Win a makeover and photoshoot worth R3000 from Abigail K Photography

One of the things most women wish for is a photo of themselves which they actually like… with the high standards we place on ourselves, they don’t come around too often!

As women we always seem to find fault with our appearance when we see it reflected in a photo – the angle of our chin, the spots on our cheeks, the regrowth of our highlights – the list of “flaws” goes on and on….

Why is it that we always seem to focus on the aspects we DON’T like and very rarely, if ever, do we appreciate our unique beauty and the aspects that make us attractive?

And we hardly ever take the time to celebrate our beauty or, if we have a family, just time out for ourselves….

For this reason I am so pleased to be collaborating with Abigail K Photography in order to run an amazing competition for the month of May.

To celebrate the beauty of women, especially moms, I am giving away a makeover and photo shoot from Abigail K Photography at her new studio space located at Upper Eastside Hotel in Woodstock in Cape Town. Yes, the perfect opportunity for you to take time out from your busy schedule and indulge in a day of pampering and preening, a chance to celebrate you and your unique beauty if you will!

The prize is valued at R3000 and consists of the following:

Hairstyling and makeup

A styled in-studio beauty shoot

25 hi-resolution edited works of art for you to keep

Here are a few of Abigail K’s photos’s from simliar shoots… HOW AMAZING!

Abigail K Photography-1209


Abigail K Photography (2) Abigail K Photography (3)

abigailk2 Abigail K Photography  Abigail K Photography--3 Abigail K Photography-0562

abigail3    Abigail K Photography-1870  Abigail K Photography-8887




Phone: 076 129 7631


Images: Abigail K Photography

Kathryn Rossiter

Kathryn is a South African lifestyle blogger and mom of 2 who has been blogging daily for over 9 years! She writes about travel, health, beauty, fashion, decor and family... but not food (unless it's food she's eaten made by someone else) as she is a hopeless cook. She only wakes up early for 2 things... a red-eye flight to somewhere exotic and early morning game drives. She has just finished an extensive home renovation and would prefer to never see another box again. She's never met a chocolate or glass of bubbles that she didn't like!

  1. Waking up over the weekend and my daughter tells me… mommy you are really pretty. That makes my day as during the week is such a rush to get done for school that we don’t really have time to chat.

  2. What gorgeous feels like to me…

    My first thought was makeup… When you wear the right makeup, when it enhances your natural beauty, you feel amazing! Confident! Gorgeous and sexy! So even if you’re dressed in a rag, having a bad hair day or whatever, to me, when I wear the right makeup, I feel gorgeous… And like I’m showing the best version of me. Bobbi Brown said it best in her book “Pretty Powerful” when she said “I believe that all women are pretty without makeup – but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful.”

    Oh, and never underestimate the power of a compliment… When someone offers me a compliment, I feel like I can conquer the world! 😉

  3. What gorgeous feels like to me…
    A new item to wear, coupled with freshly done hair and make-up, then topped off with “that look” that only my husband can give me as he says “you look gorgeous my Beloved”.

  4. Feeling Gorgeous to me is when I catch my husband giving me a second look ;). Completed step 1,2 and 3

  5. What gorgeous feels like to me…. is…me, with just that little extra confidence from an awesome makeover…<3

  6. What gorgeous feels like to me…
    My four year old son told me last night that he loves me cause I look like a fairy princess!!
    haa, haa xxx

  7. Being comfortable with who I am, my body, my own style. Being loved and adored by my loved ones.. But most of all being happy and content, then you glow from the inside and nothing is more beautiful than that.

  8. I feel my most gorgeous when ever I holding my son.

    Just knowing he is an extension of myself and my hubby , makes my heart want to burst!

    Knowing I am his mom,and that I carried him, and I get to raise him makes feel radiant

    (even though I may look tired close up) and absolutely gorgeous <3

  9. “What gorgeous feels like to me…”
    Feeling healthy, fit and strong and being loved.
    Having a good hair day, a dash of make up and a spritz of perfume.
    Doing something worthwhile and fulfilling.
    A good night out with hubby and friends.

  10. What gorgeous feels like to me is when my husband looks at me as if I were the most precious person in existence.

    It’s when my son stops right in the middle of his favourite Lego game simply to come and hug me and tell me that he loves me.

    It’s when my daughter catches me checking my makeup in the mirror and she tells me that I am beautiful.

    What gorgeous feels like to me is seeing love reflected back at me in the eyes of those I love most in the world.

    1. ….. Getting flowers on my pillow at night, sitting in my garden with my cat and hugs & kisses from my loved ones.

