The missing diamond….

Last night my sometime OCD husband got into a “clean up this house” mood. I do appreciate these moods, but don’t always share them. Anyway I summoned up some energy to join him and started with my bedside table. Suddenly, I noticed something shiny on the floor next to the bed and realised it was ONE of my diamond stud earrings. I usually take them off at night and put them on my bedside table and this meant that the other one should be in the near vicinity, but NO, it was not in the usual spot which suddenly meant the “clean up this house” night turned into a “search this house from top to bottom to find the missing diamond” night! We started on the bedroom floor, we shook out the magazines and books, we empty the drawer, moved the bedside table, we shook out the pillows and took off the pillow slips, we searched in the bags lying near the bedside table, we moved the bed and looked behind it, we searched on the window sill and in the jewellery boxes on the other side of the room just in case the cleaner had picked it up and put it somewhere. We sms’d the cleaner and asked whether she’d seen it. We emptied my daughters bag of jewellery just in case she had taken a shine to the diamond stud for her collection! We unpacked and repacked drawers and organised the dressing table again. We looked in shoes and shook out pajamas (and all this was only in my bedroom!)

At this point I realised I need to pray and uttered a few lines which I have become accustomed to doing in these circumstances. Fortunately I always find peace in doing this so whether the prayer is trivial by some people’s standards I always still make a point of asking God to help me find the missing item. If you know me in person you will know that losing something (anything) is very upsetting for me. I didn’t grow up with many precious things so I value everything I own and I HATE to loose anything. Second to that would be wasting money – another pet peeve of mine – so you can imagine how I was feeling about loosing something that would cost a lot of money to replace – because who wants just one diamond stud?? And they were my favourite, most worm earrings. And they came from someone very special to me with a history… aaarrggggh

So I was at a loss, I then turned to my husband at 8pm and mentioned searching the vacuum cleaner bag. He was not amused! But as he is possibly the most amazing husband in the world he ripped open the dust filled bag and painstakingly searched through who knows what with a paintbrush and screwdriver while wearing a dust mask. I held the torch…. This was quite possibly one of the lowest points in our marriage. I was not feeling the love. After an hour of searching we reached the end of the dirt, dead cockroach, dead maggots, and who knows what else pile, with no luck.

Strangely enough while I was feeling rather depressed and frustrated with myself for being so careless as to leave diamonds lying around (and in reach of little hands) I felt a sense of hope and calm that I couldn’t explain. The peace that passes all understanding perhaps?? At this point we admitted defeat and gave up the search hoping that it would make an appearance in due time. I struggled to go to sleep while feeling so upset but eventually was too tired to think about it anymore.

On waking on Saturday morning my first thought was to the missing item and I immediately quizzed the kids in case they had carried it off – the 5 year old was easy enough to get a response from but the 2 year old just said “I don’t know” in a very cute voice but she says this to most questions… I had to give up the hope of finding it and move on. So I did.

I went off to a wonderful morning of fellowship with friends at a women’s meeting at church and it shifted my focus to what is most important in life.

Much later in the afternoon I was feeling really tired after the emotional late night and went to lie down. I hadn’t been lying down for 2 mins when a thought popped into my head out of nowhere. “Last weekend you were sick and blowing your nose a lot which might have meant that you picked up the earring in a tissue when throwing them away (sorry gross!!) I jumped up with the idea of searching the bin. Yes, my husband was again less than charmed with me and this idea!! Now, as a background to prove how amazing God is in all the details of our lives, on Thursday, said husband was late in putting out the garbage – not that late, probably 5 mins – and we missed the truck. I remembered this and it gave me a glimmer of hope that the cleaner who had been on Tuesday might have thrown away the tissues then and they might be in the bin. Alas, the gardener had been on Friday and the big black bin was FULL of garden refuse! Thus entailed another argument about whether it was worth it to tip out all the garden refuse and search for the earring. I said YES without a doubt. Husband was not so convinced especially as it was 5.30pm and we were meant to be making supper for the kids.

