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You might have realised that there are not many men featured in my What I… blogger interview series.

This isn’t because I don’t want to feature them, it’s probably due to a combination of reasons…. There just aren’t that many men in the game and I don’t often read blogs written by men so I don’t find them on my internet travels…. plus I figured my predominantly female audience might not be interested in meeting male bloggers who write about beer and gaming and questionable pics of women much younger than them…

I do, however, read this one…

The Dad Dude is a fairly new blog written by Terran Williams, a dad of 5, yes 5!

He also happens to be my pastor/ minister (what is the right word here these days??), basically he is the leader of the church I attend!

On his blog he shares about life as a dad of 5 kids (all under 8) and how he is loving and leading them. Read his About page for more about why he started his blog. He says it far better than me! Or read on to find out more…

What I…

Love. I love my wife. She is 33 and I have been with her since she is 19. So much happiness packed into a person – a complete soul mate. And she’s very bright, and brings in a second income from her work as a marketing manager at a wine farm. I love my kids – Eli, Fynn, Ivy, Charlie and Sam. I remember their names off-cuff with the acrostic EFICS :).


Know. I know that God is real. I have real empathy for people who struggle to believe in him because of suffering or unanswered prayer. But for whatever reason his hand is so present in my life, doubting his existence would be inexcusable. I also know its better to be kind to people, even nasty ones. I know that we spend so much time caring what people think of us, but actually they don’t care. We should just get on with discerning our convictions and being true to them.

Read. A read a ton. Knowledge is air to me. Along the lines of my field, I read theology and leadership books. Because of my blog (and my 5 kids) I read parenting books too. I try learn new stuff too – I just read on the history of Africa and the mysteries of space. Night time (trying to fall asleep after the kids wake up) is light reading – I just finished and loved ‘Tales of a female nomad’. (If I can’t travel, at least I can learn from those who do.) About to hit a more dudish book now – ‘Barbarian days,’ about the evolution of surfing and surf culture.

Want. I want to surf more. Surfing makes me feel those care-free feelings I had as a kid. All work makes Jack a dull boy. Slicing across the face of an unbroken wave drives that dullness far away. All this responsibility means less surf. I am grooming my kids. I ride bikes on Sea Point beach front with Eli and Fynn and then bond with them by saying, ‘You guys are now my biking buddies.’ Yesterday, before work, the 3 of us hiked up Lion’s Head for sunrise. ‘You are now my hiking buddies.’ I can’t wait to say the words, ‘You guys are now my surfing buddies.’ 😉


Wear. Okay that’s a question guys don’t think about that much. Dudes don’t generally talk about what they wear or what they eat, remember. As a leader of an informal church (that meets in a marquee overlooking a vineyard and a mountain) I ‘dress up’ most on Sundays but by dress up, I mean closed shoes, jeans and a button-on top. For important meetings during the week, I dress similarly. But the rest of the time, I dress even more casually. (I am a surfer after all! The rejection of formality is in by blood.)

Need. I need more sleep. The last 3 days we have seen 3 of our kids in full cold turkey. We have taken their dummies away. Sam, nearly age 2, keeps on saying to himself, ‘I want my dummy! Monkey ate my dummy!’ Yeah that’s what we told him – don’t think it’s consoling him much – the thought of wild monkeys on the prowl in his house!

And one more pic because I just love the chaos and love depicted here…


Images: Warren Williams Photography & Terran Williams

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