Win a Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom worth R5999

Yesterday I shared with you one of my most favourite finds in recent months – The Samsung GALAXY S4 Zoom camera phone! If you missed it click this link to read my Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom review!

This is a powerful new device which combines the design & technology of the GALAXY S4 smartphone with advanced photographic capabilities such as 10x Optical Zoom, 16 Mega Pixel CMOS Sensor, OIS and Xenon Flash. It really is setting standards high for perfect mobile photography which is awesome for a blogger like myself who needs to snap great quality pics on the go! And it’s equally awesome when I’m wearing my “mom” hat and want to snap spontaneous shots of my kids in action…

Now because I love my loyal Becoming you readers and sharing some of my luck around I’m pleased to announce that today I will be launching a NEW competition – one where one lucky reader will WIN the ultimate smartphone and camera experience in one!

Yes, you can Win yourself a Samsung GALAXY S4 Zoom camera phone worth R5999.00!

How awesome is that!! Possibly the best competition I’ve hosted yet!


1. “Like” the Becoming you Facebook page


2. Complete the form below with your details

3. Leave a comment on this blog post saying why you’d like to win the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.



You can do one or both of the below but please submit your details via the form one more time to let me know what you did.

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Entries close on Monday 18 November 2013. Good Luck!


To find out more about this amazing phone please pop over and read my Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom review!


The competition is sponsored by Samsung and they will send the prize directly to the winner.
Becoming you and Kathryn Rossiter are not responsible in any way for delivery of the prize.
The prize does not include airtime or data.
The competition will run from 5 November 2013 – 18 November 2013.
The winner will be announced on Becoming you’s Facebook page and winners list on Tuesday 19 November 2013.
Please note that a maximum of 2 entries per person are allowed.
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Kathryn Rossiter

Kathryn is a South African lifestyle blogger and mom of 2 who has been blogging daily for over 9 years! She writes about travel, health, beauty, fashion, decor and family... but not food (unless it's food she's eaten made by someone else) as she is a hopeless cook. She only wakes up early for 2 things... a red-eye flight to somewhere exotic and early morning game drives. She has just finished an extensive home renovation and would prefer to never see another box again. She's never met a chocolate or glass of bubbles that she didn't like!

    1. Aaaaw… What a competition! Whats not to love about the new Samusung Galaxy S4.
      The device certainly screams attention and with its aesthetics that are already turning heads, it’s clearly out of this world! I’m also a start-up Fashion blogger and this phone really is what every blogger would want to have. Thanks to Becoming you and Samsung Mobile SA for this opportunity.. Since I’m a newbie in the whole fashion blogosphere to start with this would be a perfect start to exploring fashion blogging to an extent where I wouldn’t be carrying a SLR camera trying to get that perfect shot. With this smartphone you’re always on the move and can shoot merely everything from Street style, runway shows to my very own OOTD’s. One thing that appeals the most to me about this device has to be the 16MP rear-facing camera handset with large optical lenses that produce impeccable pics and videos: with crisped detailed close-up pictures without any blurriness is a dream for any blogger the camera also comes with a variety of modes when editing your pictures… with this phone you won’t need any Photoshop(chuckles).and of course the cute bulkiness of its design. The battery has a 2,330mAh which is not bad.. which will last for about 13 hours aint bad. Loove this day.. THIS WOULD BE A PERFECT GIFT FOR CHRISTMAS…. (chuckles) please can I win… pleasseeeeee.
      My blog anyway. 

    2. This is one awesome phone! It would be aweso$e to win such a cool device. I would like to win this phone cause it was my birthday on the 5th of november and I didn’t receive any gifts *sigh* and winning this phone would make great birtgday prezie

      Thank you 🙂

  1. I would to win the S4 for my boyfriend,he has been wantig one so bad,he does a lot for me so I would to surprise him and spoil him:)

  2. Entered on all platforms!

    Crossing my fingers and toes…desperately need a new phone! Tired of the one i’m using that keeps freezing and it’s buttons are missing 🙁

  3. Entry done on all platforms! I would really love this, as I am going on an awesome holiday in December and having this awesome camera would capture the great memories!!! Fingers crossed 🙂 xxx

  4. Awesome competition Kathryn! What better way to capture precious moments by using a SAMSUNG camera 🙂

    Neil Basson

  5. Gee Whiz, Samsung are really stepping up their game. After reading your review I can only say “What is there not too like?”

    That poppy picture really blew me away, if that’s the quality one can expect then the reason I need this camera is just to prevent myself turning into a quivering bowl of jelly.. I love documenting my travels and this hardware will really capture those special moments.


    1. Its my birthday next month on the first. it would be so good to receive this as all my money is spent on holidays and I do need a great camera for snaps so this would be just perfect. As a journalist I have attended all galaxy launches including the last one here in Cape Town and lusted over the phone. Would love one.

  6. Ok check, check and check again…all points covered and I simply cross my fingers in anticipation. This phone is totally gorgeous and will make the minimal non-professional skill I have look totally plausible with friends..LMAO

  7. I just love the different things you can do with this amazing camera and the zoom

  8. I’d love to win this camera, so that I can capture my family’s special moments.

  9. I would absolutely LOVE to be the new owner of this phone – I’m currently using an old black and white Nokia – though I’ll admit, it’s pretty advanced, as it even has a torch in the top. I adore photography and taking photos, so a phone like this would be perfect for me and would make my life much easier, as I wouldn’t have to carry my camera everywhere with me!

  10. Wow … what an amazing TOOL! What more do you need! SAMSUNG is taking over the world and i like it !!! 🙂

  11. Being a Samsung fan already I would LOVE to win this to capture moments that happen in my every day life. I would love to capture the more spontaneous moments with this!!

  12. I would so Love to own Samsung Galaxy S4, honestly it is way beyond what I can afford, so I can only dream about it, I watch everyone raving about it and something I wish Santa would bring it as a gift to me this Xmas.

  13. I love to take photos and the samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom will make my dreams come true of having a fantastic camera to take fantastic photos

  14. This is awesome just what I need for the up coming hoildays to snap all the pics!! I will love to win this as I love taking photo’s.. Very great prize up for grabs


    this is amazing , i would love to win this to capture the best memories of my loved ones and to have such an awesome gadget, yey

  16. Would love this phone! My phone recently got stolen so I’m stuck using an old one and this Samsung Galaxy S4 would be such an awesome replacement!

  17. I will just love the samsung Galaxy S4 zoom. I would really like to win this prize. Please make my dream come true!!

  18. I’ve always been an avid photographer, but since my last camera packed up a couple of years ago, I haven’t been able to afford to replace it so I’m left taking potato-ish pictures with my cheap phone camera. My entire family lives in another hemisphere, so I’d love to be able to show them how wonderful my life in Cape Town is with some beautiful pictures, and rediscover my passion for photography. I’ve also started a small home baking business, and it would be wonderful to be able to take good-quality photos of my creations!

  19. I really desperately need a camera. Last owned one 3 years ago – went to my ex in divorce settlement and cannot afford a new one 🙁 My boyfriend who is a full- time student recently had his vehicle broken into at Varsity and his camera was stolen (among other things). We cannot afford to replace it and with December holidays coming up have no way of capturing all the beautiful memories we are building together…

  20. My camera is broken and I am a photographer at heart and would love to win this fantastic camera!

  21. 1. I STILL have a Blackberry and no cash to buy a new phone because I am getting married this December.

    2. I am getting married! So best wedding gift, and would be awesome to use on the honeymoon.

    3. I really love what I have read about the phone.

    Thank you

  22. It was and IS still #LoveAtFirstSight

    I can’t believe that such a small gadget can take pictures like that and that it is so easy to operate with the smart mode function! The quality of the pictures with the macro setting is AWESOME!

    I am a design lecturer, so I take pictures of EVERYTHING for myself and my students, but always have to carry so many things around and I am scared that my camera might get “feet”. The Galaxy S4 Zoom is SO SUPER compact and I can just pop it into my hand bag 😀

    So I want to WIN so that I can HAVE EVERYTHING IN ONE PLACE 🙂

  23. My friend has the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and it takes amazing pictures, id love to win it to be able to capture all the special moments my new family and i share…i liked the page, submitted the form and shared it to my wall,

  24. Entered on all platforms.. I’d love to win this camera because I’m usually at the mercy of my phone’s camera in which to take photos and upload and share, especially when on trips and holidays. This camera would help in making my special photos all the more memorable and amazing!

