The Joy of Gift Giving plus WIN

Gift giving is one of the ways that we express joy and gratitude towards others. Gift giving guides often can assist in us selecting an appropriate gift and reduce the stress of trying to think of something suitable ourselves.

In fact many people from different cultures around the world use gift giving as a way to mark special occasions and celebrate important times on their calendars.

There is something so special about the act of giving to someone else. In modern times with our fast paced lifestyles and eco-centric ways every day spontaneous gift giving has almost fallen to the wayside. It is these unexpected gifts at random times that really bring much joy to the giver and the receiver.

Giving gifts to thank people, acknowledge people and encourage others on an ordinary day is such a great way to share joy in our world! I have been challenged personally over the past year on my gift giving practices and it is an area I am still growing in!

When it comes to gifts there are two camps of people – those who love to receive gifts and those who love to give gifts! Perhaps you fall into both groups? I certainly fall into group 1!

Have you ever received a gift unexpectedly from someone for no real reason other than that they wanted to be nice to you? I have a friend who is an expert gift giver. She honestly she has a special talent for giving gifts- always unexpected and always a treat. Shélagh is a gift giving expert!

From homemade soup and vitamins on a day that I was too sick to move to a tray of 60 free range eggs and rusks for the family. She not only gifts me but my kids and many others as well! Her many thoughtful gestures of niceness have spread more love in the world than she realizes. A recent gift was a stunning mermaid doll for my daughter – WOW did she feel special receiving a present not on her birthday!

Having a friend like this one has been eye opening for me personally and has encouraged me to become more of a gift giver myself she really embodies what Mother Theresa speaks of as each gift comes with a lot of love!


“If a gift comes from a source of love and with a measure of joy then more than the tangible gift will be received. Gifts given for no occasion are sometimes the most beautiful ones”.- Shélagh Walton


This week leading up to NetFlorist‘s 20 Days of Nice Campaign I just knew I had to surprise her with a special delivery- and it was a delightful process scrolling through all the wonderful tasteful gifts on NetFlorist’s online shop selecting which gift to give her. I settled on his lovely stationery gift set and I think she is going to love it!


“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” ― Mother Teresa

The Purpose of Gift Giving

  • To acknowledge a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary
  • To celebrate a family tradition, feast, religious festival or event.
  • An expression of your warm feelings. Gift giving should always come from the heart. It is a chance to show your affection, feelings or appreciation to another person. It is such a lovely feeling to just give something to someone for the sake of being nice, showing love and care. This type of gift giving often doesn’t feature much in our busy lives but I am determined to change this in our family!
  • To show appreciation. At a previous workplace my boss used to plan a little gift package for each staff member at the end of each quarter, this thoughtful gesture will always be treasured by me as I knew it showed her gratitude for my efforts.
  • Apologies, sympathies and congratulations. Life is full of up’s and downs and often we acknowledge these hills and valleys by giving gifts. It is often at these times that we find giving something is ‘the least we can do’ but when it comes to selecting something appropriate we are a little stumped!

How to Become a Better Gift Giver

  • Plan ahead so that you have time to select the perfect gift
  • Mark important dates on your calendar
  • Set aside time to plan your gift and then to make the purchase
  • Set aside money in your budget for purchasing gifts
  • Train yourself to be more observant of others
  • Note down people who you appreciate and would like to give a gift to as an act of appreciation
  • Start small- you will be amazed at how even a small gift can cause lots of joy. Then see how this habit evolves!
  • Harness the element of surprise. I was recently involved in surprising a teacher for her birthday. Our secret delivery of beautiful gifts to her classroom was such a success, she felt really appreciated and cherished!
  • Check your heart and change if needed! Gift giving needs to be a heart choice
  • Put some effort into the presentation, delivery and timing of the gift- a little bit of effort here can change the whole gift experience!
  • Share your gift giving with others. Plan gift giving together with others or share the process of giving with children. One day last year a mom arrived at my doorstep to drop off my little girl after a play date. They arrived with a huge bunch of colourful flowers in hand – “Bought just for you mom because I love you”. What a special gesture from my gift-giving friend!
  • Excellence and quality are great standards to aspire to in selecting gifts for others


