WIN a R2000 Woolworths gift card to spoil your Mom this Mother’s Day!

Today I’m thrilled to be partnering with one of my go-to gift buying shops for the most amazing giveaway to spoil you, my lovely readers and your moms this Mother’s Day!

Yes, Mother’s Day is only a few weeks away (I hope you’ve already marked your diaries… but if not it’s on Sunday 8 May which is just over 2 weeks time!)

Anyway if anyone deserves a special day dedicated to them, it’s moms! Your own, your partner’s, you!

She’s the one who packs a scrumptious lunchbox every day, drives the lift club to sports practice on a Saturday morning, helps soothe a broken heart with words of comfort, and lights up at news of your achievements.

And Woolworths knows just what every mom wants… aside from the love and affection of her children of course!

This Mother’s Day you can choose from beautiful home decor, such as silver candelabras and tea trays, to pretty tea caddys with a variety of teas or robust cement vases. Luxurious or uber comfortable sleepwear, including ponchos and slippers. Gorgeous accessories, bags and clothing from the ever-stylish international brands Witchery, Trenery, MIMCO and Country Road. Not to mention the decadent sweet treats from Woolworths Nostalgic range or an always welcome box of Lindor truffles and bunch of Woolworths roses. Or choose from their extensive range of branded perfumes such as Black Opium Nuit Blanche or Dolce & Gabanna Rosa Excelsa.

I picked a few of my own favourites from the very tempting Woolworths Mother’s Day collection and would happily receive any one of these items myself… along with a hand-drawn card and an abundant supply of hugs and kisses!


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So whether she’s your mom, aunt, granny or friend, make this Mother’s Day a perfect opportunity to show her how much she means to you and enter the competition below…

One lucky Becoming you reader will walk away with a R2000 gift card from Woolworths to spoil there mom like never before!


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This competition runs from today (19 April) for one week and the winner will be announced on Thursday 28 April 2016.

Kathryn Rossiter

Kathryn is a South African lifestyle blogger and mom of 2 who has been blogging daily for over 9 years! She writes about travel, health, beauty, fashion, decor and family... but not food (unless it's food she's eaten made by someone else) as she is a hopeless cook. She only wakes up early for 2 things... a red-eye flight to somewhere exotic and early morning game drives. She has just finished an extensive home renovation and would prefer to never see another box again. She's never met a chocolate or glass of bubbles that she didn't like!

  1. Whilst most of us could never really thank our moms entirely for everything they have done for us, in only one gift a year.
    This competition would be but a small token of thanks for the endless beauty she has represented in your life, a small yet thoughtful gesture, for the tears, her joys, her pains, the many times she has been there when our lives fell apart at the seams, the way she helped us pick the pieces, without asking for anything in return. The eternal love, no matter what we have done.
    Moms are the compass for our families; they provide the nurturing and comfort that will keep you strong for the rest of your life, and echo into your children’s lives, and their children.
    This R2000 Voucher would mean so much to both of us!

    1. Moms… I have soo many… your friends mom is my mom.. that’s the relationships I build with each and everyone (my friends) mom’s, they precious..beautiful in all ways.

      I would take this mother’s day gift.. spend it on my mom.. she’s my everything, I cant go a day without speaking to her, she deserves the best.
      This mother’s day.. a brunch in Caledon.. away from Cape town a bit.. and spend just the day.. just the 2 of us…

  2. I do not get to spend much time with my mom, so this Mothers Day I want to make her day extra special by spending precious time with her. She will be treated throughout the day and I think we should start with breakfast at Woolies.

  3. I do not get to spend much time with my mom, so this Mothers Day I want to make her day extra special by spending precious time with her. She will be treated throughout the day and I think we should start with breakfast at Woolies.

  4. Always try to spoil mom on Mother’s Day, this year there will be tea and toast in bed, then we will cook lunch for her so she can just sit and relax for the day ( although she tends to get a bit bored “doing nothing”…so we will supply a mag to flip through and a book to read). Then we will do the tea and cake thing in the afternoon with family and some snacks and drinks in the evening. Fun for us as well as mom!

  5. I would love to spoil mommy this year. She is my rock and my inspiration. She is a very simply person and love PJ’S and lovely scented bathing products which Woolworths has a wide range off where she can spoil herself.
    A little about my Mommy:
    I was raised with 5 sisters and one brother by a single mother after my dad passed away. Growing up my mom and I were incredibly close, but I was always aware of those periods that were challenging. I knew when my mother was stressed about bills and when she felt guilty for working long hours, and I knew some families didn’t struggle the way we did. And while it was hard to be aware of some heavy adult burdens at a younger age, I know that the awareness made me a stronger and more capable adult.
    There was a small moment in my life where I felt resentment towards my mom. Why did things have to be so hard for us? Why didn’t I get to have a blissfully ignorant childhood? By the time I was in my twenties, I realized just how lucky I was. My mom taught me the value of hard work and perseverance. She taught me to dream big and to never accept no as an answer when chasing your dreams. She showed me the beauty of an active life and how being passive achieves nothing. I saw my mom for who she was…. Wonder Woman!!!
    I learned the importance of family through my mother’s devotion to my sisters, brother and me. She showed us that nothing was more importance than us by being available whenever we needed her. Her hugs and kisses always made us feel loved, safe, and secure.
    I learned the importance of giving to others by watching my mom help those in need. Even though we often struggled to get by, my mother never passed up an opportunity to offer her time or resources. Her sacrificial giving taught me that we have to look beyond ourselves and work to improve other people’s lives.
    I learned the importance of hard work by watching my mother work a full time job, care for us and serve at our church. She was often tired, but that never stopped her from completing tasks with excellence. I often wondered how she managed to do it all. She told me that her desire to make a better life for her children is what fueled her drive.
    I learned the importance of education by watching my mother attend night classes to earn a degree.
    I learned the importance of respect, integrity, and faith by watching my mother live her life.
    I love my mother. She is the single biggest influence in my life. The lessons she taught me have served me and I’m grateful for her investments in me. Although my mom gave me advice and shared words of wisdom, she taught most of her lessons through her actions.
    My mom is without a doubt my best friend. Like all mother/daughter relationships we’ve had our ups and downs over the years but I know she’s the one person I can call anytime I need valuable insight on life and love and everything in-between


  6. Sadly both my mum and mum in law are in different places to us on Mothers Day but we will be skyping them and I have arranged for a little gift to be delivered to them both.
    Included are drawings from my five year old!!

  7. I will be driving from Jhb down to a little town in Northern Kzn (where my mom stays) to spend the weekend with my mom.
    I don’t get to see her often so it will be special to be with her and give her a little pampering.

  8. All Mum’s are like Angels on earth who need to be cherished. I’m going to make breakfast and clean the kitchen 😀 then we are off for some pampering. Mani’s and pedi’s and a little mother daughter bonding.
    With a family lunch and my brothers

  9. Since I moved 4 years ago from Cape Town I now Live 6 hours away from my Mom, so I don’t get to spend Mothers Day with my Mom anymore. I wold love to spoil her this year just to show how How Much she means to me. it would be the best give from me to her if I could just get to spend the day with her and to spoil her, She is such a gentle soft Mom!!!!!

  10. We will be celebrating motherhood with a bubbly breakfast and talk from a of local artist, Diaan Lawrenson! Some quality time with my mom who is our strength, pillar and superwoman! ♥

  11. I plan to spoil my mom, who is also my bestfriend. Although she moved to Durban and I have only seen her twice in 6 months and as heartbreaking as that might be I know we are never really far apart.

    I would love to spoil her with a surprise visit, some winter goodies, bath and body goodies and a picnic just for the two of us.

    I know she would really appreciate any gesture – but I really want to go full out this year.

    1. This Compitetion would also be perfect timing as I am planning to visit her driving down to Durban from Johannesburg on the 27th spending a long weekend with her.

