WIN a 2 night stay for 4 at De Hoop Collection!

I don’t know about you but at the moment my weekends seem to be full until the end of April – school commitments, sports matches, church duties, birthday parties – all these things result in a crazy busy life that never allows for a lazy day lolling around doing NOTHING! It’s not a very healthy existence rushing from one thing to the next, that’s for sure!

This is why I love getting away from it all as a family every few months. Don’t get me wrong, longer holidays are always welcome, but these are not always an option. Weekend trips a few hours from our home are the next best thing, and something we try to do frequently.

One of the bonuses of planning a weekend away means that once you cross out that weekend on the calendar you can’t make any other plans, and once you’ve stepped out the door all the chores at home have to wait until the next weekend, so you’re forced to wind down and relax! And so often just 2 nights away in a new environment can feel so much longer than that.

One of the spots we enjoyed some time at a few months back was De Hoop Private Nature Reserve located near the southernmost tip of Africa in the Southern Cape. It is an amazing place with plenty of space, gorgeous scenery and stunning bird and animal life.Β  Below are a few of the pics I took while enjoying our stay and you can click here to read my review.

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But today it’s not about my and my travels… this time I’m pleased to tell you that YOU have the chance of winning a trip to De Hoop for your family!!!

Yes, one lucky Becoming you reader will win a 2 Night Stay for 4 Persons sharing in one of the fisherman-style self-catering De Hoop Village Cottages.

The cottages are whitewash-walled fisherman-style houses characteristic of the Western Cape Coast and ideal for a family getaway providing a comfortable home-from-home setting in a naturally beautiful location.

The De Hoop Village forms part of the Opstal area and is close to the hub of central offices, restaurant, deli and shop. It is a short drive, hike or cycle to many of the interesting locations in the reserve including an amazing estuary and the world-famous De Hoop Sand Dunes! There is also a newly surfaced tennis court, a swimming pool and a boules courtyard.



Images: Kathryn Rossiter

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Kathryn Rossiter

Kathryn is a South African lifestyle blogger and mom of 2 who has been blogging daily for over 9 years! She writes about travel, health, beauty, fashion, decor and family... but not food (unless it's food she's eaten made by someone else) as she is a hopeless cook. She only wakes up early for 2 things... a red-eye flight to somewhere exotic and early morning game drives. She has just finished an extensive home renovation and would prefer to never see another box again. She's never met a chocolate or glass of bubbles that she didn't like!

  1. Hiking, swimming and enjoying the Western Cape’s natural beauty is my 2015 goal. I’m determined to spend as much time outdoors and taking full advantage of the lifestyle this country offers! I would enjoy the peace, the scenery and the activities of De Hoop.

  2. I would love the tranquility of it after a rough few weeks its just what I need to “find myself” again and not too mention I can only imagine the amazing photos ill be able to capture there..Sea , sand and quietness Perfect combo

  3. I love the that nature on right on your doorstep and how much beauty she has to offer us. Be still, relax and become whole again on a weekend away. That is what I wish to achieve if I had to win.

  4. I would love the tranquility of it after a rough few weeks its just what I need to “find myself” again and not too mention I can only imagine the amazing photos ill be able to capture there..Sea , sand and quietness Perfect combo for me

  5. To get away from the “busyness” of life for a chance to relax and be one with nature….sounds like just the right holiday πŸ™‚

  6. As a family of 4 with two toddlers and both me & my husband working full time, we love getting away from the City and taking our kids to new places we discover that’s surrounded by nature and animals too. We love the farm style breakaways and De Hoop reminds me so much of that with the baboons greeting you at the gates & the bontebok & ostriches roaming around. There’s a bit of everything for everyone & still have the comforts of home like a nice bed to sleep in & a fireplace for mom & dad to chill at with a glass of wine after the kids go to bed. This place sounds just like the type of break away we need as a family. πŸ™‚

  7. I have heard about De Hoop for years and have always wanted to go there. It would be the perfect place to relax with my husband and 2 sons, going for long walks and exploring a new environment.

  8. Oh my goodness… my family has had a really crazy and stressful start to the year so it would be absolute bliss to be able to get away for a weekend and just relax!

  9. Liked both pages on Facebook as well as shared on Twitter!

    This would be the perfect getway πŸ™‚

    Crossing fingers and toes!

  10. Getting to be in nature with the whole family. Secretly looking forward to running a trail in the morning and see the sun rise.