Tips for Selecting Gifts

  • Observe the individual likes and dislikes
  • Observe the needs and wants of others
  • Pay attention to what others purchase for themselves
  • Connect with others that know them to get some ideas
  • Select gifts that fit in with their general ‘look and feel’ (Their personal style or their home)
  • Ask yourself: “What do they do for fun?
  • Check out their Social Media profiles to get some ideas
  • Personalize the impersonal- gifts with names printed on them are awesome! Check out the many personalized gifts on the NetFlorist website!
  • Acknowledge the season and purchase something accordingly
  • Select something practical that can be used in an everyday task


In 1999 NetFlorist delivered their very first bunch of roses and since then they have broadened their products and this e-tailor has now delivered over 4 287 849 orders nationally! They believe hassle-free gifting makes South Africa a happier and kinder place! Originally there were 12 different flower arrangements and now they offer over 12 000 different gift options!


Are you planning a little gift for that awesome co-worker, your best friend or maybe your child’s teacher who always goes the extra mile?

Here are some of our top choices to make your giving experience even easier! NetFlorist knows that South Africans are really good at being nice and they hope to acknowledge some of these people over the 20 days of nice campaign.

We have selected some of our favourite gifting choices which will hopefully make your gift giving even easier!

20 Gift Ideas for 20 People in the 20 Days of Nice Campaign

Husband: Biltong Cutter

Wife: Tanzanite earrings

Teacher: Succulent Planter

Boss: Wine

Mother: Orchid

Father: Dad Box- Gadgets (Man Crates)

Loyal Friend (Female): Personalized Fridge Magnets

Loyal Friend (Male): Adventure Box (Man Crates)

Girl Child: Unicorn water bottle

Boy Child: Dinosaur backpack

Girl Tween: Personalized heart pillowcases

Boy Tween: Skull candy Headphones

Girl Teen: Personalized tablet cover

Boy Teen: Personalized heritage hoody

Coach: Personalized water bottle

Professional: Sally Williams’s nougat box

Sibling (Female): Name Silver Necklace

Sibling (Male): Brother coat of arms bucket with treats

Neighbour: Tin of brownies

Co-worker: Bright ideas notebook

Surprise gift giving really is contagious and when one does give often a simple act of kindness spurs on the other person do the same for someone else too. Indeed a whole revolution of love can start from just one unexpected gift!

Who are you planning to surprise next?


NetFlorist is celebrating their 20th birthday and in doing so has decided to share the love running a #20DaysofNice! Campaign. They hope to inspire and encourage a movement of kindness. Isn’t this a wonderful trend to join!

Simply nominate someone on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and use the hashtag #20DaysOfNice! Explain why that person deserves a special gift of thanks in the 20 days of nice campaign. Each day NetFlorist will give away a gift to a nominated person!


“For it is in giving that we receive.” ―St. Francis of Assisi

In fact you may just find the joy of gift giving begins to make such an impact on you that you in turn will become one of those with the gift of giving!

As Winston Churchill so famously noted that it is in giving that we unexpectedly are becoming the generous person who we perhaps always wanted to be.


“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” ―Winston S. Churchill


NetFlorist and NetJewel uses world-class technology to send bouquets, arrangements, gifts, perfumes, jewelry and a wide range of other personalized gifts. They deliver locally and around the world.


Emma Reid

Emma is a mom of three. She is an educationalist and holds a Bachelor Degree in English, Media & Writing and Film. She is also a qualified Primary School Teacher. She has a keen interest in curriculum and content development especially for child related fields. With many years of teaching children, and advising parents, she is passionate about childhood development and education - of kids and parents. Her hobbies include photography, reading, travel and spending time in the outdoors with her family and relaxing either in or near the surf!

  1. I love to bless people with gifts and although they are not always huge and costly i always do it with a heart of joy and blessing without any ulterior motives. Giving is awesome and if my sisters Grechelle Ferreira or Abeeda Hendry were on Facebook I would tag them because both go out of their way to help others to be blessed with thank you prizes.

  2. I nominate @JanineAnushkaNaidoo a colleague who gives generously and with great love #20DaysofNice!
    On a daily basis you will find that she has something special for one, even if she’d be thinking out loud saying “I wish payday can come sooner”, still there will be something special to make the day fabulous. As a result one is always spoilt in the office. She is a real angel.

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