  25. i am always out and about and love taking cool pics and what better way then with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.

  26. I would love to win this – my current phone’s camera is inadequate and takes frustrating photos. As my folk live overseas, I usually keep them updated about my kids by emailing pics from my phone, but they never show up properly and the pics never come out the way I want them to. After seeing the pics that Kath took with her amazing Galaxy S4 zoom – I know that I could keep my folks happy with incredible shots. Please can I win 🙂

  27. I would love to win this phone as i desperately need a new phone, my phone was stolen and i cant afford to replace it.

  28. Sophisticated, classy, fun and oh so wonderfully techonologically advanced! Woud so love to win this phone as it will make life much easier, keep me in touch with technology and forgetting , capturing beautiful memories!!! Oh, would soooooo love to win this!

  29. OH DEAR LORD!!! Ever since you won your Samsung Galaxy Zoom I have coveted it!!! I remember your clear, sharp, high quality pics posted on twitter- AMAZING!!!! I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO WIN THIS S4 🙂 Hoding thumbs Eeeeek exciting!!! Picture of my girls would be amazing with this camera phone 😀

  30. What a great giveaway! I would love to win because my current phone is old and really doesn’t take great pictures, I have a little one so it is really frustrating when I have to struggle to take a great picture of her with the crappy phone when she does something sweet!

  31. Wow! Definitely an amazing competition! S4 Zoom must definitely be the ultimate gadget for any nature loving, techno freak!

    Thinking of what I’d do with the S4 Zoom…. Definitely creating memories with my friends and family on our many adventures!

  32. I absolutely LOVE Samsung, I currently have a Samsung S3 Mini, and Samsung Laptop and a rather old Samsung Camera which I still love and use often to capture moments with my family and friends. I would LOVE to win this prize

  33. I’d love to win this Samsung so I always have a camera handy to capture my kids’ cute faces.

  34. I have been coveting this camera since it was launched. My dream camera. Going to Kruger… How perfect would this camera be for that? I can dream…
    Thanks for the great blog and fab competitions!

  35. My mother has the most ancient phone a Samsung e250. She has had it for like at least 6 years, what better way to upgrade than get a newer better samsung phone! I know she would love it. Have likes and shared on fb and twitter as @samiola_88 🙂

  36. All entry’s done! Tweeted at roxyruth!

    I would soooo love a Samusung Galaxy S4 Zoom…
    Sad to say I am still using my old Nokia which can do absolutely nothing!! (How embarrassing! 😉

    I definitely need an upgrade!

  37. To win the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, would be a dream come true! I have never had a fancy phone ever, always hand me downs. It would be so awesome to have a fantastic camera phone, as I love taking photos of everything even a cup of coffee with a beautiful heart sprinkled on with coca. I know with out a doubt that this phone would be fantastic for my makeup business, as I continually need to build up my makeup portfolio and never have a good enough camera at hand on my phone to snap away all the gorgeous brides.
    Thank you for this awesome giveaway – best ever 🙂

  38. I want to win because I would love a phone that can take great pictures at any given occassion and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom looks like it’s the perfect phone to capture amazing moments with!

  39. This phone is exactly what I need in my life! Capturing special moments with my family and participating in a Photo a Day challenge. Pick me, please!

  40. I’m always trying to capture those spontaneous moments with my kids. The ones that make amazing memories! And I believe the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom would do just that!

  41. After having to say goodbye to my camera and cellphone as a result of an unfortunate water accident, the Galaxy S4 Zoom is the life saver that I need.

  42. Done all the necessary! A huge Samsung fan would love to own this amazing camera.As a blogger I tend to take pics on my phone. Which is not ideal ! So pretty please pick me

  43. I would love to win the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom because of its professional quality camera. I volunteer at a charity shop and I run their social media pages. Whenever I am in the shop I use my current phone to take images of our shop stock to upload to our Facebook page but I am never happy with the quality of the images. Photography is also a hobby of mine, and to have a compact camera with a zoom, smart mode, macro etc would be phenomenal!

  44. I would love to win the Samsung Galaxy S4 camera phone to capture memories (via mobile photography) of my 2 beautiful girls while they discover their own journey – Becoming You. While discovering themselves and capturing the memories, I can also organize my busy life around them by stay in touch with who I am and reconnect myself with the things I love and what brings me joy. They are my everything!!! 🙂 I shared this competition, just as I would like to share the precious moments I can capture with the Samsung Galaxy S4 camera phone. Thanks for this great competition Becoming You!

  45. I feel like I am constantly missing out on capturing so many memories because I don’t have a decent camera to hand – this phone sounds pretty perfect

  46. I’d love to start blogging as well as capturing a few special moments but don’t have the tools – my cellphone is from the dark ages(think flip phone eek!) Would adore the Samsung Galaxy S4, it’ll make my year!

  47. I absolutely love taking pictures of everything, living in Cape Town there are so many opportunities to take gorgeous scenic shots, also my beautiful 3 year old on makes the perfect subject.

  48. I would love to win this prize! How awesome to have such a fab camera on hand to capture those entertaining moments with your kids!!

  49. What a wonderful prize!!! 🙂 Hope that I will be blessed with it to take some wonderful family pictures with my family over Christmas and share with family that couldn’t be there 🙂

  50. seriously… this comp could NOT have come at a better time! I am searching S.A for a great camera to snap the piccs on my blog! unfortunately though… I am stuck on a student budget so this prize would change my life!

  51. wow!! what a fantastic giveaway!! I would love to own one of these!! they look incredible!! `looks like it would make life so much more simple and Id love to be able to take such stunning pics of my kiddies with it!! my fingers are tightly crossed xx this would be the ultimate Christmas gift!!

  52. I would love to win this for my mom. Shes moving to cape town so im going to miss her, she has the oldest blackberry you can get its so bad she can even recieve pictures from me even her watsup and BBM are not working so im going to battle to chat to my mom on the go and send her pictures of her grandson growing up. Shes so upset to be leaving and its going to be heart breaking seeing her go. This would make her world a much better place and cheer her up getting on the go chats with me and pictures 🙂

  53. I’d love this! I have a seven year old niece who’s a budding fashion model and I need a fancy-ass camera phone for all those ‘moments’.

  54. Oh, this would make my son’s christmast gift – he’s starting his studies next year and wants to do photography as an extra subject. And he’ll be able to send me some of his experiences by picture!!!
    Really hope we get this perfect gift!

  55. What an amazing phone, have been eyeing it out for ages, just love the fact that it has a zoom, so in effect dont need to carry a camera around, its perfect to catch all those special moments, my phone is currently on its way out, would really love to own this!

  56. Hi there. I absolutely love this new competition of yours. When the phone launched I did my research and it’s absolutely fantastic. I have 2 little ones and a phone like this would be great to capture those special moments… and make it look soooo professional. 🙂 Sooooooo excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. What a super amazing prize … just what I need. Loved your review – sounds like a real winner. Hope I am too ;-))

  58. What an amazing prize , the photos are so clear and focused, I would love to have one of these.. In time for perfect holiday pictures.

  59. I seriously need to win this prize! My project was selected to be part of the World Design 2014 programme and we need to take great photos of our prototype and team for upcoming media events.

  60. If your camera on your phone isn’t great, you miss all the day to day shots. I would love to have a better camera on my phone. What a great prize. Samsung is the best brand in the world!

  61. I would love to win the Samsung S4 Zoom as I am a techno junkie, I love new technoglogy and Samsung just keeps impressing me with technology innovation…absolute wow. Thank you Becoming You Blog, awesome opportunity to win. Have completed all the steps for entry twice.

  62. What an amazing competition!
    I totally love the Samasung Galazy S4, however, th price is out of my league. If I could win it, it would be a dream come true.

  63. I’ve been waiting for a phone like this! I always have to take both my camera & my phone with on walks and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom would make it so much easier. I love the Android technology. I also often need to take pics out and about for the Fashion Brand I work for (466/64 Fashion).
    With my son it would be fantastic to have the continuous shot setting as he is always moving around! 🙂 Would love to win this camera phone.

