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Recently I met Angie from Our Sunshine Journey at a launch and really enjoyed chatting to her. Then I discovered her back story and my heart went out to her. Here she was living a “normal” life, chatting, laughing, enjoying the day, meeting new people and having fun, but behind the smile was a real heartache: The loss of her husband in a tragic accident when their baby was only 7 months old.

Life can be devastating.

Angie is bravely facing the world head on and making the most of her life, and that of her son, Elijah (now a toddler).

our sunshine journey

Her blog is her journey… her path through her grief, the ups, the downs, the wrong turns, the cul-de-sacs. It’s a real space and one I’m so happy to have found on the internet.

Today she shares more of her store over here…


What I…



I know that there is not always a happy ending. I wish I did not know this but unfortunately I do. My husband and I were so happy. We were the perfect couple and so in love.  We tried for many years (and with many losses) to have a baby and then our beautiful Elijah came along. Our family was complete. Only we tragically lost Darrell when Elijah was only seven and a half months old.

our sunshine journey


I love my little son. He is the reason I get up with a smile on my face most mornings. Having a toddler in the house is so much fun, they are guaranteed to get even the grumpiest person laughing. I also love photography. I recently decided to teach myself portraiture and lifestyle photography and I am just enjoying it so much. I have always been into the arts and I always used to look at a scene and think that that would make a really good photograph, well, I finally got up the courage to get a professional camera and just go out there and do it. I am finding it really helping me in my grief journey. I also wholeheartedly love my entire family. To lose someone so close to you just puts everything into perspective and I appreciate every minute I get to spend with them.

our sunshine journey


Does Instagram count as reading? But seriously I have been a bookworm since I was a very tiny girl. I would devour a few books every week. Darrell shared this passion with me. We would much rather be snuggled up in bed reading novels then go out on the town. When I fell pregnant my anxiety levels soared and every single book I started would put me into a panic so I stopped reading novels. Then when Elijah was born I had no time to read as I was looking after a newborn. And then Darrell died and I really did not feel like reading a book. And still to this day I have not read one single book. My mind is just too easily distracted. Also looking after a toddler single handedly does not leave the luxury of being able to read a book. But hopefully when Elijah is a bit older and I am more settled I will be able to go back to reading. For now I read loads and loads of blogs and photography articles and I am fine with that.


I want health and happiness for my friends and family.


I am a real mixed bag when it comes to what I wear. You will either see me in a very pretty dress in the latest style or in leggings and a big baggy top with messy hair and no makeup. I think all us moms can relate to that. I am a makeup artist and hardly ever have the time to put on makeup. Eyeliner does not look so nice when your two year old is driving a toy truck over your arm you know.


I need to know my son is safe. Unfortunately I suffer terribly from anxiety and I need to know that he is ok at all times. I also need coffee. Probably not very good for my anxiety levels. I also need to see my family on a regular basis. I need to know that I am bringing my son up in a happy home and that I am giving him an amazing childhood with many adventures.

our sunshine journey

Images: Liesl Basson, Adene Photography, Annene Photo, Angela Rea

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