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Thrilled to share my space with one of the best Instagrammers in Cape Town today… the one and only @jaredincpt

Jared started out as an Instagram sensation and has morphed his media presence into the blogging space. He is a great lover of travel and wine which means we’ve become fast friends!

Jared in CPT is his blog which focuses on travel, lifestyle, spirituality, Cape Town and South African related topics.

Jared Ruttenberg

An experience junkie with a passion for people and places that is infectious made Jared a fabulous travel companion on my recent trip down the Garden Route to explore the Plett Wine Region!

Read on below for more about this special person —>


What I…


Is that what the world needs most is people who have come alive. This simple, but powerful little quote has helped shape and launch my various career changes, and has always given some direction: “’Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come

Jared in CPT


Authenticity. I can’t get enough of it. In a world rather starved of authenticity I love it when I see strands emerge. Particularly working in the media context, where agendas, facades, and all kinds of pressure run wild, it’s needed more than ever. I equally love wooded Chardonnays – and am frequently told by my house mate that I have too much wine. Time for a visit Kath and Brad? (Ed – yes indeed!)

Wine lover South Africa


Such a variety of books. A couple years ago I realised I needed to read more and so I set myself the audacious task of reading 52 books in a year – and chose quite a variety. Since then I read whatever I get my hands on – particularly historical novels. I’m currently biting my way through Alain De Botton’s The Art of Travel I as slowly as I can – a poignant read. (Ed – I’m dying to get my hands on this book!)

Kingsley Holgate


Is to achieve that rather elusive ‘life balance’! Changing careers and reinventing yourself takes a lot of work. I wanted to establish myself as a travel writer – and have done so, but didn’t realise the toll that constant travelling takes on you. So working out how to balance work, friends, church and exercise is proving to be a challenge


I’m a bit of a Country Road boy, so you’ll usually catch me in their natural noted and textured clothing, usually in neutral colours. My mom once told me that the blue shirt I was wearing matched my blue eyes, and since then I have a penchant for purchasing blue shirts! For footwear I’m a Tread & Miller man, and lastly I’ve fallen in love with This Guy Eyeware – check them out! (Ed – I’m a Country Road gal… when budget allows!)



A new camera – my camera is on her last legs, and got her when I began my career as a travel blogger. The only problem is just when you save up enough for a camera – you realise that the lenses are going to cost you a lung, and the third kidney you don’t have. I also need a holiday. I haven’t taken a break since March. Time to schedule that it! (Ed – Almost all travel bloggers I know need a real holiday!)


Jared in Cape Town


Thanks Jared! It’s been a blast – this post and this year!


Images: Jared Ruttenberg

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