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In this week’s What I… blogger interview I’m pleased to introduce you to Maughin, a Joburg based blogger who is obsessed with travel, eating, shopping and discovering new and awesome places to go and see!

The Edit is the name of her platform and she loves to share her stories and photographs of her adventures – both locally and internationally.

Her blog is aimed at helping her readers to make the best decisions on what to do next! She loves shopping, exploring markets and finding new places and restaurants to visit…

What I…


I know that I want to do more for others, always. My heart breaks when I see how many people are less fortunate than myself and I always try help as much as I can. We need to help each other! Lockdown has made me so worried about others – not only the poor, but all the small businesses that are under pressure. We all know they need help so I have been blogging about these small businesses – unsponsored – to try help with just a little brand awareness and love from others. Together, we need to get through this! I know I want to make a difference in people’s lives, no matter how small.


I love my family and friends so much my heart could explode just thinking about them. I am so lucky to be part of a close family, I talk to my Mom every day. I love the two men in my life – one a human, one a dog who thinks he is a human! We (me and the human) recently got engaged but due to Covid-19 we have put the plans on hold. I also love travelling. It speaks to my heart and soul, and it makes me so happy! I love experiencing new cultures, new places and meeting new people. It’s also amazing to experience new cuisine – we were in Paris at the beginning of the year and literally ate our way through every bakery, trying every pastry!


I love to read but definitely need to make MORE time to do it. Life just takes over and this is often one of the areas that I neglect. My favourite author is Jodi Picoult – when I get my hands on one of her books, I will read through the night, unable to put it down! Am busy reading THRIVE by Arianna Huffington.


I want so much! Most of these things that I WANT, I don’t really NEED. But sometimes I battle to see the difference here! I want world peace, I want a cure for cancer, I want to stop rhino poaching, I want everyone to have access to water, electricity, food and education. I want people to be free to love whoever they want to love, be whoever they want to be. But I also want a lemon meringue pie. Now and always.


The older I get, the more I have learnt to rather spend more money on that handbag, pair of jeans or shoes  – so they last longer! Invest in a great leather bag that will last. Buy shoes that you can wear every Winter. Invest in quality. Choice items that you can do more with! My favourite places to buy clothes, shoes and accessories, are Country Road, Trenery and Poetry.


I need TV (yes I am one of those who still watches and pays for DSTV!), it helps me zone out after a long work day. I need gin – I love drinking gin. I need nature – we love going to the bush to get our full of wildlife – nothing better than the Kruger Park. Missing it so much over lockdown, we were meant to be there in a few weeks’ time. I need my sleep. I try to get between 7 and 8 hours a night but it is not always easy! I need my cell phone. I am addicted to social media. No jokes. I need food – I love sushi, I would eat avo with everything if I could and I cannot go too long without a good butter chicken. I need a long, hot bath every night to wash away the day and make me feel human again! I need cuddles from our Scottish terrier Mac – even when he doesn’t want to give them!

Kathryn Rossiter

Kathryn is a South African lifestyle blogger and mom of 2 who has been blogging daily for over 9 years! She writes about travel, health, beauty, fashion, decor and family... but not food (unless it's food she's eaten made by someone else) as she is a hopeless cook. She only wakes up early for 2 things... a red-eye flight to somewhere exotic and early morning game drives. She has just finished an extensive home renovation and would prefer to never see another box again. She's never met a chocolate or glass of bubbles that she didn't like!

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