WIN: A Unique Janine Binneman Necklace worth up to R1400

With Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday I thought I’d share with you a super sweet discovery I made recently for really unique jewellery that will make any mama’s heart sing…


Cape Town jeweller, Janine Binneman, has recently started created the most unique necklaces for moms…. created using their child’s artwork!



These children drawing necklaces are created in sterling silver (or in rose or yellow gold plating) using your own child’s drawing or creation.
kidsdrawings (6)
kidsdrawings (4)

Pieces are designed based on a drawing done by your child or baby, yes scribbles can be used too! The image is resized to the scale of the pendant and printed and then Janine sits down and hand cuts the entire piece out of a sheet of sterling silver. The intricate details are then hand engraved onto the piece. The piece is strung on to a sterling silver chain.


The drawings can also be made to fit onto a bracelet or a super long, chunkier necklace.
child drawing jewellery

Each piece takes around 2 hours to recreate and prices start from R850.


The good news is that one lucky Becoming you reader stands the chance of winning a beautiful, unique hand-made (in every sense of the word) necklace by Janine Binneman Jewellery created using their child’s artwork valued between R800 and R1400.



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The competition closes on Monday 16 May and the winner will be announced on Tuesday 17 May.

Good Luck!

Kathryn Rossiter

Kathryn is a South African lifestyle blogger and mom of 2 who has been blogging daily for over 9 years! She writes about travel, health, beauty, fashion, decor and family... but not food (unless it's food she's eaten made by someone else) as she is a hopeless cook. She only wakes up early for 2 things... a red-eye flight to somewhere exotic and early morning game drives. She has just finished an extensive home renovation and would prefer to never see another box again. She's never met a chocolate or glass of bubbles that she didn't like!

  1. I would definitely love to win a little picture for my au pair mom’s daughter to give to her mom. She has so many drawings, but one is a stand out that would be perfect to give her mom!

  2. What a totally, totally wonderful prize! I seriously adore this. Nate and I have seriously bonded over dinosaurs – we love everything about them – and he has drawn me some really cool pictures of time. I would love to pick out one of my favourites to get it made into a necklace!

  3. My kid draws the best scribbles but would use a picture he drew in the first card he made me – it’s treasured. But pens fade, corners fold, and pictures get lost so it would be amazing to have a gift like this!

  4. I am always looking for a special way to preserve a few of life’s treasures that only a parent can experience. But WOW this is one of the ultimate ways! The attention to detail and the quality looks wonderful. My daughter has a signature that she signs often on her drawings, so I will use the the way she signs her name on her artwork, and get it transformed into a beautiful piece to have her with me always 😉

  5. This is such an amazing prize! I’m sitting in my office and the wall is covered with my daughter’s artwork, and I’m looking at one that would be perfect for this! A drawing she did of me, a much thinner me…lol..with long hair and earrings. I love it 🙂

    Shared on Twitter (@GA_Simone)

  6. Well my daughter lives in Australia with my Ex so I would love to look through and find that perfect Pic, so I can have a reminder of my baby girl always.

  7. I would dig out a gorgeous scrawl from my daughter to wear as a life long memory. A treasure it will be.
    shared on Twitter

  8. interest & creative pieces # surely a treasure for a lifetime # oh my daughter loves writing & drawing so anyone of her spectacular images would do. # precious memories..# liked n shared on social media…

  9. I’m truly blessed with two beautiful children. My daughter was born last year 5 years after her brother and when he came to visit us the first time in hospital he gave the two of us a picture of him, myself and the new born baby girl he now loves more then life itself. Shared on FB xxx

  10. Love it♡ My little girl Ineke’s favourate time is when we draw together especially a princess of course just as she is to her Mommy!! I would be over the moon to receive this awesome prize!!!

  11. Would write out my son’s name as i would love to wear it near to my heart. @matrixalive

  12. Oh my goodness gracious men, this is such an awesome idea! My son Jesse (6) draws the most beautiful flowers that he loved to give me to cheer me up when I’m not feeling well. I’d love to turn one of these into a necklace.

  13. My four-year-old is currently doing these funny clown face drawings with straight mouths and silly eyes which would be perfect.

  14. My 5 year old has this drawing of an aeroplane he did for me (he loves airplanes!) and I would so love to have a pendant made of this. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  15. Gorgeous – I can’t seem to share my choice though! I have clicked on the images, I Love the little girl with the flowers in her hair and on her pink dress. Reminds me of my niece as she is forever putting flowers in her hair.

