Top 10 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Today I’m handing over my blog once again to my sister, Emma, who is a mom of 2 kiddies and currently in the throes of nappies, dummies and pureed food all over again….

There comes a time in one’s life when no longer is your calendar filled with friend’s birthday parties but with baby showers! Lovely afternoons spent socializing and drinking tea while oohing and aahing over cute baby things are great, but I have found that choosing the prefect pressie combination can be quite a challenge!

Do you go for sentimental or practical, tiny sizes or 1 year plus, something off their baby shower registry or your own creative ideas?

So after being the recipient of a few fabulous showers for my baby girl recently I’ve got some fresh ideas for you! Let’s skip the traditional babygros and bottles, dummies and stuffed animals and get a gift that is unique and special, one that the recipient will love, love, love!

My Top 10 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

1. Nappies and wipes

This might be a very practical item but it is always very welcome! A cupboard of nappies is a wonderful thing for any mom, taking the stress out of that extra monthly cost in those early months. Pampers nappies have proven their worth over and over again no matter the age of my baby.


Along with nappies, you can’t have enough baby wipes on hand with a newborn in the house and I’m particularly love the alcohol, fragrance and paraben free Cherubs Sensitive wipes which come in a convenient little nursery box for easy access when the going gets messy…. which it always is!


I recently heard of a novel idea, a nappy party, where the new dad has his mates over for some guys bonding time before baby arrives and each guest brings a bag of nappies along! If you’ve had babies you will know the value of this gift, and if you haven’t, trust me! Bypass the baby clothes section and head for the nappies!

2. Something unusual, pretty and theme related

If your friend has chosen a particular nursery theme think of a gift idea that will match the decor or add to it. Be clever and try out a few decor shops to find something special that fits with the theme. Try various gift shops or interior decor stores, markets or the always affordable Mr Price Home. Maybe a cute cushion, some bookends or a bedside lamp/ nightlight for midnight feeds, storage baskets will always be used, a pretty picture for the wall or a mobile to hang above the changing mat or cot to keep baby distracted for just a few more minutes.

3. Something for the sibling

For a friend with an older child or children buy something small for baby and spend what you would have on a gift for the older child. Something that will keep them busy while mom’s attention is elsewhere – maybe duplo or lego, an age appropriate puzzle or book. Audio books on CD will keep most siblings happy for a while. If the child is a toddler they might really like a baby doll of their own that can be pushed in a pram or given baths at the same time as their new baby sibling.

4. New bibs

No matter if the child is a first, second or third, new bibs will always be welcome as they tend to get a little frayed around the edges and full of stains!

5. Shoo-Shoos or Pitter Patter shoes

Both brands I have used and love! These soft little leather shoes actually stay on a babies feet and look super cute and trendy at the same time! I usually buy size 6-12 months as this is the crawling stage where I find that they protect little toes as well! You can choose from a variety of lovely designs – unisex or gender specific – and my babies first pair of shoes hold a very dear place in my heart and spot in their keepsake box! And what mom wouldn’t want her kid to look super stylish when they finally get out and about? How divine are these cute ones Kathryn bought my baby girl – pretty perfect polka dots to match her rainbow themed baby shower!


6. Memory recorders

Sentimental items such as a memory box, baby record book, a notebook, journal or a keepsake box are always a special gift. If you’ve made a scrapbook even better! All moms love to keep a record of those first few months but don’t always have the time so why not volunteer to keep it updated and write down the important milestone dates or snap a few pics of the baby each time you visit. BabyCity is a good place to start looking for this but CNA also has a lovely new range.

7. A beautiful new photo frame

In my opinion you can never have enough frames as I love having photos on display and not stuck away on a computer hard drive or in an album. This item will be sure to be used within a few weeks and displayed with pride for years to come with the first ever photo of the new arrival! Better yet, if you’re a talented photographer why not offer to do a baby photo shoot with mom and dad within the first 2 weeks of baby’s arrival so that they can get a few family portraits to send out as thank you cards or to announce baby’s arrival.

8. Something for mom

I know a box of snacks to take with me to the hospital was a very welcome gift and one not many people think of. A special pamper is also always welcome in the last few weeks of pregnancy. A pregnancy massage voucher (Mama Mio have amazing treatments) or a pedicure are both great options!

9. Something handmade and unique

I did a brief survey on Becoming you’s Facebook page about what was the most memorable or appreciated item other moms received at their baby shower and the vast majority mentioned a crocheted blanket, cross-stitched sampler or knitted jersey…

Ultimately anything handmade with love went down a treat so now is the time to get out your sewing machine or knitting needles and get creative! (And if you don’t yet own a sewing machine of your own but are considering getting one read this useful guide on the best sewing machines for beginners)


Quilts for the cot are a great option. This is a great time to call in great-granny for a few lessons or even ask her to create something super special on your behalf. These items are sure to become heirloom pieces that this little baby will pass down to their own one day!

10. Make a meal or arrange a meal roster

I know just how amazing it was to have friends drop by every day for 2 weeks with supper that just needed reheating. This is one of the most invaluable gifts you can give. At the babyshower draw up a schedule for each attendee to commit to providing one meal within the first few weeks of baby’s arrival. It need not be home made gourmet stuff – items from Woolies or Freezerland are just as welcome! Alternatively you can for an online roster which is easy to manage.

One more idea? Why not all club together and buy one large gift to save the parents-to-be a huge outlay! MovingBabies recommends a jogging pram for active parents who want to keep fit after baby arrives.

What is your go-to gift for a baby shower? Do you buy the same thing every time or do you choose something from their gift registry? I’d love to hear from you about some new ideas so feel free to leave a comment below…

Happy shopping! And baby showering!

Text: Emma Reid
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Emma Reid

Emma is a mom of three. She is an educationalist and holds a Bachelor Degree in English, Media & Writing and Film. She is also a qualified Primary School Teacher. She has a keen interest in curriculum and content development especially for child related fields. With many years of teaching children, and advising parents, she is passionate about childhood development and education - of kids and parents. Her hobbies include photography, reading, travel and spending time in the outdoors with her family and relaxing either in or near the surf!

  1. I like to knit booties or beanies or toys! for my favourite work colleague’s upcoming baby shower I sewed a baby romper using really good quality cotton fabric. I like to make the second size cos I think babies outgrow the first size very quickly.

  2. Great post. Wooden Memory Box for babies also make the most perfect baby shower gift and can also be filled with baby essentials or gifts that an expectant mom might need.

  3. Hi Emma,
    Thanks for the article and for the awesome ideas. My wife is pregnant and I am thinking of getting a nappy cake for her / our baby shower ((4th May 2018) .
    I have looked everywhere and am looking for something unique, NOT something that looks like it has just rolled the production line.
    I have seen this ,
    Do you know them?
    What do you think?
    PLEASE help a father to be 🙂

    Many thanks

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