At this time a friend dropped in to pick something up, as she was leaving I mentioned what I was about to do and why. She had experienced something similar and reminded me of the story in the Bible about the women who searches high and low for a missing penny and encouraged me by saying what I was doing was “very scriptural”. I hadn’t thought of it that way but she got me thinking (I must go and read that story… can anyone tell me the reference??)

Very reluctant husband once again proved his worth by having already tipped out the bin and refilling all the garden refuse and putting aside the household refuse. I was given the task of the other bags…. He wasn’t going that far but I was seriously desperate and started the most revolting task I have ever done – sifting through rubbish from the past 2 weeks. Do you know what that looks like? Do you know what that smells like? Do you know what other things you come across while doing this?? Seriously you don’t want to! Let’s just say I was glad to have some latex gloves especially when confronted with the MAGGOTS… Oh my gosh how gross…. I can’t believe I am telling you this…

So my friends words stuck with me – “very scriptural” she had said and it got me thinking. “What is God trying to tell me in all of this. Is he trying to teach me a lesson here??” My thoughts went to the children who do this to survive. The people who live off our rubbish. And eat the mouldy food and have nothing else. They are desperate for food and here I was desperate for a diamond. How spoilt am I? This was such a humbling experience just to go through what so many have to do every day. It made be feel a bit ill. But this wasn’t the biggest lesson He wanted to teach me. Read on…

I carried on going sifting dirty nappies, old food, used tissues. I wasn’t giving up until I had moved every last piece of rubbish. I had come this far! But by the last bag I was losing all hope of finding it and really starting to feel more than a bit stupid sifting through all this rubbish. (I could use more colourful words..)

It was now dark, cold, and my husband was worrying for my sanity… The last bag was the one from 2 weeks ago. It was not pretty! I was ready to give up. I was desperately crying out to God to help me find this stupid earring (and inside so was my husband!!) And then amongst the revolting garbage – I FOUND MY MISSING DIAMOND EARRING. In the last bag. It was shiny and looked brand new. And I screamed with excitement and joy at finding this most precious item. And you know what, I wasn’t even excited about finding the diamond. I was more excited about God answering my pray. And more than that about the testimony of this story. I couldn’t not share with you the biggest lesson God taught me in this – because it’s not for me, it’s for someone else who is reading this – to God you are his most precious thing, his missing diamond earring, and he is desperate for you to be found by Him. He is anxiously searching for you EVERYWHERE. He is hopeful you will be found but he WILL NOT GIVE UP until you are found by Him. He will even search through maggot infected garbage until he finds you and He will celebrate when you are found. And he will cry tears of happiness for you to be reunited with Himself.

I hope you realise how special you are to God the Creator of the Universe – He wants to find you! You are His flawless, beautiful, valuable diamond and I hope you will allow him to find you.

I’m not usually a “preachy” kind of Christian but when something this amazing happens I have to share it…. Whether you share my beliefs or not it is a special story! Thank you for reading my ramble. Thank you for sharing my joy with me. I’m so pleased to be able to share this story with you! Please share it with anyone else you feel may benefit from it. I hope it touches someone somewhere!

Kathryn Rossiter

Kathryn is a South African lifestyle blogger and mom of 2 who has been blogging daily for over 9 years! She writes about travel, health, beauty, fashion, decor and family... but not food (unless it's food she's eaten made by someone else) as she is a hopeless cook. She only wakes up early for 2 things... a red-eye flight to somewhere exotic and early morning game drives. She has just finished an extensive home renovation and would prefer to never see another box again. She's never met a chocolate or glass of bubbles that she didn't like!

  1. Thank you soooooo much for this beautiful story of the “missing diamond”. After a hectic and not too good day I actual started to cry after reading your story. You reminded me, how I am so blessed to be able to know God and how faithfull he is to us in every area of our life. Sometimes we don’t see all the little things he does for us and in answering our prays, but when we hear your story it is such a wonderful encouragement and reminder of how special we are to him. He knows every single detail, such an awesome and wonderful God we serve! I feel alive now.

    Thank you again for sharing your beautiful story
    Love Linzi

  2. What a wonderful story Kath. I laughed uncontrollably, but ended up by crying as much. How God loves us ! ! AND YOU ! Thank you Kath for sharing . Xxx

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