  11. Gorgeous to me is when u come to a point in ur life that u r content with ur temple that u accept urself for who u r and the body u were given. After suffering with an eating disorder at school and being healed from that to then a whole new body change after two gorgeous boys u realise that being gorgeous is something only u can put on each day, it’s only u that can look at urself and feel confident and pretty – stop wearing masks but embrace ur own uniqueness and shine baby shine!

  12. What gorgeous feels like to me is being comfortable in my own skin and concentrating on those features that’s just beautiful and uniquely me!

  13. Gorgeous to me is feeling comfortable and beautiful within yourself. Loving yourself from within and letting it radiate on your physical outside ! When you’re feeling happy and beautiful from within, it shows on the outside. ❤️❤️❤️

  14. Gorgeous to me will always be when internally I am embracing joy and being authentic. My husband has always made me feel gorgeous when he looks at me 🙂

  15. What gorgeous feels like to me, when I am confident and know that the outside is sort of meeting the inside. We all have a picture of how we look and sometimes looking in the mirror ( I wouldn’t say scary ) but is definitely not the same picture ! … I just had an emergency op on my neck and am definitely feeling like my confidence levels have drooped.. I like it when I get admiring looks from people now and then ! thank you.

  16. When I wake up with no makeup an messy hair and my boyfriend thinks I look amazing. Also when I’m all made up to the max and I feel like can conquer the world with my high heels! 🙂

  17. To feel gorgeous is to be content, to be happy and to be confident! To be proud of the person you are and to be satisfied with who you are and who you represent. Its about embracing the real you, not the one you THINK others will love and respect, the real you, who may or may not have perfect skin/hair/teeth.

  18. I’ve always seen myself as a plane-jane. But, who doesn’t want to feel gorgeous?

    Sometimes… I will dress and the outfit actually “works”, I will do some trouble with makeup (which hardly happens) and then… see approval in others eyes. Then, at that exact moment, I get the feeling of being gorgeous… hmmm, what a good feeling!

  19. What gorgeous feels like to me is being self assured that you are the best you can be today and strong enough to see you threw tomorrow.

  20. What gorgeous feels like to me…feeling comfortable in my own skin, embracing my flaws as my own and no one else’s, which reminds me that i am unique as we all are, without exceptions or excuse and feeling the good in me touch the lives of others. Wearing jeans and a white tank top with my hair in my face and smiling at strangers…is what gorgeous feels like to me.

  21. …all my womanly assets enhanced by an ideal make-over and photo shoot…enough to make me feel gorgeously confident and special 🙂 —- the perfect 25th birthday pressie xxX from the universe

  22. Having the confidence in yourself and your appearance to go out there and achieve your goals. Working from home and being a full-time mom as well, one sometimes looses the confidence and the care it takes to look after oneself. I feel that if you look good you feel good. It is also having your family look at you like you are their everything!

  23. Feeling gorgeous to me is when my 2 month baby boy looks at me like im the only person in the world and just smiles like we share a secret that nobody else understands but just the 2 of us. My heart skips a beat looking at him, knowing that i must be pretty georgeous if i could be a apart of creating something so beautiful and gorgeous.

  24. Feeling gorgeous to me is when everything falls into place. When you’re having a great hair day, when you’ve just had your nails done and look perfectly groomed but not “done” and you are rocking an outfit that makes you strut (just a little). I long for more of those days. I might get it right once in a blue moon and I would love to have a few pictures of myself that I would proudly show off. I’m behind the camera 99.5% of the time and have nothing gorgeous for online profiles. Please pick me!

  25. Gorgeous is not a one-size-fits all feeling. It holds new meaning to different beings. Gorgeous to me, is the way I feel when I’m surrounded by those whom I cherish, and those who hold me close to their hearts. The look of love I receive from my daughter and husband, when I am make-up free, in sweat-pants and slippers, are gold. As a mom, I am forever gorgeous in the eyes of my family, but sometimes, just sometimes, I need the extra push myself, and THIS would be the kind of push I need.

  26. Gorgeous is when you’re 7 months pregnant and you’re putting on your wedding dress with the dread that you look like an overweight penguin whose about to roll to the altar. But when you reach your husband-to-be, he looks at you like he hasn’t seen a more beautiful, sexy and stunning woman. And if looking at you like that isn’t enough he says “You will always be the most beautiful woman I know.” You immediately feel splendid and blush all over. Even though your nose is the size of Hilda’s koeksisters and you feet feels like it wants to burst out of your mediocre heeled sandals.That’s when I felt gorgeous.

  27. I already follow you on Twitter and Facebook and now I follow you on Instagram too. Have shared the competition on Twitter (@rumtumtiggs) and Facebook. I have also liked Abigails FB page. PLEASE pick me!!

  28. Gorgeous feels like when I have a pair of heels on, dancing the night away in my husbands arms, knowing that I’m the only lady for him.

