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Recently we visited the Kruger as a family and I loved introducing my kids to the wonders of wild animals. They were super blessed to see the Big 5 up close and personal and haven’t stopped talking about their experiences since our return.

One of their favourites was seeing a family of rhino and although I wasn’t with them to enjoy the sighting for myself (I was WALKING in the bush!!) I know that it was really impactful and very special. What makes it even more important to me is knowing that they saw rhino… for all I know that might be the last time they see rhino in their natural environment considering the rate at which poachers are killing off these majestic creatures. Almost 800 rhinos have been poached in 2014 so far = truly devastating!

CNA are raising money to bring awareness to the protection of our rhinos. And not just on one day of the year, but every day! You can contribute by buying a red “Rhinose” aka rhino horns and attach it to the front of your car to show that you are taking a a stand against rhino poaching. All proceeds from the sale of these horns goes towards protecting rhinos!

A few weeks back CNA sent us a creative box filled with loads of their craft materials – feathers, buttons, colourful cardboard etc etc. The instructions included were for us to make some Rhino-inspired crafts in order to celebrate “Rhinose Day”. We wasted no time in getting “stuck” in! The glue and glitter came out with 5 mins of the package being ripped open!

My “more is more” child went crazy with colour and used up almost every type of decoration you could on her creations, while her older brother was a bit more thoughtful about his craft and made a special “Save the Rhino’s” poster. I decided to use the cut out Africa and rhino cardboard figures plus a few sticks from the garden and created my “Rhino’s make the world go round” mobile for my baby niece! I must say it was such fun to ignore the computer for a few hours and let my mind get creative and my hands get dirty! (My coffee table still hasn’t recovered!!)

cna collage


So, now that we’ve inspired you to be more crafty I’m pleased to tell you that CNA are running an awesome competition to raise awareness for our rhinos.

CNA is challenging YOU to create a Rhino inspired craft too! All you need to do is upload it to the CNA Facebook page and you will stand the chance of winning your share of R20,000 in prizes! You can also follow CNA on Instagram to see other entries for the #CNACraftComp. Please note that the #CNACraftComp closes on 15 October 2014.

To find out more about Rhinose Day visit

PLUS I am giving away a R500 CNA gift voucher to one lucky Becoming you reader to help you get started with buying a bunch of arts & crafts from your local CNA store!



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  1. I would buy loads of arts and craft for my 4 year old. She loves drawing painting, Making cards for mummy and daddy and she also loves sticking papers all over the house.

  2. I am a painter and all painters know how expensive art supplies are.
    I would buy myself some more art supplies because I really deserve it. It’s exam time for me and I am in need of some stationery an when I walk onto CNA I feel like I’m in willy wonkas factory ❀️ Favorite place to shop

  3. I would buy decopage craft items,plaques,modge podge,paint etc & make some Rhino awareness plaques to raffle of at my kids school & raise monies for Rhino awareness

  4. My 5 year old little artist will be in his element with all these exciting bits and bobs at his fingertips!

  5. I would buy loads of paint, stickers, glitters etc… son loves atrs and crafts and we can make cards for his uncles wedding coming up

  6. I will buy crayons, glue, glitter, paint etc and help my sons make beautiful rhino awareness posters to put up in their classrooms

  7. ooooh this would be awesome for my two kiddies!! they are incredibly creative and love to paint and draw.. id buy lots of crafty things, paper and glitter and get started on Christmas decorations and gifts for the family πŸ™‚ they would love doing this!!

  8. I love their scrapbooking section, even though I’m not a scrapbooker – I’d get some of their fancy stationery punches and a lovely pack of specialty pens I’ve had my eye on, and stock up on sketchbooks and watrcolour paper for my illustration and hand lettering.

  9. I bought buy some small paint canvasses, some finger paints, and some ordinary paints and brushes for my 3 year old, then i’d help him paint a special picture for the rhinos. His favourite plush toy at the moment is a soft blue rhino he bought at the vet πŸ™‚

  10. I buy loads of cardboard in different colours for my son’s “SHOW and TELL” projects. Also, loads of glue and crafty pens/markers. πŸ™‚

  11. I will buy some craft goodies to get my nephews to do something creative, they are busy little boys and most into games so will be nice to get them to sit and actually make something maybe also teaching them about Rhinos and the big 5

  12. Kinda hard to decide what I’d buy if I’m not there in the shop but I’d think lots of paper, stamps and envelopes. I love sending random people I meet online snail mail and need to stock up my supplies again. snail mail ftw

  13. Coloured board, colourful pipecleaners, googly eyes, craft glue and some new paint brushes.

  14. My two sons are aged 12 and 8. They love sketching and maiking objects from what i would call ” Junk”. They woold make a yacht from chopsticks and material……or a dinosaur from egg trays……or a sword from photo copy paper…… or a sock puppet my house is always full if cut bits of paper. I guess I would but nice things for them to use and not old “junk”.

  15. i would buy coloured cardboard, glitter, glue and finger paints. My 3 year old daughter loves painting and sticking things, her favorite passtime

  16. I want to enter the #CNACraftComp and start making greeting cards for Christmas. Lots of glitter, glitterglue, stamps, multicoloured cardboard, double-sided tape, ribbons and stickers will be needed. #excited #creative #arty #happiness

  17. I love to wrap gifts creatively so this will be amazing to use.I also need to use quite a lot of stationary as a teacher si this will come in handy. .shared on facebook to win this amazing voucher from CNA

  18. My two girls adore creating their own projects. If I won I would allow them to go shop for their own supplies and see what amazing creations they produce.

