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Every now and again I still stumble upon blogs I’ve never known about previously and today I’m featuring one such blog… Suitcases and Lattes is a collaborative travel blog written by three Capetonian girls who’ve all fallen in love with traveling the globe.

The admit to only having recently discovered traveling and still holding down demanding day jobs, studies, homes and families so I wanted to find out more… They call themselves “ordinary people who love extraordinary experiences” and they love sharing these experiences on their site.

Today’s interview is with one of the gorgeous trio, Jihan, a chartered accountant from Cape Town that has recently made the leap to live and work in New Orleans, USA.

She loves adventure travel as well as luxury. Bungee jumping, paragliding, shark-cage diving, she’s done it. If she hasn’t done it, she is most likely willing to try it, as long as it doesn’t spoil her manicure!


Take it away Jihan…



What I…


I know that when our curtain drops, we won’t be buried with stuff. So stop collecting stuff and collect experiences. Be kind to each other – friends, family and even our enemies and most importantly be kind to ourselves.

I know that you cannot control people and only control the way you behave around them.

I know that I haven’t seen enough of the world….


In no particular order….

I love to travel and experience new places, cultures and foods.

I love to write about my travel adventures and hope that my journey can be someone’s inspiration to see more of the world.

I love my husband and my family

I love animals (a little bit more than I love people … lol)


Everything! I love reading and even though I read off my kindle, I love reading physical books because it never runs out of battery!

A few of my favorites are:

The Husband’s Secret” by Liane Moriarty and basically every book she has ever written. (Ed – Meeee too. I love her books and devour each one!)

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” – by Ransom Riggs. The books are much better than the movie and I highly recommend everyone reads all three books.

A little love song” – by Michelle Magorian (Ed – We have such similar tastes. She is my favourite childhood author and I still secretly love her books)


A passport that allows me to travel anywhere and everywhere without pre-applying for a visa

To work because I want too and not because I have too.

World peace…… hahahaha, kidding, but seriously I want a better world for my kids one day.


This is a tough one… because I love mixing it up and I am constantly changing my items. As I get older it moves towards comfort above anything else. I have so many great pieces that I decided to list what I pack when I travel because these are my go to items:

Shoes – a pair of comfy white sneakers (Adidas Superstar is my fav) and a pair of gold Birkenstocks

Bottoms – A pair of high rise Levi’s denim shorts and a slim line Top shop blue denim high-rise jeans.

Tops – A comfy t-shirt that is not too tight

Jackets – I am obsessed with jackets and I can literally own a shop containing all the jackets I own! If I had to narrow them down I would say – my black leather biker jacket with a hood, my Adidas colorful track jacket and my green military jacket.

Underwear: Panties – I love Victoria Secret seamless panties. Bra’s – I am obsessed with the sports bras from Athleta.

Face – I am a huge Origins skincare range fan. My favorites are the active charcoal mask (clear improvements), the retexturing mask with rose clay and the age defense moisturizer with white tea.

Body – Nivea cream and BioOil


Time to stop moving so fast!


Images: Jihan from Suitcases and Lattes

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