The Benefits of…. Collagen

Collagen is the most copious protein in your body and it plays a major role in connective tissues that makeup several parts of the body including tendons, ligaments, skin, and muscles.

Collagen is also more widely known to provide your skin with elasticity and strengthen your bones.

In recent years, the consumption of collagen supplements and powders has become very popular.

The results this protein has on the body when consumed surpasses the obvious.

Dr Mbali Mhlongo, the Founder and CEO of Collagen SA, offers five benefits of collagen that she believes more people need to know about…


The Benefits of Collagen

1. Extreme Peptide Collagens found in the ocean (marine collagen) plays an important role in not only invigorating your skin’s bountiful appearance, but is also important for regeneration (Rich in active peptides); tenderness (Boosts type I & type III collagen synthesis); moisture (Elevates HA synthesis gene expression) and elasticity (Increases elastin gene expression). In other words, affording you ‘baby-soft’ skin.

2. Bioactive Collagen peptides stimulate optimal body functioning by:

    1. Body Toning: Increasing muscle mass and decreasing fat mass
    2. Bone Health: Improving bone stability and flexibility
    3. Beauty from within: Increasing elasticity and reducing wrinkles
    4. Connective Tissue Improvement: Strengthening ligaments and tendons

3. Helps to relieve joint pain by maintaining the integrity of your cartilage, which is the rubber-like tissue that protects your joints. As the amount of collagen in your body decreases, which can be due to age, ethnicity, gender etc. your risk of developing degenerative joint disorders such as osteoarthritis increases.Promotes heart health by ensuring the structure to your arteries are intact. Without enough collagen, arteries may become weak and fragile.

4. Collagen may increase the strength of your nails by preventing brittleness and stimulate hair and nails growth.

5. Some believe that taking collagen supplements may promote weight loss and a faster metabolism. There have not been any studies to support these claims.


“Collagen SA products are formulated with carefully selected and key ingredients that guarantees maximum benefits for overall health and inner beauty. These products contain no fillers, non GMO, no preservatives, no added artificial ingredients and is safe for Diabetics, hypertensive, pregnant and nursing women” – Dr Mbali Mhlongo

The best way to take collagen? I love adding a scoop into my daily smoothie!


For more information about collagen:

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