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Interest rates are up, electricity is up, petrol is up, food prices are up…. This year we need all the help we can get to save money – especially during winter!

The place to start is at home, and in fact, making your home more eco-friendly will help you save money while doing your part for the environment.


Here are 4 top eco-friendly tips to help you save money this winter…

Tip 1 – Replace and switch off
Replace all light bulbs with LED or long life. Turn off lights, plugs and especially cell phone chargers when not using them. Use multi socket extension leads, but turn them off when you leave for work. Just these few things can reduce your home’s electricity consumption by 15%.

Tip 2 – Invest in a gas stove
A 2 plate gas stove only costs about R400 and is essential during load shedding. It also cooks food faster and saves electricity since the stove and geyser are the two most costly appliances to run.

Tip 3 – Lose 1 degree
Going solar is expensive, so it’s easier to turn your geyser down by 1 degree and switch it off during the middle of the day. This alone can save R100 a week on your electricity bill. Take it further and contact your local municipality to find out about geyser blankets and timer switchers.

Tip 4 – Get a Spindel
Doing laundry in winter is very costly if you are using a tumble dryer, so rather use a Spindel! It’s an innovative laundry dryer that uses spin power, instead of heat, to remove up to 80% of the leftover moisture from clothes in just three minutes. Not only does laundry dry in a fraction of the time, it also uses 100 times less electricity than tumble drying. Spindel is safe for use on all fabrics – including winter woollens and hand washed delicates. It also extracts residual detergent and mineral deposits from fabrics, so laundry dries cleaner and feels better too. Spindel can be used with machine or hand-washed laundry.

DXP12731 water pouring

So with the winter weather well and truly here (in Cape Town at least!), I think that today’s giveaway will be very popular!

Yes, once again I’m giving away one of my very best favourite finds!!

What I love about my Spindel is that it reduces the drying time of my laundry by at least half, even more!


The good news is that I’m giving one lucky Becoming you reader a chance to win a Spindel laundry dryer! Yes enter below to stand a chance of winning a Spindel 6.5kg valued at R2,599 (including free delivery anywhere in SA).


If you’d like to win an awesome Spindel for your home this winter follow the steps below…

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  2. Share this competition on social media for an extra entry. Something like this….

I just entered to win a Spindel laundry dryer on @Becomingyoublog. Win here:

So simple, right? Let’s hope you’re the lucky winner. The competition closes on Monday 30 May and the winner will be announced on Tuesday 31 May. GOOD LUCK!!

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  1. This sounds awesome and hearing it’s an electricity saving benefit is even better. I would love to see how this works. Please send this my way ?

  2. Wow it would be a boon to me if I won this Spindel – the main reason the reduction in electricity!!!!!
    Holding thumbs

  3. I really would love this during winter it’s so innovative laundry dryer that uses spin power, instead of heat, to remove up to 80% of the leftover moisture from clothes in just three minutes. Not only does laundry dry in a fraction of the time, it also uses 100 times less electricity than tumble drying. Spindel is safe for use on all fabrics – including winter woollens and hand washed delicates. It also extracts residual detergent and mineral deposits from fabrics, so laundry dries cleaner and feels better too. Spindel can be used with machine or hand-washed laundry ???? that’s why it’s need

  4. Wow!! This would be amazing to win! Always a struggle in the winter to get clothes dry…and what’s even better, the reduction in electricity!

  5. I’ve heard about these Spindels. would love to own one. would be so great for winter, as I don’t own a tumble dryer.

  6. I’d love to win – I don’t have a tumble dryer and getting things line dried in winter is a weather lottery! So I wouldn’t be saving electricity, but I would be getting the kids school uniform dry in time to wear it again!

  7. I use cloth nappies for my baby so this is a definite need with winter coming up, to cut down my drying time. I borrow my sister’s Spindel at the moment to help me out and I’m amazed at the extra water that comes out AND the excess washing detergent is squeezed out as well! I had no idea there was an excess washing powder residue left in my nappies after the machine rinse!

    I’d be over the moon to win this as it’s bigger than her one…and it would be my own one. I need to return hers soon as she has her own baby coming in winter and will need it herself 🙁 Fingers crossed!

  8. Need to win this. My tumble dryer no longer works. The Spindel is far less expensive to run anyway… so a win win situation!

