Win a Medical Center set from Brickland worth R400

Building blocks and construction toys of all kinds are much used in our home and I love it that way as I am a huge fan of good “old fashioned” toys – ones that we as parents used to play with and ones we can still play with alongside our kids! Don’t get me wrong we have allowed technology to infiltrate – but only recently when my son turned 6 and then always with rules and guidelines in place! Fortunately it hasn’t become an addiction (yet!) and he still loves to play with his toys – lego type blocks are always at the top of that list so as I mentioned in a previous post I was super excited to come across Brickland earlier this year – a website selling “lego” type bricks of a similar quality but at a more pocket-friendly price!

As “gifts” is my main “love language” (awesome book – read it!) I adore buying gifts but I realized recently that our present purchases were making up a large percentage of our budget especially as we have a large extended family! Now when I am finding presents for friends and family I still look for things that will be perfect for the recipient but I also need to remember that the gift must be within our budget! With the financial year most of us have had it’s always a pleasure to discover a bargain and Brickland certainly meets that requirement – they have a great range of quality, brick construction toys for boys and girls all at a great price! If you have kids in your life – be them your own, your grandkids or your nieces or nephews – you will be as thrilled as I am to discover them especially considering the prices of similar bricks! Prices range from R40 – R850 but their website makes it really easy to stick to your budget with different price range categories such as R40 – R149 and R150 – R349.

To get you on your way to “building” a great collection of bricks from Brickland I am so pleased to be offering one lucky Becoming you reader the chance to WIN a Medical Centre valued at R400. This is a very popular kit for girls or boys and has 529 pieces which includes the medical centre (hospital, complete with operating theatre), an ambulance, a helicopter, 6 mini figures and battery illuminated surgical lights.


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3. Visit Brickland’s website and tell me which set of bricks you would be keen to get for the child in your life!

The competition ends on Monday 3 December and the winner will be announced on Tuesday 4 December. The parcel will be delivered in time for Christmas!! In case you want to order some more presents here are the contact details for Brickland….




Kathryn Rossiter

Kathryn is a South African lifestyle blogger and mom of 2 who has been blogging daily for over 9 years! She writes about travel, health, beauty, fashion, decor and family... but not food (unless it's food she's eaten made by someone else) as she is a hopeless cook. She only wakes up early for 2 things... a red-eye flight to somewhere exotic and early morning game drives. She has just finished an extensive home renovation and would prefer to never see another box again. She's never met a chocolate or glass of bubbles that she didn't like!

  1. Everything looks amazing! The kids would have loads of fun, and definitely be entertained!! LOVE the F1 Road Crew. Some really great ones on the site!

  2. All of the different sets are super cool! But knowing my 4-year-old daughter, she would absolutely LOVE to have the Change House set 🙂 At the moment she loves playing lego but have no real lego of her own! It’s all my husband’s lego from when he was a child, lol 🙂 But when she does play with his lego she likes building houses and having the little men sit inside the house on chairs and then she plays ‘restaurant restaurant’ with them – having one lego man being the waiter and taking the orders! It’s absolutely priceless!!! So yes, my little Leilah would absolutely LOVE to have her very own Change House and I’m sure Father Christmas could quite possibly bring her one this Christmas 😉
    Awesome competition! Holding thumbs I’m the lucky winner 😉
    My e-mail:

  3. Oh definitely the Robot transformable fighter jet! My little boy turns 4 just before Christmas, he will freak if he sees this!

  4. I have to admit, I’d go for the Medieval castle, for my dear nephew. Only if he lets me play with it too, of course! 😉
    (I already like Becoming You on FB, and have liked Brickland too). Thanks!

  5. hi, liked your website a while ago and now discovered Brickland! I know my boysie would love the Scout team – helicopters rock! and it comes with little men and a landrover! that would be a hit!

  6. LIKED BOTH 🙂 I LOVE the fire station but I know my 2 little boys would go crazy for any of these sets!

  7. i would get my boy Change House ,, then Fire Station, then because hes been in and out of hospital so many time because he gets sick easily with low immunoglobins he was born with and low iron levels this will make it a bit more enjoyed his stay at hospital next time he goes so he understands and it wont break my heart seeing him upset the whole time.

