Win R1200 worth of luxury lingerie from Triumph

A few weeks back I introduced you to the new Seductive Collection of lingerie from Triumph. I spoke about how The right lingerie has an amazing power to transform your body confidence. I have found this area of many women’s wardrobes to be lacking as many women right it off as a practical area and something that no one sees so don’t give it the full attention it deserves. Time and effort are required when bra shopping which is why it can fall to the bottom of the list of priorities but I can confirm just how valuable this time can be. Wearing the right size bra can not only boost your self-esteem but also help to prevent back pain and bad posture. And it can even play a part in getting your physical relationship with your husband back on track after having a baby!!

So, dear readers, here I am to help you out of your underwear rut and give you a “boost” in the right direction! A chance to WIN some seriously stunning new lingerie from Triumph. R1200 worth of lingerie! The prize is AWESOME and I’m really quite jealous of the future winner.

One lucky lady will be strutting her stuff in luxurious lingerie worth R1200 from Triumph’s NEW Seductive Collection.



When you look good you feel good


Triumph International lingerie is designed to bring out the best in every woman while suiting their everyday lifestyle. The Seductive Collection is beautiful and innovative, fashion-forward and feminine, wearable and affordable. The colour palette is sensual and sophisticated with subtle Vintage Pink, Vanille and Iced Mocha, dazzling Rosa, dramatic Bronze and timeless Black – all designed to mix and match.

9745_BSW_Luminous Lace_Ice Mocha 187

Bust-boosting innovations include Memory Foam Padding that moulds to the bust for exceptional comfort and shaping, and convenient Air-Filled Removable Inserts for a natural looking push-up. Larger cup sizes will appreciate supportive non-padded styles available up to a DD-cup size.

9771_Whu_Elegant Seduction_GT Vanille

Sizes Available
Bras: 32A to 34D (padded) / 34DD (non-padded)
Briefs: S to XL
Bodysuits and Corsets: 32A to 36D
Camisoles: S to XL

The Seductive Collection by Triumph is available at select Edgars, Stuttafords and Truworths stores across South Africa. Items range in price from R110 to R400.

So do you want to win R1200 worth of Triumph underwear from their stunning new Seductive Collection?
The prize includes:

– Two Seductive Collection bras
– Two Seductive Collection briefs
– A Seductive Collection bodysuit, corset or camisole

DIVINE!! Follow the steps below to enter…

How to Enter

1. Leave a comment on this blog post below telling me why you deserve to win this fabulous prize!

2. “Like” the Triumph Facebook page

3. “Like” the Becoming you Facebook page

4. Enter your details in the form below telling me you have done the 3 steps above!

For an extra entry….

Share or Tweet about this competition (remember to submit your details in the form one more time if you do!)

Win R1200 worth of lingerie from @TriumphSA and @Becomingyoublog here:

For more information about Triumph visit or Triumphs Facebook Page

Terms and Conditions

The competition runs from 1 October – 11 October 2013 and the winner will be announced on this blog and the Becoming you Facebook page on 14 October 2013.
Prizes are not transferable
The total prize value may not exceed R1200
Once issued, prizes may not be exchanged or returned
The issuing of garments is strictly subject to availability
Garments may take between 4 and 6 weeks to be issued once winner’s details are received
The following sizes are available:
Bras: 32A to 34D (padded) / 34DD (non-padded)
Briefs: S to XL
Bodysuits and Corsets: 32A to 36D
Camisoles: S to XL

Kathryn Rossiter

Kathryn is a South African lifestyle blogger and mom of 2 who has been blogging daily for over 9 years! She writes about travel, health, beauty, fashion, decor and family... but not food (unless it's food she's eaten made by someone else) as she is a hopeless cook. She only wakes up early for 2 things... a red-eye flight to somewhere exotic and early morning game drives. She has just finished an extensive home renovation and would prefer to never see another box again. She's never met a chocolate or glass of bubbles that she didn't like!

  1. I really need new underwear or at least more beautiful underwear. My underwear is looking so tired and boring

  2. gave birth not long ago and have just been using nursing bras so i need to feel sexy again for myself and for my husband …seductive underwear is very much needed ; )

  3. I’d love to win this beautiful prize! Nothing makes me feel sexier than lovely lingerie that fits well.

  4. I would love to win these beautiful lingerie pieces because simply, expensive lingerie isnt a priority in our household when we have 2 young kids. Most things belong to the kids or get “taken over.” This would be a win I could selfishly claim as my own entirely and enjoy on my own.

