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A few weeks ago I met Tami at a Pick n Pay food bloggers event – it’s always great to meet the person behind the blog or Twitter handle (@rumtumtiggs if you’re asking!) and I enjoyed meeting her so much that I thought you might like to get to know her a bit more too… so I asked her to feature in my “What I…” bloggers interview series. Tami writes over at Rum Tum Tiggs where she shares her foodie journey. Through her blog she has recently appeared on Dinner Divas on SABC 2. Tami works full time and is a mom too so has a very “full plate” so to speak! However she still calls cooking and baking her form of relaxation! If you want to know where she got the name for her blog you will have to pop over here to find out more!



What I….

that no matter how bad you feel your situation is, there are people who are far worse off than you who are living with stress, pain and anguish that they often don’t share with anyone. It helps to remember this so that you make a conscious effort to be gentle with everyone and it keeps you very grateful for what you do have (no matter how “little” this may seem).

my husband and children, baking, reading, mani’s & pedi’s, playing with the family cat until she scratches me to shreds and bites my toes, watching my children play and learn and discover new things, challenging myself to test my fears and overcome them, do things that make my heart race a little (like appearing on TV), photography and giving back to the community

Sophie Kinsella, Marian Keyes, JK Rowling, Stephanie Meyer, Karen Kingsbury, Sylvia Day, Jodi Picoult and most other authors. I am in a “chick-lit” phase at the moment simply because my life is currently tough enough to make me not want to take on the stress of dealing with a fictional character’s issues. When I read I want to escape…not solve murder mysteries or have my heart in my throat and jump every time something goes bump in the night.

to be the host of the Amazing Race which will enable me to see the world and get paid for it 😉

anything that makes me look and feel good, definitely no brand names and comfortable shoes because life is too short to hobble around on sore feet

to never stop learning, to find a cheap and cheerful way of keeping fit that I actually enjoy (which means no running), to live in the moment with my children more and to live everyday like it is my last.

Thank you so much Tami for taking part in this little series! Such a pleasure.

Kathryn Rossiter

Kathryn is a South African lifestyle blogger and mom of 2 who has been blogging daily for over 9 years! She writes about travel, health, beauty, fashion, decor and family... but not food (unless it's food she's eaten made by someone else) as she is a hopeless cook. She only wakes up early for 2 things... a red-eye flight to somewhere exotic and early morning game drives. She has just finished an extensive home renovation and would prefer to never see another box again. She's never met a chocolate or glass of bubbles that she didn't like!

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