  8. I already LIKE both pages. I bought two sets from Brickland when you introduced them to us earlier this year. I got the rescue team and a construction set. They’re both great and much played with! Funnily enough the medical centre was top of my boys’ wishlist followed by the auto repair shop.

  9. I like the police and fire stations. If it was for me..I’d most certainly pick the medieval castle 🙂

  10. Awesome competition – I don’t know who would enjoy this more… Rory or his dad. Although I know Rory would love the Fire station set.

  11. Anything to keep my nephew busy. I get tired just watching him ove around or listening to him speak so the F1 Road Crew would be perfect

  12. My girls would love the Medical Centre prize but I am sure would also enjoy the Change House! Fingers crossed

  13. Everything looks fantastic! would be hours of fun and im sure my little one would enjoy playing with any one of the sets.. i love the town life and think that the change house is particularly cute! would be fantastic to get this before Christmas! i love it 🙂

  14. My Olivia would love the Fire Station. For some unbeknown reason she is fascinated by a fire truck (or shoeshoe truck as she calls it!)

  15. My 6 year old son would love the Auto Repair Shop – he loves building and then taking things apart, especially cars!

  16. Love it all! I would have to say the change house, auto repair shop and medieval castle are all favorites, my 4 year old daughter is a bit of a tomboy and would love playing medi evil with her cousins!!

  17. My son would absolutely love this, mainly the Auto Repair Shop, but our luck has been down lately so good luck to all the other moms, ill be holding thumbs,crossing toes, and holding a 4leaf clover in my mouth.

  18. My boys are HUGE Lego fans and spotted the Brickland stall at the Bishops Carnival…..they would love the Army ll set !

  19. My son would love the Airport set.He loves all things that belong in the air .Personally I think all the sets look incredible and wonderful ,its a hard choice !

  20. My boys would love the fire station set or the public transport set. The medical centre is awesome too. Liked both pages on FB.

  21. This would be perfect for my 6 year old nephew Alex! I think this would keep him nice & busy for a short while!

  22. Sho, it’s difficult to choose, such lovely products. Eli is so into rescue services at the moment so I think I would have to choose the Fire Station.

  23. my little guy just LOVES anything to do with knights and dragons so I would seriously consider buying he medieval castle.

  24. My daughter is big into doctors, x-rays and the like at the mo so it would have to be the medical centre/hospital. My son would go nuts for the fire station though, it looks amazing!

  25. Question:
    “Tell me which set of bricks you would be keen to get for the child in your life”

    Seems like a very straight forward and easy question…until you browse through the different sets available…

    “He will like this one…oh and this one…yah, but this one too…!
    What am I to do?
    Save dear…and save a bit more.
    Luckily in less time than saving for that other store!
    I want them ALL for the boys in my life…
    Such a strife Brickland, such a strife!”

  26. The chain house looked good for a little girl
    Shared post to facebook and tweeted @online61524
    Holding thumbs

  27. I bought my son the Harbour set and it became a father-son project 🙂 It is absolute value for money and super quality, our next choice would have been the medical centre so to win this competition would be great! Good luck to every boy and girl x

  28. My son is a Formula One fanatic so the F1 Pitstop will be perfect to occupy his enquiring mind! He has F1 bedding in his room as well as posters and this would be perfect to enhance his Motorsport Theme and his thirst for racing! He is 10 years old and his little brother can assist him in his venture!

  29. The Brickland sets are amazing!! We bought my son the Airport for his 9th birthday and he absolutely LOVES it!! I think we should get the Medical Centre next … or maybe the Fire Station … hang on, I think the police station… Okay, i give up!! Theyre all great – how do you choose??

  30. The Frigate has been on James’ bucket list ever since he saw it and nothing can change his mind! It has been a great disciplinary tool because he gets points for good behaviour and each point is a rand towards the cost of the ship – we are so nearly there. It is so great to him to have something to strive for – thanks Brickland!!!

  31. I would love the change house, town life for my daughter. She would absolutely love it.

  32. Hi my name is Connor and I am 6 years old I love Lego so much but I don’t have this awesome medical set.. Im sending this from my Au pairs phone she’s helping me send it.. Pls can I WIN this Lego set so I can build it with my dad.. Please please this is so freaking awesome and cool!!

  33. I have twin 6yr old boys who love building blocks/puzzles. Anyone would do! We haven’t won anything ever so this would be an awesome gift to them!

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