The Importance of Drinking Water

This week, on Friday 22 March, the world celebrates World Water Day. To acknowledge this important day I’m sharing a bit more about the importance of drinking water and how you can get more clean water in your life…

We all know that our bodies need water to thrive. Have you ever wondered why this daily intake is so important?

Many of us rush around and barely manage to get in one glass of water a day. Most of us would rather opt for the more favoured cups of coffee or sports drinks.

Sadly, the truth of low water intake has far reaching effects on body and mind! We all need to prioritize drinking water.

Why is Water Important?

Our bodies are made up of 60 percent water. More than half of you is water! In order for our body to function properly all our cells and organs need water.

Did you know that every day as our body does its normal functioning our body is in fact losing water?

We lose water through sweating, urination and even breathing! We also need water for adequate saliva production and to keep organs moist to function optimally.

How Much Water Should We Drink Daily?

The recommended intake varies from person to person according to age and weight. A healthy adult needs around 35 ml of water each day per kilogram of body weight. At least according to the general guidelines from scientific organisations. A person weighing 50 kilograms requires 1.7 litres, 60 kilograms 2.1 litres, 70 kilograms 2.4 litres and 80 kilograms 2.8 litres. The rule of thumb: the more you weigh the more water you need.

According to the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, the average recommended daily intake of water from both food and drink is:

Men: Around 3.7 litres or 15.5 cups. Aim for at least 2.9 litres.

Women: Around 2.7 litres or 11 cups. Aim for at least 2.1 litres.

Fresh fruits and vegetables and all non-alcoholic fluids count towards this recommendation. 80% of this should come from drinks and the rest from food sources.

Ideally you should only drink water that’s free of additives. Soft drinks like fizzy drinks and fruit juice contain sugar, flavour enhancers and aromas that the body must process before beginning its actual work. Moreover, the acidity or phosphate content found in sweet drinks increase our water need

Bottled water can be up to 10 000 times more expensive than tap water. If you’re drinking plastic bottled water, you are quite literally pouring money down the drain. Opting to drink filtered water, however, only costs a few cents per litre and can compete with bottled water on all taste and quality levels.


Signs of Water Deprivation (Dehydration)

  • Increased thirst
  • Dry mouth
  • Tired and lethargic
  • Decreased urine output
  • Urine is low volume and more yellowish than normal
  • Headaches
  • Dry skin
  • Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Dry eyes
  • (According to emedicinehealth)

How to cope with mild dehydration at home

For severe cases you should seek proper medical assistance immediately.

This condition can be very serious. We would recommend the following steps for very mild cases only.

  • Seek medical advice to confirm the severity and how to proceed
  • Increase your fluid intake with small sips of water (if not vomiting or diarrhea)
  • Rehydration sachets can be obtained at a pharmacy
  • Suck on ice chips or an ice lolly
  • Sip sports drinks
  • If the person has been exposed to heat then cool them off by removing excess clothing, sitting in a cool spot, sit in an air conditioned room or use a fan, avoid skin exposure to ice, use a misting bottle with water to spray them.

How Water Deprivation Affects the Body & the Health Risks of Not Getting Enough Water

Water deprivation is known as dehydration and can become life threatening in severe cases. Dehydration is when the body has lost more water than it is taking in. When we look at this definition we can see this can happen over a few hours or a few days. Our bodies simple cannot function without this precious resource.

Kidneys and Electrolyte Balance

The kidneys need water in order to function correctly. Electrolytes, such as potassium, phosphate, and sodium, help carry electrical signals (messages) between cells. The kidneys keep the levels of these electrolytes in the body stable when they function properly.

Central Nervous System

When there is insufficient water the electrical signals get confused and dangerous imbalances occur which can lead to seizures, involving involuntary muscle movements and loss of consciousness.


In very severe cases other complications such as kidney failure and heart failure can result.


A dehydrated skin means inadequate removal of waste via sweat and becoming susceptible to infection as the skin is the body’s first defense against infection.

Skeletal System

Without adequate hydration joints will not have the right amount of lubrication as this will cause pain and discomfort.

Muscular System

Dehydrates muscles will cramp and become sluggish. This is particularly dangerous if it affects the cardiac muscles.

Endocrine System

This controls the messages to ensure the right amount of sweat is produced and correct amounts of excretion are occurring, without adequate water this system becomes compromised and confused.

