Weekend Wanderings: Meandering in McGregor

During the July school holidays we were lucky enough to have a few fabulous weekend’s away as a family. Over the past few weeks I’ve shared  about our stay in Stanford and today I’ll be telling you more about McGregor – the small town destination of our second weekend away.

I had heard much about McGregor but prior to this invitation had never visited the village. We were invited as a family to join two other bloggers and their kids on the first ever family blogger media trip to McGregor. Luckily the two bloggers were both ones I’d met before and I was quite pleased to be paired up with them and their families as they both are lovely.

We had been due to drive through to arrive at 10am but work being that pesky interuppter of life that it is meant that we could only hit the road just after lunch… After a brief sorjourn via Bonnievale where we enjoyed a late pizza lunch at Karin’s on Main we headed back to McGregor to check into our cottage for the weekend.

Tumbleweed Cottage was just divine. A sweet double storey gorgeously decorated in a simply style with a glowing warmth of wood furniture and white washed walls. Our first priority was to light the fire as the chill in the air was definitively icey so after my husband managed to flag down a guy with a van with a whole wood pile on the back, we immediately set about lighting the fire…

Then it was the race to decide which room each of us would inhabit. The kids begged for dibs on the gorgeous airy attic but I vetoed that decision once I saw the beautiful en-suite bathroom. Tiny little windows looked out over the country scenes and a wispy white mosquito net was draped elegantly over the bed – it was the bedroom of dreams and promised of just that. It was to be mine (plus I didn’t really trust the kids climbing up and down the steep staircase in the middle of the night!) there were two other beautiful bedrooms for the kids to choose from anyway…

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399 (1024x683)mcgregor accommodation

126 (1024x683)

Sometime during the night the bedroom of dreams really delivered…. I was aware of some serious cow calls happening all around me and surfaced slightly to see where on earth my dream had delivered me…. Only to discover the next morning that my dream had in fact been reality!

The talk of the town the next morning was that a rogue bull had escaped and made a few visits to his lady friends all around the town – the result was that the cow calls and rather loud “moos” I had heard in the wee hours had in fact been the bull walking down the road, on the one side of my bed, and his girlfriend responding to him, on the other side of the bed. Country life indeed!

146 (1024x683)

150 (1024x683)

The village being as small as it is, we decided to take a walk down the dirt road into town for the first stop on our itinerary – the Saturday morning market. We were advised to arrive at the stroke of 9am as most of the stock would be sold out in 15 mins!

On the way we past various quaint little cottages all very reminiscent of an English country village – rambling roses, wooden fences and the odd vineyard made this all a very appealing country getaway… and a very tempting spot to start looking at holiday homes!

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mcgregor village

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The McGregor morning market was already bustling upon our arrival, despite the freezing ground and chilly wind, the villagers were out and about stocking up on their weekly treats – homemade pies, jams & preserves, freshly baked breads, soaps, plants and eggs were among the offerings and not to forget the highlight for the furry folk of McGregor – the doggy treat lady! There they were all lined up patiently waiting their turn for their very own market treat…

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mcgregor market

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mcgregor saturday morning market

At the market we finally met up with the two other blogging families – Tami and Cindy and their kids and husbands – and decided to head off for quick bite of breakfast at Frangipani’s in the McGregor main road. This is a quirky little coffee shop located at the back of a historic building – I loved exploring the various rooms, one a book shop, another a vintage clothes shop and another a bric a brac assortment of goodies that reminded me of my granny!

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194 (1024x683)

Then it was time for our tour of the town aboard the Noddy Bus – essentially a “bakkie” converted into a wooden van with seats on the back that took us for a ride around town to “see the sights”. I loved seeing McGregor this way as we got a great sense of the layout of the town and saw it from a few different angles – we even spotted the rogue bull making his way home and causing a traffic jam with a difference!

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After our tour of the town it was time to head off for lunch at a neighbouring olive farm – a real highlight of the weekend for me – but you’ll have to come back next week to find out more about that along with some other McGregor memories.


Contact Details

Tumbleweed Cottage
Mira Weiner
Tel: 023 625 1519 / 076 411 9477
Email: info@mcgregor-accommodation.co.za
Web: www.mcgregor-accommodation.co.za


Images: Kathryn Rossiter

Disclosure: 1 – McGregor Accommodation courtesy of McGregor Country Getaways

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    1. Isn’t it such a divine little place. And Mira is it’s greatest ambassador! Glad I could remind you of this special place x

  1. Mira most definitely rocks – and the Saturday market (and ‘brakkie happie’ happy doggies) make any trip to McGregor so memorable. ^_^ You made my day (and my office mates) when I started chortling out loud at your comments about the rogue bull. ;0)

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