  12. I think i will allocate a bit of spoiling to myself! Mom to 3 busy crazy boys and working partime plus plus plus…. A massage. A slab of lindt excellence. A cappuccino. And….a quiet place overlooking the sea. Xx

  13. i am going to spoil my very special mum this mothers day with a surprise trip to durban…we are going to have many cookouts and even going for a spa day

  14. I am currently a mom to be myself, but I will be spoiling my own mom.
    We will most probably start the day off with a yummy breakfast cooked by my siblings. Then off to the V&A Waterfront for some shopping of gifts of her choosing at her favourite store Woolies. She absolutely loves sushi, so we (me and my sibling) will be taking her to her favourite restaurant for lunch. Then ending the evening off at home with some yummy cake and coffee.

  15. I would love to spoil my mom, she is the most amazing person I know.. so willing to drop everything to help anyone in need.. If I was lucky enough to win this awesome voucher, We would start off with a lovely breakfast at the restaurant inside woolworths in canal walk.. and thereafter a shopping spree.. there are so many lovely things to choose from in woolworths, im sure she would have an absolute blast.. and no doubt so would I. Otherwise.. our normal mothersday will be a breakfast served at either my house or my sisters house.. (the whole family will join) and we will spoil mom with little gifts like flowers and chocolates. Either way, it will be an amazing day to appreciate the wonderful mom I have 🙂

  16. I am spoiling my mom with breakfast as usual and a stunning perspex print of my family on my wedding day.

  17. I am going to spoil my mom with a wonderful breakfast and a spa treatment, she really deserves it and her birthday is on the 7th.

  18. I plan on visiting my mom, she doesn’t stay in the same town as me so I’m wanting to surprise her. She stays near to the beach so we will probably pack lunch and spend the day on the beach together as a family. My mom always spoils me on mothers day as well because I’m also a mom to a 2 year old and am expecting my 2nd child, she is just so thoughtful and caring and always goes out of her way for me. I cant wait to see my mom and just spend some quality time with her! She is my world!

  19. My mom passed away when I was 16 so mothers day is always a bit of a heart sore, i always sit and think about how i would spoil her if she was still around. I am now a mom and pregnant this year so this brings great joy and helps soften the sadness. I do how ever have my mother in law, she is fantastic! she works so hard and has my husbands 3 younger siblings that she takes care of. I would love to be able to buy her a very nice mothers day gift or make up a hamper and then send it to her as a surprise from us and her grand children, Along with a home made card that my daughter can draw in. I feel like moms should be more appreciated cause once they are gone then you only realize how much they mean and how hard life is without the.

  20. My mother is over her 60’s now and i must say and this is partly my fault too that we hardly spend mothers day together. Since i got married we moved to Cape town and only once they moved down to Strand have we started connecting again. I would love to spend this Mothers day with my Mom and show her how much i actually love her and appreciate everything she did for me growing up and also to this day.

  21. I never went up to Johannesburg for Easter, so I’m going to spoil my mum, by flying her down for Mothers day. We have an awesome family get together planned. Grand kids are busy with preparations. I’ve also booked a full body massage for her.

  22. my mom is a simple woman. Fancy gifts and things dont warm her heart as much as time spent with her children. My sister and I plan to go home and take her out for lunch and then a spa day. Just the 3 of us.

  23. I plan on spoiling my mum in law to a fantastic home made meal and then to a baking lessons voucher which I know she is gonna love,she truly deserves to be spoilt as she has been my pillar of strength this past year that my mom has passed on
    shared on twitter @kbrijlal

  24. One thing I never forget to do is to thank my mom and let her know how much she means to me. This I do throughout the year, not just on Mother’s Day. Since she’s a thousand miles away from me, I’m putting in an extra effort of not just sending her a message or calling her. I made her a card and enclosed a heartfelt message plus a picture of us taken decades ago. I’ll be sending it through post. There’s nothing more personal and sweet than a handwritten letter delivered by the postman. In this day and age, I believe that’s something that’s missing, the true meaning of connection.

  25. All my mom wants is for her kids to spend the day with her. Normally my dad, sisters and brother takes her out for the day. But this year it will be a lovely home made lunch with the whole family. She will obviously be just sitting back, while my sisters and I take over the whole kitchen by making starters, main course and woolies malva pudding for dessert. We all LOVE woolies malva pudding and custard. Yummy! Cant wait!

  26. I would spoil my mama with a shopping spree to buy all ur necessities for her trip to London for her 60th bday

  27. We plan on making my mother a full on Sunday lunch consisting of a roast leg of lamb with all the bells and whistles, we were going to take her out to lunch but she’s just had major foot surgery and she is unable to walk as her foot is in a cast, at the age of 72 it’s very difficult for her to even consider leaving the house while she re-cooperates.. We are taking champagne, flowers and balloons as my 7 year old daughter being the only grand child insists on going all out for her ‘ouma’ which we totally agreed too 😀 <3

  28. Hi there.

    This is a bittersweet day for me as I have just become a first time Mom and am loving every moment, making it the sweetest moment ever, however my mom is the one woman I would love to spoil the most, but sadly she is no longer with us anymore and did not get the opportunity to meet what would of been her first granddaughter. So if I were to win this amazing prize, I would spoil my mom in law first and foremost as she deserves the spoils for many reasons and then I would like to buy all my close mom friends something delicious to indulge in, so that they know they are all wonderful mom’s. And if I’m being honest here…perhaps even a little something for myself as this will be my first mothers day.

  29. I really want to take my mom out for a lovely lunch , she has been supportive and of great help during my wedding planning 🙂

  30. Im gona spoil my mum by taking her to breakfast and then spoiling her at a spa. She deserves the best,she sacrificed a lot just so I could have the best. I also hope I win so I could take her shopping at Woolies and buy her the best clothing.

  31. My mum has had a year from hell! My dad had an aneurism and lost his leg – and spent 42 days in ICU – we thought we lost him as he is 83 but he’s clearly tough! After 3 months he came home to the cottage they share in our garden – to dust and mess as we had to change the entire bathroom to fit the wheelchair – and now for the past 6 months my 78 year old mum has been his full time caregiver – waiting on him hand and foot while spending a fortune on physiotherapy so that one day he may walk with a false leg – go Dad – next week he gets the leg – and mum is exhausted! I would love to win this for her – she spends all the spare cash on medical bills and would love to spoil her with a shopping spree where she doesn’t have to worry about paying those bills! We will have a big family ‘do’ on mothers day with all her kids and grand-kids around her – that is her favourite thing!

  32. I would love to take my mom out for a shopping spree she always does so much for me but otherwise breakfast together or even just a walk along the beach is what I have planned

  33. I miss my mom terribly, we haven’t seen each other for 6 years, she lives overseas. I’m planning on surprising her with a goodies parcel, she loves everything Woolies, so I know exactly what to get her? my children are busy preparing a cool video for her & I’ll call her to say how much I love and miss her❤❤❤

  34. I miss my mom terribly, we haven’t seen each other for 6 years, she lives overseas. I’m planning on surprising her with a goodies parcel, she loves everything Woolies, so I know exactly what to buy? my children are busy preparing a cool video for her & I’ll call her to say how much I love and miss her❤❤❤

  35. I would spoil my well deserved mom by taking her out for a lovely breakfast and then for a mini spa day. She is an amazing mom to me and very special and deserves to me pampered. I hope to win as I can spoil her with some beauty products at Woolies.

  36. We are spending Mother’s Day together as a family.We are spoiling my mum with gifts and lunch – this is to say thank you for everything she does for us.

  37. I will be keeping it simple spoiling my mom by doing three course home cook meal. All of us as family spending time with each other doing family games and watching movies.

  38. Woolworths is always a lovely spoil for anybody due to their wide selection of items…from food items, to homeware, to beauty!!! SO this is an amazing prize.

    I wouldn’t be sane if not for my mom. She helps my husband and I with our 3 kids…pick up from school, homework, cooks for us every night, makes seperate meals for the kids depending on what they want. They say it takes a village to raise kids…I literally would not cope without her.

    Last week I was so down and all I was craving was a malva pudding….and she doesn’t work, everybody battles financially…and I came home and she’d bought me a malva pudding (but told me I needed to buy my own cream…lol). It was literally the sweetest thing that has been done for me in a long time…. So I’d LOVE to win this just to spoil her a bit. She hasn’t been able to go out and buy herself anything in a very long time <3

    Mother's day, we're doing a girl's day brunch with my sister who is pregnant with her first child, my mom and my 7yr old daughter. The husbands can spend some time fixing up the house and hopefully keeping an eye on my sons…lol.

