WIN A Spindel Laundry Dryer

One of my favourite giveaways of the year is the one I run annually with Spindel…. and the reason is because it’s always so well received!

So many of my readers LOVE Spindel and are already sold on the idea that’s it’s a worthwhile investment item to have in their homes, but today I’m sharing a few reasons why I love Spindel (just in case you don’t love it as much as I do!)

We recently renovated our kitchen and as an added bonus I came away with a scullery too! Awesomesauce….

Now I realise that not everyone has the luxury of a separate laundry space (I didn’t for years! Our “laundry” was always done in the garage!!) but this is exactly why Spindel is so handy!

In planning out our space we realised that we still couldn’t have everything… the washing machine and dishwasher were non-negotiables and that meant our Tumble Drier had to go… the truth is that since our Spindel arrived we never used the thing anyway!

As we’re heading into winter in Cape Town you might think I’m totally mad… The horrors of wet laundry drying for days all over the house make most moms freak out!, but a horrifying electricity bill at the end of the month from overusing the tumble dryer is equally terrifying!

Here’s why we chose to keep our Spindel and skip the tumble dryer…

This specialist electric laundry dryer uses spin power instead of heat to remove up to 80% of left over moisture from fabrics in just 3 minutes. One cycle uses 100 times less electricity than a tumble dryer and because it uses spin power, not heat, there is also no damage to fabrics like shrinking or fading. Plus Spindel can be used with hand-washed laundry and is safe for all fabrics so you even use it to dry delicate winter woollies!

By removing excess moisture, laundry can be hung out to air-dry much, much faster and will even dry inside over the course of one rainy day. This means that clothing is ready to iron, fold and pack away rather than draped over clothes-horses around the house for days on end.

Our Spindel really came into it’s own recently when, a few days after moving back into our newly renovated space, our washing machine leaked… and pumped water ALL OVER THE HOUSE. The water was heading straight for our brand new kitchen cupboards. Talk about a freak out!!! It happened at about 10pm at night and “the flood” will never be forgotten! My husband and I threw every single towel and blanket we owned at the problem and when those ran out we hooked up our Spindel and removed the excess water from each towel before laying it down again to continue soaking up the water! We spent about 2 hours doing this and it just kept on going! It was a total lifesaver…

In fact, Spindel is a total #LaundryLifesaver!


One lucky Becoming you reader stands a chance to WIN a 6.5kg Spindel worth R2,599 (including delivery anywhere in South Africa).

To enter complete the form below and then leave a comment on this blog post telling me how Spindel can be your #LaundryLifesaver?

Spindel is available in 4.5kg and 6.5kg models and is compact enough to pack away into a cupboard after use. Both size models are available to purchase from R1,999 at home stores such as Hirch’s, Tafelberg Furnishers and Wakefords as well as online at

The winner will be announced on 1 June 2017.

Kathryn Rossiter

Kathryn is a South African lifestyle blogger and mom of 2 who has been blogging daily for over 9 years! She writes about travel, health, beauty, fashion, decor and family... but not food (unless it's food she's eaten made by someone else) as she is a hopeless cook. She only wakes up early for 2 things... a red-eye flight to somewhere exotic and early morning game drives. She has just finished an extensive home renovation and would prefer to never see another box again. She's never met a chocolate or glass of bubbles that she didn't like!

  1. With baby number 3 on it’s way, the Spindel would help with making laundry days easier. Winter wouldn’t be an issue and I would be able to ensure our washing is dry without having to resort to sitting with a hairdryer trying to ensure essentials are dry lol

  2. I have a two year old – need I say more? Rainy weather and washing that doesn’t dry quickly turns Mummy into a giant stressball!

  3. I love that it save time and energy, means I get more time with the one’s I love and I save money! That is so Awesome! #LaundryLifesaver

  4. Being a proud mum of five beautiful daughters you can well imagine what our laundry days looks like… Washing lines upon washing lines. Living in a block of flats comes with its challenges… Only a few washing lines provided for more than 6 families. The Spindle will definitely be a #laundrylifesaver in my home.

  5. Spindel Laundry Dryer would be my #LaundryLifesaver as I have three kids which means loads and loads of washing weekly!

  6. Being a pregnant,shift working wife and mom of a teen and toddler the Spindel would be a #LaundryLifesaver in so many ways. It would make my laundry woes so much less, save me loads of energy, time and money. I would be able to do more of what I love, like spending quality time with my family.

  7. I recently moved from Durban to Johannesburg and the biggest struggle for me has been the laundry. It never drys and I absolutely hate leaving washing all over the house. I have gotten to a stage where I even dream about the laundry. I spend most of my time trying to move the clothes about so it’s in the direction of the sun. It’s actually quiet sad, instead of enjoying my new home I’m stressing over laundry. LaundryLifesaver please help me. I need a Spindel before I go crazy.

  8. As you said, the “horrifying electricity bill at the end of the month from overusing the tumble dryer” is enough for me to give this baby a go. Holding thumbs – heard really good reviews about it.

  9. Would LOVE to win this, have always wanted one. For some Reason it always rains on the wknd when I want to do all the kids school laundry. This would be a #LaundryLifesaver. Would be Over The Moon if I could win this. Fingers and toes crossed. Love the fact that it saves time and energy. A win all round! You would be an asset to my home.

  10. Wow, amazing what a life saver especially for my mom, always a battle in winter months to get our laundry dry. We would save a huge amount on our electricity bill. My mom uses a twin tub, and hand washes she would love the spindel, safe for all fabrics you even use it to dry delicate winter woollies, wow wow wow. Fingers crossed

  11. Spindel Laundry Dryer would save me lots of time ,as I have three kids which means loads and loads of laundry weekly..

  12. With the price of everything, including electricity going up and up, this seems like a great product to have and use. I do a lot of hand washing of my clothes and to win this would be a great help to me to get the excess water out before hanging out to dry, save me some drying time and keep costs down too!

