Top 10 juicing recipes for ultimate good health

Last year I did a 3 day juice detox which I really enjoyed… so much so that I ended up buying a more powerful juicer to use at home and for a few weeks we got into a great habit of drinking delicious daily juices filled with goodness… except, as is often the case, we ran out of steam… a combination of life getting in the way and not really knowing what other juicing recipes to try beside our usual combo of apple, carrot & ginger.

Anyway recently a guest writer offered to share her Top 10 favourite juice recipes with me and I jumped at the chance… because I need some new inspiration… and I’m sure I’m not the only one keen to try out a few new juice recipes, especially as juicing is so brilliant for health (except if that’s all you living on of course… then it’s not!)


If you’re a fan of natural juices I’m sure you’ll appreciate a few new combos of delicious fruits and veggies to try!

Read on to discover 10 exciting juicing recipes all destined to help you maintain the best possible state of health.

Top 10 juicing recipes for health

Green detoxifying juice

This green juice can help you eliminate harmful toxins from the body, being rich in healthy vitamins and minerals.


celery (1 bunch), kale leaves (4-5), green apple (1), parsley leaves (1 handful), lime (1), lemon (1), fresh ginger (1 inch).


Add the celery, kale leaves, green apple, parsley leaves, and grated ginger into a blender. Then, add the juice from the lime and lemon. Process until everything is well blended, serve and enjoy!


Beet, apple & blackberry juice

If you are going through menopause, you can also support your body and the changes it goes through, by changing your diet. The beet, apple & blackberry juice is rich in antioxidants, containing folic acid, potassium, iron and vitamin C at the same time.


The list of ingredients includes beets (3), apples (2-3), blackberries (8 oz.), fresh ginger (1/2 inch).


Process everything until smooth, serve and enjoy!


Strawberry & dandelion juice

This juice is a particularly good juice for those who are looking to enjoy more pulp.


strawberries (2 cups), dandelion leaves (1 cup), raspberries (1 cup), liquid stevia (10-20 drops).


Add everything into a blender, process and serve. Enjoy the texture of the strawberry & dandelion juice, as well as the rich content in vitamins and minerals.


Apple, lime & strawberry juice

You might not be aware, but you can improve your memory through natural juices. So prepare this great juice today!


apples (2, large), lime (1/2) and strawberries (3 cups).


Add the peeled apples and the strawberries into a blender, then add the lime juice and blend. Serve and enjoy! Keep in mind that this great juice can prevent memory loss, so make sure you give it a try.


Tropical fruits juice

The tropical fruits juice is one of the easiest ways to deliver a boost of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to your body.


These are the ingredients you are going to require for this amazing juice: papaya (1, medium, ripe), pineapple (1, small), fresh ginger (1-inch piece), kiwi (1, medium), and coconut water (1/2 cup).


Peel the fruits, take out the seeds when necessary and add them to a blender. Process until smooth, then serve and enjoy!

jucing for health


Anti-inflammatory green juice

Anyone who suffers from joint pain knows how important it is to find the right solutions to fight off inflammation and obtain joint pain relief . The anti-inflammatory green juice only requires three simple, yet highly effective, ingredients.


celery head (1), cucumber (2, large) and kale (4 bunches).


Add all the ingredients into a blender, process until smooth and serve. Enjoy!


Exotic apple & ginger juice

If you are the kind who likes unique combinations, you will love this exotic apple and ginger juice. Keep in mind that this juice can be used to improve the health of the GI tract.


The ingredients required are Fuji apples (5, cored), fresh ginger (2 inches, peeled & sliced), lime (1, medium), cilantro sprigs (7, sectioned).


Process all the ingredients with the help of a blender, serve and enjoy!


Cantaloupe juice

A perfect summer drink, the cantaloupe juice is both delicious to the taste and pleasing to the eye. It is easy to prepare at the same time, requiring only three ingredients.


mango (1, peeled), cantaloupe (1/2, medium size) and peppermint leaves (15).


As always, add all the ingredients into a blender and process until smooth. Serve and enjoy!


Juice & tea combo

If you are looking for a unique combination to replace your morning coffee, you have arrived at the perfect recipe.


apple (1, medium), carrots (4, medium), green tea (8 Fl. Oz.), honey (1 tsp.), lemon (1/4), and orange (1, peeled).


Prepare the green tea first and set it aside. When cooled, mix it with honey. Process the rest of the ingredients in a blender, then add the green tea with honey. Serve and enjoy!


Anti-cancer juice

While no one wants to think about the risk of cancer, it is an unfortunately common occurrence in our modern lives. Natural juices can be used to prevent aid the fight against cancer.


lemon (1/2 fruit), tomato (1, large, whole) and watermelon (1 wedge, large).


Mix the ingredients with the help of a blender, serve and enjoy!


There are only a couple of delicious and healthy juicing recipes, which you must try out. As you have seen, they are all quite easy to prepare and will greatly improve your health! Let me know which is your favourite juicing recipe – from this list or from your own experience – in the comments below!

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