    I dont ever treat myself to saucy undies and certainly both my hubby and I would great appreciate and enjoy this prize.

  5. I think i deserve to win because I am at the moment undergoing a body makeover! I have completed my first 30 days of p90x (phew hard work) cut out sugar completely, drinking 2 litres at least of water a day (ugh) and trying my absolute best to be healthy, look healthy and have a more positive outlook on life! It would be sooo great to have a reward like this after all my hard work 🙂

  6. Underwear makes you feel sexy and love the Triumph seductive wear and my husband will even love it more. It gives you that boost knowing the underwear you are wearing is soft on your skin. The underwear will be made for walking!!

  7. I would love to win because my underwear needs a serious update! What you wear under your clothes can make you feel and act confident and sexy all day long!

  8. Why do i deserve this fabulous prize? I have lost a lot of weight recently and i am working really hard to get my body healthy again. This would be a really nice way to celebrate my new improved healthy body.

  9. I have done all three 🙂
    My bra size has changed yet again due to weight fluctuations so I’m in desperate need of some pretty and well-fitting underwear 🙂

  10. Wow! This looks so amazing and I love the look of this lingerie! I love that Triumph offer a range of sexy as well as comfortable, practical yet still pretty underwear! Any woman deserves to have sexy underwear. My underwear drawer is in a serious need for a makeover!!! Holding thumbs 😉 xxx

  11. I’ve recently lost a bit of weight and as a mother of a toddler, haven’t felt properly sexy for a while. I think it’s about time that changed!

  12. Oh that’s so me!! I’m in an underwear rut & desperately need a seductive lingerie make-over!

    The Triumph Seductive Collection looks BEAUTIFUL, so feminine and sexy & those body transforming shapes are what dreams are made of.

    One more motivation: our three year wedding anniversary is coming up 😉

  13. I would love to win this as I have lost some weight and my old underwear is sitting loose and really doesnt make me feel sexy at all. Would love to see my hubby’s eyes pop out seeing me in one of those sexy corsets xoxo

  14. I have not had new sexy underwear for so long now and I want to feel feminine and sexy no matter what I am wearing over my underwear and only Triumph can do this.

  15. Id love to feel sexy again.. my weight has gone up and down with two pregnancies and Id love to wear something that is comfortable and fits properly. would love to feel spoilt! In November, its my third wedding anniversary 🙂 would love something beautiful!! I need new underwear and this looks amazing! so beautiful! would make any woman feel like a lady 🙂

  16. With age and pregnancies, i think i deserve a little pampering and some well fitted underwear. This will definitely perk me up 😉

  17. I have liked both pages. I really need gorgeous underwear to celebrate my first step to changing my career by starting to study again after 13 years. Now there is just no time for shopping anymore…(and I do need new underwear) :-(, but in the end it will all be worth it! 🙂

  18. I have done all 3 steps and so excited.
    Triumph is a trusted brand in SA and I would love
    to win this as I need to stock up on some new underwear
    for Summer!

  19. I love myself and feel after spending a year working hard at regaining my confidence. Eating healthy, looking after my body and managed to have shed 15kg so far. One challenge I must admit having is a budget for new clothing and underwear. Please make my dream a reality because I’m craving for a little support.

  20. I could REALLY do with some gorgeous new underwear! I had twins 16 months ago and was huuuuge, I have lost all that weight and whilst everything is not quite as firm as it was ; ) I could really do with the treat of some feel good beautiful lingerie!

  21. My third (and last!) baby is 7 months old… I have been pregnant and/or breastfeeding for over 5 years solidly and therefore wearing nothing but feeding bras! So I would love to win 🙂

  22. I love triumph because it is the only bras that fit me but recently all my nice underwear was mistakenly thrown into the wash with a pair of jeans and it was all dyed grey. I hate wearing that grey colour everyday and I’d love some new underwear to rebuild my collection

  23. i would love to win this awesome giveaway ,i need to update my underwear and say goodbye to my dull old granny beige and white underwear. i need some sexy lingerie to put the spice and sexy back.i know my husband will be happy to see me in some sexy lingerie.liked both pages.