  64. I would LOVE to win this! Amazing Prize! I don’t have a camera so this would be Awesome if i win this! 🙂

  65. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is like a dream! My boyfriend was so sick of his iPhone 4S and all it’s issues he literally threw it out and went out and got a Galaxy S4. Guess who’s jealous? Me! It’s literally amazing and I’m a huge convert. Wondering what put him over the edge? The WiFi on his iPhone 4S stopped working and the “recommended solution” was to put it in the freezer to cool it down. It fixed it. Until it stopped working again. Eish.

  66. i love doing scrapbooking of my family and the holidays we go on,I would like to take professional pictures …so I would love to win the samsung s4 zoom

  67. As a blogger who uses technology from all those around her (Hubby’s phone camera, Sister’s digital camera, friends and more) as well as her old blackberry to take pics! This would be the ultimate prize to win to continue blogging…with better pictures finally!! Fehmz

  68. You have no idea what a blessing this would be. Photographs are my biggest challenge with my blogging as I do not have a good quality camera. Thank the Lord for Picmonkey.

    Secondly my Nokia 311 has come very close to becoming wallart , it just freezes switches off and refuses to send emails… it is honestly the worst cellphone I have ever owned!!

    Please pick me 🙂
    x xHeather

  69. Reasons why I NEEEEED this phone:
    1. My tired old blackberry is dying on me
    2. In the next 5 months I have a birthday, trip to Ireland, my wedding, mini-moon and Thailand honeymoon to take photo’s of!
    3. I haven’t won anything since that mother’s day drawing competition when was 4 and that prize went to my mother…
    4. This is my destiny
    That is all!

  70. oooo meeeee please. want to WIN this one… need for picture taking and tweeting and instagram and … well everything!!!

  71. I’d love to be able to take photographs of all the beauty that the Lord has created. It sure would be fun to post quality photographs to my twitter/Facebook and blog.

  72. I NEED to have one of these!! The camera aspect of a cell phone has always been key in deciding which phone to get & this is like the ultimate camera/phone combo!!!

  73. My current touch-screen smartphone is dying a slow death, one chipped piece of plastic at a time…. Really could do with a sparkly new phone, screen intact and waiting for action.

  74. I would love to win the Samsung galaxy S4 zoom camera because I want to bring professional taken photographs to my viewers on my blog!

  75. Oh Lord, I would give my front teeth for this camera
    Uhmmm!!!! Okay then, a piece of my heart, filled with gratitude, appreciation and much thankfulness!!! Thanks!

  76. How cool would it be to be able to take good photos of my children every day! Would love to win this awesome piece of technology.

  77. My birthday is two days after this draw.. imagine being the winner! Really cool phone and specs btw.

  78. Don’t have twitter so couldn’t do that part! Would love to win this as just 2 months ago my S3 got stolen with the rest of my handbag and im no stuck on a no-flash phone. This is simply terrible for a person who loves documenting everything with photos. Would be a perfect little gift to win 🙂

  79. Because with December holidays so soon wat better way to capture those special moments n memories! I feel terribly lazy to always carry my camera around but that would be a thing of the past having a phone with such a great camera function

  80. Im a photographer at heart and love being on my phone what would be better than having a awsum phone and awsum camera all in 1. Please choose me to be the winner of this awsum prize

  81. Oh my goodness! What an amazing prize! As a (relatively) new mom, I’m sure I don’t have to explain one of the reason’s why I’d love this phone – I’m still as obsessed with snapping photos of my little one nine months later, as I was the day he was born! I’m also an avid blogger, so this phone would REALLY come in handy to help me capture perfect images to go along with my posts. PLEASE pick me?! Pretty please?!

  82. After not one, but two cameras got lost to our beautiful South African sea’s, as the one who’s always snapping away, I have been lost. A phone works, but it’s never the same, is it?!

  83. What better way to capture those precious moments of my son growing up than with a stunning Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom camera phone. No need to carry a phone and camera.. just whip out the phone for an instacam 🙂

  84. I would love to win this as I am always taking pictures with my phone and the advanced photographic abilities of the S4 Zoom really appeal to me.

  85. I love this phone! Photography is one of my favorite hobbies, but I always miss out on lovely shots because my camera’s not around and my phone camera takes pretty bad pictures =/ I would love to have a Samsung S4 Zoom as my own =o

  86. I would LOVE a Samsung S4 Zoom as I’m an aspiring film maker and love to film everything that I do and share those experiences with my mates! An amazing phone and awesome camera in one? What?! I’ll take one please 🙂

  87. My camera is old and broken, my mobile phone is old and needs upgrading … I am missing out on taking pics of my up and coming 9 year old son sportstar – cricket and golf … would LOVE to win this!

  88. I have never had a camera of my own and I would be the luckiest girl on this planet if I was able to own the Samsung Galaxy S4 as my first 😀 I’m off to university next year and capturing all the potential unforgettable res-life moments would be really awesome 🙂 I never win anything in general, so I hope luck is on my side for this draw! (x.x) 😀

  89. I have a rather outdated camera and would love to be able to take pictures of the beautiful things around me that match what I see, not limited by exposure or zoom limitations!

  90. I would love to win this camera phone from Samsung because ever since my dad got sick (brain cancer), I try to tak as many pics as I possibly can! But I can only afford the phone i have… which is 5years old! I would love to be able to capture all the special moments with a much better phone and camera like this one!!!

    What an awesome prize! Thank you very very much!

  91. I have been wanting a small camera for a long time now.I am constantly getting “hand me down” phones, I am yet to get a brand new one. I am the biggest “happy snapper”. And keep using other peoples camera’s, phones etc… to capture the moment.
    I am currently living abroad, and would love to keep in contact with my family more often with pictures and internet.
    I would LOVE to win this beautiful little Samsung.

  92. I am to be a single mommy, due to give birth to an amazing little girl in January. I have just started a blog to capture our moments together and NEED this phone to blog all our mommy-baby memories. My parents, brother and sister will be checking my blog for updates from where they stay overseas, this phone can make our memories here, their memories there.

  93. Gosh, this would be awesome! After being mugged & losing my phone & then a house break in where my Mr’s phone & mine were both taken, it would be a welcome change to have a great phone GIVEN to me instead of taken away 🙂
    ps I miss instagram #firstworldproblems

  94. i would like to win the S4 Zoom for the fine picture quality it provides.

    i love taking photos and would like to be a professional photographer one day.

  95. I would love to win the Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom to take beautiful photo’s this festive season with loved ones.

  96. i NEED an upgraded samsung!! here’s hoping! and with new baby due in Jan perfect for taking pic’s on the go!

  97. I would love one for myself because I love taking pics with my phone and now it is a good camera on a phone!!,

  98. I would love to win this prize!- I’ve only ever won one other competition in my life 🙁 Soo many special moments to be captured with this camera 🙂

  99. Absolutely fell in love with this little guy at the photo expo this past weekend. Would be so chuffed if I won it.

  100. I’m the type of person who loves to take pictures of everything to capture life’s special moments. This would be the greatest prize to win because my camera broke and I need to take my pictures 🙂

  101. I may be the ultimate Samsung fan.. And yet, do not own one of these incredible, multi-functional, devices.. Plus, it was my birthday this past weekend and we will only be celebrating it next month. So this would be the most awesome gift! *fingers tightly crossed*

    Sharing on Twitter as @Ellelicious_ =)

  102. Wowow, amazing prize!!

    I’ve been attempting to recapture my pre-mommy photography hobby, but a toddler and dSLR is beyond my capabilities most days – this would be an amazing way to get back into taking great-looking shots!

  103. I leave soon to backpack through India. This would be the perfect way for me to stay in touch with home, find my way around and of course capture all the beautiful moments of my adventure!

  104. As a young adult I saved up every single coin I could for a couple of years and bought myself a Nokia n8, while at a friends house staying over, her house was burgled and they took my belongings too.
    Now I’m stuck with a broken old phone, This would just be the cherry on top for me and possibly be the best Christmas gift this year. Photography was something i was going to pursue but that untimely dent in my pocket didn’t help 🙂

    Fingers toes and if it helps i’ll plait my hair! <3

    1. Ohh and I just wanted to add, I’ve posted it on my blog, tweeted and entered here, and shared it on FB 🙂

      thanks ! <3

    2. Still cant get this out of my head! Every time I see a potentially awesome ‘kodac moment’ go by I wish i had this beautiful phone to help me capture it! <3

      Holding thumbs! Still tweeting and sharing!

