The Benefits of Music for Kids

Music can play a huge part in the raising of children. Music can mold and shape their lives. A child may fall in love with an instrument and never put it down. It can be a way to pay for university (through a scholarship) or from some kids it can be a great way of staying out of trouble. For most however, music is a form of release and can be especially important in combating stress. It can help a child to “zone out” and forget the outside world and it’s problems. Having music in the lives of young children is priceless.

The Benefits of Music

Kids learn and build fundamental skills based on their surroundings. If you nurture a child in a positive, musically-inclined environment you will see the results. Music is an integral part to human development and research shows how beneficial it is to young children, even those not yet born are affected when they are exposed to classical music in the womb. Music has also been shown to improve the focus and intelligence level among young children and there is a close correlation between music and maths skills. Studies have shown that understanding how to play an instrument is very beneficial in the future learning of different concepts, specifically math related and children who know how to play an instrument typically excel faster in maths classes than students who cannot play an instrument. Playing a musical instrument such as a piano has also proven to give younger kids a sense of commitment and discipline that they wouldn’t normally get and helps children build a very strong work ethic for the future. Why not start with the basics and grab a few piano worksheets for your kid to learn and just let them go and run with it. Remember it’s important to keep it fun!

Learning While they are Still Young

In a similar way to how younger children learn a second language with greater ease than an adult it has also been proven that young children also enjoy the benefits of being able to learn music at an accelerated pace. Research shows that kids who get involved in music at a young age tend to keep playing music and enjoy the benefits of learning it well into adulthood. As many adults know, learning a new instrument past a certain age can be a very arduous task. Kids really benefit by having a solid foundation of playing a musical instrument and the opportunity to be able to express themselves freely. Learning at a young age while their minds are still open to new ideas and concepts is a great thing to do, even if your child doesn’t like it at first.




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