Respiratory System

The lungs, nose, bronchi, trachea and pharynx all need hydration to function effectively. Breathing difficulties may occur and inadequate responses to allergens can result in reactions and discomfort.

Digestive System

Digestive systems rely on adequate lubrication and without water a digestive system will slow down and be unable to process food and waste correctly.


The Benefits of Drinking Top Quality Water

The positive points of drinking water seem to be endless. Literally every single area of your body benefits from water. This should be a great motivation to get sipping!

  • Lubricates joints, muscles and organs
  • Saliva and mucus production
  • Regulates temperatures in the body
  • Allows optimal kidney functioning
  • Electrolytes balance is maintained
  • Delivered oxygen through the body
  • Keeps minds sharp and improves concentration by hydrating brain tissue
  • Digestive system functioning
  • Blood pressure is maintained
  • Breathing systems need moisture to function correctly
  • Allows nutrients and minerals to be dissolved and absorbed in the body
  • Removal of body waste products
  • Body temperature is regulated
  • Muscles are able to develop
  • Skin is clearer
  • Fat is burned which leads to weight loss!

How to Get Better at Drinking Water – 5 Tips for Improving Your Water Intake

  1. Water jugs need some love.

Make sure you have an easy to pour and easy to store water jug that is easily accessible in your fridge at home and at work. Convenience is key for busy people! I have found that keeping my water jug in the fridge makes for a much happier water drinkers as cooler water is far more palatable.

The water carafe from BRITA offers a stylish water storage solution that can go from fridge to table and it is the most stylish water holder we have seen! The elegant carafe design includes an innovative microdisc with activselect technology, it fits conveniently into the fridge door, holds 1.3 l and is made from high-quality, long-lasting material (high quality BPA-free plastic- glass – like transparency).

Adding simple natural flavours to your water jug such as a slice of lemon or some crushed mint leaves can make water sipping that much more enjoyable.

A perfect alternative for a larger family or group would be the BRITA ‘Fill&Enjoy’ jug which holds 2.4 l. This jug contains a new life time indicator, a smart light for an ideal cartridge exchange, new filter technology with the new powerfilter MAXTRA+ cartridge for an even better taste, a modern and soft shape, new easy fill-in mechanism with modern silicone strap and is made from premium plastic SMMA.

  1. Set up a water drinking routine.

Planning some regular water breaks instead of coffee breaks in your day can help you get on track with a healthier routine. When life gets busy I have found that I rely even more on my regular routines. A glass of water before I head out for the day has been a useful addition to my life.

  1. Use an app to track your intake.

For those digitally minded among us. Did you know you even get apps that can track this for you? Check out this water tracking app list for a range of app options to try.

  1. Water bottles for everyone, every day.

An essential in keeping my family hydrated are our trusty water bottles. I was very impressed by the Brita ‘Fill & Go’ water bottle filter system which means that no matter where you are you can refill your bottle knowing that he water you are drinking is filtered of all impurities. How great is this!? You will very rarely see me now without my BRITA Fill&Go bottle.

The new design makes them very user friendly. These bottles allows one to have beautifully filtered, delicious water while on the go. They are available in the colours blue, pink and lime. The BRITA Fill&Go active bottles are also the perfect size to fit in a school, gym or handbag.

We particularly love that you can refill wherever you find yourself and that in itself is a great eco-friendly move instead of purchasing single use plastic bottles. We also love that they have a full cover lid which means that the drinking mouth piece stays protected from unwanted germs. Packing a water bottle for each member of your family is an essential for busy days!

  1. Prioritize water quality.

Have you ever wondered what exactly is in this water I am drinking? How good is the water quality from our taps? Don’t let your hesitation over water quality stop you from enjoying fresh water daily. I recently became aware that Brita products have expanded their range and now provide a range of options that will assist you in making sure the water you are consuming is of a top quality.


Brita filters are certified by NSF International, including NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53. In short, this means that Brita filters are able to remove significant amounts of harmful contaminants from your water, including chlorine and several harmful metals. Having this box ticked means you can continue serving up water to your family without the worry- yet another way to assist you on the road to hydration success!

If you have ever wondered why drinking water is so important I hope this article has enlightened you as much as it has fueled me in continuing to create healthy water habits.