  16. I have a cute cat heart drawing from my youngest niece that I have always loved (and kept). This drawing I would love to wear as one of my cherished pieces.

  17. My 2 year old girl drew her first face 2 weeks ago. I have saved the picture and i would use that… very special.

  18. This is the most beautiful prize ever! Wow! Such a lovely way to record a special piece of art. Afterall, every child is an artist! I would choose a picture that my daughter drew of our family. That way, although I’m choosing her picture, I’ll be wearing us all around my neck 🙂

  19. I would love to give this to my mum on behalf of my daughter.
    My mom takes care of my baby. She would appreciate this alot.

  20. My mom is very sick at the moment. I have a drawing I made of her when i was little and i think it would make a beautiful pendant and a special way to remember her. x

  21. What a precious piece to wear around ones neck! love the idea! awesome blog, glad i discovered it.

  22. Stunning unique jewellery – would definitely become a treasured heirloom. Something to keep the memories alive

  23. Stunning unique jewellery – would definitely become a treasured heirloom. Something to keep the memories alive

  24. Oh I have wanted one of these ever since I saw them on her Facebook page. I would love to use a drawing my daughter has done of her and brother. It would mean so much to me.

  25. I would use a picture that my son drew of my last year mothersday. It was the best stick drawing he’s ever done. Such a proud moment to be treasured by that picture.

  26. This isSO beautiful and special!!! Something that you can treasure forever and close to your heart xxx

  27. Would definitely use the picture my 5 year old son did of his self portrait. I love it to bits and that this is a way to hold into this memory forever! This that Janine is incredibly gifted to be able to do this!

  28. My daughter just started drawing stick people 🙂 Her first drawing is Mommy and her. I would definitely want this memory to last forever by wearing it in the form of a necklace by Janine Binneman Jewellery

  29. I love this. I have 3 kids and this mommy love all my little picasso’s. My oldest love to draw planes. Have a beautiful picture he draw of 1, then my daughter just started to drawe herself. The my youngest only draw stripes and on himself. Lol would love to have something unique. Something small, something of all of them.

  30. To choose just one pic to have made into one of these gorgeous pendants is going to prove tricky. I am spoilt for choice with their lovely drawings but in the end, I would choose one that most speaks to me of the phase of their childhood they are in right now. One that will always remind me of how they are today, in this moment. It’s gonna be a tough decision ?

  31. This is so awesome, my kids are always drawing me so, they would feel wonderful seeing it in a chain.

  32. I would use one of the hundreds of pictures I receive from my kiddies in my aftercare class!

  33. What an amazing prize. Pictures fade and don’t always last but a picture made real says more than a thousand words.

  34. My little girl loves to draw and it would be such an honour having one of her drawings as a forever piece displayed close to my heart.

  35. Hi

    My daughter (4) has recently drawn the first picture of us. It is a lovely picture where we both have big smiles are are holding hands. It just brings a smile tomy face and gives me a warm fuzzy feeling all over.

  36. Being an illustrator I’m constantly doodling and drawing and Fysh picked up on that from little. In all honesty he’s not that talented hahaha (don’t tell him that ssssh) but his “doodles” are still bloody adorable and I know how much effort he puts into them and how proud he is of himself when I put them on the wall. He’s one of those kids who constantly needs to be reminded he’s awesome (sometimes it makes me worry he’s too much like me and might also have BPD) so would love to win this, would be a constant reminder to him I think he’s awesome enough to wear. (I didn’t sign up to newsletter cause I’m already signed up. Hope that’s okay)

  37. My son of 9 has recently started drawing many pictures of different things he enjoys, so I will use one of his artworks that is special to us!

  38. My littlie has just started drawing things that ‘make sense’ and so would choose something that looks fairly ‘human-like’ – but either way, isn’t a scribble as precious?

  39. Ooo pragtig!

    Oeroemaghwaffie – that little animal that lives in your navel and eats the fluff in there – that is the one special drawing of my son ( who isn’t very keen on drawing) I would love to make a permanent memory !! I imagine it would make a perfect heirloom with lots of stories for his children dv.

  40. Wow, this is an amazing gift. Such a wonderful keepsake that one can treasure forever. Not only is the month of May, mothers day, but it also marks my daughter’s 2nd birthday (12th) and my 30th (today), which would make this extra special.

  41. Definately the chicken my 10 year old cousin,Michelle draw to represent my boyfriend of 3 years, “Uncle Chicken” otherwise know as Charl. Too precious.

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