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This week’s edition of What I… features Liezl, a 30 year old South African Lifestyle Blogger, Entrepreneur and Content Creator.

Having always found it hard committing herself to one specific field of interest she recently make peace with the fact that she is a multipotentialite. And thus birthed the name of her blog… Thoughts Of A Multipotentialite

This platform is where she hopes to inspire people and satisfy her inquisitive nature!

What I… 


I know that we are the architects of our own lives. For a long time, I have settled for what I thought a “normal” life was. I worked a 9-5 job, tried to fit the norm of having a steady job and working towards marriage and children. I mean, that is what is expected of us, right?

For years, I have struggled to find my one true calling. All my peers knew exactly what their passion in life was and what they wanted to dedicate their time to. Me, on the other hand, did not have it figured out until recently. I’ve always been passionate about too many things at once. I have accepted that I am a Multipotentialite and that it’s okay to not have one true calling in life. If you’re curious about reading more about being a Multipotentialite, I want to invite you to my blog. There you will read more about how I came to this conclusion. I have always enjoyed writing and being creative. Now I have the chance to be those things, while exploring all my different interests!

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After I have started to embrace the fact that I’m a Multipotentialite, I became a much happier person. At the age of 30, I gave up my 9-5 and am now an Entrepreneur, Blogger and Mommy of one, while working in our family business as well. I have never been happier. I finally know what it’s like to truly be yourself and do whatever makes you happy in this world.

If you feel stuck in your routine, please remember that you are the only architect of your life, and that it’s okay to break down completely in order for you to create a new life where you will be the best version of yourself.



I love my daughter, my girlfriend and all the wonderful people in my life. I try to love myself more and more each day. I believe that loving yourself, and spending time with yourself is the most rewarding thing you could do.

Photo by Mandy von Stahl on Unsplash


I love that our country is so diverse and I wish for everyone to find their spot in the sun. I believe that love is the answer to all of our problems – whether it’s love for others, love for ourselves or love for our country.

I love the smell of books and coffee.. I love anything Rose Gold, and I love doing new things!



I don’t get that much time to read nowadays, but I try to fit it in as much as possible. My favourite book of all time is The Prophet – Kahlil Gibran.

I love reading blog posts and articles as much as I can.

Another book I highly recommend is The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood. I read the book before watching the series and it was amazing, because it gave life to my imaginary characters and scenes in the book.

I’ve always been a lover of reading. I have enjoyed reading since the age of 4, always sitting with my nose in a book. It’s actually one thing I wish I had more time for!



After being through a few rough years, I’m finally at a stage in my life where I don’t really want for anything more than what I have. I have found my soulmate, I have been in the fortunate position to quit my 9-5, and I have everything I need and more.

All I want is to be truly happy for many years to come. I want to do more of what I love, and I want to reach people with similar interests. I want to be an example to others, to show them that you can do anything you put your mind to. I wish to learn lots of new things and to explore all the things I’m interested in. I would love to travel more often and see the world. Some of my dream destinations include Jamaica, Fiji Islands, Ireland and Mexico.

Of course I want a new car, a nice house and some dogs.. but I think the most important thing in life is to be happy with what you have.



I’m not really one for following fashion trends blindly. Honestly, in my opinion it’s absolutely ridiculous that all girls look the same in todays day and age. I like comfortable clothes, and I would say my style is very much under the radar. I like nice things and nice clothes, but I definitely wouldn’t compromise comfort for a trend.

I also strongly disapprove of the fact that all stores and magazines promote size 6 and 8 clothing. As a plus-sized woman, it’s really hard to find clothes that fit nicely and that are still modern. I actually wrote an article on Tips For Shopping at Plus Size Boutiques. Feel free to give it a read!



As mentioned earlier, I kind of have everything I need. But if you look at the daily things, there are quite a few things that I absolutely need to make my life easier. From applications to consumables, here is my list of things I need to make my life easier:

  1. Phone and Social Media
  2. My diary/organizer
  3. Canva – the best free design website so far
  4. Coffee and Cigarettes
  5. Ready Made Meals from Woolworths Food
  6. Power bank
  7. Leggings – for those “feel-bad” days
  8. Dry Shampoo for when you’re on the go



Kathryn Rossiter

Kathryn is a South African lifestyle blogger and mom of 2 who has been blogging daily for over 9 years! She writes about travel, health, beauty, fashion, decor and family... but not food (unless it's food she's eaten made by someone else) as she is a hopeless cook. She only wakes up early for 2 things... a red-eye flight to somewhere exotic and early morning game drives. She has just finished an extensive home renovation and would prefer to never see another box again. She's never met a chocolate or glass of bubbles that she didn't like!

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