  105. haha I just made a Twitter account for this. Yasssssssss, just checked out the specs on this and it is ridiculous! My phone broke recently, it was just in my hand and then BAM lost all of it’s life, it wasn’t a very nice phone anyway but I do miss Whatsapp haha. My friends and I are a band and love making recordings of ourselves playing but we do it with a super old camera and the quality of this would be beautiful. kk Shot♥

  106. My current camera is about 7 years old and practically a dinosaur … With some extra beer damage among other…

  107. Wow – what an awesome competition.
    I would love to win this phone as I need a good camera on my phone as I too like to take photos of my kids when we are out and about.
    My current phone is a very old phone that is really not reliable and has died on me on more than one occasion – which worries my hubby. It also does not take very good pictures 🙁

  108. This is really amazing prize. I would love to win because this phone is my loooooong time dream, but I will never be able to afford it and winning prize like this would anable me to take millions of pictures that I never get to take and enjoy the life (and the memories later) to the fullest.

  109. I’m always on the go, and love taking out spontaneous pics of random things! I’d therefore love to win this!

  110. This would be such an awesome prize. I can only imagine all the pics i can take. Would be totally awesome!!!!! Come here you beautiful Galaxy S4 Zoom.

  111. I’m obsessed with Instagram and my phone currently takes the worst photos! I usually have to take pics in certain light in order for them to look half decent. This phone will definitely be put to good use. I will be snap snapping away. 🙂

  112. I would love to win this camera because I am crazy about the newest technology (a bit of a geek!) and I love photography! My current camera is very old so a new shiny toy would be brilliant 🙂

  113. Wow, what a fabulous phone/camera – this is exactly what I need as have to replace my point and shoot camera and phone also due for retirement! We love Samsung and most of our appliances are Samsung!

  114. I would love to win the galaxy s4 zoom camera as I really love taking pictures of my lil baby girl and otherwise than winning I won’t be able to afford this super amazing s4

  115. I would love to win the galaxy s4 zoom camera as I really love taking pictures of my little baby girl and otherwise than winning I won’t be able to afford this super amazing s4. If I win this I would definitely dump this blackberry with a huge smile

  116. I would absolutely love to win this Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom as I would so love to capture the special moments in Mauritius this holiday when I visit a friend I grew up with who I have not seen in 5 years!! I cannot wait to see her and we are meeting in the beautiful Mauritius which would be even better if I could capture the moments with this amazing camera. Holding thumbs 🙂 xx

  117. I would love to win the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom it looks stunning!!!! I would love to capture all my family and friends craziest moments, take some stunning pics like a pro of Cape Town.liked and shared on facebook and twitter @MDramat

  118. I would like to win the Samsung Galaxy S4 because i love this phone/camera in one and I then can capture quality, priceless moments of my little baby boy every where I go!

  119. What a review! Sounds like a little genie in a box! Would love to test out all the S4 functions!!!

  120. If by some miraculous miracle i actually win this , i would be over the moon and def be capturing memories and beauty everywhere i go. This phone looks BEYOND awesome and is exactly what i need and always wanted! thanks for giving me the opportunity to win such an awesome praying to god i do !! xxx i seriously need this prize good luck to everyone who entered! <3 eeeep!!

  121. Would love to win this camera phone as I am started up a new foodie blog and this would help to enable me to succeed with my future baking business pick me pick me pick me ;p

  122. Wow the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is a masterpiece!! I would love to win it so that I can capture endless moments of fun with loved ones.
    Liked, shared on facebook, tweeted @princessruw.

  123. What a fabulous way of capturing and sharing precious moments of little family…, love, love!!!!

  124. I never have a camera with me when I need one. I have no sports day photos this year and my kids are mad. Please let me win so I can have end of the year pics at least

  125. I would love this phone for its multi-tasking wondrousness! And we are moving to Cape Town next month so I need something with which to take all the pictures!!

  126. Oh my goodness, what an awesome competition! Would LOVE to win this so I can take great photos wherever I am 🙂 I’m always so disappointed with the blurry pictures my current, old, outdated phone takes.

  127. Wow! This is an amazing giveaway, thank you!

    Photos are so important these days, and having a phone like this will definitely enable me to take better photos (both in my personal life and for my blog when I’m at an event and don’t want to carry a big heavy camera around with me).

    If I had this phone, I’ll definitely be more snap happy whilst out and about!

    I’ve shared and liked on all platforms.

    I’ve also crossed the following: Legs, toes, fingers and eyes! 🙂

  128. My camera was stolen two years ago and I still haven’t had money to replace it. This would be a dream.

  129. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this phone. It is exactly what I have been looking for all wrapped in one. The thought of this camera phone really excites me!!!!!

  130. Would love to win the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Zoom, especially because my daughter will be born soon and I need to take a lot of pictures <3

  131. shared & liked on facebook 🙂 wow this phone is awesome, my phone was stolen recently & i WAS an HTC fan but after reading this i am converted i really need a new phone ASAP please if i dont win i will most def be buying this, i love that i dont need to carry a camera around 2 in 1 is always a winner.

  132. I want to capture those special, funny and the not so funny moments. I dont have camera and the phone’s camera…..neah (old school)

  133. Yeah this all-in-1-multi-tasker is very sleek indeed!
    This aspirant blogger’s gotta get camera-ready in a snap…trigger happy, editing & uploading all the way! The Samsung Galaxy S4 ZOOM is on my essential list!

  134. This is a super prize giveaway & will just be one of the awesomest gifts ever… for my up coming birthday.. fingers, legs & toes crossed…I JUST GOT TO HAVE IT… Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom… has my name on it..! 🙂 Got to LOVE SAMSUNG… <3 xx

  135. I would absolutely LOVE to win this amazing camera phone! Samsung definitely has my vote when it comes to technology!!

  136. Wow what a great competition. I’ll capture everyone and everything…my gracious 80year old mom…my beautiful 15 year old daughter….Kalkbay harbour on a Sunday morning…my rusted car…a tree in autumn….a new born baby…fashion, fashion,…colours, colours, colours…

  137. I always get the old phones when my husband upgrade – would be nice to have a brand new samsung-galaxy-s4-zoom so that he could envy me for a change! And all the awesome photos that I can take with this one. This is a cellphone for life – no more hand-me-down’s for me!

  138. I absolutely adore this blog and I would kill to win the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom courtesy of @Becomingyoublog & @SamsungMobileSA !!!!!

    I will be moving away from home on the 27th of November to start the next new chapter of my life and I would love to win this camera so that I could capture every moment of this new journey ! I am so excited and what could be better than to win a Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom to join me in making memories!

    I have completed all the steps! Tweeted! Followed! Shared! Facebooked! Submitted Entry form! Commented! and will keep doing so to get the word out there!

    Keep up the awesome work on this gorgeous blog. LOVE IT

    Much Love,

    Ashleigh 🙂 <3

  139. Being a big Samsung fan this would be a dream come true winning this phone. I can just imagine the beautiful photos I can take of my daughter.

  140. Entered. I want to win this phone/camera because …
    It is nice and compact and will work well to capture special moments of family, friends and strangers, without carrying your big camera around.

  141. OMG!!!!!! This would be perfect for my family especially with the festive season on it’s way. I just love that phone/camera lol.

  142. Always dreamed of owning one. To be able to well wow wow wow. I have 2 beautiful girls and never remember to carry the camera with me and having this to phone with and still take those unexpected specail moments

  143. I know you’ve got way more than 200 entries to go through so let me keep it short, the reason I want to win the Galaxy S4 Zoom simply because this is such a unique and one of its kind gadget so it would be so awesome to win it. Shared and Tweeted @XhosaCliqs

  144. I believe Samsung is creating a standard of its own, who wouldn’t want to be part of that standard. Samsung S4 would just cater to all my cell phone needs and dreams

  145. Why I’d like the phone? For my mum, she sits with an old brick cause she used the money for my schooling. I think she deserves it

  146. I am a a free spirited, light hearted human being who deserves to win this phone! 😀 I LOVE THE S4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEASE PICK ME!!

