Theatre Review: The Tale of Peter Rabbit

My Beauty Babes contributors have worked so well for me that I’ve decided to recruit another guest writer… one who will be helping me with writing Family posts and reviews…. And she’s part of the family, my sister Emma!

Last week, while I was bundu-bashing in the bush, she hopped along to the Artscape with my gorgeous niece and nephew to watch The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

Read on to find out more about their experience….



There is nothing better for relationship building with your kids than doing things together. They automatically feed relationships as we plan, anticipate and chat about it before, during and after the event. These shared experiences do not always have to be long, huge or pricey. Simply put, a few fun activities, quality time spent together will boost your connection with your child. It is worth taking that morning off work this school holiday, your children will thank-you and your relationships will be strengthened. I’m sure I don’t need to remind you, they only have one childhood and it goes by so fast!

Last week we had the privilege of attending our 7th Easter show at Artscape in Cape Town. We attended the performance on the same day as Adventure Clubs. The audience was filled with parents who through this app have connected and discovered a whole world of exciting outings to take their children on. For us an outing to the children’s theatre to see Peter Rabbit was a must- what could be more fitting for the Easter Holidays! A timeless story of three good little bunnies and one naughty bunny with an easy to understand message of obedience and consequences!

The show was filled with beautiful costumes, excellent delivery and outstanding story-telling. Young and old will enjoy this fantastic production. The audience was filled with moms, grandparents, a couple of dads and little ones ranging in age from a few months to about 10 years old. Faces were filled with delight as the characters danced and sang their way across the stage.

Mrs Rabbit and her good little bunnies and, of course, Peter live in a burrow next door to their neighbour Mr Mc Gregor, who’s vegetable garden is filled with all sorts of yummy things to eat entices dear Peter Rabbit!


Mrs Rabbit lived in her cosy burrow underneath the roots of a very big fir-tree. She had four little children, Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-Tail who were good little bunnies and Peter, who was sometimes a bit naughty!

Their neighbour, Mr McGregor, grew carrots, radishes and lettuce in his garden.  The rabbit family would love to have gone into Mr McGregor’s garden to eat the yummy vegetables but Mrs Rabbit had forbidden her family to go into the garden as their father had had an ‘accident’ there.

One day naughty Peter decided to explore, but instead of going to school, went to Mr McGregor’s garden …


The morning was filled with smiles and fun. We added to the fun by wearing our bunny ears, face-painting on noses and whiskers and purchasing a special treat at the little tuck-shop.

A morning well spent filled with lasting memories!


The Tale of Peter Rabbit is adapted by Dudley Glass, directed by Cheryl Abromowitz and assisted by Caryn Reznik.   Come and join in the fun and help the flopsy bunnies to help Peter Rabbit escape from Mr McGregor’s clutches. Don’t miss out and book tickets through Computicket now. The show runs until 13 April 2017.

For more information on Adventure Clubs download their free app.


Emma Reid

Emma is a mom of three. She is an educationalist and holds a Bachelor Degree in English, Media & Writing and Film. She is also a qualified Primary School Teacher. She has a keen interest in curriculum and content development especially for child related fields. With many years of teaching children, and advising parents, she is passionate about childhood development and education - of kids and parents. Her hobbies include photography, reading, travel and spending time in the outdoors with her family and relaxing either in or near the surf!

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