  39. Moms really do go through things that we as children know nothing about until we are moms ourselves! Precious beings mothers!

  40. My mother appreciates the simple things in life. What she cherishes the most is a good milky cup of tea with shortbread biscuits and a slice of fruits cake. A bunch of carnitions will make her smie too those are her favourites.

  41. Sadly I no longer have a mom but I am a mom. I would totally spoil my daughter and myself if I win this voucher because thats what moms do ❤

  42. My Mum is the most amazing role model in my life. She has always shown me what it means to be a loving, successful human and encouraged me to create the person I want to be and be that person ….From the time I was born, up until now, there has always been one person totally invested in my happiness, Her valuable lessons are priceless..#My Mum#My Greatest Blessing…I know Mothers Day is just one of 365 days in a year that we actually go all out and spoil mums, I try as often as I can, with whatever I can, sometimes with just her fave treat. The last year has been a challenging year, for all of us and having lost precious members of our family, I have come to realise how short time is and in an instant your life can be turned upside down, so this year, I would love to honour not just my mum but a few incredible woman of value I know to a simple gathering, a potjie , salads, drinks and time to re connect, and capture great moments of pure bliss…# enjoy a good gossip, laugh over old memories and re capture new ones…like n shared on social media

  43. I have three moms to spoil this year (mine, my mom in law and my hubbies grandmother). Every year we have to keep it small because well, we have 5 mouths to feed every day, but this would go a long way in making their day special!

  44. My grandmother lives down the road from me and my mom just moved up from the Eastern Cape. I’m hoping to take them out for the day to a dam near where we live where we will have breakfast braai followed by various activities like bass fishing, canoeing, nature walks and relaxing in the sun, then we can have a lunch braai before some more fun. We all love spending the day at the dam especially together.

  45. I would start my Mom’s special day off by letting her sleep in. I would surprise her the night before with luxurious linens from Woolworths and she’ll awake on Mother’s Day feeling like royalty! Then I would treat her to breakfast in bed! It won’t be complicated or elaborate. A great cup of coffee or hot tea, along with a couple of scones will make for a delightful start to her day.

  46. I plan to spoil her with flowers, breakfast in bed and her favourite perfume. Then its off to lunch and a trip to the malls for some shopping and dessert!

  47. Whoolworths help me spoil my mom for the first time. I love her and I know with you this would indeed reveal the love I have for her. She is so special.

  48. My Mum passed away 10 years ago and since then my eldest sister has stepped in as the motherly figure. She takes care of my terminally ill Dad, our younger brother and always looks out for us. I live in JHB and she in Durban and I will be sending her to the salon to have her hair done and hopefully I will be able to treat her with some Woolies goodies!

  49. I will be inviting my Mom over to my place. Cooking a feast, lamb, roasted potatoes, vegetables and basmati rice and salad with her favourite desert Malvapudding with orange sauce and custard. She will also be treated with a small gift and a big bunch of flowers!

  50. My mom has always been my best friend and there for EVERYTHING, the good, the bad and the ugly. She is the best mom in the world and I would love to treat her to all her favourite goodies from Woolworths such as sushi, rose champagne and chuckles !!! She deserves only the best and a day off cooking with only relaxation and happiness. xxxx

  51. I was raised by my paternal grandmother as my mother left while I was only seven years old with three siblings. It was very hard and difficult as a daughter because I had to take up duties as a mother at very young age. We did not know the story behind her leaving us and till today she does not want talk about it. I prayed that God should give us the nderstanding and the wisdom to accept the things we cannot change and to move on forward now that she is back into our lives. I can sometimes see it in her eyes the self blame and hurt that she want to share her story but something is hoding her back. We all love her though we have questions so this year we want to say thank you for bringing us into this world and to let her know that we do not harbor any hard feelings towards her whatsoever but have forgiven her a long time ago.

  52. I am sure that I will be spoilt by my son and granddaughters this mother’s day – We will enjoy a great meal and spend quality time together! What more could a proud mother ask for?

  53. I only get to see my mom every 4/5 months for a day or two and this year she is flying to Johannesburg to spend Mothers Day with me. I havent spent mothers day with my amazing mother for over 9 years now so I would really like to try go out of my way to make this a special one. Her birthday is also just a week later which I will be missing this year again.

    I plan on taking her out for a lovely fun filled day in Jozi – perhaps a market of some type and would love the opportunity to show her with gifts. She never has the money to buy herself anything or any new clothes so that voucher would be sensational for her to buy herself a new garment or something to spoil herself with. She has been through so much the past 12 months specifically. The story is hard to believe.

    Then finish off the day with a lovely dinner at a restaurant in Parkhurst or Greenside or maybe Ill be able to find somewhere new in Jozi that we can try out.

    If any deserves to be spoilt. Its this amazing woman.

  54. I only get to see my mom every 4/5 months for a day or two and this year she is flying to Johannesburg to spend Mothers Day with me. I havent spent mothers day with my amazing mother for over 9 years now so I would really like to try go out of my way to make this a special one. Her birthday is also just a week later which I will be missing this year again.

    I plan on taking her out for a lovely fun filled day in Jozi – perhaps a market of some type and would love the opportunity to show her with gifts. She never has the money to buy herself anything or any new clothes so that voucher would be sensational for her to buy herself a new garment or something to spoil herself with. She has been through so much the past 12 months specifically. The story is hard to believe.

    Then finish off the day with a lovely dinner at a restaurant in Parkhurst or Greenside or maybe Ill be able to find somewhere new in Jozi that we can try out.

    If any deserves to be spoilt. Its this amazing woman.

  55. I just entered this on Becoming You, and shared it to all my pages: Facebook- Samantha Taylor, Twitter- @liferetreat_ and Pinterest: Life Retreat

    I would love to spoil my mom with some gorgeous Woolworths clothes for this winter. A mom of 4, and has the biggest heart In this world ❤️

  56. After having raised 4 children, my mom deserves a good mother’s day, EVERYDAY. She hardly ever spends money on herself, so needs a good pamper with some nice products and delicious treats. And a plant, always a nice pot plant.

  57. If I could gift my mum eternity, I would. Having said that, my mum and I are like two peas in a pod. She is like my BFF, my confidant and soul provider. She is my anchor in life and I would be lost without her. My mum never had an easy life and when she became a widow at the age of 30 with 2 young kids to care for, she gave it her all. And her story( our story) has a happy ending?
    So, this Mothers Day I will be treating my mum with a surprise visit( she lives 100kms away so it will be a treat) I will be treating her with home-baked cookies and want to but some gorgous orchids from Woolworths. Just being close to someone you love the most is the best present indeed and I know that she will be most appreciative!

  58. This year iam planing a little surprise picnic for my mum n son 😉 in our back yard! It won’t be anything extravagant but I plan to have all there special treats and a few fun games. Just the thought of spending quality time with the 2 people, esp my mum who means the world to me….brings a smile to my face! Hope they like what I got planned?!

  59. I would take my mom to a nice guesthouse lodge.
    Shopping spree
    I would take her for a spa treatment then later for a delicious meal…

  60. My Mom , a woman of grace. A single parent who raised two boys , worked and baked to support us.. On her weekends she use to do fabric painting and make the most awesome pinates ever and sell them to make extra cash for us. A woman who has had a tough life but made it through with the most beautiful smile on her face. A woman who proved she can be independent and let no man define who she is or her worth. The best advise my mum gave me which I will never ever forget was “ Son , always take care of a woman’s heart no matter what , women are strong but they are also very delicate and soft. I don’t ever want you to be the reason for hardening a women’s heart’ , My mom inspires me in so many ways. She taught me that success is not all the fancy cars or big houses , it’s not the amount of money you have in your bank account BUT its merely the impact you make on someone life , it is how you feel when u go to bed at night knowing you have done your utmost best to be a good person . Today I am a married man , I always hold my Mum and my wifes heart with love and compassion. It is because of my mum , that I am the man I am today and I treasure her with everything I have. She is stronger that SUPERMAN TOUGHER THAN HULK , SHE is my Superwoman because they do exist right here on earth.
    A strong woman who isn’t afraid to get down and dirty…YES , she gets under those cars with me and we do MANLY stuff together hehehe, my mum is a tough cookie , but also a woman who is simply GRACE AND ELEGANCE , wrapped up in wholesome love , a woman who is a cloud of softness that cushions my soul., I LOVE MY MOM
    I will be working on Mothers day and since I will be working far away from home in another province , I will hide her gift at home which is a picture of myself , my brother and my mom in a huge frame saying “ ( love live here ) and about 10 packets of noodles hahaha ( My mom is addicted to woollies noodles ) – I will call my mom as soon as I open my eyes and tell her how much I love and appreciate her and let her know where to find her gift.

