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It’s Wednesday which means it’s time to meet another awesome blogger… (On a side note can you believe that I’ve been running this What I… blogget interview series religiously every Wednesday for almost 5 years??? That’s  a LOT of blogs!)

This week meet Bianca – she writes a unique blog especially aimed at parents called Date Nights where she shares her Date Night ideas, reviews, tips and inspiration.

Date Nights is about remembering and helping you to connect with your loved one. About having the best relationship you can have. Not when the kids are older or you’ve reached a certain point in your career…right now!


What I…


I know that what I know changes all the time and I can go from thinking I know a lot to realising I don’t know much at all. At this point in my life, I have been through such a learning curve so I guess what I know right now is that you are never too old to learn something new as I am learning something new every single day! I know that life is short and can change in an instant. I know that life is there to support you, it’s up to you whether you see the signs that are being shown to you. I know that when one door closes another one opens. That at the end of the day, it’s all up to you to choose the kind of life you want to have. I know that you can be your greatest obstacle or your greatest asset. I know that life is never black and white and however much you may have an opinion on something, unless you have been there yourself, you really can’t judge anything anyone does.



I love details. I am such a ‘life is in the details’ freak but for me it really is. I love beautiful things, I love going to markets and browsing around. I love travelling although it’s been a while since we’ve done that. I love buying new clothes although I can’t stand shopping. I love the sound of my daughters‘ hysterical laughter, I love silence and calm and special moments. I love the sound of the rain. I love the crackle of the fire in winter. I love sitting on the couch with a book and tea and if I’m feeling naughty, a packet of chips is my ideal. I love feeling healthy and present. I love my family and since becoming a wife and mom, I truly feel like I have found my place and my home. It’s not to say I don’t have difficulties within it but I love that it is really the one place in my life where I can just relax and be me. I love my home. I am actually quite a home body so my home is really like my sanctuary and a reflection of who I am.



I like novels about life, relationships, people. About the things that make us human. In the first few years of having my girls, when I ever got the chance to read I went for very light, easy reading books. I felt like my brain just didn’t have the capacity for anything more challenging. With my kids being a bit older and life with them being a bit easier, I have a bit more brain power to venture out. I have just finished The Zahir by Paulo Coelho and am about to start The Sandalwood Tree. As far as magazines go, I love Marie Clare and am always happy to browse through a House and Home kind of magazine.


I want people to respect each other. I want people to tolerate each other’s differences. I want people to be conscious of the power of their words especially in this world of social media we live in. I want to grow (old) with my husband. I want my girls to know their worth and value in this world. I want more financial security so that we can take our girls on overseas trips to experience the world, other cultures, other places. So that we can broaden their minds and give them amazing experiences. I want quite a lot but actually at the end of the day, and oh dear, I really am sounding like my mom now but it’s so true, I want my health and my family’s health.



Since having my girls I have become a lot more clothes and fashion conscious than what I used to be.(which still isn’t saying very much) Comfort always comes first for me and I’m normally in jeans and a top. These days I go for loose fitting, flowy tops that are flattering and feminine. I am always striving to be more ‘on trend’ and fashionable but to be honest, half the time I never like the ‘fashionable’ stuff and the other half I just couldn’t be bothered.

on the beach


This is a hard one because if I was going to be all altruistic about it, I’d say all I really need is health, love and my family. While that’s true, there are a couple of things I need in my everyday life as well which keep me sane. I need my space. At home, I sometimes just need to remove myself for some ‘time out’. I need silence. I can not stand to have a TV on if no one is watching, or music playing if you’re out in nature. The best kind of sound for me is the sound of nothing. I need order. While I am actually not the most organised person, I am always trying to be. Clutter and mess in my house totally unnerve me. I need acknowledgement. While I know I should be secure enough in my own achievements of myself, truth is I’m not and I need acknowledgement for the things I do. I need exercise. While I have gone through patches of not exercising in my life, I realise that I am just not a happy person if I’m not exercising regularly. I need lots of money to buy all the beautiful things I’m always wanting to buy for my home!


Images: Bianca Rael

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