  13. Spindel Laundry Dryer would be my #LaundryLifesaver as I am working mom, currently pregnant with another one on the way which means loads and loads of more washing weekly and never able to get the washing dry in our damp Cape Town weather!

  14. All I can say is we use cloth nappies, and drying them for winter is a disaster. This would be a total #LaundryLifesaver for me and my little ones cloth nappies. Trying to be eco friendly but its so hard to dry them if the sun isn’t out.

  15. With our first baby on the way – due in the middle of winter (end July) drying her clothes and nappies is going to be a nightmare! We have a small house and don’t really have space for a clothes horse which takes two days to dry clothes anyway. This would be a #LaundryLifesaver for our household!

  16. #LaundryLifesaver indeed
    Working full time, I leave home by 06h10 daily, fetch my amazing son at 16h30 to get home around 5 to get the cooking and cleaning done. Hubby home around 6. Toddler sleeping by 7. Time is so limited, and with winter here, nothing dries!!! A spindle would mean less spinning in washing machine (extra spin needed to dry things out to the max in this weather), and leas worrying about ‘will it dry in time for tomorrow ‘ and more precious time with my family.

  17. Would LOVE to win this… imagine how much tiring hours I can avoid after a long day of work. This will make life so easy!

  18. My Wife would really appreciate this awesome product and it will benefit our electricity for sure…good luck to all who enter!!! #LaundryLifesaver

  19. Sometimes dreams become reality, my friend.
    Sometimes life just happens to one, and one can’t dodge it.
    Sometimes it hurts, but one cannot stop or control it, no matter how hard one tries.
    Sometimes I really appreciate life, but I am struggling more and more with shortness of breath.
    Sometimes I realise a Spindel dryer will make doing the laundry and my life so much more comfortable.

  20. I just moved out of my parents house –
    you know you move, and you have this vision of how everything will be, of how clean your home will be, how good you’ll look in your room, all of these things

    it was a harsh moment when i realised, things arent so easy.
    literally everything you want, you gotta pay up!

    Please help me achieve my dream of living successfully and independently!

  21. The Spindel would be my #LaundryLifesaver especially now in winter. My almost 6 month old is quite a drooler, he soaks his bibs, his tops underneath his bibs and sometimes he even wets his vests. I’ve been changing bibs almost every hour! You can imagine the amount of laudary we have with him and he has reflux so he does vomit all over his clothes and mine at least twice day. If I could have a Spindel it would really help me to get his clothes dry quicker instead of trying to dry his bibs with a hairdryer! #LaundryLifesaver

    Love the competition 🙂 Thank you

  22. Stunning giveaway – my little courtyard is in shade nearly most of the time – so winter is a huge problem – I have to lug all the laundry out to the garden and there it sits until it is dry and it looks unsightly……would help so much to have a Spindel to take care of this problem 🙂

  23. Love this! With winter here, the laundry is taking forever to dry, this would be perfect to help with the piles of laundry as well as saving on electricity

  24. Every time I see this competition…I pray to the competition gods that I can win this one!! lol. I cloth diaper, so in winter drying diapers is a MISSION! I borrow my sister’s one on occasion, but she now also has a baby and cloth diapers herself, so can’t really afford to help me out anymore 🙁 This reduces drying time so much! It also gets rid of all excess detergent left behind from my washing machine. I love it. #LaundryLifesaver

  25. When the rain comes not only does the washing pile up because we cant hang the clothes outside and no dryer but because the roof leaks as well. Not only does the washed clothes stay wet but the dry ones also have to get wet to prevent our home from futher damage. So this would be awesome to help curb this issues. #LaundryLifeSaver

  26. My baby girl was born on 14 May and I have a son in grade 1. With winter around the corner, drying the laundry is always a nightmare and more so this winter with little one’s laundry and school clothes as well. The spindle laundry dryer would definitely be a #LaundryLifesaver, saving us time and money!

  27. The Spindel would be my #LaundryLifesaver for a one key reason compounded by numerous factors:
    My sister has justtt moved up from Cape Town to stay with me (and my housemate and my boyfriend in our tiny apartment) and now there’s huuuge amounts of laundry that my poor little rack is struggling to handle. I don’t really have a balcony, so the laundry has to dry inside with a heater on! (NOT CLEVER). and since my rack is metal rusk sometimes seeps on the clothes if they’re on there too long.

    Please competition gods, let me be your chosen one!

  28. The Spindel would be my #LaundryLifesaver for a one key reason compounded by numerous factors:
    My sister has justtt moved up from Cape Town to stay with me (and my housemate and my boyfriend in our tiny apartment) and now there’s huuuge amounts of laundry that my poor little rack is struggling to handle. I don’t really have a balcony, so the laundry has to dry inside with a heater on! (NOT CLEVER). and since my rack is metal rusk sometimes seeps on the clothes if they’re on there too long.

    Please competition gods, let me be your chosen one!

    P.s I know most of the commentators here have babies. I dont have a real baby. But my boyfriend and sister might aswell be toddlers!

  29. The Spindel would be a #LaundryLifesaver for my husband and I as environmentally conscious pensioners. The Spindel would be a #LaundryLifesaver health-wise to us because damp clothing and washing is hazardous to our arthritis and asthma during winter.
    Spindel would also be a #LaundryLifesaver financially to us because it uses less electricity. It would be so helpful and convenient for us.

  30. We live in a complex and are not allowed to “Display” drying clothes. This is a problem as our flat is very small and we do not have the space to “Not Display” clothes. I also cannot handle hanging my clothes where they are visible to all. The spindel will reduce time needed to dry the clothes and make life easier.

  31. Im quite energy conscious and with 3 little ones running around the laundry piles up – I HATE using the tumble dryer so I definitely think a Spindel would be a #LaundryLifesaver in the Barras household, fingers crossed!