  61. I would love to spoil my mother for a day at the ‘SPA’. it has been years since she has been on a holiday.

  62. At 60 my mom is a real fashionista and I can go to her closet and find trendy things to wear:-) I will never ever be able to repay her for all she does for me and my kids. If I win i will make a day of it by taking her out and for breakfast and then some serious retail therapy.

  63. At 60 my mom is a true fashionista and I can always go to her closet and find trendy outfits to wear:-) I will never be able to repay her for all she does for me and my family but I can at least try! If i win i will make a day of it by taking her out for breakfast followed by some serious retail therapy x

  64. My mom is 81 and lives on her own in Gonubie. As I cannot be with her on mothers day I would give her the voucher to but the things she cannot afford. It would make her feel really special

  65. My mother just turned 65 and as an only daughter i am ashamed to say i was not even with her to spoil her on this golden age she just turned. She has been an inspiration to me and my siblings. my father passed away at an early age and she had to wear both hats of being a father to us and a mother supporting us financial and emotional with a smile in her face. Here sense of style is in high standards and i learn many things from her. this voucher would help us both to connect over quality and fashion. AS a lady of the house she would rock on anything Woolies and give more blessings for getting this for her as well.

  66. I would love to spoil my Mom with a R2000 woolies giftcard. Times are tough at the moment, I am a single mom and my mom is not working. She deserves so much to be spoilt for all that she does for me. This year I am probably going to pick some flower sout the garden and make her a delicious meal. It’s about the small things in life not neccesarily the most expensive. Something nice to eat, the fact you get to wake up each day, a roof over your head, food in your tummy… – my mom always says! My mom is my best friend, my rock, my everything. I would take a bullet for her. She is always there for me, a shoulder to cry on, a person to laugh with and share my most intimate thoughts. I could not have asked for a better mom. A truly inspiring lady whom I adore as well as the best granny to my two beautiful girls. I don’t know where she finds the energy to be the person she is. She can cook like a dream and I always get me bags, i love her to the moon and back. She is the most selfless person and is soo generous without ever asking for anything in return. The beggars by her house always wave at her when she drives past as she gives them bread etc nearly every day. I really don’t know where I would be today if i didn’t have my beautiful mom. I LOVE HER and the best part is she loves me unconditionally.
    MOTHER ( muther ~ a verb : to love, nourish, protect, teach, comfort, guide, nurture, support, embrace, cherish, reassure. All the things my gorgeous MOM does.

  67. Nothing like family spending time WIll be going to Moyo at Bloubergstrand where we all can enjoy their awesome breakfast buffet and no one need to clean as we are all moms.

  68. My Mom is a very “young” 85! She keeps up to date with the news and views and has a very outgoing personality.
    She has not been blessed with a lot of worldly possessions and nothing would be sweeter than seeing an incredulous look on her face with a fab Woolies voucher to spend on some clothes. She has so little and never asks for much.
    I love her very much and regret not telling her often enough, so maybe if I wish hard enough I could make her very happy with love from Woolies!

  69. Living so far away from my mother, and my sister (a very busy mom of two boys), being able to spoil both of them on Mothers Day would be so special.
    My mother has done everything for us, and continues to always have a smile, kind word, hug or time for a quick chat. She is one-of-a-kind and so very loved.
    My sister works full time but is always there to pick up the kids from school, also with a hug and a smile. A treat from Woolies would be a welcome relief.
    I love them both so much.

  70. My mom was 1 of 15 kids born 1960. SG
    He never had the opportunity to finish primary school, however she raised 3 girls and put them through school and college. I would love her to win this competition as she deserves to be spoilt

  71. I will treat my MOM with love and respect, like every other day, because I am always grateful for my mother and what she is doing for me. I love her dearly and I am always willing to help her.

  72. Basically any extra time spend with my mom is a bonus. Because she works in retail, they usually work weekends and public days when we are off and when they are off during the week, we are at work. I will try to squeeze her arm to take the day off but if she won’t be able to do so, I will go and surprize her at work with a nice gift hamper filled with her favourite things and steal her away for an hour or two to enjoy a cup of coffee in their coffee shop, without any interruptions. Just quality mom and daughter time. 🙂

  73. Since my own mother passed away 3 months ago, this Mother’s Day is going to one of the hardest days for us as a family yet. I would love to spoil my mother-in-law though. She has been a pillar of strength and has been there for us. I would to spoil with her the voucher so that she shop to her hearts content. She doesn’t get much as my husband is her only child, so I think she deserves this so much!

  74. The day I became a mother myself, I finally realised the sacrifice my mother had made for me and my sisters. She loved us with all she had, gave everything she had and was prepared to dig deeper than she ever had before for us. That’s what a mother does. She shares, gives, loves, teaches and nurtures. She gives to her children first and considers herself last. Because my mom is the kind of mom who wouldn’t hesitate to give to us, I believe she deserves to be spoilt on Mother’s Day…

  75. My Mom Yvonne has been going through a very tough time which has resulted in her spending most of her hours in bed.

    I would love to spoil her with soft, fluffy PJ’s or some beautiful bedding as I know she hasn’t had anything new for many years.

    I’ll add a book and tea and my Mom will declare herself to be in heaven!

  76. being a clerk with low income is hard . I’d love to spoil my mom in an extra ordinary way as she is extra ordinary. winning this voucher will give me that chance to do the little I can for her.

  77. My mom is the most important person in my life. She is my rock, she is my role model, she is my friend. I would use this opportunity to spoil her and make her feel extra special

  78. I plan on inviting her over to my house, she’ll walk in to a home cooked breakfast with flowers and a little pressy to open. We will then chat while we eat the breakfast together. Then I’ll take her to either tempin bowling which she always loves or to a paint nite session (a day one) or something similar because she loves to paint 🙂 That’s my plan! I love my mom!

  79. I don’t get to spoil my Mom at all and should I win this competition then I would allow her to spend every cent by choosing whatever she wants in a Woolies store. She has never had such an opportunity!!!

  80. This would be such a wonderful treat/surprise for my mom. We have just emigrated to the UK and I had to say an extremely sad fair well to my mom, my soul mate, my true companion. To be honest it feels as though a period of morning has accorded even though she is still alive and well thank you Jesus! I miss her so much a wish I could share my daily goings ons with her, I miss not having her pop in for tea or go shopping with… She a born shopper and absolutely loves Woolies, don’t we all. Anyway, this would be a huge gift to her, a chance for me to spoil her from afar. Fingers and toes crossed!!

  81. I love my mom. She is the most humble person I know and that is what she has imparted in me. She survived cancer and so much more. She even gave birth to 2 sets of twins. She has been complaining about her feet lately so will be giving her a spa treatment and buy her the special shoes that she wants. Will treat her with a nice breakfast in bed, which my sibling and I do every year. And followed by a special lunch. Just to have her around and to still be living with her are moments I’m treasuring daily. Always appreciate them while they still alive! Av

  82. I’m going to spoil my mum by making her a gourmet lunch. It might not seem very imaginative but my mum is always cooking for us on special occasions and I want to give her a chance to sit back, relax and not have to run around the kitchen.

  83. I wish I had enough to make my mom’s day special but I dont, as much as I would like to do something extra ordinary and special for her, as she is and is to me, I cant afford anything lavish. Winning this voucher would really mean something to me.

  84. My mum loves gifts, so I’d love to make a big deal out of Mother’s day for her and pamper her so that she can have the day off. She loves surprises and being pampered so I’ll make sure I include all her favourite things so that she knows she’s special and irreplaceable.