  19. I will take my 6 year old daughter with me to CNA so we can buy all the craft and art supplies she’ll need to make her very own Rhino inspired craft so she too can enter the CNA challenge! I think this is truly such an amazing concept and getting the kids involved in a art and craft project to teach them about saving the rhino is absolutely brilliant! I love it! I am definitely getting my daughter to create her own Rhino inspired art and craft, this is going to be a fun school holiday project πŸ˜€ Thank you for the info!!! πŸ˜‰

  20. I’ll get my daughter and son some goodies to make xmas cards for the family and birthday cards, they dream of becoming artists, they love watching art attack on Disney Junior

  21. I will definitely be buying some scrapbooking items from CNA, and some items to start making Christmas presents for the family!

  22. I would buy some scrapbooking stuff and get my little sister to be creative in her approach to saving Rhino’s πŸ˜€

  23. Im pregnant so I would but scrap booking materials so that I can make a scrap book chronicling my baby’s journey through the womb

  24. I normally make my eldest’s birthday invitations and decor and this is would be great for his next birthday!

  25. I would buy loads of Scrapbook things would love to teach my kids how to scrapbook πŸ™‚

  26. My mom got married on Saturday and as a gift I would love to get an album and scrap booking goodies to put together a gorgeous album for her πŸ™‚ (I know its something she would never take the time to do for herself)

  27. My 7 year old daughter is crazy about all things arts n crafts, so I’d buy her a bunch of goodies that we could use to craft with together

  28. I would buy a book for myself, even though I don’t get a lot of time to read anymore with my two busy bodiea, I enjoy it when I do get a chance. I will also buy some arts and crafts goodies to do with the kids

  29. I would get craft kits for my daughter, who’s 5.she luvs doing painting, she s done mosaic butterfly with my help, now into loom bands, so yes will definitely spoil her.

  30. I will buy things like sticky stuff, bows, bling stickers, cardboard, ribbon. Everything needed to make greeting cards. My mum and I make get well cards, christmas and easter cards that we donate to organisations that distribute them to the less fortunate and those hospitalised.

  31. art and drawing supplies for my extremely talented 7 turning 8 year old son. All he wants for his bday is a new sketch pad and some new pens and pencils for drawing. His art is amazing! Would be over the moon to win the voucher for him to choose arts supplies to his hearts content!

  32. I would buy some pens and highlighters as im a student at unisa, and my help my nephew make his great grandma a 70th birthday card for November 1st

  33. well, I have a 4 year old and a 3 year old.. so keeping them entertained especially over the holidays is a must. I would buy some scissors that cut wavy edges, some colour cardboard, ribbon, glitter glue, some crayons, stickers, and then we can make some homemade Christmas cards for the all the Grandparents. I’m sure the kids will have loads of fun πŸ™‚

  34. I will buy some charts, cut out stickers, glitter etc for my kids to make xmaas cards for the family…it will also keep them busy for a while.

  35. Oooh…I just love CNA! I would buy lots of sparkly pretty bits and bobs and cardboard as well as glue so my 3yr old can create pretty pictures till her heart is content! She just loves creative play so this would e ideal! πŸ™‚

  36. My daughter loves arts and crafts – she can spend hours with crafty things. My son is also getting into it. If we win, I will share it with them and they can buy whatever their heart desires and we can spend the weekend having fun!

  37. I would buy some bright acrylic paints and big pieces of cardboard and have fun painting with my nephews. I have shared on twitter @JaxxLisa

  38. I would buy stationary for the school kids for 2014 in the rural area of Van Wyksvlei Northern Cape.

  39. hi. I will buy ribbons, stickers, shiny beads etc for the scrap book that my daughter and I are putting together for her little sister

  40. My little toddler is starting to love playing with play dough, paints and crayons and I want to build up a little craft box for her to expand her creativity!

  41. I will buy the Loom Jewellery Maker as my little ones in the Home for abandoned toddlers, simply love making their own things..

  42. My kids love crafts. Desperate to get my hands on more stuff. My daughter will go crazy… she does a few crafty things everyday

  43. I love scrapbooking so I would definitely buy some of the fabulous scrapbooking kits from CNA!

  44. Just started doing crafts with my toddler so this will be a great prize to buy some craft things for the 2 of us πŸ™‚

  45. I enjoying making my own birthday and Christmas cards so def be doing that if i win this voucher

  46. I would buy Glitter, paint, glue, stickers etc my son can use for school
    Shared facebook & twitter @rehanaseedat

  47. I would buy handmade paper,glitter glue and paper punches….I love making cards,so these would be a nice addition to my vast collection.

  48. Definitely some art canvasses and oil paints so that I can create some fab art for my study/bedroom

  49. would love to buy some paints, canvas, paper to create some inspiring artworks and also buy some crayons/paper/paints to donate to the local childrens home

  50. I love to paint so I would definitely buy some oil paints and canvasses to create some magic to hang in my study or bedroom

  51. mmmm….I would have have great fun shopping for crafty supplies for my 4 year old nephew. He loves making and creating! we would make lots of art together. I would certainly buy myself the best set of pencil crayons I could find too.Shared on fb and holding thumbs.

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