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Just last week I celebrated my eldest’s 11th birthday! Except the week before that I was in the delivery room making eye contact with him for the very first time!

Yep, childhood flies by in a flash.

OK maybe not that first year when you seem to spend endless hours pacing or feeding or winding. BUT the truth is that before you know it, it’s over!

Another recent reminder of the fleeting nature of childhood was when I was signing up for tickets to attend the annual charity Christmas Party that we’ve attended for the past 8 years and realised that my son is now too old to attend… and, worse still, he doesn’t want to! He’d rather go and hang out with a friend on the night while the remaining 3 members of the family go on this fun family outing. It made me stop and think! It’s almost over – his childhood! And, at the age of 11 it actually might be already. I’m not ready! Are we ever ready???

Childhood is a season. One that is exciting and adventurous and crazy and just plain fast! It’s like a meteor that flashes before your eyes, brilliant and beautiful, but only for a moment!

So today’s post is all about celebrating childhood. It’s about reminding us parents that our kids get only one childhood (and we get only one childhood to parent them in!) and we should be celebrating and appreciating it everyday!

How can we do this when, so often, life gets in the way?

Well, it’s about finding the fun, embracing the unknown, making the most of the moments and celebrating the everyday….


And NEW Jimi Atrik shoes are here to help you do just that!

Here are a few of my favourite kids showing you how it’s done…



As you can see the Jimi Atrik brand is fun, trendy, active and built to help young kids enjoy an active lifestyle!

Jimi Atrik is a Brand New footwear brand for kids aged 1 – 7 that offers 11 toddler shoe styles and 9 kids shoe styles, and a total range of 51 shoes!!

The shoes feature fun textures and bold colours and are really great quality shoes for kids who love to mimic the sporty fashion of their sport-mad mom and dad!

They contain Gravity Cushion memory foam that shapes to each child’s foot for increased comfort, and they are super lightweight that allows kids the freedom of movement they need to do all the super fun stuff they love doing!

As a parent I appreciate the really good quality shoe that the Jimi Atrik brand is offering. The shoes are well made and good quality. The soles of the shoes are durable, and bendable foam. The shoes are all very lightweight and don’t weigh down kids from doing what they love to do. The colours are funky and the styles are on trend – these are shoes kids will want to wear (if that’s a battle you face!) plus, depending on the style you choose, kids can put these on themselves. Obviously I haven’t worn the shoes myself but my kids were quick to tell me how comfortable their feet felt and I assume that’s due to the memory foam inner sole. One thing that is NB to note however is that the styles appear to be slightly smaller than usual and I found that although my kid is a size 1, she needed a size 2 and this was similar for the smaller sizes too (so a normal size 8 would take a size 9 and so on) I usually do buy my kids one size up, but in this case I’ll need to remember to buy 2 sizes up.

A few of the styles we tried out are below (with the colours in brackets so you know which style I’m referring to in the pics)

Dark Nebula (navy blue; black; grey with lumo yellow) – go for one size bigger on this style

Blue Supergiant (lumo orange; purple) – play it safe and go for one size bigger

Nebula (red & grey; pink & turquoise with laces) – this style seemed ok when it came to sizing, possibly because it’s easier to get your foot in when you loosen the laces?

Supernova (black & pink) – if anything this style is slightly bigger than normal

Trans Galactic (boots) – def go for one size bigger here

Gamma Rays (black & turquoise with velcro; black & lumo yellow with velcro) – def go for one size bigger here too, I found this style was quite tricky to put on the foot due to the tight elastic across the top of the foot.


You can view the full range of styles and colours over on the Jimi Atrik website.


My daughter, nephew, niece and a friend trialed a few of the Jimi Atrik styles and they loved them! They definitely seemed to make their afternoon that little bit more fun.

This is what they had to say:

I love these shoes because they make me run fast – Abi, 7

I love them because they help me to climb and skateboard- Joe, 7

These shoes are fun to play Hide and Seek with – Rachel, 3


Because the childhood years fly by like a meteor, Jimi Atrik are looking to celebrate the #MeteoricMoments that make up a childhood.

Every moment with your child is magical, but some moments stand out even more than others, you could say that some moments are meteoric, share your child’s #MeteoricMoment and you could WIN!



Share your #MeteoricMoment on the Jimi Atrik Facebook page from 25 Oct – 6 Dec and at the end of each week 20 kids will win a pair of Jimi Atrik shoes valued between R400 and R500 ea!!!

That’s 6 weeks x 20 pairs of shoes every week reaching a total of 120 chances to WIN

Head on over to the Jimi Atrik Facebook page to enter now!





For your nearest Jimi Atrik stockist you can check the store locator on the website for your nearest stockist, however as it’s a new brand there aren’t a lot of stores at the moment. Should you not find a store near to you they are happy to facilitate a sale through the head office so contact them via email. Also if there is a particular area you want a particular retailer to stock the product send that info on to them too!


Terms & Conditions

The Jimi Atrik competition will take place on the Jimi Atrik Facebook page from 25 October – 6 December 2017. The competition draws are every Friday. So the first winner will be announced on the 3rd of November for those initial periods’ entries and then each new week, people stand a chance to win and then winners announced the succeeding Friday (weekly).

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