  85. My mom lives in another city and we haven’t spent Mother’s Day together in quite a few years (we always JUST miss the special day). This year, I know that there is no chance of seeing her for the day, so I have already planned to make use of online stores like Woolies to deliver her a stunning array of gifts. She’s a gorgeous woman who has just reached 100 days of sobriety and deserves a spoil to congratulate her on her new journey as well as a thank you for being my mom.

  86. My parents are coming to town just before Mother’s Day and I have booked us in for a spa day. I also have a lovely dinner planned at my favourite greek restaurant… and depending how she feels we might go to the theatre while she is here.

  87. I don’t even know where to begin…my Mom is just the best 🙂 She deserves everything and more for what she has done for me and how she still manages to have this incredible smile on her face! I would love to get her a few treats just as a small token of my appreciation and love toward her. I love my Mom!

  88. I really want to spoil my mom this mothers day because she is all alone and very lonely. Really really want to spoil her a little bit please woolies help me do that. thank you sooo much lovies louise

  89. My sisters, brothers, cousins have come together and we’ll be taking all the mothers, aunts and grandmas to a Spa on Saturday and then spending Sunday at a Picnic spot together with everyone.

  90. My mom lives in Durban and I’m in East London, so I would spoil her with her absolute favourite treats from Woolies which I’ll order online and have delivered right to her door. Sago pudding with double thick cream, ready to heat and eat meals to make life easier for her, and some of those addictive red chuckles! To top it off, a luxurious dressing gown and soft slippers will ensure she feels like the queen she is this Mother’s Day.

  91. My mother is the essence of the word love,strong and selfless. She has shown me how to be a mother to my two kids. She has lost three of her family members in the space of a year and can see how deeply she misses them. Because I am one who cannot show emotion and am not by the means of doing what I really want to do for my mom it would be a honor to win this voucher. It would be a small token to show my mom how much I appreciate her. There are so many things that she does for us as a family I could type for days. God has truly blessed us and man forever grateful to still have my mom around.

  92. Since becoming a mom myself recently I now only understand what it is like to love like a mother. Knowing this feeling is the most amazing gift. I never really do mothers days because I don’t have a job and can never really treat my mom so I somewhat feel hopeless. I know gifts aren’t always the only way to show your love but a gift is always a beautiful gesture. Would love to win this voucher and let my mom have her pick in store. Not only would it mean so much to her but it would mean more to me knowing I can finally get her something for mothers day. And her birthday is also in May so this is a double winner for me.

  93. I would spoil my mother and mother in law by booking them into a spa with a range of treatments just for them to relax and unwind since they are always busy with work and taking care of family.

  94. My mom unfortunately lives 7 hours away from us 🙁 so I will be spoiling my mom-in-law, they live an hour away, so we will be packing the car and taking a trip to see them… I also plan on baking a yummy treat which we can all enjoy with some tea, and taking with some beautiful flowers to make her feel very special! Its also my first mothers day, so im hoping my husband will take night duty and let me sleep in a bit 😉

  95. Just spending time with them/her – and making sure to tell them how much we love and appreciate them!

  96. I only get to see my mom about thrice a year, and being able to surprise her with this might make the day just a little less lonely for her.

  97. My mother is a cancer survivor. A woman I look up to and admire dearly. Every moment I get to spend with her is the greatest treasure I have. Mother’s Day is just a added bonus to show her exactly what she means to all of us. We will spoil her rotten with breakfast and lunch and awesome goodies from woolworths just to top off the day

  98. Just a few days ago I posted on my twitter timeline .. “The greatest blessing God has ever given me is my grandmother “. ,so you can imagine how happy I was to come across this competition. My grandmother has been the greatest mother I could ever wish for, she stopped working when I was born so that she could take care of me as my mother suffered a break-down after my birth,she survived two types of cancer, did her best to put me through university with the little she had, and now I’m able to at least buy her her favorite goodies at Woolworths from now and then,thats exactly what I plan on doing, I’ve realised although I may try my best to follow recipes they can never be as good as Woolies food which she’ll ask me to bring her when I go to visit her. I’m tempted to cook but I will go to Woolies Saturday night , but her morning slippers/shoes I saw just today, winter is coming up after all and pick up all the frozen dinners she loves and her favorite chocolate mouse then on Sunday she’ll be treated like the queen she is..maybe I might even take credit for the “cooking ” 🙂

  99. I will be spoiling mom with a beautiful family lunch. Her biggest joy in life is spending time with us, her kids and grandchildren. So basically just be with her and make her feel special with some flowers and gifts and loads of love, hugs, kisses and laughter.

  100. My mum in law is a very special mum and she deserve a real treat on Mothersday.Breakfast at a coffee shop,some shopping just for her,lunch at a restaurant overlooking the ocean, her favourite place!She would so love the love and special attention♡♡

  101. My mum in law is a very special mum and she deserve a real treat on Mothersday.Breakfast at a coffee shop,some shopping just for her,lunch at a restaurant overlooking the ocean, her favourite place!She would so love the love and special attention♡♡

  102. My Mom is always so giving and so helpful and caring to everyone. She honestly deserves a little spoiling and even if I had to win her this voucher, I would have to be stern with her not to spend it on me or anyone else as she would want to spoil everyone. She is really one in a million. So much has been said on so many of these comments and she fits into so many of those things already mentioned, so all I can say is SHE IS ONE IN A MILLION AND DESERVES A SPOILING.

  103. One day isn’t enough to thank my mom 🙂 She deserves the world, but it’s sometimes difficult to find something that is perfect for her. She has very specific tastes. I usually go with flowers or a gift voucher.

  104. I live in the Western Cape and my mom in Gauteng. I will sadly not see her on mothers day, only mid June, and I hope to be able to spoil her a bit for all the great and wonderful things she has done for me and her grand kids who she misses so much. I know that this won’t nearly make up for all that she has done, but I know she deserves it!

  105. This year my sisters and I ( we are all moms) will be spoiling my mom to a special breakfast & I will be baking a fabulous cake for us to enjoy with tea or coffee when we get back home 🙂 But just spending the day together will be the best gift of all!

  106. I’m going to bake my Mom a cake decorated with dark chocolate ganache and lots of fondant roses. My children are planning to give her a foot spa treatment with Prévoir bath crystals and creams. I’m very blessed to have my Mom who turned 70 this year.

  107. I am taking my mum on a special picnic with all her favourite dishes right after I take her for a half day spa 🙂

  108. My mom love poetry. We will read poetry and I will make her a slideshow to watch of some of her favourite poets (including me). She will receive chocolates from me and warm socks for her feet. She knows I never give flowers although i will give her a potplant. Shalom

    1. I’ll go buy my mom some home decor things and send them to her in the wilderness. Then I’d let my 7 year old buy me something to treat me since I’m a mom too.

    2. I’ll go buy my mom some home decor things and send them to her in the wilderness. Then I’d let my 7 year old buy me something to treat me since I’m a mom too.

  109. I feel so much closer to my Mom now because of what she’s had to go through the last few months… She’s had to go for treatment, which has been so difficult for her and it’s also been so difficult to watch. Through it all, she’s been positive and so brave. She’s been strong and she’s been comforting me because I just haven’t been able to find the strength to deal with it, at times. I’ve learnt so much from her in the last 6 months and I make a point of telling her that I love her, often. Life is busy and it’s easy to take people for granted. When something like this happens, life slows down and one seems to get their priorities in order. I’m giving her a laptop table so she can rest in bed and check her emails or relax and watch a movie, as well as a few other treats 🙂

  110. I will plan a big lunch for my mom…inviting both my siblings and their families to spend the day spoiling mom. I will cook all mom’s favourites and in the evening we will enjoy a spa date at mangawanini spa

  111. I plan to spoil my daughter, who is a Mom, and she deserves some spoiling as she is so good to me and does so much for me !

  112. I plan to spoil my daughter, who is a mother, on Mother’s Day. She deserves to be spoilt as she does so much for me ! I will take her for breakfast and buy her a nice gift.

  113. My Mother is the household chef, in the best possible way. No matter how hard anyone else tries her food cannot be replicated. Even with her verbal-only recipes, including; a “little bit of this” and “a pinch of that” and a whole lot of “improvising”.