  147. My daughter has been nagging me to get her this device and have been procrastinating. Now you have come to the party, Afterall, the Samsung Galaxy Z4 Zoom comes from a reputable company and I am very vigilant when it comes to producers. This is a GOOD device and my baby will be over the moon!

  148. I am taking a gap year next year to travel. Iam planning on visiting India and Europe. This Samsung Galazy S4 Zoom would be the perfect fit. I could take lovely photos of my travels while staying connected to my friends and family.

  149. I am so glad I found your Blog via the Samsung Mobile page. I absolutely LOVE it! I love taking photo’s and this camera is the ultimate, whip-it-out-zoom and snap away camera. Fantastic giveaway.

    I have my fingers, toes and everything crossed! I’m twisted like a pretzel. 😀

  150. This would be the ultimate prize for me!! I just love to take photos with my cellphone!! O let it be me 🙂

  151. Perfect dream phone for me ;D Samsung fan…and dieing for a camera aswell xxx Got my fingers crossed!

  152. Entered on all forms of social media 🙂 The ultimate prize! Would be an absolute dream to get my hands on one of these. Fingers crossed

  153. I currently am very outdated with my cellphone technology, have one of the very first blackberrys that came out and have been dying to get myself a Samsung…unfortuntly the pocket cannot afford it, so to win this would make my Christmas amazing to say the least: Shared on Facebook, liked your page, followed on twitter and tweeted about the giveaway… 🙂

  154. Would love to win this super funky…super awesome Camper…because it gives you the best of both worlds. A great camera and instant connectivity. I could use that.

  155. I would love to win this!!
    My current phone is messed up and I need a new one. November is my big 30th birthday month and I know that this phone will definitely up my cool status!!!

    Keeping my fingers crossed.

  156. I would love to win this prize. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is an amazing phone in its own right buy now that it has this amazing camera with it, that just makes it a world beater and class leader. I would love to be the proud owner of this wonderful phone. I have always been a person who likes to share their life in pictures and keep those memories for the future. With this amazing phone i will be able to do that wherever i go AND it will be in amazing quality:) I am a traveler who loves to explore the world we live in and with the wonderful company. If i win this Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom camera i will have even better company in my pocket to explore the world with me and help record my adventures:)

  157. Hi 🙂

    I would love to win this Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom because it looks so GREAT.. The idea of a digital camera as a smart phone is just so exciting 😀
    Being able to take a picture with no fuzziness or blur is exactly what I’v been looking for.
    My smartphone gave up on me and had to use a temporary non-Smart phone for now.
    Reading about this phone just excites me. 🙂

    Nay Maphalala

  158. Why I want to win the Samsung Galaxy S4 my fone is giving up on me and Samsung is the best I love Samsunggggggggggggg

  159. Wel… Im a model on the raise, patiently working on putting my name out there. But as a model it is essential to be able to take beautiful photographs, and said with my tired Nokia C3, which I’ve had for over a year now, that becomes a mission. With this phone ill be able to constantly perfect poses and facial expressions. And with my sisters wedding around the corner, it’ll be perfect to capture all those moments, from the traditional wedding to the white wedding. And last but not least it would be perfect to capture the last month with my high school friends as we are all headed to different varsities next year..

    Ill make a life time of beautiful memories 🙂

  160. I’ve got my 18th birthday in a month.. Im finishing high school and starting afresh next year as I head to varsity.
    I wudnt think of a more perfect present.

    It wud be the cherry ontop for my mad love for photography 🙂

  161. Hi
    I desperately want to win this phone! On Sunday my virtually brand new blackberry Q5 was stolen out of my handbag whilst getting out of the lift at the shopping mall. I am now stuck to using an archaic Nokia Navigator (which was lovely in it’s day) but now I am so used to the convenience of a smart phone and a Samsung Galaxy would just be an awesome phone to have!

  162. Winning the Galaxy S4 Zoom would be amazing! Such a nifty gadget. Love taking pictures on the go, but my current phone’s camera doesn’t quite live up to the task!

  163. I would love this phone because it will help me take awesome photos of the great things I have planned for this December. And it’s a phone and camera all in one, sickest gadget ever. I love technology.

  164. I really hope to win this prize for my boyfriend. Its his birthday soon and he is in need of a new cellphone. I love Samusung, they have such amazing and innovative technology. Thanks for the awesome competition

  165. I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want !!!

  166. I’d really love to win because this will be the perfect gadget for my road trip.

    @LadyS____ on twitter

  167. Amazing competition! In need of a new phone as mine is quite old now and playing up, and combining a phone and camera is brilliant!

  168. This AWESOME prize, generously sponsored by Samsung Mobile SA is the ultimate gift on my Christmas Wishlist! My outdoor activity enjoying seaside walks, viewing fauna & flora would be extremely exciting owning a Samsung GALAXY S4 Zoom, not to mention safer with it’s unique compact size!

  169. I’d love to win the S4 Zoom! Looks like an amazing phone, and would be put the great use on my travels.

  170. I love Samsung and I need this phone. Currently I am using a R99 phone. I cannot email, whatsapp or anything 🙁

  171. i have lost 16.5kgs and still going….would love to capture my “journey” on a great camera like that.

  172. I would like to win the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom in order for me to be able to capture those special family moments that would last forever. Samsung is a brand name that would go on for a very long time.

  173. I find myself in the same situation you were in before you won your phone! I absolutely love samsung and so badly WANT a S4! and even more NEED a new handset.

  174. I would absolutely LOVE this phone! I recently started my own little fashion label and would love this addition as all my technology has literally given up lately. Its my birthday in two weeks and I cant think of a better gift to help me communicate with clients, build relationships and take photos of my creations too share with the world and thus growing my new entrepreneurship. I have entered the competition on all platforms so now the waiting game begins. Fingers Crossed 🙂

  175. I would love to be able to take good quality photos with a phone, without having to lug a camera around too. Great prize!

  176. Wat a great birthday present for me lol i love taking photos but cant afford a camera and since my beautiful new phone was stolen i have to make do with a good phone but not good quality pictures. This is a fantastic prize and who eva wins it is a really lucky person…good luck to all who enter.

  177. wow that phone is amazing. Winning that prize would be absolutely incredible because my current phone is literally falling apart

  178. I would love to win this amazing gadget because I am totally in love with Samsung products especially the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

  179. I am a food blogger and I believe that you “eat” with your eyes first!! It is therefor vital to take great pictures for my blog posts. This camera will be great, since my current Samsung camera is old and I really need a new one desperately!!

  180. Between my constant chattering and exploring there is a constant snapping of the camera, this will be so ideal for me I can safely say it will complete me full circle all my favourites things to do in one reach and precious moments can be shared instantly

  181. I NEED to win this phone because I’m still on Blackberry and I need to get with the programme already!

  182. After recently being mugged and having my phone stolen, this would be an awesome way to round off the new year and start off fresh with more than a bang, a ZOOM.

    The phone i have now, doesn’t even have a camera haha or internet for that matter. Ah the life and times of the average guy.

    Awesome site, very very informative and great links. Definitely a winner here, welldone Kathryn.

  183. i love everything about the samsung galaxy S4 zoom, whats not to love? but the new zoom feature really tickles my fancy!!!

  184. Well besides capturing what will be the best festive season of my life. I’ve never owned a camera before.

  185. Currently have an older Samsung and its an AWESOME phone! Would love to be the owner of the new S4 Zoom Samsung phone!

    shared and commented

  186. The love of my life is whisking me off to a winter wonderland a trip where we will see marvellous places and I want to capture them all, be able to smile when I see the pictures and have that memory come flooding back.
    This phone with camera would be ideal and loved

  187. I absolutely LOVE this site AND this phone! Already have access to the site….. NOW FOR THE PHONE!!!

  188. Great phone, and zoom function sets it way ahead of the rest as far as always available to capture the action is concerned.

  189. I have a little one…I would love to be able to capture all his cute moments on camera…to keep and playback when we are both older…and for him to show his children one day… I’d love to win that Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom!!! OH YES 🙂

  190. Well, I could go on about what an awesome phone this is and how I love taking photos and how great this phone will be to use in my fledling business – taking pics of my products etc. But most of all it would be great for my blood pressure to win this phone – my current phone is driving me up the walls!

  191. i have a bb, it is always loading, and if not, some or other function doesnt work! Its my work and private phone so i use it so often I cant possibly go through life with a semi functional phone. I love samsung, I already got the tab to go with the phone I would love to win!