  11. I loooove the idea that De Hoop collection has the following accommodation available: Camping, self-catering cottages and a private lodge

    Activities: Whale watching, game drives, hiking, birding, mountain biking, swimming, snorkelling, horse riding, tennis, star gazing

    Highlights: Interpretive marine, fynbos and birding walk

  12. The quiet and stillness of nature and the beauty of the surroundings. Sigh this would be just what I need …

  13. I visited De Hoop on a school camp almost 22 years ago. I have had it on my To Do list for years. I remember the vultures, white sand dunes, fresh winter wind and beautiful turquoise blue sea near the shore…..I so would love to revisit the great memories in person!

  14. Would love to win this for me and my wonderful husband.this year April 24 we will be married 33 years. πŸ™‚

  15. My little family and I soooo need this right now. We have a little house and a teeny garden and would love to spend the weekend outside in nature, taking photos, running around and burning off some toddler energy!

    Fingers and toes crossed!

  16. I’d love spending time away from it all, watching the birds, seeing the flowers in spring and just soaking up the tranquility.

  17. I looooove De Hoop! Definitely the bird-watching and the family rock-pool exploration rambles πŸ™‚

  18. I was there more than 20 years ago on a school trip, but I can still remember that feeling of utter tranquility. I had never seen the stars more clearly. We went on a night hike, and they left each one of us to sit alone in the complete darkness. Scary, but exhilirating! Would love to share the experience with my sons!

  19. My kids are now 6 and 8 years old and we have not yet had the opportunity of a true family getaway for just us and my hubby. Winning this stay at De Hoop would be a dream come true to be able to have fun and relax in such beautiful and inspiring surroundings. Just what we need!


  21. A chance for my little girl and I to reconnect and get away from everything! !! Also to treat her yai yai for once!! Only parent with phenomenal support and they deserve a break too!!

  22. I’m an avid nature enthusiast and love being outdoors and taking pictures of wildlife. This would really help me to relax and unwind with loved ones after a long week πŸ™‚

  23. I don’t mind if we need to pay for travel, this Joburg-bound girl and her family need a breath of fresh Cape air. We would appreciate every minute…

  24. Nature at its best – The beach – Picnics – sunrises & sunsets – beautiful surroundings – peaceful and relaxing – what more could one possibly ask for

  25. I would most enjoy just being still, forget about the hustle and bustle of daily life and take in the scenery, animal sounds and taking long walks.

  26. Definitely need some time away from the city and De Hoop looks like balm for the soul – would love to take my little family here!

  27. Gentle strolls and swims (as I’m pregnant) and just enjoying my little family before the big day!!

  28. Time out for my little family and a chance to explore and enjoy South Africa at its finest before we have to move overseas in July.

  29. De Hoop sounds wonderful in being able to spend the weekend relaxing, rejuvenating the mind and body and exploring nature. I would definitely look forward to all this whilst spending time and appreciating the small things with my family.

  30. I love the nature out by De Hoop. The quiet evenings with open skies full of stars and in the distance you can hear some wild life <3 it

  31. I haven’t been to De Hoop in about 15 years, so it would be great to go back, and take my boyfriend with me to show him just how majestic and tranquil it is! The wildlife, sand dunes, hiking trails and African Night Sky will be so amazing to experience together!

  32. OMGoodness! What a fantastic giveaway! This could not come at a more perfect time than now. My family and I love being out in the open – being able to see what nature has to offer is such a blessing! Not everyone is able to have that opportunity!

    The thing we would enjoy the most is just being able to hear the animals in the distance and being able to enjoy what nature has to offer. Watching sunsets and sunrises each day – spending QT with the people you love, no technology to interfer πŸ™‚ Time together is something that needs to be held very close to everyone’s heart – you never know how long you have left.

    The beuatiful skies, the sun, the animals, the view, the lodge….there is SO much to enjoy there! And I would love it if you choose my family to go and enjoy such an awesome trip! The pictures you took said a thousand words – this place is difintely on my bucket list! πŸ™‚


  33. I would love to have this for me and my boyfriend before he leave for the U.K. This place looks beautiful and perfect for a weekend getaway for some real quality time πŸ™‚

  34. Would love just to be away from the city with the family and spend time getting back in touch with nature.

  35. What I would most enjoy about a stay at De Hoop is being able to go for walks, chill, enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings – all with my wonderful husband and a couple of friends!