    So to let the chef take her well deserved break, I’ll be cooking up as close as I can get to a storm this Mother’s Day (even if it just ends up being a drizzle). Starters, mains and dessert, no expense shall be spared and every diet shall be halted.

    My Mother is my inspiration and has taught me all the most important lessons in life, (and the kitchen) that cannot be learned in any book, classroom or lecture hall. My food may not be up to her standard but I’m sure the effort in her name will be very well received.

  114. I would love to spoil my mum with lunch, a spa pamper and a shopping spree. Even though she now suffers from a terminal illness, she continues to face the World with a Smile! I love my mum very much & would like to win this for her It would be my way of thanking her for everything she has done for us.

  115. I don’t have a mom but do have a mum-in-law who is 84 years old. We live together for the last 36 years. I will be spoiling her with a good breakfast at Spur in Gateway. Next take her to the movie, buy a good outfit at Woolworths and then to Casino cause she love gambling at Sibiya

  116. This Mother’s Day, we’ll be having a small celebration at home, since Mother’s Day, my daughter’s birthday, and my 50th, are just a few days apart! 🙂

  117. I will be taking my mom to a spa for the day, for her just to relax, put her feet up and not worry about motherly duties for a day.

  118. I plan to spoil my mom with one on one mom and daughter time. My mom has sacrificed so much for me and my sister. I am who I am today because of her. A breakfast with my mom (its her fav meal) followed by a walk in the botanical gardens is just up her ally.

  119. I would really love to prepare a lovely heart warming dinner and get some winter clothing for my mom since she hasn’t been well and she deserves to be spoiled,I would really appreciate the prize as an aid to help me achieve my plans to spoil her

  120. It’s simple…I love my Mom and would love to spoil her like she deserves…She gave me her all and now it’s her time to enjoy her life!!!!

  121. My mother is such a special person to all the people who know her. She always makes effort for others and I would love to spoil her with a few nice items from Woolworths.

  122. My mother is such a special person to all the people who know her. She always makes effort for others and I would love to spoil her with a few nice items from Woolworths.

  123. Mothers Day I wish I could spoil my Mother,But she is a Angel in heaven now.In May last year my beautiful Mother passed away.I will use this amazing gift card to spoil my Husband for being there for me.I would have like to spoil his mother,but unfortunately she also passed away a few years before my mother.So Mothers Day is a Day that me and my husband can be together and remember our Mothers for all that they did for us.They were very special loving, didicated Mothers to us and will be in our hearts and memories forever.

  124. Mom and I will be going to a spa for hot stone massages, mani’s and pedi’s. Followed by high tea. <3 shared

  125. I am about to leave the country so I’d love to spend time with my mom…chatting, enjoying some good food together and maybe even shopping for some clothes for Mother’s Day

  126. My mom and I are very close, we love to do girly things together! We will start the day of with s lovely breakfast, then a little bit of shopping, and a spa treatment in the afternoon.

  127. My mother’s day spoil will be just spending time with her and my children. Spending time together is more precious than anything else……special moments….precious memories

  128. We will be spoiling our mom, our neighbour (my godchild’s grandmother) and a friend of my moms. For the last few years we have been taking them for lunch on Mother’s Day. I also buy them each a little gift that the children give them to say thank you.

  129. This will be such a wonderful treat for my mum to spoil herself just a little bit more for mother’s day!

  130. I would take my mom to her favourite restaurant with no limits on the menu. Then I would take her home and for the next week I would be at her beck and call. No housework for her and I will be her total slave.

  131. This is my first mothers day that I myself will be celebrating. It is also the first mothers day both my mum and mum-in-law are granny’s and my gran a great-grandmother. We have a lot to celebrate this mothers day. So a big family picnic with all the woman is definitely a must. The men get to do all the cooking and the woman get to enjoy the sun and outdoors. Ideally I would take my mum out and spoil her.. but I know everyone wants to spend the time with my little one rather… so a nice family outing is perfect.

  132. Don’t think we could ever fully thank mum for all she did & continues to do for us. We try to spoil her all the time but esp on Mothers Day. Spend the whole day with her startiing breakfast while opening prezzies, visit aunts so mum spend time with her sisters, & rest of day goes in much the same way just making precious memories! Blessed to have mum.

  133. So there is quite a few mothers in my life i wish to spoil this mothers day. My own mother, my sister, and my three close friends Melissa, Erin & Lizell. They are all fantastic moms who give their all to their kids, husbands and homes. So I’ve arranged a mothers day lunch (thanks to woolies ingredients) were i will be cooking a three course meal for these deserving woman in my life to say thank you for being such a great inspirational mother to me!

  134. I plan to take my mom out for a girls’ high tea and then do some shopping with her so she can choose a new outfit for winter 🙂

  135. I am planning on taking my mom and my sister (who is also a mom) to the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens for a lovely picnic catered with our favorite Woolies food of course! The additional 2K will help me add to that with some lovely smellies or a scarf or two 🙂

  136. I would love to show my Mom how much I love her by sharing my voucher with her if I win…and by spends no time with her…and especially by letting her know how much she has influenced me as her daughter, and as a mom myself now.

  137. I was born on Mother’s Day, so every year it’s a double celebration for my family. This year I won’t be able to spend the day with my mom, but I’ll be sending her a lovely hamper of flowers and chocolates. 🙂

  138. I’m spoiling my own Mommy! I will be getting ready-made lunch from Woolies and enjoying it with her and all her grandkids in the outdoors, like Greenpoint Park!

  139. I live far away from my Mom. So when we get to spend time together one of our favorite treats is getting our nails done and having a good gas over coffee.

  140. I wait for Mother’s Day – it’s the one day that my mum let’s us cook for her and spoil her. She is always doing stuff for us and spoiling us. I will be making breakfast in bed, afterwards a family picnic with her 4 children and their extended families. We will be cooking everything that she loves and lots of chocolate brownies.

  141. Seeing that I am a student I can’t spoil my mom to the nines like I would like but this year I decided that I will be “using what i know” and design something for her from scratch. Studying clothing and textiles I’d be able to design and sew a beautiful dress from scratch and not only spoil her because it’s mother’s day but also give her something that would represent all the sacrifices that she has made to have me pursue my passion at university. The dress would serve as a perfect gift that she could wear on her anniversary and if I won the voucher then she could buy herself a stunning pair of heels and a hadbag to finish off her look for the evening. #MyMomIWonderWoman

  142. We always get together as a family in Mother’s Day and this year will be no different… A special lunch with table set and before we eat, we always go around the table telling my mom why we value and appreciate her… It’s super special 🙂

  143. My mom is Supermom and there’s probably not enough ways to show her how much I love and appreciate her, but I hope to make her day special enough so I’ve decided to take her out for breakfast to this quaint little coffee shop that serves the best eggs and hot chocolate and for a little pamper party after to destress and just relax. I’m uber excited about our plans and I hope we have many more moments like this in future.

  144. She loves the outdoors, so I’m taking her out on a little extravagant picnic with my sister and nieces, then to a professional photoshoot that we have been planning for the past three months 🙂

    Holding thumbs!

  145. My mom passed on 11 years ago and I was blessed with the most incredible mom in law.She is the most caring person i know. She embraced with open arms into her family and treated me as if I were her own daughter.She does everything she can for her family, will give her last of needs be.She never asks for anything in return.She loves to be pampered , and suffers from arthritis.We will be treating her to a spa day and breakfast.And then a home cooked lunch made my me…and her son will bake her favourite carrot cake.she is a gem and has raised an incredible son. Her last born , which is my sister in law will be getting married in december. With this prize she can treat herself by buying a stunning outfit for the wedding at woolworths.

  146. My mom is such a wonderful supporter and carer of us. So, we will be lavishing her with all sorts of treats and spoils. The same with my awesome mother in law in Pretoria. The biggest treat for both will be spending time with their grandkids, even if it is on the phone…

  147. I don’t see my mom because she is in East London and am in CPT.. A beautiful bunch of flowers with a small gift would be totally appreciated by her..But if I get a chance to visit her…most definitely a breakfast in bed would be made!

  148. My mom doesn’t live in the same country as me so I don;t see her often but is coming home for a short visit and I would love to spoil her with gifts to make her feel special and a high tea.

