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Becoming you was offered the chance to review this delightful Baby Alive doll and what a pleasant surprise it was!

Our Toy Buzz series aims to help parents, caregivers and children choose the very best toys for playtime!

“Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning.” -Diane Ackerman

The Baby Alive Doll offers children meaningful interactions based on real life situations such as feeding, clothing and changing a baby. These everyday activities are placed in our children’s hands with this delightful doll that eats, poops and speaks!

This doll encourages healthy role-play activities and as the child responds to babies needs, the child’s sense of self, responsibility, kindness and care are all engaged.

Baby Alive dolls talk, eat, drink, wet, and laugh, just like real babies.

Each doll comes with accessories, based on each baby’s theme, you can feed baby a bottle, change their nappy, or get them ready for activities, and more!

We love that the babies have the loveliest soft faces, perfect for kissing and cuddling! We also like that they are perfectly sized so that children can change and interact with them easily.

Parent Review

“For a child that is awaiting the arrival of a new sibling this doll really will provide such wonderful moments to prepare them for all the physical care that their new baby will need – what a perfect way to explore these elements before the new bundle of joy arrives. The interactivity between the child and the doll makes this doll really unique and special” – Mom of 3

Teacher Review

“Dolls are one of these toys that never go ‘out of fashion’ as children interact with them their emotional and social development skills are developed. I encourage all children to have a chance to interact with doll, even those that are ‘not really into them’. Both boys and girls are capable and usually very interested in feeding them, pushing them in prams and tucking them into bed” – Play School teacher


Kid Review

“She even eats the food and I changed her nappy all by myself. I like her soft skin and big pretty eyes too” – Ava*, age 5


Childhood development skills

Role playing, pretend play based on real life experiences, fine motor skills, interactive and responsive play, social and emotional development skills and imagination.

Extension Tips

  • Let your child have the freedom to interact with the toy and try out all the features- press the tummy, mix the baby food and feed them on their own.
  • A great idea is to help your child set up a baby station or baby room. Use items you have around the house to make a little bed (a box with a small cushion will do), changing mat (use a folded blanket) and let them enjoy!
  • Take baby for a walk outside, use a pram or a baby carrier let them enjoy sharing nature with their baby.
  • Think of a special name for your new bundle.

Toy Buzz

Brand: Baby Alive dolls from Hasbro

Recommended age: Most suited to ages 3-7 years who enjoy pretend play and can manage the interactive elements of this special doll.

Perfect choice for: Those that like enjoy pretend play and playing with dolls.

Variations: Baby Alive Sweet Sounds, Baby Alive Shimmer ‘n Splash Mermaid, Baby Alive Snackin’ Shapes Baby and Baby Alive Sweet Spoonful’s Baby. Each one has their own unique interactive elements.

Price: From R315 and upwards

Stockists: Baby Alive is available from Checkers, Toy Adventures, Toy Kingdom, Toys R Us, Toy Zone and Takealot.

Join Baby Alive Official on YouTube and become part of the Baby Alive club, inspired by Baby Alive fan stories, where new parents can hear from other fans, learn some handy tips on how to care for their new Baby Alive baby, exclusive doll reveals & behind the scenes content.



*Name have been change to protect their privacy

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