most about winter is… snuggling up on the sofa with hot chocolate, a great book and the cosy sound of rain falling on my window panes.

  136. What I love most about winter is snuggling up with my man, plenty of red wine and some amazing chocolates πŸ™‚

  137. What I love most about winter is snuggling under my duvet in my bed watching movies, eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate. I sooooo love winter fashion <3 It rocks!!! I love winter comfort food…yummy yummy in my tummy πŸ˜‰ And I so love the hot stone massages…Yes!!! I love winter!!!

  138. Making fresh chicken and sweetcorn soup and croutons with my cute little apron on and music in my ears, singing along to my favourite tunes. Snuggling with my kitty, hot chocolate in hand, and watching the Notebook (can’t get enough of Ryan Gosling!). Catching up with family and friends over the phone. Going bowling and playing indoor games with the cousins. Layering the sass diva jewellery over colourful jerseys and coats, gloves and snoods, beanies and earmuffs, boots. Shopping up a storm! Having fun with fashion and make-up to brighten up this dull weather. Catching up on my favourite blogs and books. Getting in touch with my spiritual side over the fasting month. Having those ‘lazy sundays’ in bed and loving it! There’s just so much to do and so much to love about winter. There’s so much about life to still experience. πŸ™‚ #CarpeDiem

  139. what i love most about winter is being able to stay in bed on those super cold days in pjs and with a warm blanket. Even better if you watch dvds the whole day!

  140. Thank you for a stunning treat of a giveaway! And for introducing me to your blog.

    What I love most about winter is:
    Amarula in my hot chocolate before bed time
    Snuggling close to my husband to steal his body heat
    Trips to Kruger – the best time to be in the bush
    Soups and stews and comfort food

  141. mmm what I love most about winter….my patio has sunshine all day and I can cuddle up on the couch in there with a good book and a hot cup of tea and soak in the warmth!!

  142. What I love most about winter is snuggling up with my twin 16 month girls, wooly socks and lots of red wine!

  143. What I love most about winter is being able to stay in bed, cuddle, stay in and read a good book, eat amazing comfort food like soup and pastas. I also love the winter fashion! Hello boots πŸ™‚

  144. Coffee, loads of coffee, hot chocolate, yummy, soul warming curries, soft blankets and the glorious winter sun!! πŸ˜€

  145. What I love most about winter is that you can snuggle with your family in front of the fire!!! Also the freezing cold mornings but then you have beautiful days!! I love the lillies and the scenery in CT!!

  146. what I love most about Winter is the rain. Especially the Cape Winter rain which can last for 3 days straight! it’s so cleansing and beautiful

  147. What i love most about winter is to have goodies (chocolate) by my side, a blanket over my legs, a roaring fire in the background as i sip on hot chocolate and read articles via, what could be better than that? I love when it’s time to get dressed and go out that you zip up a pair of knee night boots, accessorize with a bold ring and earings, sprits with some body spray and make sure not to forget the scarf. I love that winter is the perfect season for cuddling, feeding ducks at a lake or simply reading a book while rain is theme song to a glorious cape town day

  148. What I love most anout winter is family time. Time to get close, watch dvd, play games. Play outside in the rain and cherish life knowing winter brings wonderful Spring

  149. What I love most about winter is long lazy mornings in pyjamas on the couch with my kids and a cup of good coffee!

  150. What I love most about Winter is…
    taking long walks with my dog and scrunching through the leaves in the park.
    making pots of soup, stews, curries that I freeze in meal portions for lazy days.
    the clear winter skies when the stars and moon appear bright & shiny like polished silver.
    the warmth of the afternoon sun when I curl up in a chair for a snooze in the garden.

  151. Love winter when I can disappear under my duck down duvet with a great read, appearing every now and then to take a sip of hot tea . . .

  152. Relaxing in long, hot bubble baths with scented candles..Making fresh chicken and sweetcorn soup and croutons with my cute little apron on and music in my ears, singing along to my favourite tunes. Snuggling with my kitty, hot chocolate in hand, and watching the Notebook (can’t get enough of Ryan Gosling!). Catching up with family and friends over the phone. Going bowling and playing indoor games with the cousins. Layering the sass diva jewellery over colourful jerseys and coats, gloves and snoods, beanies and earmuffs, boots. Shopping up a storm! Having fun with fashion and make-up to brighten up this dull weather. Catching up on my favourite blogs and books. Getting in touch with my spiritual side over the fasting month. Having those β€˜lazy sundays’ in bed and loving it! There’s just so much to do and so much to love about winter. There’s so much about life to still experience. πŸ™‚ #CarpeDiem

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