  24. No woman needs a reason to deserve gorgeous underwear. It’s the gift that keeps giving, in every way, applicable to all!

  25. Ive been working on my figure for the last 2 years since having my daughter, would be nice to be able to wear something sexy again.

  26. I would love to win to jazz up my tired underwear! How does it end up looking so grotty?! Maybe from the washing machine, tumble drier & being washed with kids schoolclothes 🙂 An interesting study would be how many people actually separately handwash their underwear?!

  27. Lingerie is a great way to boost your confidence and thats the reason I would like to win some!

  28. Having 3 kids, my underwear has always been cheap, boring and plain. It would amazing to win this great prize and stop shopping at the flea markets for panties.

  29. Can I say it’s cause I’m really REALLY irritable at the moment and I think nice lingerie would make a difference? And because jirre do you know how hard it is to find pretty underwear in a DD?!

  30. I’m a “plain Jane.” My underwear consists of cotton and plain colours either in black or nude, no fancy design or anything. I’ve been like that before and after having kids. I would love to win so I can try something different and at the same time luxurious, and feel glamorous.

  31. Its been way too long since I bought any pretty underwear. I was just thinking yesterday that I needed to get some new things, and then I saw your competition!

  32. I’ve just had baby number 3 and would love a new lingerie collection to help get my mojo back 🙂

  33. I am a mom of two and i spend all my spare cash on my two beautiful children. It would be nice to get some new sexy lingerie for once.

  34. Would love to win this.. To look sexy for fiance and spice things up a bit in the bedroom.. 😉 Everyone knows when a women wears beautiful lingerie we feel sexy and good about ourselves. Holding thumbs. Awesome prize.

  35. I could really use some new sexy lingerie, being a mom of two beautiful children, I never get the opportunity to buy new sexy ligerie

  36. with everything going south at my age Triumph, i need to feel like a sexy woman again, and nothing makes you feel more sexy than great under garments.

  37. I have three kids, 11yrs, 5yrs and 20 month old. I hardly shop for myself so “Sexy Underwear” is definately out of the question here. I need to feel sexy and especially in the bedroom where I’m not smeared with either food or mucus. I would really, really, really appreciate the new underwear.

  38. I’d love to win as I have a 14 year old daughter & I’m forever buying her new underwear but cannot actually remember the last time I got any, mine all has holes in, it’s very sad!!!

  39. I am a mother of three boys. Have lost 10 kgs in the past few months and could really do with some pretty lady things to make me feel better about myself.

  40. Would love to win don’t know when last I spoiled myself with fancy/expensive/sexy lingerie.

    Already following Truimph and your page on facebook+twitter:)

  41. I’ve just lost a lot of weight in preparation for my 23rd birthday at the end of this month. I need some sexy lingerie to add to the satisfaction I feel for my new body. Would really be the cherry on top of my commitment.

  42. Have liked the pages and tweeted as @samiola_88.

    I deserve this prize because I am so loyal to the triumph brand. They provide great support and are so comfortable. Love them!

  43. I should be the winner, seeing that this is the only brand of underwear that that I wear, because it fits my voluptuous body perfectly and comfortably! I’ve lost a few kilos, and now I have a big problem because nothing fits as they should, and it’s too expensive to go and buy new underwear from scratch! Winning this prize, would be a dream come true!

  44. Wow I would love to win luxury Triumph lingerie – I need to and it is my all time favourite brand! Holding thumbs

  45. I would love to win this prize because I have been neglecting myself and I have’nt bought lingerie in a long time. Triumph is so sexy and embodies my curves. I’m sure my fiancee would love it too

  46. I deserve to win this competition because I’m on the path of learning to love myself (and my body) – with underwear this gorgeous, how can my body look equally gorgeous!? x

  47. After having 2 children, my underwear resembles the likes of Bridget Jones. I’d like to toss her out of my life and welcome the stylish Triumph in its place!

  48. I want to feel comfortable when wearing my clothes this summer, i always feel down with this fat tummy i have, and i know i can get that when i am wearing the Triumph body suit.

  49. awesome and looks very very sexy and would love to win to use it on my honeymoon night getting married in 2 months time

  50. Because I just started with the work agian, and it is very stressful. Would be nice to feel confident, and we all know that good underwear always makes us feel confident

  51. Lost some weight and feeling great…although my underwear is not making me feel too sexy, being all over-sized lol. This would be an amazing boost for my confidence level as I would be able to show off my assets that were hidden away underneath all my cellulite! So pretty please send some sexy my way!