  29. To me, gorgeous feels like Confidence. Confidence can so easily be forgotten in our day to day busy lives. Its important to feel gorgeous and have confidence!

  30. What gorgeous feels like to me is working with Abigail K Photography! To feel gorgeous is to know with confidence that we are all made uniquely with and without flaws which makes us so special. To walk around feeling confident that we are perfect just the way we are and to encourage others to feel the same. To be happy to be healthy and most of all to be gorgeous! Thank you Abigail K Photography and becoming you for this opportunity to feel everything including Gorgeous! because with the two of you all my dreams will come true! 🙂 xx

  31. What gorgeous feels like to me is getting dressed up and feeling pretty, but happy about it and just being able to be yourself for it. Despite flaws and the little things, if you’re happy it shows through when you’re laughing and is matched in your eyes smiling too 🙂

  32. what gorgeous feels like to me: I truly believe that being gorgeous consists not only of your physical beauty, but also:

    – your mental beauty: being able to be mentally stable, and entering any situation with a proper mental state, thus being able to handle any situation you are faced with, and being able to deal with people of all races, cultures, age, sex, etc.
    – your spiritual beauty: being spiritually beautiful to me means that you are so connected to God and His word, and you focus your thoughts and way of life according to the word of God. Allowing God to be your leader and allowing His light to shine through you, will draw people towards you and you will shine so beautifully like none before.
    – your intellectual beauty: Being intellectually beautiful will weaken any males knees. A woman who is driven, who knows what she wants in life and who is insightful about who she is, and about her needs and wants, is extremely beautiful. A woman who loves knowledge, is truly inspirational.
    – your emotional beauty: Women who are emotionally intelligent are extremely gorgeous. A woman who does not allow her emotions to control her actions and behaviour in different situations makes her gorgeous.

    Your physical beauty does not go unseen, as it is often the first thing people notice. I truly believe that if a woman feels physically beautiful, her spirit will be uplifted, her personality will be joyful, and her smile will carry her from day to day. A woman who feels that what she sees in the mirror is something good, will always feel that she is ready for the day.

    Yet, a woman who carries all of the above aspects, will be able to conquer the world. 🙂

  33. Personally I feel like its been forever since I have felt in any way gorgeous in my own eyes. I have struggled long and hard with terrible insecurities about myself. I am turning 30 in July and I feel like I have in some way lost a large part of everything that makes me feel womanly or gorgeous


    I do have a daughter and she is the greatest gift I will ever have in my life. When my little girl runs her fingers through my hair, kisses me, gently takes her little make up set and transforms me, the moments our eyes catch and she says ‘ Mommy you are beautiful’…those are my gorgeous moments.

    In those moments I catch my breath because that beautiful little soul came from me, its the little matching line on our nose or a soft dimple, the way her eyes crinkle at the edge and the way she lights up with a magnificent smile…. all those little things are a small reflection of me…

    I may be locked in a personal battle with myself, but nothing in this world, no fancy clothes, no amazing make-up, and no perfect body will ever make me feel as gorgeous as I am through the eyes of my little girl.

  34. What gorgeous feels like to me.. Is that warm feeling I get, when my mother tells me she’s proud of me. Is that feeling I get, when I’ve helped someone in some way. Whether its my family, or a stranger. What gorgeous feels like to me, is when I feel good about something I’ve done. When I’m proud of myself and what I’ve achieved. Cause you can only feel gorgeous on the outside so much, but you can always increase how gorgeous you feel on the inside. That’s what feeling gorgeous is for me.

  35. Feeling gorgeous comes from the inside… I know that I may not have the perfect hair, skin, teeth or body – but I know that being gorgeous is more than outside perfection. Every women is gorgeous and should feel gorgeous because of her own beauty within….

    Her lips are beautiful because they speak words of kindness.
    Her eyes are lovely because they seek out the good in people.
    Her figure is perfect because she accepts herself as she is.
    She dresses in self-esteem and adorns herself with praise.
    She has an open mind, a happy heart and a big smile.
    Her beauty is reflected in her soul, in the caring and passion that she shows.
    She believes in the splendour of her dreams.
    Brave enough to be herself, embracing who she is.
    She shines with confidence, attitude, intellect, gratitude and love.
    What does gorgeous feel like?
    She knows who she is. She knows that being gorgeous means being yourself.
    The more you show who you are, the more beautiful you will be.
    She knows that the most beautiful curve on a women’s body – is her smile.

  36. Gorgeous to me : having 4 beautiful daughters who think beauty is from the inside. They have ways said I was pretty when at my heaviest and now 35 kgs lighter they think I look the same 🙂 I would really love a makeover!

