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The lovely Anja from Glitz and Grammar is my featured blogger today. Her blog features fashion and fun but is mostly a place where I she shares her weirdest thoughts…. It’s the perfect place to head if you’re looking for a laugh. I especially love her “Open Letters” to various celebs and her gif collections make me laugh out loud.

Read on to find out more about Anja.

What I…


I recently met up with an awesome friend I made through Twitter, Sarah Badat, and she gave me the best advice ever.

“Never force a vibe.”

This applies to basically anything. When a party isn’t fun – leave. When you’re dating a guy, and you’re not that into him – end it. NEVER FORCE A VIBE.

So ja, this is what I know for sure: Forcing a vibe is never a good idea.


Being on my own. I have no problem taking myself out for a coffee, or going to the movies on my own.

i love you myself


Everything! I’m a big fan of historical fiction, and I’ve read most of Philippa Gregory’s books. When I’m not reading books, I’m reading up on weird things on Wikipedia. I have to clear my Google search history quite often so that nobody will know how strange I truly am.

Instagram Harry Potter Books


Oh boy, the list is quite long. Here we go.

I want:

1. A lifetime supply of purple Chappies
2. Tampons to be cheaper
3. Shorter winters in Cape Town
4. All the stray animals in the world to find a loving home
5. Silent letters to disappear. Seriously, why can’t I pronounce the “g” in gnome?
6. A life without any social obligations
7. James Franco
8. The Kelvin filter on Instagram to be removed
9. Emails to reply to themselves
10. A library the size of my flat


I basically aspire to be the most fabulous version of myself everyday. I live for animal-print, faux fur, sequins and gold.

Leopard print


I need more patience – it’s something I lack, especially when I’m driving. (Let’s just say that the language in my car is definitely not PG13)

You can also find Anja on Twitter & Instagram. It’s where she spends 90% of her time, “mostly posting selfies” 😉

Images: Anja van der Spuy
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