  32. Spindel will help with having all the laundry dry overnight and quick to pack away in the moring before the rest of the day starts. Also the water that comes out of the spindel can be used to wash floors, water plants, fill the cistern. It has so many ways to save on the evironment. Uses less electricity and is helps save water. A much needed device in any Cape Townians home. Pick me pick me

  33. I always have alot of laundry because I do my dad and brothers too, and I am getting married soon so my husbands laundry will also join the party. I never have enough space to hang everything to dry so I usually just wait until some of the washing is dry so I can hang the others. It takes forever! Such a time waster. The Spindel would help me save so much time when it comes to drying the laundry.

  34. My daughter runs a hair salon from my home and there are always wet towels waiting to be dried. The Spindle would make my life so much easier.

  35. I am busy doing laundry as I write this with no tumble dryer!!! Our clothes horse has basically become part of the furniture as its always out drying its little heart out. Would love to win this!!

  36. The Spindel would be such #LaundryLifesaver as we live in Cape Town without a tumble dryer! We have a Drybuddie on its last legs so a Spindle would really solve the problem – especially as we have 19-month old who seems to be going through laundry like it is a professional sport!

  37. I have a 1 month old and am filled with first mom fears… My washing line constantly has ants walking on it so i worry about hanging my babies clothes outside, i would like some peace of mind and a spindel would be perfect… #savemylifespindel

  38. Baby due in August. The Spindel would totally be a #LaundryLifesaver with drying baby’s clothes quickly and using less Eskom energy

  39. During winter I have such a hassle drying clothes, wet grass and muddy bedroom slippers, winter sunburn, no tumble drier, everything takes so much more longer to dry. Not enough line space, I also have to worry about my clothes being stolen from the line. I could really make use of the spindel.

  40. Winter is such a depressing season for me and having damp laundry is not an option. The winter sun is not warm enough to dry towels and winter bedding. I hope Spindel can come to my rescue!

  41. My house has no sunlight in my back yard in winter so my washing takes days to dry inside my house by that time I’m losing my mind and I’ve tried the tumble dryer until I shrank my favorite linen pants. I’ve heard so many good things about spindle and would love to win one .

  42. Me and my hubby both work
    We never have any clean shirts
    At the end of the day,
    when the kids want to play
    we say no, cos the laundry does lurk


  43. With a baby on the way , a little one at home and loads of work the Spindel will be such a lifesaver. Saving me time, energy and money

  44. The Spindel would be my #LaundryLifesaver for a one key reason compounded by numerous factors:
    My sister has justtt moved up from Cape Town to stay with me (and my housemate and my boyfriend in our tiny apartment) and now there’s huuuge amounts of laundry that my poor little rack is struggling to handle.

    I don’t really have a balcony, so the laundry has to dry inside with a heater on! (NOT CLEVER — so much electricity but otherwise i get musty mouldy smells). Further, since my rack is metal rust sometimes seeps on the clothes if they’re on there too long.

    Please competition gods, let me be your chosen one! (Please, please, please)

    P.s I know most of the commentators here have babies.
    I dont have a real baby. But my boyfriend and sister might aswell be toddlers!

  45. Working as a doctor in the public sector with extremely long hours, I just do not have the time or energy to spend on laundry. So while I am husy helping our communities, this would be such a help to me!

  46. The Spindel can be my #LaundryLifesaver by helping me dry our laundry so much faster. I’ve never owned a tumble dryer before because I don’t have the space and it uses too much electricity. The Spindel would be the ideal solution for us especially during the winter months. I wash my laundry twice a week and my baby’s clothes are a never ending supply :-D. Just when I’m looking proudly at my empty laundry basket, a new pile starts to grow. ♥

  47. All I can say is, I have three sons who play sports and are just stinky little typical boys and the amount of washing I have on a weekly basis is just inhuman! The Spindel would save my life, my money, energy and a lot of stress especially during winter time!

  48. I struggle to dry my family’s washing during winter as I don’r really have a space to hang it under roof or a tumble dryer.
    I usually hang it on my washing rack and wait for at least 3 days for it to dry or I place the rack by the fire place. This would save me days and time! I’ve always wanted one – but not quite within my budget.

  49. Our washing line is in our backyard, which gets very little to no sun during winter months. We do not have a tumble drier and so rely fully on the washing line. When there is a lot of rain, drying becomes a nightmare. Even when the weather is nice some things just won’t dry due to lack of warmth and sun. A spindel would really help to ensure we always have clean dry clothes to wear.

  50. This would be a lifesaver with help in drying the kids school uniforms and sports clothes. Great prize… fingers crossed

  51. I would love to own a Spindel! I live in George, here it rains min twice a week. I don’t have enough space for a washing line outside our house, which means that we are stuck with 3 of those wooden drying stands.. inside the house! It is so horrible. There is no space to play with Ben when the stands are filling the room. Please help me out!

  52. Being a recent graduate who moved from KZN to Pta, would love to win this has it will be off great help to me in the cold Gauteng winter.

  53. I have 2 young boys, growing up on a farm with dams, a river, ponds…It’s a good day when they only use 2 sets of clothes, they also trapes wet soggyness throughout our home. I do between 1 and 2 loads every single day, and it never dries fast enough so everything becomes a drying rack of sorts, the spindle dryer would be a lifesaver for me and my family.

  54. We don’t even have a tumble dryer and now that we’ve gone minimalist we need those clothes to be ready for the next day… I NEED that #Spindel to be my #LaundryLifesaver Kath ? Awesome to choose a more sustainable way!

  55. #LaundryLifesaver #BecomingYou #Spindel
    I live in a flat with no drying facilities, and as a single mom on a tight budget I cant afford a dryer, laundry day on a Saturday is when I have to wash my laundry and go to my mums home to dry our laundry and I go back on a Sunday to fetch. Its difficult when it rains and for me to go fetch on a weekday as I am busy and have numerous responsibilities. This will be a dream come true will certainly appreciate this prize. Its what I need desperately thank you.

