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I recently discovered a beautiful blog written by Leilah Kirsten, a personal trainer and Pilates instructor who aims to help women feel fitter, healthier and more beautiful through movement. I love her holistic approach to keeping both body and mind healthy with topics such as finding balance, releasing stress and building confidence!!

After years of studying and personal experience in anatomy, dance, personal training and Pilates, Leilah has a solid foundation of movement knowledge from which she has created her own training style that works and shares it with other women to help them feel fitter, healthier and more beautiful.

Read on to find out more about Leilah…

What I….


Change is inevitable. Collaboration is better than competition. Life is insanely magical and terribly unpredictable. Love comes in many shapes and forms. We are our biggest critics. The sooner you love yourself, the easier things get. I’m on this planet to make a difference, even if it’s a miniscule one.


Food! Oh my gosh I love food, like a lot! My adopted Siamese cat, Oscar! No, seriously… I’m a little obsessed. In fact, put most animals in front of me and I turn into an absolute weirdo. I love watching live performances – dance, theatre, music. There is something magical and surreal about the energy. I also love what I do, be it dancing/performing or teaching. My crazy and extraverted family (wonderful boyfriend included) also fall under what I love… we’re all a little strange, and it’s ok.

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A lot of stuff about health and wellness! I’m constantly trying to find ways of managing stress and anxiety, the most natural ways to fuel our bodies, what are the magic ingredients for a happy and healthy life? I also love reading about people’s lives so Autobiographies are a favourite and books about how to tap into your natural talents and awesomeness – Danielle La Porte and Brendon Burchard are new favourites.


Too much and most of it isn’t material possessions. So much so that sometimes it’s overwhelming. I want to experience all that life has to offer! Financial security would help in this endeavour and a Mini Cooper would also be nice, but ultimately I want to die knowing I’ve lived a full life and made a difference where it’s mattered.


Spandex, Lycra, Cotton Lycra and more Spandex! True story, and yes, it’s a sad one. It seems I’m destined for it but have recently asked a friend who is a fashionista to take me “normal clothes shopping”. My boyfriend is tired of my mini breakdowns because I have no “normal clothes” to wear every time we go out!



To learn to meditate. I’m a stress-ball of note and put FAR too much pressure on myself – this stems from my background in dance and I’m sure a little learned behaviour form my mom (she’s a hard-worker!). To move my body often – I become miserable if I don’t do any physical activity! To let my hair down more often – owning your own business is stressful yo! I don’t enjoy too many bottles of red wine and 2am bedtimes often enough.


Images: Leilah Kirsten

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