Water-Wise Wednesdays with UCook PLUS water-saving cooking tips

Across the city of Cape Town most people will know that today is Water-wise Wednesday (or Waterless if you’re brave enough!)

That means that every where people are sharing their tips on how to save water AND actually doing it too! No point sharing a million tips if you don’t action them, is there!

Fortunately UCook have made it a bit easier for you to actually ACTION your water-saving tips when it comes to cooking and for the next few weeks are delivering Water-Wise meals in their boxes every Wednesday!

I got to try out two of their new Water-Wise Wednesday recipes recently and I can honestly say I was blow away!

Created by some of the top chefs in SA, these recipes were super easy to make and absolutely delish.

As a family we don’t eat much fish… and it’s something I really need to improve considering all the health benefits of it! But I’m always so intimidated about how to cook it properly. I a very anxious fish eater and constantly worried I’ll make myself and my fellow diners sick! I’m also not very sure how to make it so that it takes great.

Enter the two Water-Wise Wednesday dishes I tried out from UCook

The first one was the easy peasy Angelfish & Carrot Curry by Ash Heeger. It was super simple to make and used carrot juice as a substitute for water. Angelfish is on the SASSI green list and therefore isn’t too expensive either. This meal was quick to make and my kids LOVED it. In fact they had no idea they were eating fish and both thought it was chicken initially. The recipe says it feeds 4, but we had leftovers to feed us all another time!

The second Water-Wise Wednesday dish we made was by Franck Dangereux of Food Barn fame. This water-conscious dish was Hake with a Lime, Soy and Chilli Dressing and served with charred greens, fresh tomatoes and a chilli dressing.

Again we were all blown away by the flavours of this fish dish and couldn’t get enough. This dish only took about 15 mins to complete and felt incredibly healthy to eat (in a very good way)


Trying to cook without water would have been a very intimidating idea initially, but after receiving all the ingredients and these 2 amazing recipes from UCook I found that the process didn’t have to be that difficult after all – in fact these were some of the tastiest home cooked meals my family has had in months!! They’re begging for more!


7 Water-Saving Cooking Tips from Franck and Ash… & UCook

  1. Don’t wash your veggies, just brush them clean.
  2. Fill a 2L container with water and a small amount of soap before you start cooking and use this for all your cleaning needs – food and, afterwards, cooking utensils.
  3. Make “one pot” dishes as it saves on water for cleaning up.
  4. Use water-friendly techniques for cooking – roast instead of boil potatoes (even for mash).
  5. Use juices to make “stock” to reduce dryness in stews and curries – add the pulp to thicken the stew.
  6. Use your cooking & cleaning water on your plants.
  7. Braai more – less cooking & cleaning!



If you’re looking for more water-saving cooking tips visit UCook. Or sign up to receive their next Water-Wise Wednesday meal featuring recipes from one of the top South African chefs.

For those of you who are keen to try out UCook’s awesome Water-Wise Wednesday recipes be sure to use my unique discount code when you place your order for the week to get 30% off!!!

DISCOUNT CODE: #waterwisekathryn



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