  56. Spindel can save my life by simply “being there” for me!!! just like a good wine or good food. Providing all the requirements that our comforts do!!!! #showthelove

  57. I love the fact that it uses less electricity and can be tucked away!!!! A real #LaundreyLifesaver

  58. #LaundryLifesaver would be a immense game changer in my home – energy efficient uses 100 times less electricity than tumble drying and saves money and reduces impact on the environment – This are fabulous reasons it would be a #LaundryLifesaver – liked n shared on FB & Twitter – sharing via email too….

  59. Apartment Living. I live in a small apartment in complex with one communal washing line that isn’t really in the sun and also not safe! So I end up drying clothes at the local laundromat which isn’t exactly cheap. A Spindel would be a lifesaver this winter. And keep me sane. Shared on Twitter @het_het1 and Instagram @magarimagari17.

  60. My mom and I moved from a 3 bedroom house into a small 2 bedroom flat in December. We had to get rid of the dishwasher and washing machine because A) space, and B) we live on the top floor and there’s no lift…can you imagine trying to get them up the stairs?? So now it’s all manual labour. So much manual labour. Please help!

  61. I always struggle getting my clothing dry in the winter. With two kids and two adults I struggle with 4 loads over the weekends. This will really help me to get some washing done during the week as well. #LaundryLifesaver

  62. There are so many reasons – but the biggest of them is that I am on a mission to lose 2 dress sizes and refuse to buy more big winter clothes. This means having to do lots of washing. A Spindel would mean quicker drying times, and also less frequent laundry loads! leaving more time to exercise and cook properly. I would LOVE to call one of these magical machines mine.

  63. There are so many reasons – but the biggest of them is that I am on a mission to lose 2 dress sizes and refuse to buy more big winter clothes. This means having to do lots of washing. A Spindel would mean quicker drying times, and also less frequent laundry loads! leaving more time to exercise and cook properly. I would LOVE to call one of these magical machines mine. #LaundryLifesaver

  64. The Spindle will really be my #LaundryLifesaver as I always struggle with getting clothes dry during the winter months. I do not have a tumble dryer and will probably not be getting one as our electricily bill is already high.

  65. Will be my life saver as the winter weather doesn’t always allow us to hang the laundry outside

  66. This would be my winter go-to! I live in a tiny bachelor apartment that doesn’t allow for washing machine plumbing, let alone space for a tumble dryer. I hand-wash all my clothes in the bath, and in summer they are fine to dry on the balcony, but come winter they take so long to dry and I end up with sour-smelling clothes – the worst.

  67. My Laundry Dryer packed up many years ago…..It is not too much of a problem drying laundry in the summer, but with winter approaching, i know i am in for a huge struggle again getting my washing dry…
    There is always my neighbours houses shadow where my windy dryer is, and if the wind is too serious then i also cant hang my washing to win a SPINDEL LAUNDRY DRYER would be a GOD send to me…Fingers Crossed….

  68. I recently moved into a new apartment exactly 1 month ago. It’s a beautiful new place that I now call home. A double deposit took a chunk out of my savings and therefore I have to start to furnish my place bit by bit starting with essential appliances. I just bought a new washing machine and oh the woes of living in a high rise building not having the luxury of a tumble dryer or an sunny outdoor clothes line to dry up my sopping wet clothes. Simple things in life that we take for granted like fresh air and direct sunlight. It’s not that I appreciate so much. I’ve had 5 loads of washes in the last month and now with the season change and it getter darker and colder, I am struggling to have fresh smelling and dry clean clothes to put on as my clothes and linen and bedding just don’t dry properly and in time. My routine is a quick wash in the evenings after work, and I put up the wet clothes on the plastic drying clothes horse in the lounge to catch the early morning sun. Then I am up in the morning at 5:30 to get ready for work which takes about an hour and then I have to close up all the doors and windows which means, no free flowing air. The clothes stand indoors all day and then when I am back in the evenings, it’s dark and the clothes and even the apartment has a damp odour. And the worst thing ever is to walk around, with the awful smell of clothes that didn’t dry fully. Its terrible. It takes about 3 full days to have 1 load fully dried. If I win the ‎spindel, it will be a heaven sent, a #LaundryLifesaver! It’s what I need and pray for most. Reading about ‎spindel and its amazing spin power, instead of heat, to remove up to 80% of the leftover moisture from clothes in just three minutes sounds like a dream in that I get to save as well on my electricity bill as it uses 100 times less electricity than a tumble dryer.
    No more winter laundry blues!

  69. Living in Durban the weather changes anytime. From a bright sunny day,we end up running to rescue the almost dry or sometimes wet clothes from the washline. The rain sometimes sets us back with laundry piling up for days due to bad weather. The worst thing ever is thr smell from drying clothes inside the house. My son works with grease and oil so washing is done daily. I would be over the moon if I won the spindel and put an end to my laundry blues.

  70. Raising two young boys on my own is a mission. These boys do rugby, karate and swimming amongst other things, so you can only imagine all the laundry that I need to do. On a weekend I spend a few hours sorting out their clothes for the week and then ironing it to save me time during the week. Having this magical little Spindel will definitely be a lifesaver! and #LaundrySaver . I will be so thrilled!!

  71. I have been trying to win a Spindel for a few years already with no luck so far. The Spindel would be my #LaundrySaver and a huge huge blessing as I do laundry every single day so there is always wet washing all over my home. Living in a small one bedroom apartment with my family, there is no space to hang the washing to dry. It’s a nightmare! It would be nice not to feel like we live in a laundromat xx

  72. I’m looking at that container of water from the washing, and thinking that we need to save every drop of water in the Western Cape, and spinning a few loads of washing could water a plant or even flush a loo.

  73. #LaundryLifeSaver
    Living in a flat with no drying area is difficult and I take my laundry to the laundromat which is expensive this will be a blessing to me and will eliminate my laundromat costs each month. Thank you for the opportunity to win. I am working and studying and my budget is tight so reducing my laundry costs will be such a pleasure.

