Tips for Organizing your Home

The better organized you are the more time you can spend in actually enjoying life but sometimes the mere thought engaging in domestic necessities can be totally daunting. Here are some top tips for organizing your home in a stylish and


From birth certificates to essential insurance documents you need to file all-important records in a safe place. If you have children it becomes even more vital that these papers are kept secure. The last thing you want is a massive panic just as you are trying to track down a birth certificate and eventually discover it in the form of a chocolate smeared mess on the floor or that your husband has torn yours up in a cleaning frenzy – true story!

Invest in an array of storage boxes in different sizes and have one for each type of document or toy; Plastics for Africa‘s transparent plastic containers are invaluable for this.


Tidying up the kid’s rooms is a never-ending chore and one we all (kids included) put off, but this may just become a thing of the past once you pay a visit to Nest Designs. I’m loving this South African online store which has been created with messy kids in mind. Its range of brightly coloured storage options are such fun and their modular storage systems are super versatile, you might even get your kids interested in putting their clutter away, giving you time to spend on more interesting tasks, like arranging a lunch date with your girl friends!



If you have the space, one of the easiest ways of running your home is to create a dedicated office space or study area. With online transactions becoming ever more popular you can lock yourself away with your computer and get on with paying all of those boring bills, sorting out doctors and dentist appointments and keeping a handle on your colour-coded online calendar that monitors each family members movements.

In order to enhance your sanctuary have a look at the stunning furnishing options on offer at Cape Town’s Vamp, you can either visit the store online or in person. The retro lights and furniture should bring a smile to your face whenever you enter your office.

If you’re looking for accessories to brighten up your life then, The Green Elephant Collective is a great place to visit and you’ll be supporting both the environment and local designers at the same time.


This essential chore can be made infinitely easier if you de-clutter your home. Try to invest in the most efficient cleaning tools such as vacuum cleaners and other necessities. Paper seems to breed dust so if you have been able to store your paperwork into a box or desk you won’t have to become over familiar with a duster.

Remember, if you have a large family, you might be able to introduce the concept of chore sharing into their lives from an early age and possibly turn the whole exercise into one of fun rather than gloom. Kids enjoy being rewarded so the offer of a day out in exchange for some cleaning may help. Some jobs you’ll still have to do yourself but at least you’ll be able to rest assured that the job has been done well.

What are you favourite tips for helping to maintain an organized home? Share them in the comments below!

Images: Nest Designs

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