Toy Buzz: Fun stocking fillers for kids from Hasbro (plus WIN!)

This time of year is crazy with all the end of year functions, school events and Christmas events. Fitting in planning your holidays and then CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!

Before we put your head into a spin, we decided to give you an easy list to follow to get some really FUN Stocking Fillers for your kids. You will probably need to spend your shopping time to find the perfect present for Aunty Sue, so don’t let filling your kids stocking be a chore or a bore! Who wants socks or candy sticks in their stocking anyway!?

Fun Stocking Filler Tips

  • They should be FUN and give kids a sense of delight!
  • They should be small in size so they actually fit in the stocking.
  • They should be reasonably priced so that you can purchase a few.
  • We suggest selecting a variety of different types of toys like one that is for arty projects, one for action outdoor play and another that is for quiet indoor play.
  • Make sure that the gift is age appropriate – check out our guidelines below.

Fabulous Stocking-filler Suggestions

Monopoly Deal Card Game is all the fun of the Monopoly game in a quick-playing card game says Hasbro. It comes with 110 cards including Property Cards, Rent Cards, House and Hotel Cards, and Wild Property Cards and ideal for on-the-go fast-paced fun. We thoroughly enjoyed our first time playing this game!

Recommended age: 6 plus

Perfect choice for: Those that like enjoy ‘board-games’ and competition. A great game to enjoy as a family.

Price: R115


Play-Doh Colour Burst, is the classic non-toxic Play-Doh compound with an innovative way to mix and play. By blending the two colours together for a cool marbling and blending effect on can enjoy creating patterns of your own and watch the colours swirl and change before your eyes. Then it is up to your own imagination what you will create next..

Recommended age: Most suitable for the youngest toddler right up until age 6/7.

Perfect choice for: Those children who enjoy creative play and sensory fun!

Price: R129


Nerf Microshots Fortnite series is a collection of mini-sized Nerf toy blasters. Blasters in this assortment include replicas of the FORTNITE TS blaster, FORTNITE RL blaster and FORTNITE Llama blaster, inspired by the iconic purple pinata loot box used in the popular video game. These microshots hav ben a hit in our house with their soft foam shaped darts they provide endless entertainment as target practice  and battles commence at many playdates!

Recommended age: Most suitable for age 4-10.

Perfect choice for: For those that enjoy action games and outdoor fun!

Price: R129


Lost Kitties Mice Mania milk carton singles. These are certainly unique and will provide a child with the excitement of discovering which kitty or mouse is hidden inside! In side each carton is a mouse or kitty figure, meme stickers, two hidden accessories and a collector’s sheet.

Recommended age: Most suitable for age 4-10.

Perfect choice for: For those that like animals and miniature play figures.

Price: R69


Marvel Figures assortment includes classic Marvel design. With these action figures kids can create scenes from the Marvel Universe or imagine their own incredible adventures. This assortment includes Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man and Thor.

Recommended age: Most suitable for age 4-10.

Perfect choice for: For those that enjoy action games and marvel characters.

Price: R199


My Little Pony Cutie Mark Crew combines the worlds of My Little Pony and Equestria Girls to imagine a universe of play and friendships. With a tropical vacation theme each blind bag includes an adorable 4cm figure, beach-themed accessory, collector card and a cute storage case.

Recommended age: Most suitable for age 4-10.

Perfect choice for: For those that enjoy figurines and imaginary role-play.

Price: R69


All these stocking filler toys are available from leading retailers including:, Makro, Toys R Us, ToyZone, Toy Kingdom, Game and Checkers.


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WIN with Hasbro and Becoming you.

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