  74. We use cloth nappies for my twin boys so this would be a literal #LaundryLifesaver !!!

    Fingers crossed

  75. I could really do with this wonderful #LaundryLifesaver. We are in the midst of trying to get our little man dry at night. Yikes, wet bedding for days. This would save our little family big bucks on electricity as the tumble dryer is used almost daily at the moment. Would ❤️ A Spindel

  76. My grankids always makes so much laundry in Winter.Its hard to get the heavy stuff dry, the Spindel will make light work of it for sure!

  77. Using our tumble dryer freaks me out – one of THE most energy-inefficient appliances in a home! This amazing #LaundryLifesaver doesn’t use heat to dry clothes – Boom, more efficient! With a newborn with reflux, we go thru plenty of clothes (both hers and mine!) and blankets daily. To win would be amazeballs 😉

  78. A spindel would be an ultimate #LaundryLifesaver for myself and family. We are a family of 9, of which 3 children are under 7, messes are endless and so is laundry. We do not have undercover areas to hang laundry to dry and its a nightmare to have to bring damp laundry in because of rain and hang it all over the house, sometimes it all ends up smelling and the vicious (laundry) cycle starts again! I also have a bed wetter so it would be amazing to have a Spindel as bedding takes even longer to dry than clothes

  79. This could really be a #LaundryLifesaver for as I am a working mum with boys laundry days are a hassle for me ..having the spindle would mean me spending more time with my boys

  80. Not being able to hang up washing in the yard due to thiefs this would be a life saver

  81. A spindel would be an absolute #laundrylifesaver for us because we have a toddler and baby who are both in cloth nappies. Now you can just imagine how much laundry our family has! ? Our house is also tiny with no garage or scullery so we definitely don’t have space for a tumble drier. This would be the perfect solution. One less stress for an exhausted mommy!

  82. With a 4 year old who changes outfits 3 to 4 times a day! And a new baby on the way, this will be a lifesaver.

  83. With all the sport my husband and I do and winter on its way the Spindel will certainly be a #laundrylifesaver

  84. A Spindel Dryer will be my #LaundryLifesaver as with living at the coast on the Garden Route, washing can take up to 2 days to dry in winter. That with two school going kids and their laundry does not work well. Also the ever increasing electricity rate creates havoc on the budget when using the tumble dryer too much for too long. Not to mention running the risk of clothing shrinking.

  85. Last week Saturday was a nightmare in my house. My little girl had the gastric flu. She threw up over 5 times. So as you can imagine I had loads of laundry. 2 duvet covers, pillow cases, fitted sheets and lots of pj’s. Sadly in the area I live in leaving clothes on the line overnight or even during the day means its the last time you see it. (I lost a gorgeous coat that I only wore once) I wish I had the spindle. It would make my life so much easier and less stressful.

  86. #LaundryLifesaver for sure as I have limited washing lines and none aren’t under shelter and surprisingly we are having a lot of rainfall this year – couple that with two toddlers under the age of four and we have a very full laundry basket every day!!

  87. I never seems to have the time to wait for my laundry to dry on the line. So getting Spindel to do all the work would save so much time for me!

  88. We’re a household of 6 and there is always a LOT of laundry. I’ve lost count of how many bras and other small items have been ruined or lost in the wash. This would make it so much easier to manage those more delicate items and to keep track of where the little things go. Also, it’ll be a huge plus to be able to keep up the supply of freshly laundered school uniforms!

  89. I would love to be a winner ? do not have a tumble dryer . The Spindel Laundry Dryer would really be a life saver for me because I’m taking care of my grandchildren full time and there are always loads of washing….. and I do not have a domestic worker……wintertime is really a problem ? I really need the #laundrylifesaver to help me please ????? quick, energy saver, and LIFESAVER!!!!!

  90. I have a 2.5year old and a newborn baby, and the washing piles up of late. The Spindle would be my #LaundryLifesaver during winter for the baby’s cloths and blankets that wouldn’t get a chance to dry properly. It would also save us on electricity as it uses 100 times less electricity than a tumble dryer.

  91. I have just moved to KZN (from the very dry Joburg) and the humidity here is crazy. Most of my clothes stay damp after hanging them out on the line and after the rains we just had, it’s been next to impossible to get anything to dry. I don’t have a tumble dryer and would absolutely love the Spindel Laundry Dryer. Pick me! ??

  92. #LaundryLifesaver
    Laundry days are a pain
    Especially if theres rain
    To win the Spindel would be sublime
    It saves on energy and time
    Wash day will become a breeze
    While my Spindel dries the loads with ease

  93. I’ve been trying to win one of these since I first saw them on your blog! Spindel would be a lifesaver in winter as we always line dry and don’t have a tumble dryer. And I’d love it even more for the hand washing, which is such a pain to wring out! #laundrylifesaver

  94. Spindel will be my #LaundryLifesaver as we have a tiny washing line that is ALWAYS full or falling apart. With Winter on our doorstep, washing has doubled and as a Corporate mom who works long hours, I could seriously do with this #LaundryLifesaver! Please help! 🙂

  95. This fantastic eco-friendly appliance uses spin power instead of heat, leaving machine or hand-washed fabrics almost dry in just 3 minutes. How fantastic that I can save on electricity!

  96. We’ve recently moved into a brand new apartment block and there are no wash lines or laundry room so with Winter approaching, we’re getting concerned about our washing as we have to hang it inside to dry.. This would be the perfect answer as it will prevent our washing from having to hang for days on end and will prevent our clothes from getting that horrid mouldy smell

  97. With no tumble dryer winter season can be quite tough trying to dry school clothes. Hanging wet clothes over various furniture items to dry. The Spindel will make life easier and less stressful

  98. Winning this wonderful appliance would do a world of good for me as I have 3 kids, my hubby and my mother-in-law lives with us so there’s a lot of washing everyday and most of the time the weather isn’t good. I love that it is eco-friendly and 100 times less electricity in one cycle than a tumble dryer which I don’t have. I usually leave clothes to dry around the house but the dampness makes us sick. I have to do it though because we need dry washing.

