Wedding Wardrobe Woes? “What to Wear to a Wedding” Crisis Solved…

This weekend I will be going to the “Wedding of the Year”, well for our family anyway! It is with much anticipation that we have been waiting for my youngest brother-in-law to meet and marry the girl of his dreams and finally we will welcome a new sister-in-law to our family on Saturday!

Much excitement has been building since the engagement in January and in many ways I am more excited about this wedding than I was my own because as I am only a guest I get to sit back and enjoy the proceedings, savour the delicious food, absorb the atmosphere and finally, kick off my heels for a good dance all without having to stress about a thing…. except I was not escaping the stress unscathed, as with most exciting things there is also a bit of trepidation that comes with it…. and the biggest concern I had was “What to Wear to the Wedding?

Ok so this isn’t the most stressful decision ever but it does come with it’s dilemmas… as it’s a family wedding I do want to wear something special, preferably new, but I don’t want to waste money on a dress that I will only wear once either. I’d much rather find an outfit that looks amazing but can be worn again for other nights out or special occasions. Often with a printed or brightly coloured dress it is difficult to get away with wearing it more than a few times as they are so identifiable, especially if you are always socializing in the same group… I was looking for something that would fit well (ie. hide the bits that needed to be covered) be a style that was flattering as well as in a colour that suited me and for the dress to be one I could accessorize in different ways and wear over again thus justifying the money spent to my husband – impossible odds?? I hoped not!

And this was when I came across the answer to this seemingly impossible checklist…. The Infinite Dress from Evolve !

Evolve is a local company that specialises in apparel that is multifunctional or adaptable. The beauty of the dress is that it is one dress that can be worn in over 12 different ways just be wrapping the straps around your body in different ways. The clever design is carefully crafted to last for many years over all the ups and downs of weight gain and loss that come with being a woman, the design celebrates and flatters all shapes and sizes of the female form from petite to curvy or voluptuous and it is made in a cotton mix that feels divinely soft against the skin.

A real plus of this dress is that it comes in a variety of basic colours that are perfect for multi-wear-a-bility (is that even a word???) My favourites are the teal, purple, blue and of course, black…. Erin the designer of these incredible dresses was a real help when I was selecting which colour to choose and had a variety of colour swatches for me to try against my skin tone. With her help I selected the medium blue which is a denim colour – primarily because it picks up my eye colour if you must know!

Another reason why I am so loving my new Evolve dress is the heart behind it. Evolve partners with the Umoja Sewing Project in producing their range. Umoja seeks to empower poor and refugee women in the Cape Town community by restoring their dignity through training in the art of sewing and providing them with income-generating activities to create a sustainable means of living!!

I can highly recommend the Evolve dress as the perfect dress to add to your wardrobe – there are so many ways you can wear it that once it is in your cupboard you won’t be stuck asking the questions “What to Wear” to any occasion. The Evolve dress is great for everyday and evening wear and would make the most amazingly versatile Bridesmaids dress too!

To see more of their range including great corset belts to wear with the Infinite Dress or versatile tunic tops and scarfs plus more visit To place an order pop over to the Evolve online shop.

Once I’d sorted out my “What to Wear” crises I turned my attention to the shoes – well truth be told I actually knew what shoes I wanted BEFORE I knew what dress I was going to wear. I have been following the style evolution of one Miss Kate Middleton (or the Duchess of Cambridge as we are now meant to refer to her as..) and I had seen how taken she was with a particular design of shoe and knew I HAD TO HAVE THEM TOO! I’m talking about the very popular nude patent leather high heels. Hers are from LK Bennett but I wasn’t quite able to get my hands (feet?) on those so I hit the shops on a mission… Finally I came across some near identical ones at Aldo but alas my size was only to be found in Joburg!! Fortunately I have bestie living it up in Jozi and was quick to give her a call (and hoped it didn’t sound too much like I was using her!) The shoes were in Eastgate, she was in Rosebank – apparently that’s far?? I don’t really venture north of the M5 so I had to phone the one store to transfer to the other store and then phone the friend (a few times) to follow up without being a nag that she was able to fetch them and then transfer the money to her account and then wait a month or so until she came down to CT bringing them with her. Shew all that for ONE pair of shoes. I know – crazy. But they were TOTALLY worth it. So pretty… now let’s hope I can walk in them. I’m a bit scared to mess them up but I should really be practicing seeing as I’m a bit of a high heels virgin! 😉 Here are my pretties:

nude patent heels

SO after all that you would think my dilemmas were over but no, another problem presented itself in my wedding preparations. The reception venue was to be held on grass… and after my high heel shoe hunt I was NOT about to buy a pair of wedges or flats…. That’s where Easy Heels came to my rescue! I had seen them used in the UK but never seen them in South Africa until luckily I noticed an advert for the product and sent off for a pair. The idea behind them is that they are little plastic moulds that you slip onto your high heels to prevent you from sinking into soft ground or grass or getting stuck between decking or cobble stones! The material they are made from is strong but flexible as well as being eco-friendly and they fit snugly around your heel to prevent your shoes from becoming damaged while also allowing you to walk more easily on uneven surfaces! These portable wonders are an essential for wedding or cocktail season and I’ll be keeping my pair in my evening bag from now on! I’ll be sure to let you know how they work out on the night!

easy heels

Anyway there you have it – My Wedding Wardrobe Woes have turned around and I’m all set to go. I’ll be sure to post a pic of me in all my finery soon!! Wish me luck for my walk down the aisle, to my seat 🙂 Let’s just hope it doesn’t rain…

Interested in finding out more about my wedding wardrobe wonders then contact them here:

Evolve Dress
Contact Erin on 071 265 4696 or or visit

Easy Heels
Contact Caryn on 082 610 1218 or or visit

Images: Kathryn Rossiter

Kathryn Rossiter

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  1. You will look great! As bridesmaids we bought similar dresses for my younger sister’s wedding as it was much simplier than having fittings down and everyone can have their own style. We were also dotted over the world with my sister-in-law in Hong Kong, my older sister in Joburg, I was 6 months pregnant in CT and the bride was in London so arranging fittings was not an option. It was wonderful to know that I could fit my ever growing belly into the dress and it would take on the shape I needed it to, and I can wear it again. Enjoy the wedding and the dance floor 🙂

  2. I’m in exactly the same boat for a wedding I’m going to in November. I hardly ever wear dresses as I’m very self concious about my extra weight and tummy flab since having kids 😛 Lucky for me I found a lovely dress in the Truworths sale for R260!! Would have been very tempted by the evolve dress though as it really looks lovely. Love the belt as well. I made a necklace, earrings and bracelet to wear with my dress but I still need to find shoes and a wrap/scarf.

  3. You looked amazing Kathryn – everything came together so well. Thank you for all the useful tips – I have made some notes! I guess that you didn’t need the little plastic moulds for the shoes after all as the weather was amazing too!!

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