  52. I would LOVE some new sexy lingerie. I have lost 76Kg in the last 19 months. This would be an amazing way to celebrate the new me.
    And no harm in being a “sexy” wife to my darling husband and mom to 4 beautiful children…..

  53. I would love to win this! With 4 small kids there hasnt been time or budget to focus on myself, so new underwear would be a real treat!

  54. I love Triumph but have never had the money to actually buy it, so it would be nice to have a set that is of such quality and of the brand. I have liked both pages on facebook. See my facebook page: Cassy Breytenbach

  55. I deserve it, but not as much as my sister! I would love to spoil my sister with this. She is an amazing mom to 2 super busy girls. To top it off she is a teacher and netball coach. I admire her for her patience and all that she does for others. She truly deserves this!

  56. Wow!!! What a prize!!!!

    As much as I love lingerie I think my drawer is only filled with black and white. This range is sure to make any woman feel like a lady…

  57. When you look good you feel good!

    I need to update my underwear and this just made me so excited to see what I could get 🙂

    Looking forward to trying the designs that all look absolutely gorgeous!

  58. I would love to win this competition. For the last 6 years, I’ve had 4 small kids and my underwear collection is very sad. My underwear collection is in dire need of a re-fresh!

  59. My Lingerie cost me more then a pair of jeans.

    I love Lingerie but hate going shopping for it. I end walking out of a store unsatisfied 99%of the time and with no lingerie. I struggle to find sexy and beautiful lingerie especially bra’s. My bust is 32D- 32DD I wish i had my own tailor made lingerie. I’m small framed with very noticeable twins, i love them but i can’t buy the lingerie i would love to wear. The bra’s that do support my twins nice is either cross ur heart or in some hideous colour.

    I know i deserve Sexy and Luxurious Lingerie that’s comfortable and makes me feel Confident about my twins.

  60. Two words: Beige Panties. I own them. Just for publicly admitting that I need to be rewarded 😉 Just kidding. Not about the beige panties though. Seriously I would love some new lingerie. Why? Well, in the words of J.T, I need to.. Bring my sexy back.

  61. I have been going through the toughest time in my life for the past few months… leaving me feeling about as sexy as a wet fish!
    I am trying to get my groove back and it’s like putting the layers back on the onion…after the inside has been dealt with, then the underwear is the next layer. And beautiful underwear would go a long way to helping me get it back, rather than just wearing ‘mum-derwear’ !

  62. Sexy lingerie! I need me some of that! Desperately!! Really hoping to win this!
    *fingers crossed*

  63. Well uhm, I am busy becoming me again after 5 years of being lost. I really now believe that you can’t attract anything good in your life if you dont know who and where you are and where you would like to be.

    I met a wonderful guy recently who has literally swept me off my feet. I have known him for some time and never knew that he was attracted to me. He just knows how to make me happy and thinks like me (in a romantic sense), he booked us a three night stay at Goudini Spa and I feel that I can return his romantic gesture with romantic underwear… Please let me win this I promise I will write about our trip away.

  64. Havnt bought pretty underwear in what feels like forever, could really do with an underwear draw upgrade.

  65. I unfortunately have no story about trying to lose weight in the hopes that I will be able to don these amazing lingerie pieces.

    I am comfortable in my body as it is now, and nothing makes a woman feel sexier and more confident than well-fitted, gorgeous, feminine lingerie. I like to feel confident and remember that I am a powerful woman, regardless of how many more curves I have than the model on Elle magazine. Lingerie is personal, and naughty and something all women should collect not just for their partners…but, more importantly, for themselves.

  66. After two kids and the start of my own business this year, I really need to start working on getting my mojo back and this gorgeous underwear would help things along!

  67. Really wana surprise my hubby. Wana definitely spice things up A LOT 😉 😉 dare me to be sexy in the bedroom……..c’mon make my day !!!

  68. I feel that sometimes woman grossly under emphasise the importance of good underwear, whether its for comfort, sexiness or just to hold “them” up properly. Love it when big brands can merge sexy and comfort and usefulness (in terms of size) all in one beautiful package, would love the opportunity to win this amazing gift.