  36. I love the fact that De Hoop is so close to nature, with no commercial activities around. Love the soulfulness of the place, going for long walks, hearing the birds sing and the sound of the ocean. Bliss and Magic

  37. I would so value getting away from the current realities of some really hard times our family is facing. Have always wanted to go to De Hoop and enjoy being out in nature.

  38. We often forget how to just sit back and relax.
    My boyfriend works ridiculous hours, so he doesn’t get a chance to just sit back and breeeeathe. He has finally decided to make a career change, and while this will be super stressful, it means normal working hours. Would love to use this as a celebration for him before the hard work of starting up a business begins πŸ™‚

  39. I would love to get away from the craziness and just experience a peaceful, tranquil weekend. My kids would be absolutely amazed to see the all the animals live and not just in books. That would definitely be the Highlight for them..(and us of course):-)

  40. Oh, what absolute bliss it would be. A breath of fresh air. Catching up. Connecting. Allowing the girls (4&7yrs) to roam free, holding my husband’s hand, appreciating, drinking in one of those once in a lifetime moments. Together. Family. Something you can’t put a price on…

  41. Would love to just get away with my family and relax! Take the camera to get some great pictures and spend some time in nature…holding humbs!

  42. Besides the peace and tranquility my husband and I would enjoy, we’d definitely love the hiking trails. We love the outdoors and nature.

  43. As you said, a weekend away keeps you away from the mundane chores which sometimes seem to creep up on you every single weekend.
    We ( our family) seriously needs some peace and quiet out in nature to recharge and come back refreshed!

    It looks like absolute heaven!

  44. There is nothing like the tranquility of this part of the world. I feel like I’ve just done my whole years worth of workin three mmonths! Could really use this escape.

  45. I would love his trip to just get away from the hustle and bustle of work and just enjoy the peace and tranquility De Hoop has to offer

  46. About two weeks ago my grand ma and mother had to say good bye to my grand father. My mother has over the years helped my grand parents in so many ways that nobody could ever thank her enough.

    After finding out my grand father had cancer, on my moms birthday this year, my grand mother had to start preparing her life with out him.

    The last month of him being in our life’s, my sister took care of him day in and day out, while still doing her teaching job which takes up her whole life.

    I think us four ladies would love to have a girls weekend away where we could all unwind in such a mystical place and have a great bonding session.

    Fingers crossed for everyone! πŸ™‚

  47. Hi Hi Hi πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    My name is Sarah Kennedy and I would love nothing more but to win this competition!! My sister and her boyfriend are going away to overseas for 2 years and this would be a great way to spend some quality time with them before i have to say goodbye!! I am a student so funds are tight and i would love nothing more but to surprise my sister and her boyfriend with this going away present :)!!!! She is my best friend and i know this would be a memory we would never forget

  48. I would love to do all the outdoor activities like watch birds, go on walks, or sand board nearby

  49. Our family desperately needs to get away. We are a blended family – both my fiancee and i lost spouses and were left with two young children each. With all the demands on us and all the dynamics we face each and every day just to get away and BE would be a dream come true… xxxxxxx

  50. With the daily busy life that we experience , we all need a break now and again , with the cost of living , there is not enough funds to go away on a well deserved break . This would be an awesum July getaway. Tx

  51. I would love to spend some quality time with my loved ones and getting away from the crazy city life – even two days will feel like a holiday!

    We are very active and would love to explore the De Hoop nature reserve.

  52. After having done the Whale Trail in September last year with my husband as part of our honeymoon- it would be a dream and bliss to experience another side of what the wonderful De Hoop nature reserve ahs to offer.

    That aside, getting out of the city for a bit and spending quality time with my husband is all the motivation I have to and need to give.

  53. I would love to spend some quality time with my family away from all the craziness of every day life!

  54. My girls have never been to the Cape , it will be an awesome family experience especially all the nature.

  55. I would love a weekend away with my loved ones to drink wine and get away from the busy lifestyle we all live…and a chance to really connect again in an environment that is fresh and filled with potential great moments in nature.

  56. I would love to visit De Hoop in the whale season and experience these beautiful giants off the shores.

  57. Oh my word! This would be a dream. I have been confined to my bed (mostly) for the past 5 weeks after a back op and I am slowly going mad. A weekend filled with the sights and sounds at De Hoop would be amazing. Fingers crossed x

  58. As a family we love spending at least a little of our time off over weekends doing something outdoors to help us relax and bond and also to let the girls enjoy the wonders and joys of being little girls out in nature. In our busy lives we so often get stuck in the rut of chores and commitments and making sure the house is in order that we hardly get time to just enjoy a time out as a family, doing nothing except being together. We’ve never been to De Hoop but I’m sure the girls will love the experience and the adventure, and mom and dad could sure do with the break.