  192. I would love to win the Samsung S4 Zoom. I love taking pics of my family and new things around me. Having a camera phone is definately what i need in my daily life to catch those firsts of my boys 🙂

  193. I would LOVE to win this phone. My current one is broken and with new baba I can’t afford to buy another good camera phone and I NEED something to take lots of pictures of my new son with. I have lost so many spur of the moment camera moments because of my lack of phone situation. Pick ME. Have shared, tweeted etc <3 xxxx

  194. OMG!!! I just died and came back after seeing this S4…No more carrying a phone and camera on family outings and taking pics of those priceless moments of my daughter. I wouldn’t have to be searching for either because when my phone rings, waala I’ve got it and the camera as well! I need this baby in my life SERIOUSLY.

  195. OM EM GEE, seriously holding thumbs to win this beautiful prize. Wouldn’t need to carry a camera and will be able to capture moments anytime. Bonus to have a phone and camera in one ….

    Thank you for opportunity to enter.

    Karen Lamb

  196. I am a new Samsung convert and am looking for a phone to replace my iPhone. As a stay at home mom I also need to have a camera with me to capture all those cute yet fleeting memories with my children. The S4 Zoom would be a perfect match for me!

  197. Wow…so awesome prize… i would love to win to capture all the new exciting memorable moments in my life… i just had a baby this week so it would be perfect to capture every little cute thing the little guy does and to take pictures of the all the wonderful experiences he will take us through…

  198. I’d Love to Win the Samsung S4 Zoom for the simple fact that’s its just so pretty, also because you make it sound like an awesome phone to own, I’m not a blogger but love the social network scene and I too love taking pics of my kids which makes this phone just perfect!!

  199. Some cool finds on your blog… The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom camera phone would definitely come in handy for me when it comes to shooting new product on the fly. Stream lining all my technology to Samsung made easier!

  200. This phone is absolutely gorgeous, not to mention the fantastic camera features. I could take stunning pics of my toddlers (I have a 3 year old daughter and a 2 year old son). ps. Love reading your blog.

  201. I would love to get a good camera like this! I just love taking photos but at the moment I’m lugging my samsung tablet around with me cause it’s the only decent camera I have! not ideal. x

  202. All I can think about is this Competition! I think its safe to say I’m OBSESSED with this phone, its just beautiful !

    It would really help because i work with animals and they bring such joy into our lives and its impossible to capture with the current phone i have, since it has 1-3 megapixel range.

    Still holding thumbs and plaiting hair !

    pretty please 🙂

  203. I’m still walking around with an old Blackberry and a digital point ‘n snap camera. I would love love love to win the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom so that I can easily and beautifully document my experience in India and hopefully launch my career as a travel writer!

  204. Winning the Samsung Galaxy will be amazing. It is not always easy to carry around a DSLR.

  205. The Samsung S4 Zoom is the perfect gadget for me to capture all the best memories of my little boys … Samsung S4 Zoom will enable me to capture everything on the go at a click of a button… Best gift ever !

  206. This is THE hottest accessory you can have this summer!

    I’ve been dreaming of using this baby since I laid eyes on it. Being in the media, I’m a photographing, tweeting, blogging, Facebooking, Instagraming addict – and this would change my world!!

    Have liked/shared and tweeted this comp too – waiting in serious anticipation until you announce the winner 🙂 😉 :p

  207. Its my birthday this month ***Pick Me Please*** to win the @Becomingyoublog and @SamsungMobileSA competition on #win 🙂 I could use a new camera right now and this would make a lovely birthday gift to capture all my special moments! Thank you for the opportunity to enter such a lovely competition 🙂

  208. Hashtag OMG. I would love this camera. Would be ideal for all the travel blogging I do and taking quick snapshots. Alternatively I could take a bunch of selfies and use them for Christmas cards. I can then give my old phone away to someone who really needs it. Pay it forward 🙂

  209. I would love to win the Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom for sooo many reasons 1) It is an awesome phone!!!! 2) Samsung is awesome!!!! 3) I have a blackberry that after being fully charged dies in 30min, so basically has become a land line and even while charging will randomly turn off. 4) I love taking photos and videos of all the things I do and all the events I go to but do not have a camera or functional phone to capture these memorable moments. With the Sumsungs Galazy S4 zoom’s 16MP camera,I will be able to capture all the amazing pictures and videos I want. 5) I am a student and so wont be able to afford to buy a camera or a new phone. 6) and the final reason why I would love to win this awesome prize, is that it will be a way better present for Christmas that a pair of socks and underpants!!!!

  210. The Galaxy S4 Zoom would make my Summer Vacation a whole lot better.
    Since I won’t be able to spend every moment with my other half…the Galaxy S4 Zoom would sure help sharing my moments with him every second of the day…in Style!
    It’s also a special month coming up. My sister will be visiting from Canada for the first time in 5 years it’s also both me and my boyfriend’s Birthdays in December – my crown birthday -Imagine the memories we can capture & share instantly this Summer!

  211. What an awesome giveaway. I would so love to win one of these….for an on the go granny and blogger like me this is the ultimate in sexy accessories 🙂

  212. Do you wish you had photos of “every single moment of your life” so you could “revisit any moment of your past”? Like the time you walked in high school the first time or the look of disappointment on your girlfriend’s face when you forgot her birthday? If you give me the opportunity to win this amazing camera, I could capture this awesome time. My other one got stolen. would mean the world.

  213. I love family and friends and I just want to have the privilege to take photos of the memories we share, especially with my little brothers. My parents did not take many photos of me as a kid and I want it to be different for my brothers. I am that person who takes photos of everyone when I’m with my friends, It’s not about my presence in the photos but rather capturing the special moments we share. I would also love to win so that I can take photos of my church mates and the wonderful memories made there…Imagine taking a photo of someone getting baptised- the beauty though!

  214. There are so many precious moments in daily life- that awesome sunset you glimpse on the drive home from work; your dog’s sheer exuberance to see you when you get home – and when you try to capture them with a crappy cameraphone camera, they are lost. Not so with the Samsun Galaxy S4 zoom! That’s why I’d like to win it 😀

  215. First of all, I love Samsung, I love Becoming you and I love taking photos. Secondly, we have tragically lost all our engagement photos while having fun at the coast. We are going to a lovely resort at Mossel Bay over December but sadly we still have not invested in a decent camera. Pls help us make up for lost memories! We will share our pics when we win. 🙂

    Thx for this great opportunity!

  216. WOW, this will be the perfect prize to win just before the holidays. I LOVE taking pictures, there is not n day that goes by that I don’t take a picture of my lovely 3year old daughter. My camera fell recently and the lens broke, I am so sad about that as my phone does not take nice pictures. I will love this camera so much. 🙂

  217. I’d love to win this phone because I would like to be able to access the blog on my phone, currently I have an old beaten up Blackberry that has a ton of buttons missing. Lets say its seen much better days. This phone Galaxy S4 would allow to post pics, listen to music and share all my likes across all my social pages.

  218. I’m a huge fan of Samsung! Have just acquired the Galaxy Tab 3, but need a handy, nifty little camera with oomph to carry around with me to capture those unexpected moments and make memories!

  219. I need to change my old black and white cell phone to a colour, hate to admit it but I am really desperately in need of modernisation

  220. I’d like to win because I don’t have a smart phone at the moment, and I’d love to update my style with a stylish new phone. I love Samsung products! <3 South Korean products

  221. My old cellphone has been giving me problems, it use to give up on me at the most inconvenient times.Until it switched of completely and hadn’t come on since.
    so I am an 19 year old girl with no phone.
    this would mean so much to me if I win.
    I would have a great ending to my not so good year.
    please make my wish come true.

  222. I would love to win the Samsung S4. I’ve always loved Samsung phones. I had a mishap with my S2 last month and is currently using my daughter’s old phone =( with a bad camera & no internet

  223. I only started working at the new company 3 months ago so I dont think there will be a bonus, so I saw this competition and thought, hells bells, this is not rocket science, I can do all the sharing and comment and should I win, flippen klippen, that will be my daughters christmas gift.

    I shared (cause sharing is caring) and I commented here and on Fb and tweeted xxx

  224. I have wanted this phone since the very first time I happened to stumble on the ad on youtube a couple of months ago.

