WIN: An Ever After High Doll worth R399.99

Everytime I receive parcels at my front door my kids rush to rip it open just in case it’s something for them… it usually isn’t! But they never stop hoping!

Well, last week I got an unexpected parcel and allowed them to do their best at the packaging thinking the bubble wrap would be the highlight BUT it wasn’t….

This time the contents was right up my daughters alley –> it was a gorgeous Ever After High doll called Apple White, daughter of Snow White! She was beyond excited! And I quickly regretted I had let her open the box as it would have made a GREAT Christmas pressie…

Mattel has just launched Ever After High in South Africa. Ever After High is a story based on the teenage sons & daughters of fairytale legends. They are destined to follow in their parents’ footsteps in order keep their tales alive throughout the generations.

There are Ever After “Royals” and “Rebels” and some of the characters are the kids of Sleeping Beauty, The Mad Hatter, The Evil Queen from Snow White, Cinderella and The Huntsman – I’ll get you figure out who belongs to which camp!

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These students of Ever After High boarding school, are the next generation of fairytale heroes and villains, following in the footsteps of their famous (and infamous) parents. The story follows the Royals – who were promised their happily ever afters – and the Rebels, who want the freedom to conjure up their own destinies.

The dolls are available at all leading toy stores including Toy Kingdom, Toy Zone, Caves, Toys R Us and Reggies at a recommended price of R349,99 for a Core Royal or Rebel doll and R399,99 for a Legacy Day doll.

blondie lockes

cerise hood

Now if you have a little lady in your life of a certain age (6 – 10), you’ll be pleased to know that I’m giving away one of these great gifts… An Ever After High doll valued at R399.99 plus the winner will also walk away with a R50 froyo voucher from Smooch – the official #RoyalsHangOut & #RebelsHangOut until 21 December 2014.



Images: Ever After High/ Mattel
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  1. Cherise Hood! My niece would go mad for them, and i’ll end up buying the collection for her, but Cherise Hood i think she will like the most.

  2. Kaylin would love Brair Beauty. Its her birthday on Wednesday and I would love to give her this beautiful doll as a belated birthday pressie…holding thumbs x

  3. I just love Blair Beauty and I will be the worlds “coolest mom” if my daughter finds this under the tree.

  4. My daughters would be in there element, they are 6 and 8, hoping to win, would make their xmas!

  5. My little one would love the Briar Beauty Ever After High Doll.
    I have shared on Facebook on the Becoming you wall as well as on Twitter @becomingyoublog

  6. Im hoping to win this for my niece. She would love to have Dexter Charming in her doll collection.

  7. OOH LA LA….Such a FABULOUS GIVEAWAY! This has my daughter ”Zoe’s” name written all over it! Hello!? Oh please please please pick her? She will love Cerise Hood 😉 I have shared this giveaway on Twitter (@flutterbymegs)! Fingers crossed!

  8. Facebook and Twitter. Omw, their gorgeous. I love them and im not even a little girl. My daughters Chloe 7years and Kayli 6years old would love to win this awesome prize. And it is just in time for Christmas. Im holding thumbs tightly. Pretty, pretty, pretty please choose me. My girls would really love this and their very good with sharing. They share everything they have. 😉

  9. I would love to win Briar Beauty for my 3 year old daughter. I have shared on facebook Geraldine R Kaye and Tweeted on Twitter @angel_gerryk

  10. My favourite is Briar Beauty.. Would love to win that one for my daughter… #RoyalsHangOut

  11. My daughter would go bananas for an Ever After High Doll. Apple White would be her ultimate!! Shared this on Facebook! Fingers crossed!

  12. Blondie Lockes / Apple White will do just fine for the little lady in my life 🙂 (or any of the #royal range dolls. 🙂

  13. twitter @JaxxLisa
    Facebook Jackie Katzen

    what am amazing prize ! would love to win the Dexter Charming doll

  14. Oh my goodness how do you decide. My two girls (6 and 9) would adore either Briar Beauty or Cerise Hood. Wow what a Christmas present that would make!

  15. My eldest would love Cheris Hood as she has a red cape my youngest would love Briar Beauty.

  16. Li-Mei would love the Briar Beauty or the Raven Queen, this would be one awesome gift for her if I’m the winner!!! 🙂

  17. I would like the blonde locks… this would be a perfect gift for my boyfriends little girl. Fingers crossed

  18. My daughter janique absolutely loves Holly O’ Hair daughter of Rapunzel. #RoyalsHangOut

  19. My Aaliyah absolutely loves Holly O’ Hair daughter of Rapunzel. #RoyalsHangOut shared on Twitter

  20. I would love to win Dexter Charming or Blond Lockes for my little girl Emily, she really loves and we trying to slowly build up her a nice collection to play with (mom included)

  21. Briar beauty please its for a family i care deeply about . The daughter is 7 and her bday ia on the 7 dec.

  22. My niece would absolutely adore the Briar Beauty! Actually so would I. What girl ever grew out of playing with beautiful dolls?

    Entered and shared on FB and Twitter

  23. My grand daughter collets these dolls and would love to get this one under the tree from her granny

  24. This is such an awesome giveaway!!! These dolls are so adorable. This would be the perfect Xmas gift for my lil cousin…the Blonde Locks !!!! shared on facebook and twitter 🙂 @ Zita_TheBisgshow.

  25. Wow!!!! Such a stunning,awesome giveaway.Would make a very special girl in my life so,so happy.Gosh and the draw is even on my birthday,24 November,I’ve shared it on Facebook and on Twitter.Gorgeous,beautiful Ever After Doll #Mattel They all so beautiful but absolutely love Briar Beauty for my favourite little girl xox

  26. Beautiful dolls. Wouldn’t mind one fore myself. I would love Briar Beauty please. Shared facebook and twitter

  27. Ooh Blondie Locks will make an awesome Christmas pressie for my niece from her very very cash strapped aunty who loves her so very much 🙂

  28. Briar Beauty for sure! Something about her makes me think my ten month old will one day look like her. Beautiful! Rosie would love it!

  29. Briar beauty is ❤️ my daughter will go GAGA with this lovely doll I can imagine her now. Thanks Becoming you for this awesome giveaway for our little princess

    1. hi my name is johanna but for short jojo my last name is presland,and i would real like 2 ever after high dolls and they are apple white and raven queen. i am 10 yaers old and i have 2 ever after high doll books and 3 ever after high dolls i love ever after high dolls pleaces.

      from jojo

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