My Kirsten Goss faves plus WIN a pair of Kirsten Goss earrings

Way back when this website was but a wee little blog I fell in love with Kirsten Goss’ jewellery. A dig through my archives revealed my first KG post (take a peek and marvel at how far my photography skills have come since 2012!) Since then I’ve shared so many posts about Kirsten’s gorgeous gems because I just love them so much that it’s hard NOT to feature them on my site when I get the press release featuring her latest collection.

And over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to build up a pretty collection of my own Kirsten Goss classics, mostly earrings because they are my absolute favourite item of jewellery, but also a classic lifesaver necklace and a selection of interchangeable gem charms.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have caught a sneak peek of a few of my favourite pairs of KG earrings over the years….

They certainly are my go-to earrings for almost every ocassion.

I thought I’d share a few photos of my favourite pairs and tell you how I pair them with what I’m wearing and where I’m going…. please excuse the sheer volume of selfies ahead! For fun… and to lessen the blow of too much of my face, I’ve paired each pair with one of the new lip colours that have crossed my desk in the past few weeks!


My very first pair were these dark blue Falco hoops which my husband chose for me for a birthday gift a few years back… I love the blue, but find it makes them quite a casual choice so I most often opt to wear them with dark denim jeans during the day. Obviously, as with all the earrings featuring stones, you can opt to choose your own gem colour which will ensure the earrings suit your own wardrobe and style!

The lipgloss I’m wearing is one of my longest standing faves and it’s a pretty coral that I found in a bargain box on a Clicks sale. If you can believe it, it is Accessorize. I wear it so often as I feel the colour compliments my blue eyes!


The second pair of earrings that I added to my collection were these (no longer avail, but similar to the Baltic) in sterling silver. I had the silver lifesaver necklace (a previous gift) and wanted some earrings to wear with that and which ever colour charm I chose. My husband was very clever with this anniversary gift (although I think he had some help from Karen at the Bree Street store!) I wear this pair of petals so often because the silver is so versatile and goes with just about anything – day or night!

The lipgloss I’m wearing is L’Oreal L’Extraordinaire Lip Lacquer in Rouge Soprano 301.


Another pair no longer readily available (and hence I’ve forgotten the style name), these are a pair I lusted after for ages and still simply adore… I just don’t wear them all that often. I think it’s because I think they are quite long and the colour doesn’t work with everything. I still think they are simply stunning and this little exercise has reminded me I need to take them out for a spin soon! They are really striking, esp at night!

I got this pair of Mini Cameo earrings featuring pink jade and ruby garnet just before heading off on a trip to Indonesia. I felt that the tropical tones would match the tropical scenery and I loved this pair for my holiday… plus I get the bonus of associating these earrings with that special trip. My only bummer is that what was once a fairly bright pink has now faded sadly (possibly due to oxidising against my hair and skin!) I still love the style tho and find myself wearing them a lot in summer.

Pink earrings pairs prettily with pink lipgloss – this one is a bright pink from Bodyography that sadly I can’t recall the name of! Oops.


My Kirsten Goss classics – The Onions – are by far my most worn pair of earrings. And not just from my KG collection. From my entire jewellery selection! I love, love, love these. They are perfect for wearing with anything, day or night, and the addition of these to any outfit always seems to elevate it to slightly more stylish!

I paired this pretty pair with a pretty new Phyto Lip Delight lip gloss in Sweet from Sisley that recently landed on my desk… I love it’s barely there colour with a hint of sheen!


My most recent pair of KG earrings were this pair of Sex on the Beach earrings with black onyx stone. I actually won this pair. Lucky me!!! I could choose any style and colour from the Vay-Kay collection and had in my mind that I wanted something with a black stone so had these made up for me (with some assistance from Sam at Kirsten Goss Joburg) The are quite small on my ears, the smallest pair of KG earrings I own, but I like their understated size and wear them mostly for evening events when I’m wearing black.

I paired this “sexy” pair of earrings with a sexy red – the NEW limited edition Reese red lipstick from Elizabeth Arden.


(And, in case you’re wondering, my fab new highlights and cut are courtesy of David Gilson from Carlton Hair! SUCH a difference when you have hair that makes you feel confident!!)


So, spotted any styles you like??

Now it may seem that I already have a fairly extensive collection of Kirsten Goss earrings, but I ALWAYS have a Kirsten Goss wishlist to hand and recently I was fortunate enough to receive the item at the very top of my wishlist… a pair of multi-colour Fabrix earrings in gold vermeil and with pretty pinks, cool turquoise and bright coral stones. I adore them so much, and though some might think they are better suited to summer, I beg to differ and am sporting them every chance I get!

Seriously??? How stunning!! I love them.




So, the super exciting news is that this post is not all about me and my fabulous KG faves… rather it’s about YOU and how you stand a chance of winning a pair of YOUR favourite Kirsten Goss earrings from her Classic selection.

Up for grabs is one pair of Kirsten Goss classic earrings in your choice of sterling silver or sterling silver with either 18ct Yellow Gold vermeil or 18ct Rose Gold vermeil.

You can choose from one of the following stunning designs… (starting with the pair that are currently top of my own KG wish list!)


Kenzo Earrings by Kirsten Goss
Kenzo Earrings by Kirsten Goss


Balti Earrings by Kirsten Goss
Balti Earrings by Kirsten Goss


Onion Earrings by Kirsten Goss



Popper Earrings by Kirsten Goss
Popper Earrings by Kirsten Goss




Hertzon Earrings by Kirsten Goss
Hertzon Earrings by Kirsten Goss


Sooooo…. which did you LOVE??


How to win…

To enter this awesome giveaway please complete the form below with your personal details and tell me which pair you’ve got your eye on!

For an extra entry please follow me on Instagram 😉 @becomingyou for more glimpses of how I style my favourite Kirsten Goss earrings!


P.S. If you happen to remember that you found out about Kirsten Goss’s gorgeous jewellery through Becoming you and/ or me. Please do leave me a comment below! It’s always VERY HELPFUL and exciting to know when I’ve referred someone on to a brand that they love! Thanks lovelies xxx

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  2. They are all so pretty…but the Balti earrings would add synergy to my skinny jeans and white shirt outfit.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  3. Love these ear-rings! Had never heard of this brand until you started sharing your love of them on your blog! My favourites are your Fabrix one as I love the colours!!!

  4. Only through your weekly, well awaited newsletters did I find out about Kirsten Goss’s beautiful and unusual earrings …

  5. Perfect for Woman’s Month gift 🙂 Found out about Kirsten Goss via Becoming You

  6. I just love them all!! Love all KG’s stuff!!! But I think I’d want the Hertzon….but also the Kenzo

  7. I love KG’s stuff in general. I think my favourite would be the Herzon or the Kenzo… tough choice!

  8. would love to win the “Sex on the Beach earrings ” would be awesome to tell people the name of the earnings if the complement me 😀

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