  225. I need a new camera for the holidays!!!! Please please! Love your blog. Choose me 🙂 Thank you for sharing so many cool things. Go Samsung !!!

  226. This is such an awesome combo….perfect for me this holidays as I dont have to carry a phone and a camera as I will have this perfect combo….Always liked Samsung products even in my home, as a single mum i really cant afford this for myself, please make me a winner!!!!!

  227. My camera has just “given up the ghost” and my phone is on its way out – I definitely need a 2-in-1 upgrade! It would make life so much easier only having 1 item in hand.

  228. omigosh I need a new phone and a camera – and THIS would be just incredible … LOVE

  229. LOVE IT!!! I have always said id love to have a camera & phone combined .. not a phone with a camera as an after thought. This looks alike the perfect solution… neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed one of these!

  230. biggest reason: I don’t own a phone.
    Best solution? win a phone with a camera! photogher and bloggers dream!

  231. I am heading on a trip at the end of the year with my wonderful gf to meet her Italian family for the first time. I must say i am nervous yet excited and it is a big moment for me. I would love love love to win the Samsung S4 Zoom in order to catch the amazing moments we will have. This phone is amazing and it is a digital camera as well. With your help and choosing me to win this awesome phone i will be able to capture the wonderful moments of my trip and share them with my family when i get home. Who wouldn’t want this amazing phone. It is just a class leader and the fact i get to see Europe in winter is just a scene set for the Samsung S4 Zoom to thrive in. I will be like a kid in a candy store taking photos of everything i get to experience. Please help me capture these beautiful moments i will have with this beautiful phone and with beautiful people. My Christmas will be even that much more amazing. I will even send you some photos with the phone when i am back if you would like:) with pleasure! I will hold thumbs, cross fingers,legs, toes, arms and everything i can for the draw to see if i have won. I may even shed a tear or two if i win haha no lies..Thank you for considering me for this prize and good luck with picking a winner, but if you have a problem choosing one just pick me to make it easier:)haha

  232. Coming up to the festive season, its a time I always cherish with family. Its also a time when lost loved 1s are missed the most. I regret not having thousands of photo’s of past Christmases, all I have are the memories in my head. They are good enough for me, but how will I be able to share those with my kids 1 day? I would love this amazing Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom so that I am able to start capturing all of these special moments so that I will be able to share the memories with loved 1s for years to come

  233. All I do is tell people to go and like your page and enter themselves into the competition! Been sharing and tweeting every day 🙂

    Going mental over here 😀 Its such a beautiful piece of technology and i really need it. counting down the days 😀

    I’ll video my self doing a little thank you dance if i win! That’s a promise 😀

  234. Wow – awesome giveaway! Would make life so much easier to have a great camera/phone on hand constantly. Never missing a “”Kodac” moment in great quality.

  235. This phone is too too too hot , read the specs and reviews on memburn and wow #BlownAway this is a worth while gadget. This gets a #SelfiePro stamp of approval from me, #InstaMoments will never be the same again for me if I win !!!

  236. I (Unathi Glamazon-Star) got your back on facebook spreading the word like crazy baby !!!

  237. I would really really really really really REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE to win this wonderful phone. I’ve never owned a hi-tech phone as awesome as the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom phone. In fact, my old Nokia is extremely slow, and because I’m graduating this year and will be entering the media industry next year, I honestly feel like I’ll be needing a phone that is hi-tech and that will allow me to carry out my job easily, like having my email set up and receiving emails instantaneously. 🙂 Of course, I am grateful that I at least have a phone, and if I don’t win the Samsung Galaxy S4, I will not be despondent. But I WOULD REALLY, REALLY, REALLY LOVE TO WIN IT because I have always had my eye on it! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thanks for hosting such a wonderful giveaway, Kathryn Rossiter! I’m excited, and have been entering, tweeting and sharing away! And I will continue to do so until Monday. 🙂 Good luck to everyone!!! 😀

  238. I have left my comment on your FB page, but will comment here as well. I need to win the Samsung Galaxy S4 because I need it and deserve it. I need to break the cycle of always having to receive hand me down cellphones from my teenagers!

  239. My best friend is having troubles with her blackberry and she’s really into photography so having the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom would be the perfect phone for her

  240. What an amazing competition!!!!!
    I would love this phone to get rid of my old school phone and FINALLY join the smartphone world!
    The jokes are getting old now..

  241. I would absolutely love to win the Samsung Galaxy S4! A camera and a phone in ONE, how awesome is that!

  242. What an awesome blog! People are loving it….

    And an amazing prize which I am dreaming of winning – would be so unbelievable!

    Keep bringing the world these cool insights!

  243. Im a new blogger … and photographing my raw foods are becoming my downfall using my current phone camera. Something like this will take my blogging to another level x

  244. I literally dream about winning this amazing prize. This Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is the ultimate accessory for any memorable holiday and I would love nothing more than to take it with me everywhere I go over the December summer holiday!

    Such a fab giveaway! Have completed all the steps and shared like mad!!

    Thanks Samsung Mobile and Becoming You for this awesome competition! 🙂 x

  245. Such an awesome giveaway. I would love to win this phone. Am in desperate need for a phone. Not to mention the hard time i am facing right now, it would really lift my spirits

  246. If I have never won – this is the one competition I must win!!! 🙂 wow, a phone made just for me!!! xx

  247. When I grow up I want to be a professional blogger – what better way than to snap my way to blogger status with a Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom? 🙂

  248. I am finishing school this year and have recieved the amazing opportunity to travel to India for a month. I do not have a camera & I am in need of a new phone for my travels. I couldn’t imagine a better phone to take with me. I’ve researched all it amazing apps and possiblities and I am honestly BLOWN AWAY.
    Thank you for the amazing opportunity to enter this copetition.

  249. I would really love to win this phone specially with all the activities and press conferences I attend through my sports blog, this phone/ camera will be the ultimate companion to assist me in my daily doings, as well as the fact that I think that Samsung are by far leading the way in smartphone technology! The review done by Kathryn couldnt be more spot on and it once again proves that Samsung clearly are doing more for the clients! Well done on another super competition and may the person who win this really use it as it was meant to be used!

  250. I am a Preschool teacher and have a page on FB. ABC Learning Academy.I like to take photographs of the children working, playing and learning. This way the parents can see what the children are doing at school.This phone would be perfect to have in the classroom because then I would not need to take phone and camera to school as it is one. Great Prize. Good Luck everyone!!:)

  251. I am a complete Samsung junkie and recently my very old samsung camera broke. As much as I love my samsung s3 mini and the amazing photos it takes…to win this samsung prize would be a great end to my year. And make my boyfriend very jealous. …so I may be nice and let him play with this prize 😉

  252. Hi Becoming You Blog
    DFor the past three years I have owned an old Nokia that can’t even access Facebook.

    I would absolutely LOVE to own this amazing Smartphone.

    I absolutely LOVE photography so this Samsung would be perfect as I could snap away at everything,it has such an amazing camera function

    I am really hoping for this, i know so many people have entered this comp, but im holding both thumbs super tightly 🙂

    🙂 Mea 🙂

  253. I’m a film student & this would be perfect! I really need this & you have no idea how much.

    I have followed & tweeted: @TribalSoul_

    Liked & shared on FB: Euby Nkoenyane

    Crossing fingers! Xx

  254. Capturing those special moments in life is very important to me and I know that with this amazing Samsung camera I will able to take high quality photos that will last a lifetime ♥

  255. I would love to win ths to capture those special moments of my kids and family and all the sceneries around. And my phone is almost finish with its life and ths would be awsome to win coz i cnt aford to buy me a new phn wen my phn decides to finaly give in, nd i would be out of touch with family n friends. I would realy realy love to win this <3

  256. Hello 🙂
    Thank you for giving us a chance to #win this techno-savvy smartphone with amazing camera abilities!!!

    I have commented on the @becoming you face book page 😀

    I have followed @becoming you and @samsungmobileSA
    I have tweeted about this wonderful prize!!!

    I also entered my details in the form above 🙂

    I would ♥ to WIN this prize as I don’t even have a flash on my own cellphone’s camera (I know, very old school) and I would definitely make the change to become a SAMSUNG Mobile fan with the SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 ZOOM Camera smartphone! P.S I love the message tone of the Samsung whistle alert 😛
    Thank you, 🙂

  257. This will certainly be the key to networking and sharing the best of what Cape Town has to offer xxx

  258. I would be so delighted if I could win this camera. My son wedding is coming up soon and I would like to take photos of their wedding.

