Top Beauty Tips from Mrs South Africa 2018

Everyone wants to look and feel good, but we weren’t all blessed with a perfectly straight nose, full lips and Cindy Crawford cheek bones. The good news is with a few make up hacks you can work some make up magic to enhance your natural beauty and hide any imperfections.

Nicole Capper, Mrs South Africa 2018, is no stranger to lights, cameras and modelling. Plus she’s a mom, an ambassador for Rare Diseases SA, an advocate for women’s rights and and an outdoor adventure racer!


This full life means she knows what it’s like to get ready in a mad rush, so I asked her to share some of the top beauty tips she swears by…

Make Up Made Easy

Never neglect your brows.

Even when you don’t feel like putting on makeup make sure your brows are shaped and defined. Just use pencil with a little brush on the end and blend – but don’t overdo it.

Use the best tools.

My best tip for makeup application (which also helps prevent a build-up of bacteria) is use a sponge shaped silicone applicator from Dis-Chem. They’re inexpensive, hygienic, minimise foundation wastage, and give you a flawless finish. It’s also easy to use and they come in a range of funky colours!

Add a splash of colour

Colour is back in a big way so don’t be afraid to use it. Beauty houses are bringing out bright eye shadow pallets, and bold new lip gloss and lipstick ranges. Experiment and have fun with bright blue or yellow eye shadow or even plum, black or navy lipstick. Play with matt and high gloss. The trends this summer are all about celebrating your essence – so whatever you are feeling – go for it and rock your look!

Highlight Your Best Features

I am a big fan of contouring and highlighting. Use a face powder four shades darker than you normally would and apply to areas like under your cheekbones, temples, on either side of your nose and the bottom of your chin and your neck.

The secret to contouring is not just the dark powder but investing in a great big soft powder brush, as soft as you can find, and then blending soft circles over and over again so you don’t look like a stripy tiger. This technique will help you shape and accentuate the most beautiful and prominent parts of your face so you can highlight whatever features you are naturally blessed with. YouTube has plenty of videos to help you master this skill.

I also highly recommend the Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer Stick. More than a concealer, it’s the perfect highlighter. Add on top of your foundation under your eyes, on your cheekbones, down the length of your nose, on the arch of your lips, and under your brow arch. Then blend with a sponge. This will give you flawless coverage and instantly lift your brows and cheeks.

Go Make Up Free

Try and regularly take no makeup days – it’s really good to give your skin a break.

Pick up a Pretty Palette

Another of my favourite products at the moment is the Catrice lip palettes: Nudes and Vinyl. Both have eight different colours, a lip balm and a glitter all in one palette. So instead of packing your handbag with multiple products – just pack one palette and you can totally transform your look.

Don’t Skip the Skincare Routine

You need a good foundation to work with so pay attention to your skincare routine – always cleanse at night, use a good moisturiser and keep your applicators disinfected.

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen!

I had a skin cancer scare when I was younger so I never skimp on sunblock and use Helase 50 – a treatment that repairs my DNA at a cellular level – every day.


Mane Moves

Keep Hair Natural

Hair should be authentic, real and relaxed. So establish the best and simplest way to manage your natural hair and leave the straightener, curling wand and hair dryer and go with the waves and a tousled look; all of which is is very in vogue at the moment.

Use Hair Oil

I use System Professionals Fibra Luxe Oil which I keep it in my handbag. It doubles up as cuticle oil and you can also use it as an emergency hand-cream substitute. Run it through your ends – a good oil does not weigh your hair down – it actually soaks in. Another good option is Davines Hair Oil – perfect for travel or for when you work in an air-conditioned office.

Colour & Treat Professionally

If you can afford to have your colour done professionally. At home products tend to dry and damage your hair, especially if you are going blonde. My hair is very dark and to achieve a blonde look I go to Carlton Hair because they use ammonia-free products when they bleach my locks. My favourite product is Bond Plex because it nourishes your hair while you go blonde. #BlondeBeautyHairSecret


Natural Beauty Tips

While we may have rolled back the curtain on makeup tips, true natural beauty radiates from within.

Here are a ten more beauty tips for embracing your own natural beauty from Nicole.

  1. Eat well
  2. Get plenty of sleep
  3. Never neglect your daily dose of Omega 3 Oil and Probiotics. The rule of thumb with Omega 3 Oil – is take as much as you can afford.
  4. Have fun. Celebrate life. Have a good time. Don’t take yourself too seriously.
  5. Listen to music you appreciate.
  6. Start a gratitude journal – you’ll feed your soul at the same time.
  7. Find your passion so you can inspire and be inspired
  8. See beauty in everything – including yourself!
  9. Take care of your smile – and use it often.
  10. Remember that confidence and self-love are even more important than lip gloss!



Nicole Capper, Mrs South Africa 2018, is a functional medicine pharmacist, mother, model, presenter, ambassador for Rare Diseases SA and an advocate for women’s rights. Nicole uses her fitness to raise funds and social consciousness for causes close to her heart by participating in extreme outdoor adventures around the world – all the while liberating courage in others to do the same. For Capper being Mrs South Africa is about so much more than notching up Instagram likes – it’s about having purpose, making a real difference and leaving a legacy of significance. For more on Nicole follow her on Facebook or Instagram


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