  59. After a harrowing ten days involving vets, sonars and an MRI scan in the run up to saying goodbye to a much-loved family pet, I now need to soothe my soul in nature and recharge my batteries. Animals are only on loan to us but saying goodbye and doing the right thing by them is still terribly hard.

  60. I LOVE the natural beauty of De Hoop and the absolute peacefulness for the area!! My favorite time is when the proteas are blossoming! There are so many:)

  61. Reconnecting with nature and the elements with my family sounds like the best remedy for city-itis.

  62. Enjoying the peace and quiet away from a bustling city life is definitely the best way to recharge my batteries, and in such a beautiful setting. I’d also take advantage of all the activities on offer there.

  63. I’d love to just be able to wake up in nature ( out of the city ) & go hike or relaxing next to an amazing fire.

  64. My partner and I have been looking for a way and a place to get away to, to relax and re-energise. I started a new business adventure at the start of January and the pressure has been extremely high. He has been an astounding and awesome support to me and has helped me in every way possible. For us the break would be like catching our breath again. Being in a beautiful place and surrounded by nature has always been the best medicine. It is hard for me to say that we will enjoy the beach more than the nature walks, or the nature walks more that something else. I would be lying if I did, because honestly, for us every aspect makes up a part of what we need from this break and the whole package is amazing.

  65. I would absolutely love the beautiful nature that exists at this fantastic location, the stunning landscapes and most of all the opportunity to spend 2 nights at this amazing location!

  66. I would enjoy being so close to nature, my toddlers absolutely love the outdoors and animals, so this would be such a nice bonding experience with then teaching them about wildlife and birds. We can do short hikes too etc. And it will give my wife a break.. at home she’s always so busy with the kids and chores, now she will be kind of forced to take a time out and smell the fresh air πŸ™‚

  67. Peace and tranquility being in nature to restore my energy. Want to take my grandkids with to enjoy too!

  68. I would really love to win and go on the walkson the beach leaning more about marine life and I love pasta alfredo and I would love to try it out at the Fig Tree restuarant I love nature and just getting an opportunity to be away from the hustle and bustle of Joburg would be very welcome πŸ™‚

  69. The tranquility and natural beauty of the region. Ahhhhh time to reboot the brain and unwind…no technology for 2 whole days…bliss πŸ™‚

  70. It would be an amazing time away with family to just enjoy days of adventure, relaxation and fresh air – watching a sunrise and showing the kids the stars at night that you don’t see in the city would be awesome.

  71. Would love to win this, seeing that my sister lives in the Western Cape – would be gr8 to spend time with her, her b/f and my hubby! Just what the soul needs!

  72. Yes getting away is always an awesome option to have a break. The most beautiful experience and mind relaxing is being at the nature reserve.. nothing is better than being closer to nature and the fresh atmosphere!

  73. I love going places I’ve never been before. I have a life motto of collecting memories and not stuff…. this will definitely be one of the bright memories.

  74. Everything about the review sounded magical and of course I would love to explore this little getaway with my loved ones….i can already smell the fresh air and just imagine sipping wine while our men put on a lekker braai. ahhh bliss πŸ™‚ x

  75. I would love to share the beautiful wild life and scenery with my family! We need a break away from the hustle and bustle of the week. πŸ™‚

  76. This will be such an awesome getaway! I see a white-washed fisherman cottage and I immediately go: “Ooooo I want to be a fisherman! I want to move and stay there!” πŸ˜‰

  77. Would love to explore and get out of the city for this lovely getaway with my loved ones. Fresh air / vino and our men putting on a lekker braai … ahhh bliss πŸ™‚ x

  78. I would most enjoy the restaurants and swimming pool with my little ones. We have never been on a family holiday together so this would be a wonderful experience πŸ™‚

  79. To escape from the bustle of every day life with my family, the diversity of bird life, going for hikes and taking the kids to explore and ride their bikes – what memories are made of…

  80. I’d love the break, beauty and tranquility. We have a baby due this week and haven’t had time for anything like a babymoon this time, so a family getaway would be great!

  81. Have read so many wonderful things and seen the most amazing photos of De Hoop. Would love to experience it myself. Nature beach walks sounds of birds and ocean. Pure relaxation.