  259. Now this is really how to get the BEST of both worlds!!! This would be so awesome to win and I would not need to worry about ever upgrading my way-out-of-date 2ndhand camera for something I could possibly afford…..this would be so perfect for Varsity life 🙂

  260. I’ve been a loyal Samsung lover, I’m still using the Samsung E250 because I can’t afford to get myself an expensive phone, I really think I’d deserve this as a Christmas present and my friend referred me to this blog and she knows how much I love taking pics, the Galaxy S4 Zoom would be perfect for me. Help me be part of the “cool kids” with super awesome technology!!!!! This would be perfect in helping me becoming the real me

  261. Hi, it is my 21st birthday on the 24th of December. This would definitely be an amazing birthday present. Gosh this Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom would make my year. Pretty please make my year x0x0. <3

  262. The perfect phone and camera in one now that is what I call innovation. This is the perfect gift for my daughter 🙂

  263. Wow! I know How badly my daughter want’s this Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. Winning it, would mean I get to surprise her and make her dream come true. This would make me the coolest and best mother ever. Now that is awesome.

  264. Hi, it is my 21st birthday on the 24th of December. Winning this Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom would definitely be an amazing birthday gift and would make my year. This phone is so awesome, pretty please make my year. Xoxo

    Thank you.

  265. i would love to win the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, because I have a 5 month old daughter and I want to capture every moment of her growing up in pristine quality images!

  266. My current camera is letting me down as it is too slow and I often lose a great shot because it takes the picture a few seconds too late so this would be an awesome win! I am also dabbling in going professional so this camera would be a great starting point for me!!!

  267. I Love that the S4 has such a magnificent camera!
    It will help me capture all the precious memories of my daughter’s life journey so clearly & beautifully!

  268. About to leave on a trip to Cambodia and would LOVE this awesome camera to capture the memories!

    ::: (\_(\
    *: (=’ :’)
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  269. I would love to win a Samsung Galaxy Zoom to document my trip to India where I will (hopefully) discover myself. I would love to share the journey with as many people as possible, and the Zoom would make that a reality!

  270. I would so love to win this little gadget!! My phone is broken and my camera stolen – this would be an awesome gift!!

  271. I just entered – my current phoned for the galaxy s4. My current phone is 3 and a half years old – PLEASE can i win this! 🙂 I w need a new phone, its about time

  272. So I don’t want to rant on about why I want to win this amazing camera phone, Because surely everyone wants to win it. So instead I want to tell you why you should choose me as the winner, although that would come across as a bit forward and rude… I just want to say that I would be forever grateful if I was to win this camera phone as some of you might know me, photography is my number one passion. This camera phone would help me to achieve the best possible photos while wandering around, pondering where I shall walk to next.

  273. Hi

    Would love a new phone and most definitely a great phone like the s4 zoom to capture all my lil girl precious moments

  274. There is never a dull moment with my two busy little girls. Sometimes I just need a good camera on me to photograph their precious moments. They are my everything, they fulfill my life, I couldn’t imagine my life without them. 7 years ago one of my friends told me in the near future there will be phones with good quality cameras. Well here we have it! Becoming You also makes it possible to give one away. I would really like one, it will make my life so much easier – to be the best dad by sharing their growing up journey with the close by family and friends. We as parents like to brag about our children. With the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom it is all possible. Holding thumbs.

  275. Ah! I could capture the expression of my 13 month old daughter whenever you ask her to pull a ‘funny face’ 🙂 This would be amazing!

  276. This camera can be taken anywhere and take the clearest photos for my constant life blogging. I’m addicted to photography and this would make the ride so much sweeter.

  277. I will LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this Camera, you will make me the happiest girl in the world. Taking pictures is what I love to do. I love to capture all those special moments, nothing keeps the memory fresh like looking back at all the love, fun and craziness of friends, family and loved ones.


  278. I would really love to win this Phone since i dont have a modern phone at the moment!!!! pleasssse!

  279. I would LOVE to win, so that I can start taking some decent photos. It’s summer and I want to be prepared for all those facebook and twitter moments which are sure to arise, Cape Town sunsets, surfing, quad biking and cocktails, I have a lot planned and this would be the perfect accessory and what’s nice about this phone is that it has 16mp, 10x optical zoom, my current phone distorts photos when I try zoom in too close and photos looks pixelated, whats even better is it operates on Android Jelly Bean, which means BBM for Android and lots of free apps. This phone would have come in handy for all the recent concerts I’ve attended, I could have gotten a close up of Justin Bieber lol. I love Samsung products and this is another one of their revolutionary one’s to hit the shop shelves. Who needs a digital camera when you have a phone like this. Perfect for overseas trips too. Making your life so much simpler! Pick me!

  280. This is the perfect prize.. loving SAMSUNG and the amazing new S4 Zoom! Would be great to win this fabulous prize and to capture every moment over the festive period!!! 🙂

  281. I don’t have a camera, and if i cud win this awesome Samsung Galaxy S4, this will be the best X-mas early present i’ve ever received 🙂

  282. I would love to win this beauty as not only has my own smart phone broken in the last week but I am a HUGE fan of Samsung and since this phone has been released I have been eyeing it out for that amazing Camera. With baby on the way, I know I will want to capture those special moments, and knowing that motherhood is going to be a handful, I realize that the camera will be left at home, or the batteries will be flat and whatever else can go wrong- will go wrong… this way, I have one device to worry about and a lifetime of memories to capture of my little boy!

  283. I would be incredibly crazy in love with this camera if it were mine! It is perfectly portable with such a high quality which is just right for capturing every breath-taking, island lifestyle moment during my upcoming trip to Mozambique! (along with the occasional selfie and action shot to hold on to for years to come!) <3 Not to mention the simplistic beauty of the camera!

  284. I would love to win the #SamsungS4Zoom Camera Phone, as i will be able to take photo’s of my two year baby girl, since i cant take any photo’s of her now because my phone doesn’t allow me to take photo’s and i can’t afford to buy a camera.

    This would be ideal because it has two functions in one, a camera and a phone, thus i would be able to take it anywhere and will be able to always capture those precious moments of my daughter, especially those special first time moments.

    As christmas is coming up, this will be the perfect time to take lots of photo’s of my baby girl.

    Thank You.

    1. Liked the facebook page Geraldine R Kaye, following on twitter @angel_gerryk. Hope i win this for my baby girl.

      Thank you.

  285. I hope to win the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom to hopefully take pics of the new person that we will have if all these crazy treatments work. I don’t ever want to miss out on a single moment after waiting this long for him/her.

  286. As a struggling single mom,I must be the only person who does not have a Smartphone! This is an awesome prize!

  287. Oh yes please! I would LOVE to win a new phone! Well, to be honest, I would love to win any new phone, as long as it’s a phone that works! I’m so tired of my old phone switching off whenever it likes, the battery not lasting even one day, my husband always worried about me coz he can never get hold of me… yes, please, winning a new phone would SO make me happy as I’m sure it would make my husband happy too 😉

  288. My hubby & I have four beautiful boys and we LOVE capturing all the special, funny & mischievous moments we have with them. We don’t and never have owned a good quality camera…so i’m always disappointed when we want to have some pics printed for Photo frames because the quality is so poor…don’t even ask about enlarging. So we often have to get someone who has a good camera to take some pics of us….problem is that they’re not always around for those here and now spontaneous moments…the unplanned funny things that little boys can get up to…those moments you want to capture right then & there as they happen…have have the pictures to treasure them by forevermore….This would be such a great asset for our family xx

  289. I would love to win this. I’ve never owned a proper camera before or an amazing phone like this! My current phone is giving me so much hassles, every day is a struggle. And I’m a huge Samsung fan!!! Samsung all the way.

  290. Capturing pictures of my universe on my Samsung Galaxy S4, is at the very heart of my core, from decor to bees, I would love to win a Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, please…

  291. I would love to win. My phone is an extentension of me, I am a multitasker, the phone is phenominal in this department. I take photos constantly and the pic quality and functions again are the best. This is better than getting Diamonds. It would make my year…


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