  37. Being gorgeous to me – smiling on the inside and out, when i look at my children and hear them say “I love you Mommy”…. they are what makes me whole and i thank God for that blessing, everyday!

  38. What gorgeous feels like to me is the confidence one has. I am so beautiful, sometimes people weep when they see me. And it has nothing to do with what I look like really, it is just that I gave myself the power to say that I am beautiful, and if I could do that, maybe there is hope for them too. And the great divide between the beautiful and the ugly will cease to be. Because we are all what we choose.

  39. Too me, gorgeous feels like being comfortable in my own skin, being free to express myself for me, no matter what anyone else thinks GORGEOUS = ME

  40. What Gorgeous feels like too me… Well its being completely confident and happy with yourself <3

    Its accepting all your flaws and acknoweledging that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL 🙂

    A Gorgeous feeling women is a happy one:)
    Ladies you're beautiful&gorgeous<3

  41. When i realised i dont need other peoples validation of my beauty, im confident in my own skin, ive come to love my faults and flaws because it makes me who i am today.

  42. Gorgeous to me is….when I have a happy bounce in my step, twinkle in my eye, a shimmer on my skin and shiny soft cascading hair 🙂

  43. What gorgeous feels like to me… Gorgeous is being confident, not having to rely on someone else to make you feel good, uplifting other women and being the type of person you want others to look up to.

  44. I miss the admiration acceptance and praise lavished on me by my last husband, but memories live on and gratitude for those memories is ever present. I have to admit that I have neglected
    my appearance of late and a makeover and photo shoot would be just the ticket to encourage me to take an active interest in my appearance once more! Here’s hoping!

  45. Being at peace with yourself and who you are and feeling comfortable in your own skin is gorgeous to me – and something I would love to feel again.

  46. what gorgeous feels like to me is the confidence to go out bare faced, sun kissed, great looking hair and dewy skin. gorgeous i’d like to feel since becoming a mommy for the first time 5 months ago. a young gorgeous mommy <3

  47. What gorgeous feels like to me is waking up in the morning and looking in the mirror and loving myself without make up or hair done.

  48. Gorgeous feels to me like being as light-hearted and carefree as I did when I was in my twenties, but with the wisdom and foresight and laughter lines I have gathered along the way and knowing I am gorgeous inside and out, with or without makeup.

  49. To me gorgeous feels…like being comfortable in your own skin, being natural and knowing what makes me unique and special. It is feeling beautiful both inside and out.

  50. What gorgeous feels like to me… I think its learning to be happy with who you are as a person, and being satisfied with how you look. You don’t get to pick what colour eyes or hair you have, but you can decide to be happy about what you have and learn to love it!!! Which in turn allows you to enhance your own beauty. Being gorgeous, is about being me.

  51. I am at my most gorgeous when I’m feeling happy and content on the inside.

    There is something intoxicating about a woman who’s smile is radiant, fun and fearless – and this is only achieved by being at peace with yourself from within.

  52. Gorgeous to me is when I’m feeling my lowest, running around with kids and errands and cooking… And my hubby comes home and tells me how beautiful I am!

  53. Gorgeous to me is when after a lobg day at work my boo says to me “anyone ever told you you are beautiful?” And in the words of my lat mother “you seems to have all the right curves on the right places”

    Gorgeous is a place of self love

  54. What gorgeous feels like to me… is being able to say that i have a husband. This person, that was once upon a stranger, loves me… There are over 3.4 billion females in the world but this man, this handsome gentleman loves me. No matter if I am the most beautifully woman or the most average looking… To him, i am all that there is and ever will be. And vice versa. Gorgeous feels like being in love. 🙂

  55. Its being able to be strong enought to not conform because of feeling pressured. To be true to myself for who I am and loving what I see in the mirror whether it be morning, noon or night. Loving you first so that you are strong enough to love others.

  56. “What gorgeous feels like to me…”
    It’s that intangible element, that realization that who I am is remarkable and inimitable.
    That age is just a number, and the only limitations in life are those that we place on ourselves.
    I feel the most gorgeous when I am being true to myself and living to my highest potential 🙂

  57. What gorgeous feels like to me…is recognising your value and worth in who your are, shining from the inside out, believing in yourself, and loving yourself – even the the deepest, darkest, hidden parts and moments of life. I work in prisons and I try find the gorgeous in some of the darkest, messiest places in peoples lives. I also am loving discovering how the more natural and simple life is gorgeous and empowering all at once…

  58. To me gorgeous feels like personality lighting up the face of someone who is comfortable in their own skin.

  59. What gorgeous feels like to me – where your self confidence and self-love radiates on the inside and the outside.

  60. What gorgeous feels like to me… being completely comfortable in your own skin with a dash of flair and humour

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