  9. I’m not lying when I’m saying that a Spindel has been on my wishlist since forever. But now more than ever I really would love to have one. My little boy is due in July of this year and because I stay in a small place, I don’t have the funds or space for a tumble dryer. I would love to have a Spindel to use for the baby clothes and blankets. I love that it uses 100 times less electricity than a tumble dryer and that it is safe to use on all fabrics which makes it the perfect appliance to own. Whenever I see a competition where a Spindel is up for grabs, I’ve entered but haven’t been lucky as yet. Maybe this time my fairy godmother will smile upon me and grant me my wish. Fingers, toes and fairy wings crossed for this one. Sharing on Facebook. 🙂 ♥ 🙂 ♥ 🙂


  11. For many reasons, including that it will help my beautiful, loving, hard working wife to spend less time bugging about with laundry and allow her more time to spend with us.. She is always complaining about all the laundry, having kids who constantly change clothing (up to 5 times a day) or potty training and the oopsies that happen, the laundry always looks like mount Kilimanjaro.. I do offer to help, but if we’re both doing the laundry, it gives the kids that space they don’t need to be unsupervised and be mischievous.. So lovely wifey does the laundry and dad keeps the kiddies entertained. Which means we’re spending time away from mom.. Please can I win this for my wife? She will be so happy – laundry will dry faster, it will save me $$ on electricity because it saves energy and we get to spend quality time with mom <3

  12. Would be such a Blessing to have a Spindel,it’s all I’ve ever dreamed of.Dont know how to get my clothes dry in winter and investing in a tumble dryer is not an option as it uses way too much electricity.Wish my dream could come true and I could also have a Spindel ❤️❤️❤️

  13. I have always wanted a Spindel, this would help so much. I tend to do all my kids school laundry on a Sunday and for some reason it always ends up raining and I have to hang all their school clothes in the windows and on couches. This would definately help sort out my dilema. Holding thumbs!! AWESOME GIVEAWAY!

  14. This is really an AMAZING giveaway # what’s not to love about this incredible life saver..:-), Has such amazing features, that I absolutely LOVE… : Removes up to 80% of moisture from laundry in just 3 minutes, Reduced damage to fabric and for me this has to be the greatest highlight ….Highly energy efficient…LOVE LOVE LOVE it…sharing on social media…:-)

  15. I really would like to try this because with three boys I always have so much washing AND it drys laundry faster, saves energy and preserve fabrics

  16. I love the fact that the Spindel is safe for all fabrics, because there are a lot of fabrics that you cannot dry in a tumble dryer. And since there’s no heat damage when using the Spindel, your clothes won’t come out a size too small!!
    I also like that it removes any residual detergent, which means that you won’t get an eczema flare up or other skin allergies from any fabric softener left behind. With a Spindel, your clothes won’t dwindle!! 🙂

  17. Oh please, please, please let me be that lucky winner. I so need this Spindel. Ive wanted it forever!

  18. Please please let me be the winner causethos would really help with getting my sons clothes during winter ….

  19. I am most excited to try Spindel in my home because it dries laundry faster and saves energy

  20. Sounds amazing, this will be perfect for winter, especially to dry the clothes for my little 13 month old. My little busy body!

  21. With a 4-month old baby boy, this would mean that I’d save loads of time, money and always have clean clothes on hand ^_^

  22. Being a new mum and living in a flat makes drying laundry such a hassle; owning a Spindel laundry dryer will simplify my life and give me one less thing to worry about.

  23. With such a hectic work schedule and deadlines, owning a spindel is sure to save me lots of time and money, especially since my work entails a lot of travelling, and I’m always needing extra clothing to pack.

  24. Winter is coming along which means, theirs lesser sunny days and when the clothing dosent get dried on time, hanging the clothing indoors isnt quite good for your health, and not to forget to mention the terrible odour that lingers on it. i would be over the moon having this appliance in my home by a great name brand such as Spindel, i’ve taken upon the decision of going green off lately and this would be the perfect start to it. It has amazing features but my favourite feature would have to be that it only consumes 100 times less electricity than tumble drying, now who wouldnt love that, with such alarming price hikes in regards to electricity, if i could save a couple of pennies at the end of the day, it would be a blessing!!!!

  25. such an amazing saving on electricity is just what every household needs right now….would be awesome to win

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