Kruger for Kids: A Walking Safari @ Klaserie River Safari Lodge

Walking in the bush goes against what most people think of as safe… and it usually isn’t advised, unless you are trained in how to deal with big game or use a rifle!

Fortunately at Klaserie River Safari Lodge walking in the bush is guaranteed as safe as it’s located in a small fenced off private reserve that is home to docile game such as impala, nyala and giraffe. The odd leopard has been known to make it’s way through the area, but never stays for long and poses no threat…

On our first morning at Klaserie we set off bright and early on foot to find out what we’d been missing when just driving through the bush on a 4×4…

Turns out there is a whole other world to discover when you slow things down…

Walking through the bush allows you to be quiet and listen – the bird calls, the monkey chatter, the insect life…

We were able to stop our ranger at any time to ask questions and learn more about the flora and fauna.

He helped us identify various animal dung, showed us their “middens” (aka bush toilets), explained various animal behaviour.

We stumbled across a dried out tortoise shells, a community spider web, termites building a tunnel of earth up a tree to protect themselves from the sun, beautiful flowers, seed pods and plants such as the prickly pear, even the tracks of a small cat that had crossed our tracks from a few minutes earlier!

We spotted a few skittish impala through the trees, a shy nyala and then, just before heading back for our own breakfast, a giraffe! And then another and another. Before we knew it there were about 6 giraffe all poking their heads up above the tree tops to take a look at us… their visitors on foot!

They might not have been a predator or a Big 5 contender but the rush of stumbling across a while animal while on foot was still something.

Slowly and very quietly we made our way around them, leaving them peacefully grazing their leaves. Just a few steps in another direction and they were already impossible to spot through the heavy bush thanks to their clever spotted hide!

My kids loved finding out more about the bush on the ground and I’m so pleased they got to experience walking in the bush… in a safe environment!

If you’re heading out on your first safari with kids in tow be sure to read my post about our top tips for taking kids on safari.

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    1. Hi Flora. As with all press trips I undertake this was unpaid and all opinions are my own (to be honest it’s hard for me to write anything negative about the bush in general, I love it so!) Hopefully one day you’ll be fortunate enough to pay it a visit and see for yourself that’s there’s not much to hate. It’s also my opinion that there’s enough negativity in the world – I don’t need to be adding to it so you’ll find that my blog is my place to spread the good news and positive vibes!

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