Top 10 Tips for choosing a flattering swimsuit (for Moms & those over 35!)

Summer = swimsuit season. Something that strikes fear in the heart of every mom, everywhere!

Fortunately I recently found a pretty decent swimming costume for a pretty decent price at Pick n Pay clothing. It’s a full piece in navy with underwire cups for extra (much needed) support!!


What do you think?? Say nice things please. For your benefit this is a photo of me wearing a swimming costume ON THE INTERNET!


In the interests of helping you along with the rather tedious task of finding a new swimsuit for the summer here are my….

Top 10 Tips for choosing a flattering swimsuit!

  1. After a certain age (or more than 1 child) you most likely want to choose a full piece
  2. Try on as many as you feel strong enough to. Eventually you’ll find a style that feels OK enough to wear in public. Don’t give up!!
  3. Take along a trusted, honest friend. NOT your husband. You will both hate it, and each other! I took my 6 year-old daughter. She was brutal, but it was easier taking it from her than him 😉
  4. No string bikini or flimsy straps if you have big boobs. Support those sisters!
  5. Aim to highlight your best features and disguise your flaws eg. If you have great boobs choose a style that has a plunging neckline to show them off. If you don’t, get one that has a bit of a push up or underwire situation going on.
  6. Solid colours are more flattering, but prints and patterns have their place. I love the new aztec style prints in fashion this season. Unfortunately my body was not complying with that style, but keep a look out for them. They really are fun!
  7. Choose darker tones if you prefer to avoid attention, go bright and bold if you are one of the brave.
  8. I definitely recommend trying on swimsuits rather than buying online. Even in the shops I didn’t always fit my usual size and had to take one size up and down into the changing room… in every style!
  9. Fake tan is your friend…. No one looks good pasty, pale and under florescent lights! Apply fake tan before you go swimsuit shopping and then keep applying all summer long. Everyone looks better with a (fake) tan.
  10. But no one looks good burnt either… Avoid! Wear an SPF even if you’re hoping to tan. A tan only lasts for a few weeks anyway whereas skin cancer can be a lifelong problem following JUST ONE SUNBURN! Yikes

And one last tip for good measure. Invest in one of these awesome kaftan cover-ups. I found this one in Bali and I’m in love. It’s so light and breezy but still covers my shoulders from sunburn and my stomach and bum if I’m wondering around the side of the swimming pool. I pretty much didn’t take it off unless I was in the water during our recent cruise holiday! Love it!

There you have it, my Top 10 Tips to help you in your swimsuit shopping endeavours this season. Let me know if you find a stunner… and, of course, add your tips in the comments section below!


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Images: Kathryn Rossiter

Kathryn Rossiter

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