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One of my favourite things is aromatherapy. After being introduced to it through a friend who is an amazing aromatherapist I now can’t get enough of it. I’ve got a comprehensive collection of essential oils in my bathroom that I use in my baths, I own 2 vapourisers that help to scent my living space and I’ve even bought the book (well, a few actually!)

I wrote a post about The Benefits of Essential Oils a while back, but in case you missed that it Aromatherapy is “essentially” the art and science of using essential oils, extracted from aromatic plants, to improve and maintain the health and well-being of the body, mind and spirit.

With the stresses on modern day life and the increase in use of complementary medicine, people are turning more and more to the world of Aromatherapy in various forms and applications to reduce stress and improve health and well-being and there are many ways of using Aromatherapy in everyday life, but the most common methods of use are:

Bath – diluted or premixed essential oils in a carrier oil (or neat)
Massage – therapist and self-massage
Vapour – aromatherapy burner, vapouriser, tissue

Over the last twenty years, Aromatic Apothecary has become a leading supplier of ready-to-use Aromatherapy products to the health industry. They have over 180 ready-to-use aromatherapy products that have been specially designed and hand made. All their products are therapeutic and provide relief to everyday ailments such as stress, sore muscles, nasal problems, sleeplessness, and counteract the effects of living at the frenetic pace of modern life.


As I mentioned above one of the ways I use essential oils in my own home is via a vapouriser and my favourite one (which has featured as one of My 5 Favourite Finds before!) is Aromatic Apothecary’s Scentstation.

The Aromatherapy Scentstation (avail in white, black & grey) is a thermostatically controlled and energy efficient station for your favourite burner essences and oils. To use it you plug it into a plug and place a few drops of burner essence or essential oil into the well of the Scentstation. There is no need for water or salts and the burner is thermostatically controlled to avoid over heating. To clean you simply wipe with a dry cloth or paper towel.

Aromatic Apothecary have also made the blending of oils really simple with their own gorgeous selection of pre-blended scents. The burner essences (as well as many other products) are available in the following fragrances:

Silent Moments
Fresh Beginnings
Magic Memories
Secret Fantasies
Sniffle Soother
Nature’s Daydream
Shu Fly
Wake Up & Focus
Winter Warmer
Bed of Roses
Spiced Pleasures
Vanilla Vapour

I adore the Silent Moments scent and I’m also quite partial to Bed of Roses…. in fact any of the awesome Aromatic Apothecary items in their Festive Gift Ideas would be most welcomed by me!


The good news is that I am giving away an amazing Scentstation combo hamper containing the Scentstation and 2 burner essences (12ml) of your choice worth R520!


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