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Our next installment of Toy Buzz brings you a well known and much loved brand, NERF. I know that many dads out there also enjoy a good old Nerf battle!

Hasbro has recently teamed up with FORTNITE to bring out a unique range of ELITE FORTNITE, MICROSHOTS and SUPERSOAKERS that are all inspired by the FORTNITE Battle Royale video game. You may feel your little one is not into that game but I can assure you he/she will have just as much fun with these toys!

NERF micro shooters are a firm favourite in our house and the super large-sized NERF MEGA range including the new Nerf AccuStrike Mega Bulldog blaster provides a really great element to the NERF family.

Parent Review

“We planned a NERF themed party for our son and all his friends brought along their NERF blasters. After labeling bullets (as best we could!) they all enjoyed an epic time in the garden together. The boys especially enjoyed playing a stand off game and they thoroughly enjoyed the combat and team element to the party. It was a fun way to celebrate a birthday!” – John

Teacher Review

“NERF provides a great way for children to let off steam, engage in imaginary play and improve their hand and eye co-ordination when aiming for targets. The creative play possibilities are endless!”

Kid Review

“NERF gives me lots of ideas to play games outside. They are really fun to play with. I like aiming at silly targets”– Joe, age 9

Childhood development skills

Creativity, imagination, goal-setting, target aiming and hand-eye co-ordination

Extension Tips

Have fun crating new and unique targets for your child to aim at. You can use simple things that you find around the house such as paper plates and tin cans.

Let your child come up with imaginary combat scenes.

Let the whole family join in the fun. Set down some ground rules and let the NERF battle begin!

Invite friends over and ask them to bring along their NERF shooters- games are always more fun when shared!

Set up an obstacle course in your garden and add a few targets along the way. Kids love a challenge!

Toy Buzz

Brand: NERF by Hasbro

Variations and extras: NERF provides a wide range of themed units including the N-STRIKE MEGA BLASTERS, MICROSHOTS, SUPER SOAKERS and now NERF FORTNITE MICROSHOTS. NERF darts are available in separate sets. These darts are designed for distance, performance and as they are constructed of flexible foam and have a hollow barrel if someone gets caught between shots the hit won’t be too much to manage!

Recommended age: Most suited to ages 4 – 14 years. Adults can play along too!

Perfect choice for: Those that love active and pretend play.

Price: From R110-00

Stockists: Add blasters from the Nerf series to your collection – available from Makro, Toys R Us, ToyZone, Toy Kingdom, Toy Adventures and

Further info: 

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