  149. My moms birthday is the 7th May, so Mother’s Day will be extra special. She is one in a million, she has been my rock, my mentor, my teacher, my critic, my strength, my love and my best friend and nothing will change. She is an amazing mother, wife, grandmother and mother in law! She is mine :)This voucher will be such an awesome gift for her!!

  150. Firstly mothers day is everyday .. I try to do something sweet and special for her as much as i can but on THEE DAY Gosh! Theres so many things i could think of .. Definitely a few winter gifts making her feel good and woolies fresh, then creating more memories.. Making up for the years i didnt grow up with her , makeup for the teen fights we had when i did see her weekends… Silly now! And learning now that she is and was always my strongest, bravest best friend i always had. Love you Mom #rolemodel#luckiestdaughter.. ❤??

  151. On mothers’ day I will be spoiling my mum with her favourite flowers (peach roses) and will be making her lunch <3 <3 <3

  152. It just so happens that it is my moms 60th too! This woman deserves the world. If I won, it would add this as one of her 60 presents on the day, to represent each year she’s been in this wonderful world.

  153. I will spoil my mom with breakfast in bed, following with a trip to her favorite plant nursery for a nice lunch and her favorite wine

  154. I will fetch my mom early and we will go out for breakfast as a family, and then I will take her shopping at Brooklyn (she loves the shops) and a lovely Cinema Nouveau movie, with coffee and cake in between ❤️

    1. Your day planned with your Mom, sounds lovely. It’s such a great idea. My Mom, would adore that exact kind of day too…

  155. Im planning on taking my mom on a nice relaxing day out for mother’s day starting with breakfast at a nice cosy spot, then I would like to treat her to some shopping (hopefully with that woolies card) where she can choose something nice for herself & some pampering at Sorbet 🙂 and then we will end the day off either at a nice restaurant with entertainment (maybe Stardust) or go and see a nice movie, I will let her decide…she deserves only the best for everything she’s done for me and my brother being a single mom and also everything she does for us now with our two kids…she’s such a proud, wonderful grandma! <3

  156. My mom loves it when I bake her something. Last year I made her favourite Turkish Delight and knitted her a scarf. This year I am going to try my hand at nougat. She loves nougat.

  157. I am spoiling my mom by going over to her house to spend some QT with her. I will also spoil her with a box of chocolates that she will definitely enjoy! And I might even throw in some flowers.

  158. This is such an incredible prize for all the Mum’s out there. I would love to give this fabulous prize to my Mom! What a magnificent treat. I hope the person who WIN’s has the Best Mothers Day ever. Lots of Love to all Mom’s. Just adore this special day to make sure your Mom knows just how much she is appreciated. ???????

  159. I am planning a special lunch with my mama , last mothers day before I become a mom myself 🙂 she deserves everything! <3

  160. I would love to spoil my mom and mother in law with an early supper at a nice restaurant followed by a theatre show

  161. I’m spoiling my mother and my best friend by treating her to a worry free day. Starting with planning everything and from coffee in the morning to tea right before bed, and everything in between.

  162. My mom loves being surrounded by the family.. so, I plan on cooking a special lunch for her and the family on Mothers day

  163. My mum lives far away so a phone call will be shared on Mother’s Day and we will plan special treats for when we get together in June!

  164. My mom loves music and we have just been to the Chris de Burgh concert together. I’m going to buy her a ticket to see Ronan Keating with me. Love her!

  165. My Mom is coming to visit in June so we’ll be catching up on a couple of years’ Mother’s Days & more. Winning would certainly broaden the spoilings! 🙂

  166. I don`t have much to say but my mom deserve this awesome prize just for raising 10 kids on the cape flats with all obstacles like apartheid and people with gangster mentality she will be celebrating her 70th birthday coming up next week 26 April 2016

  167. My mom’s birthday fall’s on mother’s day this year. My siblings and I are already sending her to Cape Town for the weekend so I’d love to give her the voucher so she can go shopping and spoil herself

  168. i will be able to spoil my mum if i win this voucher and take her on a shopping spree because she totally deserves it and i can afford it

  169. My mum is in the UK, and they have Mother’s Day in March, which is always tricky to remember, but I managed it this year with the help of Facebook!. She’s usually the one to spoil us when she comes to visit, bringing a suitcase of goodies from England for us and the kids. A Woolies voucher would help us spoil her properly in return next time she’s here.

  170. Hi…..I’m @Boyas112

    My 1st love, my mother.
    My Love for her is beyond words.
    She has broken her back many times for me and my siblings.
    She is truly amazing and always there to lend a helping hand.
    She is currently involved in helping misfortune kids and parents in gang/drug infested area in Athlone. (Cape Flats).
    She assists in feeding them from her own pocket, at the church she opened with my Father.
    She is really trying to help and she deserves a break and this beautiful gift. The kids love her and she loves them as much as I love her. This amazing gift would be just perfect for her.

  171. My mom is amazing – she is the ultimate DIY queen, has just managed a monster house move after 30 years and done it in style. I love her for everything she means to me and my husband and son, and for all that she does for us, whether that’s babysitting our two year old or helping paint a cupboard with chalk paint! She is wonderful and I’d love to spoil her x

  172. This is always a tough one as I miss my mum so much on this day. But this year I get to be spoilt as the mum of a 1-year-old and am really looking forward to a bit of a lie-in and snuggle with my favourite people.

  173. I am planning to spoil my Mom, by giving her A Day Free from the “Mom Routine” I love my mama, my mama would love a day free from the “mom routine.” it means no cooking, no dishes, no laundry, no chauffeur, no shopping, etc.

  174. I will leave it up to my Mom where she wants to go for Mothers Day, I will suggest a nice tea and cake outing, or take her to Bingo, BUT if I win the Woolies Gift card the decision will be made…..we will go shopping at Woolies !!!

  175. My Mom lives far away in a small country town with not a lot of shops/restaurants around so trying to spoil her is really difficult. The good news is that she will be visiting 4 days after Mother’s Day, so I’ll probably take her for breakfast as she’s been craving french toast and good coffee and we get to spend some quality time together. I would love to be able to give her this voucher so she can go shopping, she deserves some nice new things!

  176. am planning on cooking up mouth watering food for my mom,she is a very special woman, words “I love you” are not adequate enough to express how grateful I am to be her daughter, how much I appreciate her and how much she will always mean to me,
    she is my superhero and she deserves to be spoiled in any special way

  177. I would spend the day with her, starting with with breakfast, woolies treats and a big lunch which does not involve her spending any time in the kitchen

  178. I would be honoring the memory of my Mom that passed over, a year ago.Filling alk the empty spaces in my heart with beautiful memories…will be having my kids here to spoil me and to make my day special for me as their mother.

  179. I will love to spoil my 92 year old Mom with a meal of her favourite seafood from Adega Restaurant followed by a musical show at the Barnyard Theatre. I will buy her clothing and toiletries of her choice from Woolworths as this has been her store for the past 60 odd years. My mother is the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her. I love my Mom to bits and spoiling her in her twilight years is all that matter to me now.

  180. Sadly my mom passed away the 15th of January this year so if I should win I would firstly buy a big frame to put one of her photos in for our hallway, then I’ll surprise my boyfriends mom with some goodies for her kitchen. She absolutely loves cooking and she adores Woolworths.

  181. I want to plan a nice picnic. A bench by a river, watch the ducks, kids playing nearby…and delicious cupcakes, savouries, and scones, with tea made on the gas cooker. Mmm !

  182. My mom’s birthday always falls on or either before or after Mother’s Day so it is always a huge day of spoiling mom and treating her to all of her fave things!!!

  183. I plan to spoil my best friend who i also a mom this mother’s day by taking her out for lunch, and offering to babysit another time. She is an amazing mom so I would like to spend it with her because my mom is no longer with me.

  184. I am sad to say I miss my mum very much she meant the world to me , She taught me to love & respect , Mum passed on her good qualities on how raise a family , I did just that .I have 2 beautiful daughters who take care of me now that I am old . They have beautiful daughters also .they are like my mum seeing to all my needs , if I have taken my medication on time , spoiling me every day .I would love to spoil them to show my appreciation. they also inherited their good manners from their late grandma .this will be awesome to win this voucher to express my love .