  99. I cannot even begin to explain how much I need this … will definitely be a #LaundryLifesaver for Me… I have 3 boys … a 3 yr old and 6 month old twins …. I go through tons of clothes in a week and now with the rain and it been winter the clothes are not drying and they staying damp and becoming smelly … with 1 baby you go through so many clothes with it being messed with poo, boys fountains of urine…. sudden throw up reflux and then the introduction to solid food … so imagine me with 2 babies and the washing I go through … not forgetting the extra towels, receivers, blankets and bibs ….
    I live in a flat and the area to dry clothes barely gets any sun and lines are limited so it works on a first come basis … with sleepless nights I barely make it to the clothes lines to get a good spot..
    I really need this and would appreciate it with all my heart of it could win this and I love that it saves electricity … gotta do everything to save money as diapers have us spending like crazy…

  100. With the start of winter my washing is taking forever to dry! This will definitely speed up the process, take a lot of stress off from me and help with the ever growing electricity bill from my tumble dryer which I feel forced to use in desperate situations. Xxx

  101. I would love a Spindel to help dry all the winter woolies and especially my two kids winter school uniforms and jerseys, that would be a big win as they are often taking a day or two to dry. Great time, money saver and #laundrylifesaver

  102. With Winter coming the clothes never dry, and by the time they do they smell bad. As a family of 4 (which includes a busy 6 year old) this would change our lives!

  103. There’s so many gadgets out there that claim to do so much but just don’t work !!!
    Finally something that will make doing a chore easier . How could anyone not want that

  104. Wintertime is the worst for piles and piles of laundry and then getting it all to dry. A Spindel sure would help quell the Winter Wednesday Washday blues! #LaundryLifesaver

  105. This Spindel would be such a blessing!!
    Having bought a 40 year old house, that was never renovated since being built, we really had our work cut out for us! We are currently about halfway through renovating and what a mess! We’ve also decided to tackle the back yard, which means that we don’t have a functional washing line.. so all the washing is always on 2 fold away washing racks. Its takes 2-3 days for clothes to dry properly due to this cold weather, so by the time it’s dry, its nearly time for the next load!
    In addition to our laundry woes, we are excited to have our baby boy arrive in September!
    This only means more washing, more often, but of the cuter kind.
    This Spindel is needed with a sore heart!

  106. I hate wet washing hanging for days on end and my tumble dryer is old and expensive to use. A Spindel sounds like the ideal alternative. Would love to win one.

  107. A spindel is top of my mommy wishlist. If I don’t win one then hubby knows it’s what he’s buying for my birthday 🙂

  108. A 6 year old, 4 year old and 2 year old…yup a Spindel dryer would be mighty handy …avoiding the sour-socks-washing-dried-over-3-days smell would also make life much better 😉

  109. My wife would love this and especially with the amount of time this will save drying the baby’s cloth nappies! #LaundryLifesaver She’s love me forever and a day if I won this for her.

  110. I’ve been lusting after a Spindle for years. I live in a small flat and have two kids under two. I don’t have enough space to hang up our laundry and it often doesn’t dry in time in winter. Love that the Spindle is quick to use and cheap to run.

  111. The spindel will be my #LaundryLifesaver because I have three boys and constantly doing washing of the schhol clothes. Whe it rains and in winter I have to put the clothes next to the heater or even put on the oven to dry them. What a blessing this would be and a saving on the wasted electricity!!

  112. With 5 adults in the house washing can be a nightmare especially in winter. Getting clothes dry is always an issue. I don’t have a tumble drier as it costs too much and have always wanted a spindle as I think it would be the ideal solution to my laundry nightmare.

  113. The spindel would certainly be my #LaundryLifesaver because I am currently working two jobs and get home after 8 two nights a week. Added to that I have no hired help and a husband and son who run their business from our garage. So the time to do washing and get it dry is very limited. Any help would be a bonus

  114. Living in a one bedroom flat on the 4th floor and with a boyfriend who plays a lot of sport this would cut the washing time by ridiculously huge amounts and would make my life a lot easier. I’d also use the drained water to water my plants on the balcony and indoors! #waterwise

  115. This will definitely be my #Laundrylifesaver. Recently moved to durban and dint realise that clothes take almost a week to dry when it rains.
    With 2 kids at school, 3 different sports and my husband at work it will relieve my stress of their uniforms/ clothes not being dry.
    I’d really like one

  116. I work full time and I have a 2 year old who literally loves to roll around in the dirt. The Spindel would be a lifesaver during the rainy days especially since my hubby only has 5 work shirts eeeek his boss will not be impressed if he pitches up with formal pants and a pyjama top if the clothes dont dry on time 🙂

  117. I am the wife to a couch potato and a mother to an accident prone princess! Do I really need to justify why I need this little helper around my house 😉

  118. 6 people
    many pets
    high electricity prices
    using the extracted water in the garden
    and the Cape Town wish for a very very wet winter.

  119. This amazing appliance has been on my bucket list for years – I would appreciate the savings in electicity AND time HOLDING THUMBS TO WIN!!!!!!!!!

  120. I live in a flat and we always hang our washing around our apartment to dry, having one of these would help so much #LaundryLifesaver

  121. Besides all the soccer kit of the kids and my husband that needs to be washed weekly, I would be able to assist the soccer club with the washing of the team kits, so that the junior soccer teams all look bright and sparkly on match Saturdays! #Laundrylifesaver

  122. #LaundryLifesaver
    The Spindel Laundry Dryer would be incredibly handy!!! My elderly folk are moving into a little flat soon, and unfortunately the washing lines are on the roof of the building, which would mean carting heavy, damp laundry up there, and collecting when dry…. not something you want your aging parents to be doing, even on a good day! It would be magic to know that their little load of washing could be dried in their apartment, and the Spindel safely stored in a cupboard! What a great invention! What a pleasure!! xxx

  123. My teenage daughter discovered one late Friday evening that’s she’s got a hockey match the Saturday early morning, and her dirty sports clothes still in her bag of last week – what a bummer – with the wife away out of town, no help around, we needed a miracle (i say)- but with my new spindel dryer (#LaundryLifesaver) it’s a definite life saver on the day!