  69. well every women should have sexy lingerie…i believe that i should win it because it will make me feel sexier & also because i never actually won anything lol..and i love the lingerie Truimph has!!!!!!! It will make any women feel sexier than ever

  70. If you saw my underwear drawer you would understand why winning this competition would be awesome!!! I would post a pic but I don’t think the readers would recover. Haha;)

  71. Through losing weight I have dropped a few underwear sizes, and am battling to find the right goods for my goods haha! These products look amazing and I would love to give them a try!

  72. Need to get some new undies to look good again for my hubby! 😉 After 2 kids – need all the help there is! 😀

  73. I am a HUUUUUGGGGEEE Triumph fan and really really need a fantastic underwear makeover!! My current underwear collection is looking far too drab and dreary. Plus my bf would REALLY love it too – so you score an extra fan by default 😉

  74. I have a HUGE problem (pardon the pun) I can never find bras that fit my 34DDs but Truimph answered my prayers with their 34DD range! This hamper would mean allot to me (and my boyfriend) simply because I cannot wear sexy looking lingerie because there just aren’t any in my size plus having a tight budget doesn’t help either! Looking forward to looking and feeling sexy again. 😀

  75. I think every woman deserves to look sexy. not just for their man, but especially for ourselves. this amazingly sexy lingerie would def do the trick and boost my self confidence and maybe make me feel abit better about my tiny bust! def must have for ladies of all shapes and sizes!

  76. Lingerie is the one thing that can make any woman feel sexy and desirable – no matter her size or shape
    I need to feel that!

  77. Good day.

    After 3 long and hard years I have finally lost over 40 kg and I’m still going strong. I am living proof that all things are possible when you put your mind to it. Unfortunately my underwear does not fit or support like it should any more. Please help me look as amazing as I feel.

    Thank you.

  78. Done & Done!!
    Ooooh haven’t been able to afford decent lingerie in such a long time… and having 34DD’s I really need some good support! I would LOVE love some “support” from Triumph! 😉

  79. I would love beautiful undies…who wouldnt? It’s would make a gal feel really special:-)

  80. I think I deserve the underwear because ive struggled to get anything sexy that actually fits right. This would be a great belated bday pressie

  81. I would love to win this because I recently celebrated my birthday and I absolutely love the brand Triumph. Its comfy and so versatile.

  82. Its my birthday on Monday and this would be the best birthday prezie. I derserv it, because i have never owned a decent piece of quality underwear. I cant aford it, i cn only aford the cheap non quality underwear. So winning this would afford me the pleasure of owning some quality underwear.

  83. Would be amazing to win some beautiful lingerie! As a mother we often neglect ourselves and always put the kids first. I honestly hate shopping for lingerie, and underwear so this would be the best prize for me, in my mind shopping for myself always seems so tedious and draining, so the thought of a package like this arriving at my doorstep excites me!

  84. I’d like to win Triumph lingerie because I’m a student and all I can afford these days are textbooks, prescribed books and other study material. And my birthday is coming up! So this is why it would make such a lovely gift because I would love to feel gorgeous after all the long nights of studying 🙂

  85. Why I would like to win is that I was made really small, hardly any curves and I’m nineteen. I go to university and get bombarded with young women who are sexy and living up those curves. What I’m trying to say is that even though I don’t have curves I wouldn’t mind being able to get my hands on a Good padded bra and underwear that makes you feel like an utter goddess. No one would see the undies obviously but just knowing that I look and feel sexy in them will give me that extra confidence which nice curves affords a woman.

  86. I so need to desperately win this gorgeous set! I need a decent bra that is not stretched, fits perfectly to my new (um curvier) body as well as to give my “small girls” a well deserved boost to balance out my large hips. I would love to also win the sexy lingerie to help me boost my confidence (and every lady knows that it’s start with decent underwear!) I would love to win this to make my body feel the way my man sees it as… hot! 😀 Fingers crossed for this amazing giveaway 🙂

  87. I am 56 years old and just lost 15kg. Gravity is playing a huge part in my life right now. I need to have new and up to date underwear and lingerie so that I can feel comfortable again.

  88. Being a working mommy of two, your needs always comes last! I can’t remember when last there were funds to spoil myself with some gorgeous garments to boost my confidence and to feel sexy 🙂 This prize is a much needed treat!!

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