  82. The thing we would enjoy the most is just being able to hear the animals in the distance and being able to enjoy what nature has to offer. Watching sunsets and sunrises each day – spending QT with the people you love, no technology to interfer πŸ™‚ The beuatiful skies, the sun, the animals, the view, the lodge….there is SO much to enjoy there! And I would love it if you choose my family to go and enjoy such an awesome trip!


  83. I would just absolutely love the peace and tranquility, the fauna and flora and wonderful time spent sharing all of the above with my family…

    I would be most blessed to win such a prize!


  84. I’m a homeschooling mom and hold down a part time job. My hubby holds down a full time job as an Educator as well as a Volunteer at a city wide place. We’re always rushing around, especially during all the fires. What I would love the most is to spend time with my beautiful family in an amazing and serene surrounding. This would be an awesome 1st holiday for us as a family

  85. Oh my gosh! it would be a God send. 2 weeks ago my 14 month old and I was robbed at gunpoint in our own home. The trauma and complete craziness that followed, ANYWHERE but home would be such a blessing! Just to relax and exhale. Just to enjoy nature and be still. My family and I would absolutely appreciate and just be in the moment.

  86. We just moved to South Africa 6 weeks ago with our 2.5 year old and 4.5 month old. It has been HARD work getting settled in. And with no family here to lend a hand, my husband and I have been on the go the whole time with no down time. We’d love a relaxing weekend to wind down the little ones, while exploring the magnificent south peninsula that we now call home πŸ™‚ Thanks for the opportunity!

  87. My hubby and I hiked in De Hoop pre-kids, so it would be great to have an opportunity to go back, this time to enjoy some quality time as a family!

  88. My family doesn’t get to go away often, so when we do it has to be special. De Hoop looks like a really beautiful, tranquil places, and ticks all the boxes that my family and I enjoy on holiday. My husband loves mountain biking, so this would probably be the drawcard for him, while I love being near the sea and in nature. My daughter, a nature-lover like me, has become more interested in stargazing as well, and being away from the city lights would allow us to do some of this. We also bought her a mountain bike for Christmas, so definitely an opportunity to go riding with dad πŸ™‚

  89. After the crazy season at work (I am in accommodation) I would love to just get away with my family and relax! Even if it’s just for a few days……..

  90. Would be amazing to get away, to be IN nature and soak up the beauty around us! Never been to De Hoop, but have always heard it is amazing! We need this! πŸ˜€

  91. Existing as close to nature as possible has always been my aim and yet I live int he bustling City, I want to experience and taste my dream

  92. I would enjoy the time away with my husband and 2 kids, as we prepare to welcome the newest member to our family later in the year, it would be a nice final ‘family of 4 (soon to be 5)’ holiday πŸ™‚ My husband and kids would LOVE the tranquility and just being so close to nature. Mom usually drags them to hotels in the city πŸ™‚

    Heaven knows after the baby comes, there will be no holidays for at least 2 years…he he

  93. I would love the time away with my family, space for kids to enjoy being kids in nature at its best, beauty, sunsets, peace and quiet πŸ™‚ Memories are made of these moments

  94. Some family QT is definitely need.
    With the hustle and bustle it’s been difficult to get the boys outdoors and this would be the perfect opportunity for that.

  95. 39th wedding anniversary gift for myself and husband, 5 kids, 4 grandkids need a little away time

  96. I’m looking forward to an opportunity to unplug and re-energise before we become parents in August, iA

  97. The answer is a no-brainer… Chilled family time, just the four of us… No work stress, no prior engagements, no plans at all – just The Jansen Family

  98. I’d love to take my kids on a holiday. Since I left my husband and subsequently divorced him I’d love to just take them away for a few days, but my budget doesn’t allow it. I have 3 kids aged 13, 12 and 7 and I would love to show them that wildlife can be fun.

  99. Oh my goodness- how I would love to go there. My passion is photography- both Family and botanical, so this would be a dream come true.

  100. My husband works in the tourism industry and one would think that this would be our first class ticket to getting away. Alas…this is not so. When it’s season he can’t get away, and when it’s not he needs to still work to make money during down time. Which means, no down time for us…including no honeymoon. Four months into our marriage, this would be a nice surprise for him. Being away from the city lights and constant ringing phone would be amazing.

  101. I work in a very frantic environment where 7-day weeks for 8 week stretches (often more) is common. I would tell my boss De Hoop has no cellphone reception simply to be able to rest for 2 days! PS I Do love my job, I love the environment – you’d have to be crazy to work those hours if you didn’t love it!!!

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