Taking in an adequate amount of water daily is a key factor for long term health so remember to stop for that water break, encourage your family to drink more quality purified water and show your body and mind some care by taking that next sip!


Fifty years ago, BRITA invented the first household water filter. Since then, they have been dedicated to continuously developing and improving this technology to provide the best products and services. After all – great-tasting and refreshing water should be available for everyone.


BRITA New Generation Jug: fill & enjoy STYLE + (R500)

fill & enjoy is the filter solution that optimises your drinking water, tea, coffee and cooking.

Ideal for:

  • cooking healthy food
  • full flavour and better tasting coffee and tea
  • prolongs the life of domestic appliances by preventing limescale build-up
  • great tasting fresh water
  • eco-friendly, convenient and economic


  • New Life Time Indicator new BRITA Smart Light for an ideal cartridge exchange.
  • New filter technology new powerfilter MAXTRA+ cartridge for an even better taste.
  • New Design – Modern and soft shape with 2,4 l volume.
  • New fill-in mechanism with modern silicone strap.
  • New Material premium plastic SMMA

BRITA powerfilter MAXTRA+ Filter (R199.95)

Micro carbon pearls are smaller and rounder than previously used carbon pearls. Therefore, they have more touch points with the water leading to a better reduction of taste impairing substances, as they are locked away in millions of pores of the Micro Carbon Pearls.

Surface area is increase by 30% adding up to almost 25 000m2 = 3,5 Soccer fields
New filters compatible with older generation BRITA JUGS

The New powerfilter MAXTRA+ filter improved filtration is due to the MicroFlow technology:

  • BRITA Ultra Mesh: Much finer grid to hold back unwanted particles.
  • BRITA Micro Carbon Pearls: Reducing more taste and odour influencing substances thanks to an increased surface.
  • BRITA ion-exchange Pearls: Limescale reduction at market leading levels.
  • BRITA Final Filter Grid: Much finer grid to hold back finest particles at the end.
  • Powered by natural coconut shells.


BRITA Fill & Go Active bottle (R299.95)

These user friendly drinking bottles are available in fun colours; blue, pink and lime.  Ensure your family has access to beautifully filtered, delicious water while on the go with these handy BRITA Fill&Go active bottles that are the perfect size to fit in a school, gym or handbag.


BRITA fill & serve carafe (R499.95)

Combines cutting-edge MicroDisc filter technology with an eye-catching design in a stylish carafe that not only provides you with a great-tasting BRITA water but- it also looks great on any table or desk.


  • Innovative MicroDisc with ActivSelect Technology
  • Convenient fit for any fridge door
  • High-quality, long-lasting material (high quality BPA-free plastic- glass – like transparency)


Using these BRITA products means taking a stylish stand against the environmental damage done by plastic water bottles, because with these refillable water filters you can have a great-tasting alternative. That means: when you’re enjoying BRITA drinking water, you’re doing something positive for the planet – and something wonderful for yourself.



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What are your tips for keeping your water intake up? I’d love to hear from you so please do leave a comment below…


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  1. I add sliced fruit and have bought a pretty water dispenser that I place on the table when we have our meals. That way, my kids are more inclined to drink water than cool drinks!

  2. I invariable add sliced lelom or limes to my drinking water to made it more
    palatable, as the water in Alberton is dreadful@

  3. I am a bit rubbish at drinking water and drink way too much coffee. But, every single time I do a cleanse and drink tons of water my eye puffiness reduces and I feel better. It definitely works

  4. I notice such a difference when I drink more water compared to when I don’t! I feel pretty terrible when I don’t drink enough and quite sluggish and tired. Water is life!

  5. I am not a great water drinker, but it looks appealing, I’m more inclined to drink it – I freeze berries in my ice cubes, it looks pretty and adds flavour!

  6. Thanks for this most informative article Emma – water is indeed the source of life. I will make a much more concerted effort to increase my water intake, One way I see the importance of water is the difference drinking water first thing in the morning does to my digestive system.

  7. Thanks for this most informative article by Emma Kathryn– water is indeed the source of life. I will make a much more concerted effort to increase my water intake, One way I see the importance of water is the difference drinking water first thing in the morning does to my digestive system.

  8. An interesting and enlightening blog post thank you.
    I have invested in a Water Dispenser and add slices of lemon, strawberries or cucumber to it. This is a great way to encourage me in drinking more water daily. There is a great flavour to my water.

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