  124. We live by the sea and in winter the sun is just not hot enough and the daylight not long enough and the air not dry enough to properly dry your washing. I always have to tumble dry it a bit or hang it out again the next day. A Spindel would be the perfect solution to this problem.

  125. With 4 toddlers in the house, there is more than 1 laundry day per week. This Spindel would sure make laundry days easier during the rainy winter days

  126. We don’t do washing very often in order to save water, but the problem is that in the rainy weather, the washing often doesn’t dry. We’re left with that horrible “not quite dry” miff smell. We then have to wash it all again to get the smell out – such a waste of water! The Spindel would definitely help with this problem!

  127. Hi there! Spindel is such an amazing thing to have in a busy household, or every household! It would definitely be my #LaundryLifesaver as I don’t employ a domestic, but do all housework and washing ect myself. I have three young boys, and they are rather hard on their clothes! So yes, lots of washing, and in a humid climate like durbs, things can go nasty on those rainy days or cold days. Plus, wow, no more dry ironing uniforms at 5am!! Lol

  128. With a 6 week old baby and going old-school with cloth nappies, a spindle will be a life-saver this winter!

  129. Laundry is a nightmare for me and the clothes take ages to dry in my house. The Spindel will make my life so much easier by cutting down this time #LaundryLifesaver!

  130. In a bachelor pad in winter it is next to IMPOSSIBLE to get clothes to dry quickly and without that yuk musty smell! A Spindel would be a complete #LaundryLifesaver!!

  131. Spindel #LaundryLifesaver

    My children LOVE dirt!
    .. and, while I hate to see their dirty clothes, it makes me happy when I see the mud and sand because I know that they’ve had fun and played hard!

    Laundry needs to be done.. it’s an endless job! ..but things simply don’t dry in winter!
    I’m sure every Mom has had that moment when you realize the pajamas for your little one haven’t dried in time, and you site with the hair dryer frantically trying to get it dry before bedtime!

    Moms have sticky floors, messy kitchens and piles of laundry. Time is precious, ain’t nobody got time to wait for laundry to dry!

    With a Spindel, the kids can have fun jumping in muddy puddles, and mommy doesn’t have to stress about laundry not drying in the rain!

    That’s why Spindel will be my #LaundryLifesaver
    …now if I can just find a #DishesLifesaver #CookingLifesaver and a #IroningLifesaver ;p

  132. Every year I dream of winning a Spindel, it just makes so much sense…lower electricity, save space in our shoebox apartment, use the extra grey water to save Cape Town through the draught…..but this year is different, we have two babies on the way,yes twins… two x the laundry, on top of which we want to use cloth nappies…more laundry. For my first time mom sanity please please help me out with a Spindle #LaundryLifesaver

  133. I want to win the Spindel Laundry Dryer for my dad. He’s a single dad who does everything for everyone else. It would be such a great surprise for him to know his electricity bill in the winter won’t be sky-high! It would be a #LaundryLifesaver

  134. It’ll be my #LaundryLifesaver because I live in a flat that doesn’t have washing lines in the complex so I’m having to take my clothes to a laundry which is really costing me a lot of money and I’ve been doing this for a year now so I’d like to change this. Also having a Spindel will really help with the quick washing I need done, like dirty dry off clothes but more importantly for when there’s a spill or a mess I’ll be able to soak it out immediately and dry it without having to wait for when the laundry is open to take my items to have washed and dried. I’ve been wanting a Spindel since it launched in SA because I just think it’s an amazing product and really is helpful!

  135. Living in a tiny one bedroom flat with winter fast approaching, I could definitely use a Spindel! I don’t even have a washing machine at the moment, so most of my laundry gets washed by hand – meaning extra moisture and drying time… something that I’d love to minimise! This would make such a massive difference to my daily life and would be a total #LaundryLifesaver !

  136. As a working mom I tend to get home around 6:30 pm , wip up something to eat while doing the daily chores and find myself standing outside hanging the most amount of washing in the cold , that is if Iam able to get to common shared washing line before someone else does , and if I dont it ends up sitting there till the following night .

  137. I would love to win Spindle ,it’s amazing saving energy ..In winter the mornings and afternoons are cold. With .little sunshine.the clothes don’t dry .,when left for the next day the towels and clothes have a stuffy smell .
    Being a pensioner it will save me money on my bill. Pray and that I am lucky to win

  138. Trying to do more than one load of laundry at a time (clothes are one thing, but linen and towels quite another!), in a flat with no washing line or space for a tumble dryer (as it is, the washing machine is squeezed into a corner of the bathroom) means this #laundrylifesaver would make all the difference to my days.

  139. We live in a small flat and with just a few weeks to go until our son is born, I’m wondering how we’ll survive laundry drying in the winter. On top of this, I’m super keen to use toweling nappies, but I do worry about how to get all the extra laundry dry!

    A Spindel has been on my Takealot wishlist for a while now, and would be the perfect #LaundryLifesaver!

  140. Being a working mom with 2 teenage daughters, and a 2 year oldboy ( and 3,min pins) im sure you will realise the amount of washing i have. Where i rent i only have 3 washing lines so i spend my whole weekend off juggling washing. If it rains, im in big troyble, and realky cannot afford the cost of a tumble dryer. Would be awrsome to own one of these

  141. Living on a top floor apartment with only a tiny balcony to dry the clothes of an almost 2 year old and a grown man who goes through 3 t-shirts a day is a mission even in summer, never mind the winter months. This would definitely be a #LaundryLifesaver of note!

