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Winter weather is around the corner (if it hasn’t already arrived) and for most of us that means that our homes start to resemble a laundromat as we struggle to get all our laundry dry! Most of us dread doing laundry during the winter months when everything takes ages to dry and you end up with that horrible musty, damp smell in your fabrics which have taken too long to dry.

Fortunately, with the arrival of Spindel, a specialist laundry dryer, you don’t need to struggle to get your laundry dry this winter! This innovative dryer uses spin power instead of heat to remove up to 80% of the leftover moisture from garments in just three minutes. Which means that you can air dry laundry in a fraction of the time or you can run a much shorter cycle in the tumble dryer.


This revolutionary little machine helps to dry your laundry with very little electricity when compared to the traditional tumble dryer! It uses 100 times less electricity than tumble drying and is safe for all fabrics – even delicate woolen jerseys and other items such as blankets and thick, warm clothes that you just can’t live without in winter.

Watch this short clip to find out more about how Spindel works…


With benefits such as a super-fast drying time, significantly lower electricity consumption and minimal impact on the environment, Spindel is a must-have for every South African household.


Spindel INFOGraphic final H


And today I’m pleased to be once again giving away one of these life changing devices. One lucky Becoming you reader will win a Spindel – the specialist laundry dryer that makes laundry day simple – valued at R 1 599!



Spindel_high res (rolled towels)


You can read more of my thoughts in my original Spindel review here



Spindel is available to purchase at selected appliance stores at the recommended retail price of R 1 599 with a 12 month warranty. For more information visit

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  1. This is an insanely amazing prize…an asset to any home! I have shared this giveaway on Twitter (@flutterbymegs)! Fingers crossed! xxx

    1. This would be nice since I have twins and I don’t have a washingline and its winter, wow I’m excitted

  2. Amazing prize – entered by following all the steps!!! (Liked on Facebook; shared the tweet – twitter handle is @Smaakit)…

  3. Awesome prize, perfect and just in time for winter. With my daily laundry this would be such a huge huge help.
    I’ve shared on Facebook (Shafiqua Du Sart) and Tweeted (@LadyShafs)
    Fingers crossed xxx Good luck all <3

  4. I love the spindel. Whenever I see a Spindel competition, I enter but have not been lucky until now. Fingers crossed.

  5. Have wanted one of these for ages! Perfect to keep clothes dry while keeping elec acc down. Have tweeted

  6. I would love to win this. Being 4 ppl in our household I cant keep up with all the washing and working full day too. And its even worse now that winters on its way

  7. This is an awesomely brilliant prize. Wow this will do wonders for any person. It is amazing for any home and for any family. It is energy saving and extremely convenient for any season not only winter. It is a must for every single individual. I believe that this is an exceptional give away and that it will be a true lifesaver during winter. It is super amazing. Totally adore and love it in every single way. Makes me smile just thinking of the wonders it will do :). Love it <3

  8. This product is just absolutely brilliant and perfect in every way.. Cant explain how much I love and adore it. It is super super awesomely awesome!!

  9. Shared on FB, Twitter, Email – This will go along way, since we don’t own a tumble dryer, and with a little madam in the house, we can dry her favourite items in time for her to wear them again πŸ™‚

  10. This would be so perfect for me..I live in Newlands, which is pretty much the rainforest of Cape Town. Nothing dries naturally. NOTHING.

  11. Will make such a huge difference fo getting the laundry dry this winter!
    I have two busy boys.
    I don’t have a tumble drier because it takes too much electricity
    I have shared the comp on facebook

  12. Would love this for my family of 4 specially for my 3yr old and her day care clothes πŸ™ what a nightmare!

  13. This looks absolutely amazing and just great for those rainy days and even when camping as it is so compact!!!!!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win…..

  14. Posted on facebook and twitter winnig this would be great especially with the huge electricity bill!

  15. WHY… did I not know such a MaGiCaL invention existed.

    Two piles of clean laundry on the floor
    Three loads of washing currently hanging on the line (overnight getting slightly less damp then wet as the cold creeps in again πŸ™ …

    I mean…magic does come in little white machines like the Spindel.

    Trust me with a family full of girls (poor hubby totally outnumbered)…
    This is one dream machine I would LOVE to have.

    Would make Winter that much more bearable.

    Me, me, me, me please…holding fingers and toes πŸ™‚

  16. OMG!!! I really need this please!! I live in a tiny flat that has no space for a washing machine so I’m forced to go to a laundromat … which usually results in me having damp clothing and then the damp smell, Eek! I use a clothes horse to dry and dry the clothes, but the apartment doesn’t get much sun… I really need the Spindel!!!

  17. I’m SO excited for you to announce the winner. I bookmarked this page, and I’m tempted to show my mum, but would rather not just in case I’m not lucky this time round, lol. Nevertheless, crossing fingers! πŸ™‚

  18. WOW this would help out as I am the full time cleaner in my home lol need it please πŸ™‚ <3

  19. Wow! I will love to win this spindle dryer, because I just moved into a place and really need a dryer for my clothes. Especially for this winter.

  20. What an amazing prize to win!! This is such a wonderful product to have for winter when the school rugby shorts need to get dry in a hurry πŸ™‚

  21. That would be SOME wishful thinking to win something like that.

    The SOLUTION especially when you have two active girls who play hockey everyday…….

    Those thick socks… ahhhh I am dreaming again……

  22. This would be a dream come true for me,i’ve Pinned it on Pinterest, shared it on Facebook and Twitter #fingerscrossed and toes such a huge dream for me, will also be such a honour to win with Becoming You #muchlove xxx

  23. I saw your advert for the Spindel Dryer, in the following magazine “GOIE HUISHOUDING”
    Iwould love to win one of the Spindel Dryer. I live on my own and I cant afford to by a tumble dryer, as mine has packed up after many many years. I make sure to save on my electricity, by switching off all appliances. This is a better buy for me than the BUDDY DRYER. Spindel will take less space in my place, as I live in a One bedroom flat with a SMALL 2nd room, not big enough for a single bed to fit.
    Thank you for this oppertunity.
    Kind regards

  24. I saw this advert on your blog. I would really like to win the Spindel Dryer.
    Thanks for this opportunity. Also shared on facebook.


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