  185. I am planning to take her out for a movie and then a high tea as she loves movies and sweet things.

  186. We will be baking my mom a cake with the help of my 3 year old daughter and also making her dinner

  187. My mom, who also replaced dad’s role since he passed away, raised three smart and savvy women without asking anything in return. She’s a beloved teacher and continue to help struggling community members get back on their feet, help them with employment ideas and motivate them when they need an encouraging word or two :-). I hope this can be mom’s long overdue and well-deserved treat with lots of love.

  188. I would love to spoil my beloved mother this mother’s day by taking her and my sisters out for a special ‘girls’ day which would include some shopping, a fabulous lunch followed by a little boat trip around the harbour. We’d then end the day off with tea and cake at a nearby bakery and cake shop. She hardly ever spoils herself, so this would be a huge treat (and we’re all moms too so it would be a overall fantastic mothers day for us all)!!

  189. A handmade card and a special note of why I appreciate her so much and then tea with all her children- there are 5 of us, excluding the grandchildren and children in laws! All things that are important to her! We often tease her that she has the “gift of interference”, but I am so grateful to have her in my life, and the life of my kids. She is an amazing lady!

  190. My mother has started this year off on a tough note, with my father suffering a heart attacked and undergoing a quadruple bypass. He was in hopsital for a month in high care, then intensive care and had to undergo another month in rehabilitation to strengthen his muscles and learn to talk/enunciate properly again.

    Watching my mom be the pillar of strength through this very tough time in her, and our family’s lives was truly a blessing. It showed me how a mother is the one who holds the family together during these difficult times, even when she was not sure whether my dad would make it up to this day she prayed with his daily, visited him 3 times a day and even went to the effort of putting face cream on his skin and moisturizing his body, taking his clothes home to wash daily and sneaking him in some snacks into Hospital.

    My mother has always put her family’s needs first and above her own, and so for mothers day I am going to put her needs above mine and spend a day pampering her to some @ home body treats and treating her to a day of drinking Rose Wine (her favourite) & having a lunch on a wine farm in Stellenbosch because she wouldnt want anymore more than to celebrate the day with her loved ones.

  191. I would love to spoil my awesom mom with this stunning gift!! She is my best friend and I dont know what I would do without her. She is always there for me no matter what and I love her so much!! Would be great to win this and surprise her with thisl lovely gift. Crossing all fingers and toes!

  192. My own Mom passed away from cancer last year so I nominate a wonderful friend and Mom Roz who has been there for me through the good and the bad times. She is truly a remarkable women who although is in her 70’s she can truly hold her own with any woman, or man, that is much younger. She revived my passion for yoga and we go twice a week to de-stress and keep us fit and flexible. My favourite moments with her are pottering around the garden and our endless chats over cups of steamy rich coffee and her decadent chocolate cake. We have so much in common and she is truly my rock. She has had a really hard life yet remains eternally optimistic about life.

    1. I will spoil my friend on Mothers Day by treating her to a wonderful day out with a delicious lunch at our favourite restaurant, some roses (her fav flowers) and some choccies.

    2. My own Mom passed away from cancer last year so I nominate a wonderful friend and Mom Roz who has been there for me through the good and the bad times. She is truly a remarkable women who although is in her 70’s she can truly hold her own with any woman, or man, that is much younger. She revived my passion for yoga and we go twice a week to de-stress and keep us fit and flexible. My favourite moments with her are pottering around the garden and our endless chats over cups of steamy rich coffee and her decadent chocolate cake. We have so much in common and she is truly my rock. She has had a really hard life yet remains eternally optimistic about life. I will spoil my friend on Mothers Day by treating her to a wonderful day out with a delicious lunch at our favourite restaurant, some roses (her fav flowers) and some choccies.

  193. I would love to spoil my the most deserving woman in my life, my Mom. She is an amazingly strong woman both mentally and emotionally and I am in awe of her strength of courage, resilience and perseverance. She has made such tremendous sacrifices over the years and has always made me her No.1 priority. She is the most amazing woman, friend, sister, aunt, but more importantly MY MOM. Her unconditional love, unwavering support, absolute belief and trust in me has shaped me into the woman I am today, and I am so blessed and honored to have her in my life. I sincerely hope to one day become such a role model to my own children. It would be so wonderful to win this amazing prize for her to show my appreciation for everything she so selflessly gives of herself not only to me, but to others as well. This Mother’s Day I am taking my Mom on a picnic to her favourite place and treating her to a wonderful picnic lunch with all her favourite treats, some chilled champagne and a surprise gift of a voucher for a Spa day of pampering.

  194. I honestly have the best mom out there, as cliched as that may sound. She’s such a strong powerful individual. From battling with IVF for many years before I was born, to being the sole bread provider for our family today… she surely knows how to do it all! She is so strong, both emotionally and mentally and always does everything with her smile. No matter what, she has love for everyone and everything. She always supports me, even when I feel as if I want to give up. Her hard work, undying passion and love makes me hope that I will be like her someday. For this Mother’s Day, I have bought my mother a pamper set for her feet as she always battles with them. I’ve also bought her some wonderful Turkish Delights. I will spoil her by hiring a cleaning service to clean the house and do the laundry for the day (I’m doing it the day before as it’ll be more convenient…). In all honesty, my mother deserves that break since she wakes up at the creak of dawn to ensure the house is spotless. I hope one day I can repay her properly. She deserves the best!

  195. we will be taking her for a picnic at one of awesome picnic spots in the winelands. where she can kick back and relax for the day, while the food is sorted for and we reminisce about good old days

  196. Mom suffered a mild heart attack 2 weeks ago so we decide to send her on a small holiday to Mossel Bay, she leaves the 1st and gets back the 11th

  197. My mom lives too far away to spend mothers day with any family, she really misses out on all the famiy braai’s, so it would be nice to get her some real SA braai goodies to send overseas so that she can have a small taste of home!

  198. My mom was placed on earth to be my mom. She is the reason i am on earth. Carried me for nine months. Only herself no one offered to help her. She had five kids and all of us are proud to be her children. Love forever

  199. I love that she’s always there for me , She can change a bad situation into a good one in just a few seconds she can bring up a smile on your face thru the toughest of times – She gives and expects nothing in return. She loves unconditionally – She kind caring and is ever so ready to give a helping hand she is special to me , my superhero, superwoman who worked hard to support her family even though she had an abusive husband who treated her badly never supported her who beat her up for no reason she still went on and never gave up , love her to bits

  200. I am known as Miss Cook & Bake so that’s what I’ll be doing…. cooking a delicious gourmet meal plus serve it with a lovely red wine.

  201. Mother’s Day is always a special occasion, a day where I can treat my Mum and let her know how much I love her and how grateful I am to have her! I would spoil my mum with breakfast in bed and give her some beautiful flowers. Mum also loves some pampering. I would treat her to a sumptuous spa day or pamper package. My mum works hard and lives in a stressful state. She needs to unwind with a relaxing massage, or fancies glamming up with a manicure and pedicure.

  202. I haven’t had the privilege to know my mom as she was in a car accident when I was very little.
    But been a mom myself I can only imagine how fortunate my boys are to have one.
    I thank God every day for giving them to me and the many happy moments I have spent with them.

  203. Cream Scones with Strawberry jam at Garden world our tradition ..then walk around looking at the beautiful plants flowers truly inspirational

  204. competitions, decor, gift ideas, homeware, moms, mothers, mothers day, Shops, win, woolworths, woolworths competitions, woolworths homeware# nothing beats to see amum smile this mothers day with a little gift#

  205. My Mom struggled a lot to get a job .but she could find but even though she didn’t give up on her children, she sells ? just for us to be provided with something .
    She never want to see a sad face ,
    She is my hero I love her more than anything I could take a last breath just for her .am 17 today because of her
    Thank you mom?

  206. i have never done anything special for my Mother but when i was in school i use to buy a chocolate and a card for her .since i moved to my own house we have never done anything together . i don’t stay far from her but since covit19 i have not see her for months . but this year i wold got to her and cook lunch and for desert we can have a Woolworth cake

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