  142. I would love to have a spindle drier as my laundry take forever to get dry. It will make my life much easier and save a lot of electricity

  143. Being a mom to a teenager one doesn’t realise these fashion concious teens could actually produce more washing than babies as also have a shorter turnaround time they need that item of clothing on que or that entire look will be ruined? So ja this will go a long was to help he stay the most on fleek mom for days ???

  144. I share a house with 3 boys! The amount of laundry they require is never ending. This would a lifesaver during winter!

  145. #LaundryLifesaver I have a family of 4 and loads of washing everyday, Would be really convenient for my delicate stuff, especially with colder climates laundry takes longer to dry.Woul love to win this So can also save electricity.

  146. Even though we really, really need the rain now, I always sigh when winter comes. Laundry is constantly all over the place, and takes ages to dry! This would be such a #LaundryLivesaver, and will mean I don’t have to wait a week to wear my favourite winter jersey, or dry my husband’s best pair of pants with my hairdryer (since he accidentally put it in the laundry basket, hmm..) in time for work the next day simply because it does not dry quick enough. Yay for effortless laundry in the winter!

  147. My 13 year old son is a sports fanatic and if course with each sport there is a different kit. Cricket, soccer, action cricket , hockey, golf … sometimes 2 or 3 different practices or games on one day. You can imagine the amount of washing this creates and sometimes the kit today is needed tomorrow – without a tumble dryer this can be problematic and I’ve even had to use the hairdryer on occasion to dry clothing. I’d truly love a SPINDLE but with so many financial commitments, it’s simply not possible at the moment.

  148. With winter approaching us and a newborn baby this would come as a life saver and will be made too good use.I have a dog who sheds loads of hair (a full grown boreboel).I currently hang babies clothing indoors on a washing horse but takes time to dry.

  149. I’m dying to get a spindel… it’s my dream #LaundryLifesaver appliance as it meets the life requirements of being smaller than a tumble dryer, it meets my eco requirements of being energy efficient and it’ll help me dry not only clothes and linen faster but most importantly my cloth nappies and save me having to increase my nappy stash which is drying very slowly in winter!

  150. This winter I’m struggling to hang my son’s clothes as he doesn’t have enough clothes to wear since it cold, takes time to dry and I have to make sure that he goes to school looking clean. The spindel laundry is going to be a life saver for me and my son.

    Shared on twitter.

  151. The only reason for entering this competition is for my Dad to win a Spindle. He is 70 and in July will be 71. He had a hip replacement operation just over a year ago and lives at the Salvation Army in Cape Town – it would be a blessing for him not to have to climb the stairs, go out into the cold and have his laundry done. Thanks for the opportunity to enter and thank you to my amazing friend Denise Gordon for sharing with me

  152. With the unexpected rainy weather we are experiencing, the Spindel will be the most ideal appliance for the Home that I work in. We have 6 babies ranging from a month old to a year old and one can guess the number of items that we have to wash daily. Winning this Spindel will be a dream come true for me as I always wished for one #LaundryLifesaver!

  153. Great to see Spindel getting attention! I don’t know why everyone doesn’t have one. It is cheap and easy to run and is good to fabrics. I use mine all the time, summer and winter.

  154. The Spindel would be my #LaundryLifesaver as we now have a crawling all over the place therefore dirty all the time little almost one year old! So my washing load has increased drastically and my washing line is just not big enough to handle the load! A Spindel would definitely help this exhausted mama!

  155. With winter approaching and 2 young children this would b e a lifesaver. #LaundryLifeSaver
    Work, play, Spindel…. no fuss!

  156. I live in Cape Town and our wet winters (lets hope this one will be #watercrisis), however welcome, wreakes havoc in laudry day… I Sometimes , not being able to afford the costs of a tumble dryer, have laundry on a day rack in my lounge for days on end to let it dry… And then there is that damp smell that settles into clothes if it’s not dried quickly enough… A Spindel would most definitely be a #laundrylifesaver for years to come!

  157. I have my third child (in 5 years) on the way, and the amount of laundry is going to be insane! I would love a Spindle as don’t have a tumble dryer or a space indoors for washing to dry, and is like to be able to use it for its water saving and recycling capabilities as well.

  158. Personal lifesaver:

    Imagine gastro vomiting + runny tummy 3 sick children. On a cold rainy weekend. Laundry for Africa!!!!

    Need I say more?

    Spindle to this Mama’s rescue!


  159. Clothes, clothes eveywhere! Where ever I look in my house there are clothes hanging on chairs; towels hanging over doors, socks and delicates hanging over make shift in door washing lines – all in an attempt to dry them.. 2 kids not afraid of dirt is tough; husband who likes sports and has many clothes changes is tough. Who wouldn’t like a #laundrylifesaver and not have to share a seat with their jeans. Simple pleasures!

  160. If I could win this beautiful piece of laundry equipment woulf make my lice so much better as I live on my own and work restaurant hours. I struggle to get my laundry dry. That is why I so badly need to win this Spindle. I have entered each year Kathryn.

  161. We made the big and expensive step of going off the grid – hence in winter time, when there is no sun to energise our panels, our electricity usage is under severe pressure.

    Using a tumble dryer is out of the question.

    What is so amazing is that the energy consumed by a 3 minute cycle in the Spindel is comparable to using a 60 Watt light bulb for just 15 minutes.

  162. Cold weather means having to hang washing inside = 3 days drying time. Not ideal. The spindle would be my #LaundryLifesaver. Plus the house would look a better without the washing hanging up all over the show.

  163. Our first baby is on the way and we are going to be using cloth nappies which take ages to dry. Spindle would really help us so much with keeping rotating nappies and of course other laundry which we have been told babies go through quickly.

  164. newborn abie may be squishy and warm and cuddly, but WOW what a lot of laundry we suddenly have!!!!
    Would love to eat dinner at my dining room table without bibs, babygrows and towels draped all over it for once. Spindle would be the ultimate #laundrylifesaver in our cute little family

  165. Is winter and the laundry take time to get dry, with this my life will be easier , less drying and have plenty of time with my boy (7 months)

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